Dec. 20th, 2015

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So I just binge watched Jessica Jones because the unending forty degree heat made doing anything else impossible. IT WAS SO PAINFUL TO WATCH. Argh.

Reasons why I will not be watching Season 2 (if there is one):

1. The writers sacrifice character for plot again and again.
2. Jessica Jones makes AWFUL decisions. She has no impulse control and can't plan for shit.
3. Jessica Jones can't fight for shit either. She's a brawler like Hercules who doesn't know how to take down an enemy properly. SO INEFFICIENT. They just get up again the next minute. Someone needs to give her a crash course on pressure points.
4. All the minor characters are annoying. (Except Trish)
5. Just kill Kilgrave FFS.
6. Jessica Jones fails as both a superhero and a lesbian for taking Trish to the final showdown to use as bait. YOU DO NOT RISK YOUR GIRLFRIEND. EVER. Did Xena teach you nothing???
7. Queer baiting sucks.
8. For the first 10 episodes Jessica Jones is like "I can't Kilgrave because I need to save Hope so I can develop my own heroic narrative and assuage my sense of guilt so I'm going to let him run amok killing EVEN MORE PEOPLE". And then in the last two or three episodes she does a COMPLETE 180 DEGREE TURN and is suddenly like "I'm going to go charging out there to kill him even though I have a ruptured liver and NONE OF YOU CAN STOP ME."
9. Unnecessary stupidass boyfriends.
10. Krysten Ritter's face. It's superficial but her face bugs me, okay?




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