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I'm so tired right now. Man.

So I'm at work and instead of trying to mark the giant stack of essays I need to get through I'm going to write a quick post here because jet lag is making it impossible to concentrate.

Xena con. Oh man it was awesome. I was quite worried leading up to it because I kept expecting the worst and I just wouldn't be able to bear it if it turned out to be anything less than awesome. This fandom means so much to me and I didn't want that belief to be shattered.

When I arrived with [ profile] pebblinon the Thursday evening it was a bit awkward because we didn't know anyone or quite what was going on, but I quickly discovered that Xenites really are the warmest, most friendly people. It sounds like hyperbole but it's true. I've never found it so easy to belong in a group or make so many new friends in such a short time.

The actors were amazing to listen to - some I had no idea were so awesome before I head them speak. I always thought Alex Tydings (Aphrodite) was cute but it turns out she's intelligent, articulate and incredibly charismatic as well. I could go on forever about her right now due to the mega insta-crush that I developed but this is also true of many of the other actors, some of whom are actively trying to make the world a better place.

So in short, Xena con has restored my faith in humanity. There are so many wonderful, kind people out there and I got to meet them in a highly concentrated dose last weekend. I'm feeling refreshed, younger, happier, more hopeful. Also I'm feeling ~feelingsy~ again if you know what I mean. I've spent so much time recently not feeling much strongly it's nice to feel some passion for something again.
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