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Looks I'm going to be updating my LJ a bit more regularly, thanks to Habitica (Your Life the Role Playing Game).  One of my dailies is to either practise guitar or write in my journal. And today I didn't practise guitar...

It's a Sunday evening, three weeks since I left London.  Today I went for a 5km run and finished under 40 minutes.  I thought it was my best time but apparently Runkeeper says it's my 8th fastest run. I felt good the whole time though.

What I feel less good about is the uncertainty in my life right now.  I don't feel in control of my own destiny.  I should just relax and play some video games since my life is pretty easy right now (living at home, no need to do shopping/cooking etc), but I feel guilty when I'm not actively doing something productive.

So far, I've applied for two jobs.  Korowa hasn't called me back so I guess they're not interested. I might have a better chance with Ruyton since Danielle (my first ever Head of English who left Yarra only a year later) recommended me.

I should be looking for more but it's easy to sit back now that I'm pretty sure I've secured an interview and just pin all my hopes on that. Bad idea though.  Thing is, I'm not certain where I'll be living until Wednesday night, which is when I'm going to meet Ben, the third house mate in the Potentially Moving to Brunswick situation.

Today was Father's Day - we were going to take Dad out for yum cha but he decided we should go next week instead when all the restaurants are less busy.  Instead, he invited a whole bunch of guests over and cooked a big feast.  I babysat an 11 year old kid by (kind of) showing her how to play Hearthstone. I also beat her soundly at chess.  (I don't believe in coddling little children and making them feel smart by deliberately losing everything.)  Mum is currently in China sorting out financial things since the Australian dollar is so weak currently.

Also, it's Spring!  You know it's really spring when Kitteh starts bringing home dead things.
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