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the perimetres of our wandering are nowhere

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Birthdate:Nov 22
Location:Melbourne, Australia
Website:My Tumblr
Welcome to my LJ. Most entries are friends-locked these days, so comment anywhere and ask me to add you if you want the full version. I will approve most requests unless you're like a former student or something.

Me? I'm 30, live in Melbourne, and work as a English/History teacher. I write a little on the side when I have a lot of feelings about something. Other times I play guitar, ride my bike, love my cat, and generally further the gay agenda.



Believe me, in the future someone
Will remember us...

Because you love me
Stand with me face to face
And unveil the softness in your eyes...

Fragment 138/147 By Sappho
-Translated by D.W. Myatt

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