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Wow, this month has been intense.

The highlights of this month included:

- Going to NZ and meeting Lucy Lawless (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
- VCAA exam marking
- Turning 27

I haven't yet really written much about NZ on here and I don't think I'll have time to go into heaps of detail.  But here's an album of pictures for those interested.  For those who want the short version: I decided to take a day off work and go to NZ for a long weekend to see Michael Hurst's Chicago. It is, perhaps, the only trip I've ever had in which everything has gone 100% right and there was absolutely zero disappointment or disaster in anything that happened. The longer version is as follows:

Our first destination after touching down in Auckland at approximately 5:30 am on Saturday morning was a long drive to Hobbiton.  It was pretty awesome as a first stop because it's just like phraawwrr LOTR scenery! The food at the cafe was great too.  My only gripe was that Hobbiton itself was a little too packed and touristy at times.  It would have been amazing if there were fewer people and we could just take our time wander about, but there was always a rushed feel to it. 

The Wai-o-Tapu Thermal Wonderland was our second stop. It wasn't as fangirl!excitement as Hobbiton but probably better value overall because the views were stunning and, by the time we went in the afternoon, there were very few other people there.  So we got to walk the trails at our own pace and just enjoy the beautiful New Zealand landscape.  I was lucky because Robin did all the driving so I didn't even have to worry too much about finding these places.  I'd planned out our stops beforehand, printed out a bunch of maps, brought along my GPS which has maps of NZ as well as Australia, and left it to Robin to get us to our destination. 

We stayed overnight at Rotorua, ate dinner at a gorgeous cafe/restaurant called Capers Epicurean where the waitresses had rainbow flags pinned on their apron things and were incredibly friendly. The next morning, we did the Rotorua Canopy Tour which, for me, topped both Hobbiton and Wai-o-Tapu.  Zip lining across the top of hundred year old trees and all that. It was the most expensive out of the three activities though.  I think what pushed it from a great experience to an amazing experience was the friendliness of the guides. At that point, Robin and I basically decided that Kiwis are just plain nicer than Australians.

After the Canopy Tour, we stopped by a Wendy's for a mandarin orange salad which I had fond memories of from the last time I was in NZ, but it wasn't quite the same.  Then we drove back to Auckland, checked into our hotel, and got ready to see Chicago.

I can't even begin to describe how amazing Chicago was.  First of all, the venue was incredible.  It was quite a small stage with four sides to it.  We were seated right in the middle of the front row on one side.  So I basically got to see all the action (including Lucy Lawless action!) from about 1 metre away.  There was one part of the show where Lucy (who was playing Velma) was swinging around a red whip and it almost hit me.  Oh man, it would have been kind awesome if it HAD hit me.  But anyway.  During the interval I asked one of the seat-pointer-outers (ushers?) if I could take a picture of the stage, and she was like "sorry, nope".  And I figured maybe she misunderstood me and though I wanted a pic of the actual performance when I just wanted a picture of the empty stage, so I asked another guy, and he was like "Sorry nope, no pictures at all.  But if you want a picture with the performers, they'll head out to the bar after the show" and I was like O.O  *HEAD EXPLODES KABOOM*  Because up until that point, I hadn't even entertained the thought that there would be even a minuscule chance that I could meet Lucy. Robin had said a couple of times on the drive there that our quest was to get me to meet Lucy, but I was like NO. WE ARE NOT MEETING LUCY. DON'T EVEN TRY TO GET MY HOPES UP.  So yeah. That's when everything changed.

After the show, I grabbed Robin and bolted for the bar and then asked the bar wench there really intensely EXCUSEME, CANYOUTELLMEWHERETHEPERFORMERSUSUALLYCOMEOUTFROMANDWHERESHOULDIWAIT? and she as like >.> uhh.... if you just hang around, they MIGHT show up. I mean, on all the nights I've worked here, I've only seen them come out maybe twice?  And I was like OH MAN IF LUCY DOESN'T COME OUT, I AM GOING TO BE THE SADDEST PERSON IN THE WORLD.  A few minutes passed. Hope diminished. I pulled out fifty bucks and was about to buy a margarita.  Stood in line. Then some random stranger who had obviously overheard my crazy fangirl stalking discussion earlier was like whispering loudly "she's right in front of you!" and I totally didn't even register that because I guess my head was in some weird dreamy place.  But then Robin was like "Dude, SHE'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU", and I turned slightly to the right and saw that Lucy had just purchased two glasses of wine about 2m away from me. But she was talking to someone else.  So I waited until she finished talking to the other person and was like UM EXCUSE ME HI COULD I BOTHER YOU FOR A MOMENT

Actually, I typed up the conversation for Ruth when I messaged her all about this right after the event, so I'm just gonna paste that conversation here:

Conversation with LL under the cut )

I'm sure there were other bits that I've forgotten because toomanyfeels, but that was the gist of it.  Basically, my overall impression of the meeting confirmed my suspicions that Lucy is the nicest person ever who is just amazing and wonderful to her fans. I really appreciate that she took the time to actually have a conversation with me.  It never felt for a moment, while I was talking to her, that she felt bothered or bored or wanting to go do something else. 

I still sometimes feel all weird thinking "wow, I've actually met her".  It was so indescribably strange to meet her and to watch her perform live, because it all seemed so familiar.  Because I've watched so many hours of Xena. Seen so many images and screensavers and wallpapers and icons of Xena. Read and written fanfiction describing how she looks, detailing all her idiosyncratic mannerisms and body language. Since I was 8 or 9, the image of a blue-eyed, brass-clad warrior woman has been engraved in my mind. And that night, I met the woman who holds her likeness.  It was utterly, utterly surreal.  I walked out of that bar feeling like anything in the world was possible.

Monday was also pretty amazing for reasons I won't go into here, but we ended up spending the last few hours of the trip in Auckland Museum (coincidentally fitting since it was the 11th of November). And then it was an uneventful flight back home and back to work.


Oh man, work. Yesterday was basically my first day off since getting back from NZ.  The weekend after, I had to attend a Training Day at the VCAA centre in Coburg from whence I brought home 150 English Language exams.  Every moment since then has been either working at school during the day or marking at home during the evening. Despite the fact that choosing to be an Assessor this year has meant that I've lost two weeks of my life to nothing but marking, it's been a pretty good experience. I enjoyed the Training Day because it confirmed that I was doing a lot of things right and all my marks were about on par with the Chief Assessor. Reading the first 30-40 exams was even quite fun because I had some hilarious essays and interesting examples in my batch.  It started to drag a bit after the first 40 though.  I now have 13 left, so two or three hours more of solid marking tomorrow and I will be done.


Last Friday I turned 27. This year, my birthday happened to fall on Ancient Civilisations Day which was awesome because I always love dressing up for that day. My co-worker, Andrew, stitched me up by unexpectedly asking the entire Year 7 cohort to sing me Happy Birthday. So I had about 150 Ancient Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, a couple of medieval footmen in the wrong era, and a lone conquistador all singing happy birthday to me.  I don't think I'll ever get another birthday experience quite like that.  To make it even better, my class performed brilliantly when we went out onto the oval to do the military drills and formations.  The Principal, the Head of both Middle and Senior Schools, the head of Humanities and a whole bunch of other people were there to witness my class completely own all the others in terms of cohesion, discipline and celerity. Good job, kids.

Here's a picture:

I also had heaps of compliments for my costume, which I enjoyed.  It was a pretty great day.


Yesterday I had an impromptu gathering of a couple of friends who came over to watch some Xena and play Hobbit Scrabble.  But we ended up only peripherally watching Xena and instead played Munchkin (a new card game Rianna bought me) instead.  Miriam baked me a cake which I am going to go eat more of now.

Oh, and I also watched Thor 2 yesterday after wandering around Chadstone with Rianna picking up free things (Nando's, Boost, Baskins and Robbins ice cream) because it was my birthday and people give you free things. I really loved Thor 2, and I can fully understand why all of Tumblr basically loves Loki.

So that's been November this year.  Much more hectic than previous Novembers.  I think I like it that way.
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Had a full day with my new Year 7s today.  Exhausted.  Didn't get home until 8pm today because I had to plan for tomorrow's classes.  I'm excited to meet my new Year 11 English Language classes though.  Hopefully it goes well. 

Happy Birthday [ profile] therussianbride
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It's been a pretty busy couple of days for me, socially. There was Lucia's birthday drinks on Saturday night - I didn't get home until fairly late, and then had to get up at 5:40 for my guild's Naxx raid on Sunday morning. We owned Naxx, and then I had to rush out again to attend Xin's birthday lunch. Xin was... Xin. Still extremely hot, girly and loud. Still surprises me with random Xena comments that seems geekily out of place with the rest of her Super Femme Alpha Female persona. It might have been awkward and boring with all her corporate lawyer friends, but luckily [ profile] tangledtale was there to appreciate my Barney Stinson quotes, Soviet Russia jokes, WoW ramblings and other general nerdery.

On the way to the city, I met Mrs. Chan at the train station. Mrs. Chan was my Year 11 and 12 Chinese teacher. She still looked exactly the same after 6 years. I don't know how she does it. Must be the Asian genes or something. It must be awkward to bump into past students all the time, as I'm sure she must, living in the Waverley area. That's never happened to me yet, thankfully. But one day, one day, the awkwardness will be mine.

Also, OMG. I just found out about the Supernova Pop Culture Expo which was apparently THIS WEEKEND. And I missed it. Melbourne flist people - WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME OF THIS? But it is not too late. Apparently, there is still the Sydney one in June. And omg guys, do you know who is going to that? FELICIA DAY OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGG!!!1 I... kind of want to book a ticket to Sydney for the weekend of June 18th. Who wants to come?
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Happy Birthday [ profile] augustuscaesar! *hugs*
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Happy birthday [ profile] wickedkiwi!  I hope you have an awesome one.  Congratulations on Becoming Really Old.

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I drove home under the most beautiful brilliant red-orange-purple-blue sunset today.  The downside to that statement was that sunset is at 8:30pm, and I would have prefered to get home much earlier.  The amount of work lately has been really getting to me.  Meh, I just wrote a whole paragraph about the stresses of work, but then deleted it because it was boring and stressful to read over.

Yesterday was my birthday.  I'm now 23.  So old.  Mostly I played Dragon Age.  Also did some exam marking.  Watched Bones.  Cleaned my room.  Ate with my titanium spork.  I have become very boring in my old age, obviously.

I want a kitten.

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Happy Birthday dangerosaLyan!  I hope you have a wonderful day.  :-)
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Happy Birthday [ profile] pebblin!!

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So I stopped doing the whole post-everyday-in-November thing I was trying to do this year. Ah well.

Saturday was my birthday. It was pretty average as birthdays go. I didn't do anything fancy - I knew nothing could top last year anyway. I offered to drive Rianna to North Shore, because the day felt a bit empty. I'd woken up with the thought "This time last year, Julia was here", which was a pretty emo way to start the morning. So anyway, I drove Rianna to North Shore and then I picked her up again. On the way home, we went to Chadstone to buy an Xbox 360 and Rockband. Managed to lug it all back home and set it up and all without Mum going ballistic. Success! \o/

Today I helped Mum clean and do gardening things. The house is still all screwed up from half finished renovations and things that haven't been fixed. The sliding door that separates the toilet from the bathroom is broken. The shower sliding door is also broken. Both wooden doors that lead from our front yard to our backyard are falling off their hinges. And as if four broken or slowly dying doors wasn't enough, Dad decided to change our perfectly adequate front door, so he got the renovation guys to rip it out and put a new one in. Except that they haven't gotten a new doorknob for it yet, so our front door is... a door with no handle. Oh yeah.

You know my life is exciting when I'm blogging about doors with no handles.

Right. Time for bed.

Oh wait, one last thing. I watched "Boys Don't Cry" earlier. And omg, such a depressing film. I couldn't watch the second half of it without doing other things like logging onto WoW to distract myself. I didn't cry though, because I think I was too annoyed at Brandon for not having better sense. Which sounds horrible, but still.
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This is a little belated, seeing as it's Wednesday already.  But last week was pretty awesome, and I haz things to post.  :-)

Last Thursday (my actual birthday)

I was woken up by the annoying buzzing sound of my phone vibrating on the table.  It was a text message!  Waking me up at the ungodly hour of 10am!  HOW DARE IT?  And then I read the text and it was from Ingrid and all was forgiven.  :-)  So I hopped online to say hello and "zomg you woke me up".  Once at the computer, I found many emails/LJ comments/Facebook comments from people wishing me happy birthday.  That was really nice to wake up to.  :-)  I had a total geek-out moment when I saw the email from therussianbrideDaria.  There was a PDF file attached, and this is what it said:

This is to register the Star designated as 228169 with Magnitude 11, type A0, located at the coordinates: RA 17H 35m 59s, and Declination -43° 24m 31s, to be known and named:

ZOMG I HAZ A STAR!!!1  Definitely wins the prize for the geekiest present ever.  I love it. :-)

Mum cooked breakfast for me and Julia before leaving for work.  Yay mum.  :-)

Then Julia and I hopped on webcam for a while, and took pictures of us with the mac camera thingy.

Here be pics )


Friday morning, we did an instance.  I can't exactly remember which instance it was, exactly.  Oh wait!  I remember.  It was Shattered Halls, because that was the instance of the day.  We successfully completed it with 2 rather nice pups (I made that word up.  pups =  Pick Up People.  :D)  Anyway. 

I had an emo moment on Friday.  Remember how I wrote that we had forgotten how to hug?  On Friday morning we randomly hugged at some point, and we just fell into the right position, and Julia was like "Aww, we found it!".  And I kinda cried, because I'm a sap like that.

Read more )

I don't wanna end on a sad note, though, so I will tell you something less depressing.  So, dude, I started watching Chuck the day before yesterday.  And ZOMG.  Sarah is soooooooooooooooooooo hot.  SO HOT.  And so much better than Bionic Woman!  SO HOT OMG.

That is all.  :-)

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So, it's been an eventful week for me. I turned 21 on Thursday and I'm completely serious when I say that it was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVAH. Like srsly.

On Wednesday morning, I was woken up at 7:45 by the rain drumming on my window. The sound registered in my mind, and I thought to myself "Oh fuck it. Now mum's not going to let me drive to the airport alone." Lo and behold, 5 minutes later, mum comes in and says "I've talked with your father and we've decided... you're not driving to the airport alone in this weather." -.- I'd spent all week convincing my parents that I was capable of driving to the airport by myself - I /have/ been driving for 2 years now - to pick ceilyn_rmJulia up (I didn't want anyone to be there because it was going to be a Big Emotional Moment and I knew I was going to cry like a baby). But no, mum was paranoid that I would crash the car and die on the eve of my 21st, so it was decided that dad would sit next to me while I drove. The drive was uneventful. I'd made a mix tape the night before so I entertained myself with that on the way there. Lots of Missy Higgins and Europop. :-)

Click for more narrative, and 2 pictures )

So that was Wednesday.  It was pretty awesome.  My friends made it a wonderful day, and I love them for it.  :-)

More to come, later...


Nov. 20th, 2007 07:09 pm
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I discovered that I really enjoy driving fast with the windows down and really loud music blasting.

I got a haircut! It looks almost exactly like the one I got that first time I got red highlights in my hair. I hate getting haircuts on the eve of something important (ie Julia arriving tomorrow, and my 21st birthday party tomorrow night), but I really needed one. I am relieved that nothing disastrous happened. :-)

I received a very amusing birthday card that had the message: "Only 9 years until you're THIRTY!". It was a bit O.O though...

I spent 850g on a new Blacksmithing plan for [Helm of the Stalwart Defender]. I see a lot of farming for motes of mana and water in my future. So much to do, with the new PvP, cooking and instance dailies... levelling up Valky... farming...

I returned Affinity and Night Watch without having read them because they had been accruing fines. I will borrow them again some time.

I downloaded this song and am having fun bopping/half-dancing in my chair to it.
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So, I might have had my last exam ever today (yesterday actually, since it's now 4:30 am). It all depends on what subjects I'm doing next year. It may be that none of my linguistics subjects next year actually have an exam as a part of the assessment - and history never does - so yeah, today's Language and Culture exam might have been the last one of my degree. *waves a little flag* Hooray!

Funny thing about exam dates - I tend to have really good memories of them. Possibly because I'm usually cramming on the day of the exam, and my brain goes into omg-must-remember-everything mode, and then I really do remember everything. I remember the last time I was at the Royal Exhibition Building before an exam. I walked up the path towards it looking for a place to sit and study for awhile, and saw Jennifer, and sat down next to her. It was freezing cold and rain drops made the writing on my notebook blurry.

Today it was humid and hot, and all the park benches were full. I sat on the grass for a time before I saw an empty bench and went to sit there instead. There was no random hot girl to help me study this time.

The actual exam went fairly well. My cramming paid off and most of the questions were fairly easy to answer.

That's really all I have to say about My Last Exam Ever.

Also, today is my birthday.

Happy Birthday to me.

I feel old.


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