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May. 5th, 2014 10:05 pm
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Went back to YVG to do a day of Casual Relief Teaching today and really enjoyed it. After a long holiday, it's nice to go out, be energized, have the chance to be tired again which means it's all the sweeter to come home and kick my feet up at the end of the day. No doubt I'll enjoy tomorrow's sleep-in more as well. Man, I never thought I'd say that I'd miss being tired. But it's true. It's nice to be tired sometimes. But I'm glad there's no day-after-day bone-crushing exhaustion which makes you want to cancel all social engagements because you just don't have the energy.

It was actually really nice to be able to work one-on-one with some students today. Usually as the classroom teacher you have to monitor EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and TEACH STUFF and that doesn't leave a lot of time for individual help. But two of my periods today were part of the Individual Learning Department and so I was able to help some kids with remedial English stuff.

It was also really nice to see people again and be part of a community. I was almost mobbed by a few of my former Year 8 girls who shrieked and got totes excited when they saw me, and a former Year 8 boy gave me a very respectful high five. So that was really sweet. It makes you feel all confident and idk, Captain Janeway-like.

The difference between Casual Relief Teaching and Actual Teaching is amaaazing. It was SO nice to finish at the end of the day with no worries about marking or lesson planning for the next day or emails to write to parents or meetings to go to. Of course it's a lot less intellectually stimulating but that also frees up your mind to think about and plan other things which there is so little time for in normal teaching.

I'll be going in again on Friday which I'm looking forward to. This is pretty perfect actually. Working two days a week on my own terms. Plenty of other things to occupy me when I'm not CRTing too - I need to finish planning Eurotrip 2014 and I'm still completing my Certificate IV in Training and Assessing.

And of course there's the fun things like:

Social Things
Ephie and Tara's boardgames birthday party
Swordcraft with Kerryn
Supanova with Jackie and Kerryn
Regular bike rides with Jeanette

TV Things
Vikings Season 2 - Loved it, especially the early episodes of the season. Felt like it kind of dragged towards the end. Until the finale, that is. I want a shieldmaiden gf like Lagertha.
Lost Girl Season 3 - Huge disappointment. Barely worth watching. Wanderer storyline sucked. In fact, whole plot was suck.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Have lately begun to enjoy it a lot more, especially after the Big Spoilery Events which occurred during Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
Game of Thrones S3 - Still guiltily enjoying this show despite all the things that are problematic.
HIMYM finale - Did not hate it unlike 99% of viewers.
Bones S9 - Still one of my favs. Glad it got renewed for another season.

Book Things
Finished reading Vol. 1 to 5 of The Sandman series. Need to get the rest off Jackie soon.
Also read an old Rosemary Sutcliff novel called "The Lantern Bearers" which is the 1959 idea of a YA novel. LOVED IT. I read it in one sitting. It's so my type of book - basically melancholic/nostalgia-filled longing for a lost past/an elegy for Roman Britain. Historical fiction with a whiff of Arthurian legend. Solid character building too.
Now reading Adijan and Her Genie by LJ Baker which Ingrid recommended to me ages ago. Finding the writing a bit juvenile compared to the very dense style of Sutcliff that I've just been reading, but the plot has intrigued me enough for me to not abandon it.
With all this reading I am now only 2 books behind schedule in my goal to read 50 books this year.

Game Things
Been playing Hearthstone on the iPad which is perfect for giving me my WoW fix, but does not suck up my life. Thanks, Blizz!!
On the PC, I've been enjoying Expeditions: Conquistador which is a great little indie game which is not 'little' at all. Have clocked up almost 30 hours on it and there's plenty more to do.
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I had a wonderful evening with Jackie and Xin last night. We ate at Circuz, then came back to my place because we wanted Xin to teach us mahjong and I wanted to show her my chakram.

So we played mahjong, badly, but it was a lot of fun and I'm glad that I've finally (sort of) learned the game.

And now it's a rainy Sunday morning and I'm crying because I just read a bunch of REALLY SAD Code Name Verity Yuletide fics.  It's been a long time since I read that book, but, like I said at the time, it has a sort of sadness that seeps into your bones and doesn't ever really go.

By the way, is anyone able to send me an invitation to Archive of Our Own? 

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You know how a book just destroys you sometimes?  And you're left weak and dazed and emotionally drained afterward, unable to do anything because what's the point?  That just happened.  I will add this book to the list of other mōd-shattering books, like Andre Aciman's Call Me By Your Name and Sylvia Brownrigg's Pages For You and The Metaphysical Touch and, of course, Jeanette Winterson's Written on the Body

Today, I read Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant by Anne Tyler.  It's one of those books whose characters are so real that you want to know what happens to them after you turn the last page, and you're like "Wait, that's it? But I need to know more."

This was my favorite part:

“Everything,” his father said, “comes down to time in the end – to the passing of time, to changing. Ever thought of that? Anything that makes you happy or sad, isn’t it all based on minutes going by? Isn’t happiness expecting something time is going to bring you? Isn’t sadness wishing time back again? Even big things – even mourning a death: aren’t you really just wishing to have the time back when that person was alive? Or photos – ever notice old photographs? How wistful they make you feel? Long-ago people smiling, a child who would be an old lady now, a cat that died, a flowering plant that’s long since withered away and the pot itself broken or misplaced... Isn’t it just that time for once is stopped that makes you wistful? If only you could turn it back again, you think. If only you could change this or that, or undo what you have done, if only you could roll the minutes the other way, for once.” page 265

And also this:

"See," said Beck, "what it was, I guess: it was the grayness; grayness of things; a half-right-and-half-wrongness of things.  Everything tangled, mingled, not perfect any more.  I couldn't take that.  Your mother could, but not me.  Yes, sir, I have to hand it to your mother." page 313

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Just a quick update to say..


Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein.

It is the best novel I've read in recent years.  A bit slow to start off with, but it will be worth it when you get to the end.  Trust me.

For those of you who still need convincing, this book has:
- Two interesting, strong female protagonists
- A layered plot that is filled with intrigue, mystery and little details to take note of
- WWII setting - main characters are a spy and a pilot
- A beautiful friendship
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I haven't been posting on here because I've been busy with life.  But let's recap July.  It's been a big month.

Movies I watched
The Trip
Inglourious Basterds
Sucker Punch
Captain America

TV shows I watched
The Killing
A Game of Thrones
Star Trek: DS9
Black Books

Books I read
A Feast For Crows (Song of Fire and Ice Book 4)
The Monkey's Mask by Dorothy Porter
The Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson

Games I played
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Red Dead Redemption
Sims 2

Other achievements
I kissed a girl (well, she kissed me)
One of my poems was accepted for publication

Yep, all in all, a pretty good month.
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I feel like I've accomplished many things today.

First of all, I successfully had breakfast at a breakfasty time during which Rianna and I discussed how Kitteh is a smart cat because she can open doors.  Slidey doors are easy, but she can also open doors with handles.  One time, she actually jumped from the laundry sink to pull down the handle of the laundry door so that the door would open, TRUE STORY.  That conversation turned into a comparison of Kitteh and velociraptors.  They have remarkably a lot in common, as shown in the following diagram:

I also read some more of A Feast for Crows (Song of Fire and Ice, Book 4). There's nothing quite like reading in bed on a rainy day.  I have very conflicted feelings about Cercei Lannister.  She's evil, obviously, but I liked her character (in the first 3 books at least) because she was interesting.  Now she's just predictably paranoid.  Still kind of rooting for her though.  I can't help it.  She's hot, and I'm shallow.

In Red Dead Redemption today, I saved a rancher's daughter but accidentally shot my horse.  I was sad about the horse until I found a palomino which I'm naming Argo.  I'm really enjoying the game.  Midnight rides across the desert by moonlight, oh yeah.  <3 

After that, I loaded up my workout playlist with Gro-inspired songs and went for a jog on the treadmill.  Normally I would've had more than enough after thirty minutes, but today I felt like I could go on forever. So I ran for thirty one minutes, what uuuup.

In conclusion, I am thoroughly enjoying my holidays.  How's everyone going?

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'Charlotte sat down, and felt refeshed by partaking of some oranges which I had secured - the only ones that had been left; but at every slice which, from politeness, she offered to her neighbours, I felt as though a dagger went through my heart.' - May 4

'My heart bade her a thousand times adieu, but she noticed me not.' - July 8

'The world runs on from on folly to another; and the man who, solely from regard to the opinion of others, and without any wish or necessity of his own, toils after gold, honour, or any other phantom, is no better than a fool.' - July 20

'I am within the charmed atmosphere, and soon find myself at her side.' - July 26

'Call it folly or infatuation, what signifies a name?  The thing speaks for itself.' - July 30

'Enough!  There are moments, Wilhelm, when I could rise up and shake it all off, and when, if only I know where to go, I could fly from this place.' - July 30

'"We shall see each other again," I exclaimed: "we shall recognise each other under every possible change!  I am going," I continued, "going willingly; but, should I say for ever, perhaps I may not keep my word. Adieu, Charlotte; adieu, Albert. We shall meet again."'

'Could you but see me, my dear Charlotte, in the whirl of dissipation, - how my senses are dried up, but my heart is at no time full.  I stand, as it were, before the raree-show: I see the little puppets move, and I ask whether it is not an optical illusion.  I am amused with these puppets, or, rather, I am myself one of them: but, when I sometimes grasp my neighbour's hand, I feel that it is not natural; and I withdraw mine with a shudder.  In the evening I say I will enjoy the next morning's sunrise, and yet I remain in bed: in the day I promise to ramble by moonlight; and I, nevertheless, remain at home.  I know not why I rise, nor why I go to sleep.' - January 20

'Say what you will of fortitude, but show me the man who can patiently endure the laughter of fools...' - March 14

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Yesterday I watched All Good Things..., the last episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I kept tearing up.  I didn't even like the series very much when I first started watching the first season, but now I find myself rather attached to all the characters.  I'll miss them.

Today I read "Goodbye to Berlin" by Christopher Isherwood and loved it.  It left me in a nostalgic, melancholy mood which I managed to combat by cleaning and rearranging my bookshelf.

"Berlin is a skeleton which aches in the cold: it is my own skeleton aching.  I feel in my bones the sharp ache of the frost in the girders of the overhead railway, in the iron-work of balconies, in the bridges, tramlines, lamp-standards, latrines.  The iron throbs and shrinks, the stone of the bricks ache dully, the plaster is numb."

A couple of pictures from last weekend )
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It's time again for my Sunday night emo post. 

I finished reading Dragons of the Hourglass Mage and two scenes got to me in particular.  The first was Flint's death, which I knew they would revisit and was somewhat prepared for, but I underestimated how damn sad it would still be and was surprised by how quickly I got teary.  The second was the last page, and the last words on that page.  I'm not gonna spoil it, but it kind of redeemed the book for me.  It definitely felt like a final goodbye to the series.  And you know how I get with goodbyes.

Next up for reading is The Silmarillion, which I know I won't get through before my trip because most nights I'm too tired to do any sort of intensive reading like that book requires.  Maybe I'll take it on the plane with me.  Maybe I'll read it by the fjords.  But no, I'll probably be too busy wooing Gro Hammerseng when I'm in Norway.

Speaking of Gro, I just watched two of the cutest videos.

<3 )

Heh, I'm not so emo anymore.

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Day 04 → Your favourite book

Of course, this one has to go to The Blind Side of Love by Ingrid Diaz.  It technically isn't published yet, but I'm not going to let a small matter like that get in the way of this.  It will be published some day soon, and even if it's not, it will still be my favorite.  It's a funny, heart-warming love story that has characters so well written that I feel like I almost know them.  I've read it about five or six times, but the funny bits still make me laugh out loud and the srs bits still make me cry.

You can read the first draft at Ingrid's website for free, but the first draft is very different (zomg no incial virginitiez?  /bookquit) to the final version. 

The list )

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The Rules:
1. Pick 10 of your favorite books or series.
2. Post the first sentence of each book. (If one sentence seems too short, post two or three!)
3. Let everyone try to guess the titles and authors of your books.

These seem really easy to me...

1. What would happen if I wrote some pages for you? | Pages For You - Sylvia Brownrigg, guessed by [ profile] jailbaitjello

2.  It was Napoleon who had such a passion for chicken that he kept his chefs working around the clock. | The Passion - Jeanette Winterson, guessed by [ profile] tangledtale

3.  The red-brown leaf ceased its struggle to hang on; surrendered instead to the pull of gravity, to the flow of the wind.

4.  My name is Ruth.

5. Why is the measure of love loss? | Written on the Body - Jeanette Winterson, guessed by [ profile] tangledtale

6.  Once when I was six years old I saw a magnificent picture in a book, called True Stories from Nature, about the primeval forest. | The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, guessed by [ profile] jailbaitjello.

7. Lest anyone should suppose that I am a cuckoo's child, got on the wrong side of the blanket by lusty peasant stock and sold into indenture in a shortfallen season, I must say that I am House-born and rared in the Night Court proper, for all the good it did me. | Kushiel's Dart - Jacqueline Carey, gussed by [ profile] jailbaitjello

8.  He was the subject of a conversation he never even knew about.

9. "Later!" The word, the voice, the attitude. | Call Me By Your Name - Andre Aciman, guessed by [ profile] tangledtale

10.  I told her not to choose pink.
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If the Kushiel series ever got turned into a movie/TV series...

Phedre - Natalie Portman
Melisande - Angelina Jolie
Joscelin - Jamie Bamber  (Josclin and Apollo are both totally uptight and self-righteous, lol)
Hyacinthe - ??
Imriel - Chace Crawford
Ysandre - Scarlett Johansson
Drustan - Karl Urban
Sidonie - Hudson Leick (This one's hard to picture, because Hudson's so good at playing psychotic crazy biatch roles, but I think she'd make quite a good Sidoni.  Think non-psychotic Callisto in  Intimate Strangers and Ten Little Warlods)
Alais - Winona Ryder

What do you think?

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I haven't updated this thing in a long time. I was too tired and busy during the last two weeks of term, and now it's the holidays and I'm too happily ensconced in reading and gaming to have time for LJ.

My last couple of days have been divided between reading Kushiel's Mercy, playing WoW, chatting on Skype, and taking over Europe in Medieval Total War II. And eating Doritos. And talking about chicken sex.


I'm really sad that I've finished the Kushiel series. It was one of those series of books that you don't want to finish reading, ever, because it's TOO AWESOME and you know you'll never find the like again.  But it's over.  All 9620 pages of it (yes, I counted).  Six awesome books of awesomeness.  It was truly epic.

I watched G.I. Joe on Friday and loved it. There, I've said it. DON'T JUDGE ME. Mostly the love was for Rachel Nichols and Sienna Miller (whose fight scene, by the way, was WAY TOO SHORT). And I am in love with Rachel Nichols' legs. I'm not normally a legs girl.  And I'm usually not this enamoured of a celebrity's body parts.  But oooomg her legs. They just go on forever.

Legs )

Oh Rachel!  *sighs*  When I find my hawt Scandinavian WoW-playing girlfriend, I hope she has legs like yours.

Also, I'm fairly certain that Rachel Nichols is at least bisexual.  Her first role on TV?  She was in a threesome with another woman and a guy.  Her first proper role in a movie?  It involved a make out scene with another woman.  And then she's in both Alias and The Inside as sexeh secret agents in hot power suits.  Plus, her on-screen chemistry with Sydney in Alias? HAWT.  And have you SEEN the pictures of her and Sienne Miller lately?  She clangs my gaydar bells so hard everytime I look at her, and I'm 80% sure it's not just wishful thinking.  I have two words for you, my friends: TOTES GHEI or at least totes bi

This post was brought to you by Rachel Nichols' Hawt Bisexual Legs (tm) and Melisquawke, the dominatrix chicken.
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Hope is a feathered thing, and this week, it got plucked. And then made into soup.

I finished reading Kushiel's Dart today.  It took me more than a week, not due to any lack of interest, but because most days I come home from work too exhausted to read much.  Also, it's 901 pages long.  But zomg.  IT WAS SO EPIC.  I enjoyed the first half of the book well enough, but omg the last half - SO GOOD.  Maybe I'm just hormonal or something, but spoilers )

Anyway, other than reading like a fiend, I haven't done much today. I played a bit of WoW, but I'm a little bored of being a Hunter, I think. I'm mostly epicced out, and have no time to actually go any further with endgame stuff. I might keep doing the dailies a bit until I get my Silver Covenant Hippogryph, but after that, I will return to my warrior. I'm determined that Lish will get to 80 some time this year.
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1. I finally chose a name for my virtual kitteh of doom. She's called Oracle. (Named after the comic character) I'm not sure if I'm happy with this name. In any case, I can change it with that hunter glyph. 'WUTBUTBER' is still in the running.

2. My car also has a name. It's official. He's called Wesley. *resigned sigh*

3. It only cost me $23.00 this week to fill up on petrol. Wesley <3.

4. Finally became Exalted Argent Champion of the Alliance and earned the Crusader title. Not really sure what to work towards now.

5. I don't know what to do / two states of mind in me

I read Santa Olivia today and omg it was so awesome. I literally couldn't put it down for four hours, and then I had to take a break because I was starving and getting a headache from reading for so long. It's earned a rank in my favorite books collection. And it's especially awesome because it didn't even make me emo, like many of my favorite!books have a habit of doing.
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The books I ordered from Booktopia arrived! They are:

If Not Winter: Fragments of Sappho - Anne Carson
Santa Olivia - Jacqueline Carey
Kushiel's Dart - Jacqueline Carey
Kushiel's Chosen - Jacqueline Carey
Kushiel's Avatar - Jacqueline Carey
Fire Logic - Laurie J. Marks
White Witch, Black Curse - Kim Harrison

I'll probably read the first two over the weekend. I've heard many, many awesome things about Santa Olivia so IT HAD BETTER BE GOOD. Especially since I just bought four Jacqueline Carey books and I don't even know if I'll like her writing.

Also heard from some random person called Ingbutt who claims to know me. I don't even remember who she is. :P

Work was pretty awful today. Will not go into it because I'm tired of blogging about work.

Spent most of the evening chatting with Tara, which was a nice way to end the day.

I will leave you with a Sappho fragment:

"and on the eyes
black sleep of night"


May. 27th, 2009 09:23 pm
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Worked from 8am till 8pm today.  Came home to:
- Raw food
- 3 little boys wreaking havoc in our living room 
- A kitchen full of cigarette smoke

FML  /o\

There's almost no point changing out of my work clothes into my home clothes (jeans and hoodie), because I'm just going to go to bed in less than hour, anyway.  *sigh*

Other news:
- My year 8s created a soap opera in which there is a suicide, a lesbian affair, and a pregnancy.  Sadly, it was not fpreg.
- During my Year 8s' fortnightly library class, I read an awesome book.  It was a picture book/graphic novel with no words at all, but so beautifully illustrated it almost made me cry (though I could just be PMSing).  It's called "The Arrival" by Shaun Tan, and tells a wordless story about the immigrant experience.  Such an amazing book.  Highly recommended to everyone.

Poor Ivy

May. 13th, 2009 05:46 pm
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I've been reading The Outlaw Demon Wails during my train trips to and from the city this week, and ZOMG KIM HARRISON IS SUCH A TEASE. And poor Ivy. Poor, poor Ivy. It's probably not healthy to have such an overwhelming urge to hug a fictional character. But... poor Ivy. :(
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Guh.  I finished reading a book which tangledtaleJackie recommended me, Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman, and spent a good 30 minutes sobbing my eyes out while clutching a teddy bear.  I still haven't quite recovered.

Tomorrow mum comes home.  It's been nice being able to live independently for a while, free of the usual smothering over-mothering.  It'll also be nice to be well-fed again.  I haven't yet decided which is nicer.  Food > Freedom, or Freedom > Food?  Probably a question that perplexes domestic pets all over.

wickedkiwiIngrid introduced me to Joshua Randin's music today.  New favorite songs, I haz them.  They're full of the emo, though.

There were other things I wanted to post about, like how Obama killed Xena and What Angelina Jolie and Eliza Dushku's Lovechild Would Look Like.  But I'm too emo for that now.  Later, maybe.


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Wow.  I just watched the most epic tennis match ever.  Hell, it wasn't even just epic.  It was legendary

Nadal versus Verdasco.  Five hours and fourteen minutes of pure awesomeness.

Didn't get to sleep until early this morning because it was so hot, so I've been feeling pretty lethargic all day.  Woke up at 12:48pm today from the feeling of sweat trickling down my stomach.  This afternoon our power went out for about fifteen minutes and we were like "oh crap".  But it came back.  Phew.  I feel so sorry for all those houses out there that haven't had power for days. 

These kinds of days aren't good for anything except being flopped on the couch watching TV.  I think I've watched more TV in the last week than I have the entire previous year.  I've also been reading this historical/fantasy book that I randomly picked up at the library.  The King's Peace.  It has Vikings in it, which makes me happy, even if they keep portraying the Vikings as raping, pillaging barbarians.  Poor Vikings - they can never get a break can they?  Pfft.


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