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Try to remember your dreams when you wake up and jot them down somewhere.  Do this for a week and then post them to LJ.

I've been meaning to do this one for a while, and I've just had a week of interesting dreams.  And by interesting, I mean: zombies, Viking ships, giant exploding volcanos, magical skis, flying to the moon, a nuclear apocalypse, and detailed conversations about bananas. )

In summary:  I seem to dream a lot about flying, various types of apocalypses, and girls.
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This morning I dreamt about 3 things:

1) Gro Hammerseng
2) Shooting at a shooting range, and meeting a guy there who was possessed by the Devil, who I almost had a gun duel with, Old West style, but he backed off.
3) Kitteh falling into our fish pond and almost drowning, and I kept trying to compress her little fluffy chest to try and pump the water out but she still looked kind of stunned and unresponsive, so I googled "How to give a cat CPR".

I know the last one is probably inspired by my anxiety about leaving Kitteh in Dad's care for four days when I go to Queensland tomorrow. Who knows if he'll feed her properly, or make sure her water mug is filled, or bring her in at the right time? :-/

The second dream about shooting is likely from the Star Trek episode "A Fistful of Datas", which was an episode set in the holodeck Old West.

The dream about Gro is obviously because yesterday I watched the downloaded Semi-Final and Final of the Women's EHF Euro 2010. Gro won the award for Player of the Match in both of them. WHAT. UP.

I'm kind of unexcited about going to Queensland. I originally envisioned it as a small family holiday with Mum and Rianna - low stress, low key, just the three of us. But we're now going with Mum's friend and her family, including two 16 year old boys. I deal with enough immature teenage boys in my work life; I don't need them on holiday with me too. -.- Really, I'd rather just continue being at home watching Star Trek, replaying Dragon Age, and hanging out with Kitteh.

In other news, my face has finally stopped peeling from the sunburn I got at Midsumma, but now my shoulders have started. Dead skin falling off is gross.
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Dude, I totally dreamt I married Gro Hammerseng!  But then I had to deal with her burly Viking ex-husband or something, who kept trying to kill me.  And then he turned into [ profile] therussianbride who was trying to kill me with a leaky submarine.  I was in the passenger seat and the hatch was open and she threatened to drive the submarine into the deepest chasm in teh wurld and the pressure would explode our heads.  And then we almost drowned because of the water flooding into the open hatch, but I managed to wrest the controls from her and it turned into a car and the car crashed and she turned back into the burly Viking ex-husband.  And then we got out of the car to wrestle to the death (not my idea; it was his),  and somehow I fractured his spine and he thought he was going to die and repented and tried to drive the car to some hospital to donate his kidneys.  But then Gro came and told him that his spinal injury wasn't fatal and he was going to live and there was this big Viking family reunion moment.  But sadly, in a tragic turn of events, that night he met a Viking street gang who killed him.  The end.
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There's nothing quite like dreaming about death. And when you wake up feeling like you've lost someone you love, and spend the whole day paranoid that something really has happened to them, it really makes you wonder about life and what you value, and whether your life really reflects what you value. And if it doesn't - how do you fix that? And what if you can't fix it, because it's not just up to you? I hate the feeling of helplessness. That if something really did happen to her, it'd be days or weeks before I knew, and there'd be nothing I could do, and hardly anybody would know or understand what she meant to me. And all this time, all these weeks and months and years are wasted because I am not there.

I'm going to stop being vague now and go to bed. Tomorrow I will play WoW Cataclysm and forget about all this.
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I had a really long and vivid nightmare this morning in which my mother died.  It was awful and felt so real that I woke up almost crying.  In the dream, one of my biggest regrets was not coming out and telling her the truth before she died.  I felt bad about not showing her such a huge part of myself.  When I woke up, it made me seriously consider coming out.  I'm still thinking about it.

I'm actually really enjoying work at the moment.  The Year 7s are still angelic.  I never thought I'd enjoy teaching such young kids, but they're so cute and well behaved at the moment.  Also, I have some awesome kids in the class.  One girl wants to be an Air Force pilot when she grows up.  Another wrote down Jane Austen and Tamora Pierce as her favorite authors.  WIN.

On the other end of the scale, teaching VCE English Language is also a total buzz.  The Year 12 class is small, and the students are all motivated and interested.  It feels SO good to be able to teach instead of discipline or babysit, which is what a lot of last year felt like.  The long hours I'm spending on preparation still sucks monky balls, but the high I get after a lesson goes completely right almost makes up for it.
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Small-minded, insular people annoy me.  So much.

Also - I am so sick of being woken up every morning by the sound of saws and drills and hammers.  I swear, I haven't gotten a proper night's morning's sleep these entire holidays.  Bathroom renovation FAIL.  For the last two weeks, I've been woken up at 9am (after going to bed at around 4) and then I spent three or four hours stuck in that horrible place where you're really sleepy and want to keep sleeping, and you occasionally manage to drift off, but are repeatedly woken up by persistent but random noises.  And on the days when the workers aren't here?  I've been woken up by Rianna or the telephone each time - once from a telemarketer.  It makes me want to kill someone.  Srsly.  And now I have to go back to the office to do work every day, so there is no more sleeping in for me.  :(

This morning I dreamt of guildchat and walking down a lonely path in the Barrens.  I randomly bumped into Lyan and I was like "what are you doing here?"  And then Ingrid's Dad turned up, and took us to Disneyland in Egypt.  And then we posed with the pyramids. 

In other WoW related news - today I rode past this person called Cloudberry in Ironforge.  For a single, brief shining moment, I thought Cloudberry would turn out to be my Scandinavian soulmate who would one day help me fulfill my dream of eating cloudberries by a fjord.  But then I asked and it turned out to be an American named after booze.  *sigh*  Oh world, why do you disappoint me like this?

Happy 60 Years of Communist China everyone, yay!  (I'm only being facetious slightly.)
If you haven't already seen 'em, check out these go-go boots and amusingly short skirts on China's female soldiers.  I do love women in uniform - even if they're scarily in sync.

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ZOMG I just had the CRAZIEST DREAM EVAR. It started off normal enough but then it descends into COMPLETE CRAZINESS. My weird subconscious, let me show you it:

It starts off with ceilyn_rmJulia coming over from NZ again to visit. Mum sees her and magically realises that I'm gay and is totally okay with it. She says something like "I never got over my first love" and rambles on about something which I forget now, but she's really supportive. I am so very relieved.

Then augustuscaesarTara shows up in her completely tricked out car, which looks kind of like a silver buggy. She shows me the inside and it has all these Star Trek thingies in it and makes Star Trek noises. I'm like "you are SUCH a geek". And then Tara shows me a movie from her laptop but it turned out to be very awkward Star Trek PORN. I'm not sure if Wesley made an appearance. By the way, my mum is still present during all of this.

Then, therussianbrideDaria calls me on Skype and mum asks if that was another one of my ex girlfriends but I was like "lulz, no". Daria tells me about some terrorist plot that involves robots and warned me to be careful. I get off Skype, and then somehow I am informed that Erin is on her way to visit me as well, but that it will take ages because she is currently on ANOTHER PLANET. So then I'm suddenly on a train platform with tangledtaleJackie, Julz and Loki and a whole bunch of high school acquaintances, waiting for Erin to show up. I start hugging everyone, randomly. Erin doesn't show up because her spaceship has been delayed.

We all go to a room - I think it's a classroom, where you enter via a paper door that you have to tear out along the dotted line. People are partying. Most people are watching something in a pit - it's either some kind of weird wrestling, or more Star Trek porn. I keep leaving to check to see if Erin's here yet. Then I go back to the room and watch a baby alien hatch out of an egg. I go to check on Erin's status again and I find out that her spaceship has been attacked by aliens, but then she shoots some photon torpedos and destroys them all. Erin finally arrives and I race out to hug her. I whisper something embarassing like "I LOVE YOU", and Erin is like "er... whut". And then mum brings out the fried rice.



May. 16th, 2009 11:49 am
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I dreamt I rode a horse of steel and glass, with sinews like blades and bolted joints. I rode it to a bus stop, where you waited, to see me off to work. I was glad to see you there. The bus arrived, but I didn't want to go. Instead we made love for the first time and you called my name, and I couldn't look you in the face. We lived on a magical island with palm trees and clear-watered lagoons. We lived there a hundred years.

True story.
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There was a cockroach on the glass slidey door of my shower this morning.  I didn't notice it until I was /in/ the shower.  It was disturbingly close to my towel.  The whole time I was paranoid that it would crawl into my towel or fall off and skitter across my toes so I kept glancing up to check it was still there.  Then I took my eyes off it to shampoo my hair.  And when I looked up again, IT WASN'T THERE.  I screamed like a little girl.  Took forever to work up the courage to turn off the water, check my towel, and get the hell outta there.

This morning I dreamt that I was training as a soldier in wartorn Zimbabwe-Russia.  I was snowboarding down a slope when I lost my balance, and fell into a lake and almost drowned, but then a dolphin saved me.  I don't know how my mind comes up with these things.

Yesterday I dreamt that Mum took me to a therapist but then she stayed in the room so I couldn't really talk about anything, so I just talked about Xena with the therapist.  That one actually sounds real.  -.-

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Damnit, I had this entry all typed out and lost it.  So annoying to be updating from the browser.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning and watched the sunrise, but since the building across from us was blocking exactly where the sun was rising, it was more like watching the sky gradually lighten.

I eventually went back to sleep and had very confusing dreams.  Very confusing.  At one point, I dreamt that Rianna told me that I was calling out in my sleep for youknowho and when I woke up, the first thing I said was "Were you... did you tell me I was... sleeptalking?"  And she was like... o.O  "Whut?"  Phew.

In my dream I had also complained that it was too hot and told her to turn on the air con, and when I woke up, the air con was on, so I guess that part was real.

I also dreamt that I was at some kind of conference and Yvonne Strahovsky was my really really  hot boss.  (I'm pretty sure that part was fake.)

Rianna is currently watching MTV Asia.  Last night we were watching the 2008 MTV Awards or something and Katy Perry won some award and they were playing "I Kissed a Girl" in the background.  But Singaporean TV kept blanking out the "girl" part, so it was constantly like "I Kissed A <short moment of silence>".  Lrn2notbehomophobic, pls.  I don't even like Katy Perry or that stupid song but... seriously. 

Okeh lah, time to go...


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Happy New Year!

I am still in Singapore.  Today is our last day here before heading off to Thailand.  The last couple of days have been pretty busy.  My feet is QQing from all the walking.  Sooo much walking, omg.  Also some swimming.  (But not really  because I can't swim.)

Here is a picture of my footwear on a really nice tropical beach.  I particularly like the sign behind it.  :D

So in the last few days, I have:
- Shopped a lot
- Went to the Peranakan Museum
- Went to the Asian Civilization Museum
- Visited a Hindu temple
- Visited a mosque
- Visited Little India, Little China and Little Malay
- Gone on a night safari
- Spent a day at Sentosa Island
- Eaten papaya
- Drunk from a coconut
- Eaten a frog (yes, really)
- Attended a New Year's Eve party and watched fireworks
- Floated in a swimming pool
- Had a dream in which I was in guild chat (but like, a physical guild chat where there were rocks and waterfalls and people were actually there) and I kissed Alky on the lips but then [ profile] chewy3479  made a joke about him being a boy and Alky was like :( and then me and [ profile] quew started making out.  And then we went to the belltower of a church to have Christmas dinner with this old couple and they had a Sega and then ninjas attacked and there was a gang war between ninjas and vikings and I can't quite remember the rest but it was very complicated.  o.o

*is exhausted*

I have a billion pictures which I will post later.  Kbai for now.


Dec. 1st, 2008 01:33 pm
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I just woke up (yes, it's 1:30pm I know) from this huge EPIC dream involving Angelina Jolie's breasts, a murder mystery, fish in a fishtank, me and my mum running from the law, Chinese opera, Xena, Zeus, a police officer investigating a black kid on a soccer field, and Michael (my other supervising teacher from Koonung) teaching a bunch of students about not using double negatives.

My subconscious is insane.
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Lish says (10:43 AM): i sometimes wonder if... all the dreams we dream are real
Lish says (10:44 AM): and we're just a dream too
Ruth says (10:44 AM): i wonder this allll the time, if it's on some level real. maybe thoughts and dreams aren't boxed into the same linear time as reality
Lish says (10:45 AM): ...but then again, that would make all the weird sex dreams really weird


Nov. 9th, 2008 03:35 pm
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In a rare and uncharacteristic bout of spontaneity last night, I snuck out of the house in the middle of the night to go on an adventure with carnuneeLucia. We drove to Brighton Beach... well, she drove - I just gave very bad directions. We got there and it was freezing, but the night was gorgeous. We talked and froze until 2am.

This morning I had one of those really vivid epic dreams. It involved sailing a little boat on really big waves, flying with a jetpack over the end of the world, and infiltrating the Dutch government (which, by the way, was employing these evil robots). It was kinda like Grand Theft Auto crossed with Battlestar Galactica.

I really need to get started on my English Assignment. *sigh*

More dreams

Nov. 4th, 2008 11:33 am
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My dreams this morning were a jumble of military operations, bombs, pink formal dresses and angst. Basically, I was wearing this pink dress that [ profile] tangledtale and my mum had picked out for me, running around waging guerilla war on... something. Tanks were blown up. People were killed. I was dodging and hiding and weaving in and out of bamboo forests like in a Zhang Yimou movie. At some point I found out that [ profile] wickedkiwi had contracted a deadly disease and was dying, and I got really angsty. And then the ultimate betrayal: I found out that [ profile] tangledtale had not bought the pink formal dress (which I had grown quite fond of) for me, but for herself! :O


Nov. 1st, 2008 11:26 am
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I'm hungry.  I had a fight with mum over breakfast and I was about to start crying so I went to my room to hide.  Pretty pathetic.  It wasn't even a big fight.  I just... can't take it on top of everything else at the moment.  Damnit, I was all ready to do my washing and apply for more jobs and do all the billion things I need to do.  I got up at 9am to do all that (which never happens on a Saturday) but now I'm stuck in my room trying to pull myself together enough to face the day again.

Other random news:  This morning I dreamt of canoeing down a creek which got bigger and bigger until it was this massive waterfall.  And then I got out of the canoe and hang-glided off the giant waterfall and landed perfectly on a beach.  I wonder why I always dream of water and flying in the same dream.
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My holidays are almost over. One week is not enough.

Mum's been away in China for the last week so it's mostly just been me and Rianna. Yesterday we had McDonalds for lunch and ordered pizza for dinner. Today Rianna had left over pizza for breakfast, and then we had McDonalds for lunch again. So unhealthy. -.- But srsly, there's nothing else to eat. Dad keeps having guests over and cooking weird food, which is completely unappealing, or he goes out and has dinner with his mates. And there's nothing to cook... not even instant noodles. *starves*

I had a weird and stressful dream this morning. I was in Year 12 again, except I was at Koonung and not GWSC. And in the dream my teacher (Mr Bryson o.O) told me that I had three exams the next day: Specialist Maths, Maths Methods and Literature. The Literature exam was at 11am, and Spec was scheduled for 1:30pm. And then I woke up on Friday at 1:30pm and was like oh shit, I missed my exams! Ugh, such stress.

I'm pretty sure that dream was born from my having to photocopy my academic transcripts yesterday. In the same folder was my VCE transcript, which had all my Year 12 subjects on it, including Lit, Methods and Spec. And I guess the Koonung bit came from my stressing over the lesson plans that I still need to do for Ann.

Lyan and Julia were somehow in my dream as well, except they were fighting because Lyan kept eating all the food. Hmm. I don't know how my subconscious came up with that one.

In other news:

[+] A parcel from [ profile] selina_ arrived, which made my week. She is awesome. :)

[+] I've been playing random flash games on Kongregate a lot. It is addictive. Really addictive.

[+] I've made up my mind to get the Xbox 360 over a Wii. I have promised myself the 360 for when I get a job. Much more incentive to find one, methinks.

[+] I've almost finished Love, Death and the Changing of the Seasons, and it's amazing. For those of you who don't know, it's the story of a love affair between two women written completely in sonnet form. I'm not usually an avid poetry reader, but this book pwns me. It helps that all the sonnets fit together to make a single narrative. Narrative is ftw.

Here is my new favorite poem, a break up sonnet:

Did you love well what very soon you left?
Come home and take me in your arms and take
away this stomach ache, headache, heartache.
Never so full, I never was bereft
so utterly. The winter evenings drift
dark to the window. Not one word will make
you, where you are, turn in your day, or wake
from your night toward me. The only gift
I got to keep or give is what I've cried,
floodgates let down to mourning for the dead
chances, for the end of being young,
for everyone I loved who really died.
I drank our one year out in brine instead
of honey from the seasons of your tongue.


Aug. 20th, 2008 08:42 pm
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Feeling more sick today. Not good. Nyet.

Last night I slept terribly. I remember waking up at least four or five times for no discernible reason. Finally in the early morning, I managed to get in some good sleep, during which I dreamt that wickedkiwiIngrid and I were at a Catholic boys school, watching Anne teach her Year 11 boys. Somehow the class turned into a full-blown Broadway musical with my sister the leading lady in a classful of singing boys. It was kind of hilarious and also slightly disturbing.

I'm pretty nervous about tomorrow's Year 9 classes. I'm taking them for the first time, and from what I hear, the Year 9s are pretty feral. My throat is killing me so I'm really not looking foward to trying to project my voice for two hours tomorrow. Blah.

Oh hai, Universe, plz to be nicer to me, kkz?


Jun. 18th, 2008 12:56 am
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I had such a good dream this morning.  SUCH A GOOD DREAM.

Read about my epicly uber awesome dream of AWESOMENESS )


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