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Songs I liked
Denmark (barefoot girl with drummers)
Iceland (singing Thor)
Norway (stunning blonde singing to futuristic electropop)
Azerbaijan (guy in a box)
Finland (featuring a lesbian kiss)
Romania (operatic vampire)

Songs I was ambivalent about
United Kingdom

Songs I actively disliked
The Netherlands
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My thoughts on this year's Eurovision:

Cut for spoilers in case there are any out there who haven't watched it yet )

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Iceland. This song gave me chills the first time I heard it. <3

2. F.Y.R. Macedonia. Powerful voice, powerful song. Totes epic.

3. Latvia. The performance was the corniest thing evar, but the song is really catchy and I sekritly love it.
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Here is a post about things that make me happy.

Happy #1: Gro Hammerseng
Larvik won the Champions League! I got up at 3:15am to watch the live stream from the European Handball Federation website and almost died of stress when Larvik was losing 25-23 in the last minute AND THEN THE LIVE STREAM FROZE.  Turned out Larvik lost the second semifinal 25-24, but because they had won the first semi last week by 2 points, they still win overall! I'm so proud of my future wife, Gro. Even more so when I went and rewatched the final minute today and it turned out that she scored the last goal in the last few seconds which allowed Larvik to win by 1. It was a thing of beauty to hear the Norwegian commentators going crazy, yelling what I imagine was "GRO HAMMERSENG! SHE'S DONE IT. GRO HAMMERSENG HAS SCORED!"  It was like reliving the Olympics semi final when Gro single-handedly snatched victory from the the South Koreans in the very last second of the match by scoring right on the siren.  *sigh*  IloveyouGropleasemarryme.

Minor Gro picspam )

Happy #2: Eurovision
Eurovision has come and gone for another year. I am disappointed that Azerbaijan won this year, but w/e, none of them were really that good. I have several new Eurovision songs that I can listen to, and even if they're crap, at least they make me happy.  My favorites this year were: Iceland, Switzerland and Hungary.  I was very disappointed by the lack of hot European girls. Too many boy bands, especially boys with ugly mohawks and/or stubble.  I hate stubble.  Also, more countries need to sing in their own language.

Happy #3: Nordic Festivals
Ann emailed me today and alerted me to the fact that there will be a Nordic Festival this weekend in Warburton.  My love of Viking and all things Nordic compells me to go, even though Warburton is like 30 minutes past the end of the Lilydale/Belgrave train line, aka The Sticks. 

Happy #4: Inspiration
I started reading Game of Thrones on Saturday and somehow it made me want to work on my Viking story.  I jotted down a few ideas.  Basically, I realised that I needed a villain of some sort. Also, I can't decide if I want to keep it purely historical or just change the names of everything and make it more fantasy-based.  Thinking about these things make me happy because I can pretend that the story is in-progress as opposed to gathering-dust-in-my-harddrive.
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Huh, I totally fell asleep last night IN MY CHAIR while posting this. Like seriously head lolling back, mouth open asleep.

From yesterday:

Work is stressing me out immensely at the moment. I worked more than 60 hours this week. I am still really enjoying teaching my senior classes even though it's so stressful. My Year 12s got a lower SAC average than the other class for the first time this year and I subsequently had a nightmare about all my kids failing and me being this horrible teacher. UGH STRESS. It doesn't help that the school exec are doing appraisals of Year 12 teachers' kids' results. Basically, at the end of the year, if my students don't perform above a certain level (something like a 34 study score average), I will have a meeting with my verynothot!boss and he will be like "EXPLAIN TO ME WHY THESE KIDS DO NOT HAVE BETTER MARKS."

This week was LOTE week and today all the Year 8s had to come dressed up in a different country/culture's clothes. Most of the kids came in various types of ethnic apparal, but there were three or four boys who came draped in Australian flags walking around with this cocky, challenging look. I can't remember when it was exactly that the Australian flag got hijacked by racists to become a symbol of White Power, but it's quite discomforting and sad to see.

Anyway. EUROVISION. I have banned myself from reading or watching the news until Eurovision is over so I don't accidentally spoil myself like I did last year. I watched Semi Final 1 tonight and was a little disappointed with the selection of countries that got through to the Final. I'm sad Finland and Slovakia did not get in. But at least Moldova, Serbia and Iceland made it through.
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I'm switching ISPs (from BigPond to TPG) tomorrow so I will be offline for a few days. I plan to survive by immersing myself in work, Xbox 360 games, reading and pre-downloaded Eurovision clips.

Speaking of Eurovision, I am totally excited. Probably more excited than I should be. Last year was pretty disappointing due to a lack of camp, gayness and hot girls. I still remember the 2007 contest fondly, which had the perfect blend of wtf!camp, gayness, hot girls, and high-octane Europop.

Eurovision highlights )

Things you didn't know about Eurovision:
- Eurovision was conceived after World War II as a way to heal wartorn europe and promote ~world peace~
- ABBA shot to fame aftering winning the 1974 Eurovision with 'Waterloo'
- Celine Dion won the 1988 Eurovision for Switzerland
- Israeli transexual Dana International won the 1998 Eurovision contest despite attempts to ban her

In my perfect world, Sweden would win Eurovision and would therefore host Eurovision 2012 (not 2011 because Sweden's entry this year SUCKS). I'd end up going there, because one of the things I'd like to do before I die is attend a Eurovision concert and wave around a big flag. And it would just so happen that BassHunter would be performing that year for Sweden, and whilst jumping around to a BassHunter song, I will meet a hot Swedish girl who turns out to be my Hot Swedish Lesbian Soulmate. And then we will play WoW and listen to Europop all day long. The end.
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I'm checking out this year's Eurovision contestants. Some initial observations:

Cut in case nobody wants to be spoiled )

Overall: I am pleased by the amount of female leads this year.

Also, I just bought this camera.
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Spoilers under the cut )

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I just finished watching the first semifinal of Eurovision 2009 on the Eurovision website. And not to give anything away about the contestants, but.... OMG!!!!

Okay, imagine... some dancing cossacks, an entire military choir singing Kalinka, and then add some teenaged breakdancers and a giant pink tank. AND THEN, add t.A.T.u. Yeah, remember those Russian lesbian chicks from back in the day? And THEN, have the military choir start SINGING to "Not Gonna Get Us". The end result is awesomesauce. (Although not as awesomesauce as if the Red Army Choir were to start singing "All The Things She Said" lulz.) It's really strange to see Lena and Yulia all grown up. Crazy.

And, Iceland's entry this year? Awesomesauce. I also loved Israel's entry. Those were my two favorites in the first semifinal.

Anyway, I'll say no more because I don't want to spoil anyone. I only watched it online because this Friday I will be doing school things with my Year 9s and unable to catch the 7:30pm broadcast on SBS. :( But apparently we're going to have Australian commentators this year instead of the BBC version, which is fail. I'm still so very excited though. *is such a Eurovision whore* :D

ZOMG EUROVISION IS HERE!!! I wait all year for this. It's like Christmas. *jumps up and down, squeeing* :D
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...and as usual lesson planning has taken all night, and suddenly it's 3am and I'm going to be very sleep deprived tomorrow. Ugh.

Eurovision this year was not as happy!gay!yay! as last year, but I still enjoyed it. Good times. I'm sad that I'll have to wait another year for more Europoppy goodness. My favorite was Iceland (I had enormous fun attempting to imagine the guy as a descendent of Vikings - couldn't quite manage it :D) What was yours?

So. Tomorrow starts my three weeks of teaching, where I'll be teaching EVERY SINGLE DAY ZOMG. I have moments of "eh, I'll be fine" and moments of pure panic. PURE PANIC.

Anyway, my first lesson tomorrow is with the Year 8s of HELL. Pray for my soul, kkz?


This is my liiiife...


(Man, I really need Eurovision icons.)


May. 25th, 2008 02:07 pm
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Bah! Wikipedia just told me who won Eurovision. LRN2NOTSPOIL, WIKIPEDIA.
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This week is assessment week which means I get to stay home and happily procrastinate for 5 days while simultaneously being stressed as hell. So far I've stayed more or less on track. Two assignments down, three to go.

The last 5 days, I've been on dial-up internet because stupid Telstra screwed up our internet order and the new modem/installation package still hasn't arrived. When I called last Thursday they said it would arrive on Friday. When I called on Friday they said it would arrive on Monday. Tuesday at the latest. It is now Wednesday. I called earlier and they said "It's just left Sydney, and it should get to you by... maybe tomorrow, but probably Friday."


The sad thing is that my current dial up speed doesn't feel any different to the 256 kb/s ADSL I used to have. With the added bonus that Photobucket actually works again. Anyway, it's totally weird to hear the dial-up modem sounds again. It feels like I'm back in the year 2000 or something.

In other news, I had another traumatic cockroach experience yesterday. There was a big black cockroach on my desk, my desk! The most intimate and sacred part of my room. It crawled over my keyboard. It was on my mouse! >.<

It was my own fault. I got careless with bringing food into my room again. >.< Luckily, my mother and I teamed up, and armed with a slipper and a can of bug spray, we dispatched the vile beast with minimum casualties. And then mum was nice enough to get rid of the corpse for me, so I wasn't too traumatised. I then proceeded to sanitise my entire desk with tissues. *shudder*

Eurovision is this weekend and I'm really excited about it. I really hope I have new internet by then because I will need to download the entire Eurovision 2008 soundtrack after watching it. :D I know what you're thinking - my life must be really sad for the highlight of my month to be Eurovision, right? Well, all I can say in my defence is... WHAT WHAT IN THE BUTT.


May. 22nd, 2007 12:22 am
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ZOMG, so you know how I just posted an entry about the gayness of Eurovision? And how there were rumours about the very hot Russian lead singer's possible gayness?


This photo just totally makes my night:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thanks to [ profile] wickedkiwi for the link. :)
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Ha, I knew she was gay!

AfterEllen article on Serbia's win at Eurovision this year

I find it amusing that a lot of the people commenting noted that this year's was a particularly gay Eurovision. So true. :-)

Gay elements found in Eurovision 2007:

Serbia - Gay female lead singer with bunch of women behind her in pantsuits and holding hands. AND THEY WON. *waves flag*

Denmark - Male crossdresser performance. Song is called "Drama queen". Lots of pink feathers.

Ukraine - Another male crossdresser performance. Came second. *chortle*

France - Men in pink. Very effeminate men in pink, singing in a funny jumble of French and English.

Russia - Lead singer rumoured to be gay. She adamantly denies it. A little too adamantly.

UK - That one guy who kept going "Complimentary nuts sir?" and "Would you like something to suck on for landing, sir?"

Finland - Lead singer apparently has a large lesbian following in Finland.

Sweden - Lead singer is bisexual.

Belgium - 70s themed performance with the lead guy dressed in tight golden disco clothes. Background flashed rainbow.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. You had to see it to get the full effect, though.
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How I would have voted if Australia were in Europe:

8 points - Bulgaria: XENA VOCALS! and pretty percussion
10 points - Moldova:  Hot girl.  Leather pants.  Swirly scarves.  Need I say more?
12 points - UK: OMG!!!!  Possibly the funniest thing I've EVER seen.  *DIES FROM ROFL*

I'm glad Serbia won though.  Did anyone else see the lesbian subtext?  It was like Tatu, only not.

And now, I am exhausted from Europopping.




May. 11th, 2007 12:22 am
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I was feeling all kinds of blue on the train today. Possibly because I just had my last lecture and tutorial for The Russian Revolution 131-050. The lecture was mostly about how the Russian Revolution was a humanitarian catastrophe. For the tutorial we all went down to the pub and spent most of the time just chatting about Russia and world politics over a couple of beers and hot chips (read fries for my american english speaking friends). The entire thing left me feeling immensely sad. Not because the subject has ended (gosh, am I glad that it's finally almost over), but because I realised that all people are good despite their mistakes, and misconceptions about some things, despite ingrained beliefs and prejudices from culture and religion, despite ignorance. I'm not just talking about my tute group... I mean people in general - all human beings, whether they be ruthless revolutionaries, or Nazis, or George Bush, or John Howard, or ultra conservative right wing homophobes (but I repeat myself), or militant Socialist Alternative members, or mass murderers. Okay, after that list I had to pause and think about what I was just saying. Heh. But... I think... individuals are often misguided or hateful or selfish or just plain ignorant. But humanity in general... I think in the grand scheme of things, people strive towards what they believe is right. And it makes me so sad when, on a large scale, people suffer so much in an event like the Russian Revolution. Some people, like the lecturer, would call it a tragedy. Was the Russian Revolution of 1917 a humanitarian catastrophe? I guess it was. But it was also just another event in the long litany of suffering that is human history. There is no "tragedy" - only life. We all just keep living, trying to do the best we can. And our best is sometimes horrible, and sometimes it's admirable, and sometimes it's both. That's just life. Humanity is a species capable of great beauty and achievement, and it's also capable of causing heartbreaking harm to one another and to this world. But despite all the suffering and setbacks and mistakes... people just keep living. I hope we do reach a higher consciousness one day. But that's the idealist in me talking. The more cynical half is insisting that we're all just animals following our instincts and that we'll never break free of this cycle of suffering that we inflict upon ourselves. But I hope we do.

I was thinking about my views on... well, Life, the Universe and Everything. I strongly believe that there is no "good" or "evil" or "truth". I believe we should look at all things with empathy and compassion. There is no truth, and there is no justice because everything is subjective. Therefore it follows that there is no such thing as a Hell... because there is nothing on this earth that deserves an eternity of suffering. I don't know if there's a Heaven either (or even if there's an afterlife). Everybody's ideal paradise is different - how can we all hope to exist in the same paradise and maintain our individual hopes and dreams and loves at the same time? For example, if my version of the ideal paradise/afterlife includes a particular person, but that person didn't want to be in mine, how would that work? There would have to be a separate heaven for every single person, but then it would be kind of fake because the real versions of other people wouldn't be there. It would all be an illusion. And even if hypothetical me was completely unaware of the illusion and was blissfully happy, it still wouldn't be perfect. What is complete blissful happiness anyway? I don't believe it can exist in the long term... on earth anyway. Everything is defined by its opposite. The notion of "good" cannot exist without there also being a notion of "bad". The definition of "normal" cannot exist without first defining what is "abnormal". In the same way, every emotion must have an opposing force, or else it loses its very essence. So without sadness, happiness would fade and become simple normality. Therefore, true joy can only exist in the moment. Is heaven - if it exists - only an eternal moment then?

*sigh* Whatever.

I took The Russian Revolution because I wanted to meet hot Russian girls learn enough to form an opinion on the Russian Revolution and Communism. Instead, I've emerged from it more ambivalent than ever. All I know is that thinking too much about it makes me sad and makes me post long, confused entries on my LJ every Tuesday. I don't think I'll be taking Age of Stalin next semester. :p

On another note...Eurovision makes me happy. Especially the highly, highly amusing lyrics: "Tell meeee...who's that lucky heeeeero... Sleeping... tightly on your peeeeeellow." Note to self: Hero does not rhyme with Pillow. Another amusing one was Sweden: "...forever with you... always by myyy siiiide, you're always on myyy miiiind... [cue wind blowing in hair, singer stares off into distance, big blue cape fluttering, arm raised in victory, deep breath]... IIIINVIIIIIINCIIIBBLLLEE! One looooove supreeeeme... etc.

Ah Eurovision, how I adore thee.

Anyway, I'm in a better mood now. Look how useful europop is! Look and ye shall understand.
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Lots of people seem to be sick with something at the moment.   [ profile] selina_and [ profile] like_phobia were both sick the last time I talked to them.  From the look of [ profile] penstarr's journal, she's sick as well.  And Rianna has a cold and a high temperature.  :(  This last part is very, very bad.  Dire, in fact.  Because it means she has to go to bed early and I won't have anyone to watch Eurovision with.  O.O 

See?  Dire.

But despite this minor catastrophe, I am still very much looking forward to a night of bad glorious europop, scantily clad European women, and sexy accents.  *beams*

There's still an hour to go before it starts, though, so I shall amuse myself with a meme taken from [ profile] poeticinsanity.

How spoiled am I? )


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