Jan. 6th, 2016 12:31 pm
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Yesterday I took Kitteh to the vet for her annual injections and check up. Her weight is good; her teeth are good. I am happy. The vet fee lightened my wallet somewhat but at least I'm getting a decent income from tutoring at the moment. My new job starts on January 25th and I am very conscious of the time passing. Other than tutoring, I've just been trying to stay fit and do all my Classics reading. I finished The Odyssey yesterday. Surprisingly, I found I liked The Iliad a LOT more, despite the fact that it took me only three days to read the The Odyssey (compared to three weeks for the latter.) Sure Achilles is kind of whiny, but Odysseus is a douchey hypocrite. Anyway. Next up is Apology in 'The Last Days of Socrates' by Plato.

So what else is new with me? SUPERCAT, THAT'S WHAT.

In the new lingo of the fangirls on Tumblr, I am 'trash' for Supercat. What is Supercat, you may ask? It's a femslash ship pairing Kara Danvers (Supergirl) and Cat Grant (her boss and the Queen of All Media). I haven't shipped a pairing this hard since... I don't know, maybe even T/7 back in the day, with Star Trek: Voyager. In the last week, I've gone and read every single half-way decent fic on AO3 and followed half a dozen new tumblrs. And last night, I finally started writing my first fan-fiction since 2003. Jesus Christ I'm old.

Guys, I'm really, really, REALLY excited about this ship and this show.

Seriously, just look how gay this gifset is
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Merlin 2x12 "The Fires of Idirsholas"  (And by "Idirsholas", they mean "Hawt Lesbian Lovin.")

Morgause/Morgana Picspam. 

Pictures of hot women under here. Also, spoilers. )


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Merlin 2x08 "Sins of the Father" Morgause/Morgana Picspam

Lots of pictures ahead )
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So I've been indulging in an orgy of fanfic reading the last couple of days.  Veering wildly back and forth between J/7 and T/7.  Today I'm on a T/7 kick and reading old favorites from Perfect Misfits, Lisa Countryman's site and VJB.  The nostalgia is pwning me hard.  *sighs*  I need to find a new fandom or something.  It's too depressing reading stuff that was written in 2000 or even 1999 (last century zomg), knowing that some of them will never be completed, or that there'll never be a sequel, or that the heyday for this particular pairing/fandom is long past.  Blah.  So yes.  New fandom.  Any suggestions, people?

In WoW news, I totally tamed Loque'nahak today!  I've been stalking him all week.  For those of you who don't know, Loque'nahak is a rare elite cat that spawns in Sholazar Basin.  He's incredibly hard to track down because of the sheer number of people wanting to tame him or even kill him (for the achievement).  I almost died from excitement when he spawned only 20 or 30 yards away from where I was sitting.  There was a random pally nearby and I thought he was going to grab him, but I tagged him first.  By the time I found my "tame beast" button, he was almost half dead because I'd been in such a frantic hurry to tag/shoot him, lol.  Anyway, here is a pic of my new kitteh along with my friend broken_faerieNyy, who also recently tamed Gondria (another rare elite).  Mine is the less ghostly looking one.

picture under cut )

So now I have a dilemma.  Originally I was going to name my new pet "Huntress" (and then name a bird pet "Black Canary" - after the DC comic heroines :D), but this cat just doesn't look like a girl cat.  I have a billion female names but I can't think of any names that would suit a male cat other than "Stormy".  So... what should I name him?

[Poll #1425762]
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I just want to thank the people who commented on my last entry.  I won't reply to the invidual comments because that would require dealing with complicated feelings and words and whatnot (which I'm currently repressing),  but your words were very welcome and they warmed my heart.  Thanks.

Mum's leaving on Wednesday or Thursday as soon as she gets her visa organised.  I actually can't wait for her to go, which sounds cold, but... having a grieving parent around is really unsettling. 

In a strange turn of events, I've found myself obsessed with J/7 again many years after abandoning it for the dark side.  It's kept me very well distracted from reality over the last couple of days. It's been a constant source of amusement too.  For example, this awesomely hilarious music video by Sazzy:

Kate Mulgrew's facial expressions are fascinating to watch. And the bits with the Borg Queen are just priceless.
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Okay, one word:  Dollhouse.

Fucking AMAZING.  I always knew it wouldn't be bad,  because, really, you cannot go wrong with the pure hotness that is Eliza Dushku plus the creative brilliance of Joss Whedon.  But this totally lived up to my impossibly high expectations, and then some.

All I can say is: "Ggggggggggggggggggnnnn".   <-- the sound of my brain turning to mush in the face of this:

Dimples, abs and leather )

So yeah.  It's taken years, and it may not be as awesome as Faith the Vampire Slayer, but Eliza Dushku finally has her own show, and Joss Whedon is at the helm.  Life is good.  I just hope that it gets picked up for more than one season, and that Fox doesn't fuck it up.
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New obsession:  Birds of Prey.

I skipped school today to watch the final two episodes and read Barbara/Helena fan fiction.  (Yes, I'm terrible, I know.)

There was so much subtext, omg.  And hot women in leather.  And Barbara/Batgirl/Oracle's low sexy voice.  And the teacher glasses!  And the younger woman/older woman relationship.  And Huntress' lightly but perfectly dishevelled hair.  And and.  omg.  *head explodes*  I can't believe it took me this long to find this fandom.  And I can't believe it got cancelled so early.  I would KILL for another season or 4 of it. 


*goes back to fic*
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OMG. So, I'm looking through my cousin's external hard drive cos he downloaded a bunch of movies and said I could take some if I was interested. And there's like 20 gigabytes of hilarious Asian porn mixed in with the movies, as well as several strange foreign films that are Russian or Japanese with Chinese subtitles (which are totally useless to me since I can't really understand Russian, Japanese or Chinese). But anyway, so I'm warily clicking through the files and trying to avoid the porn, and totally expecting to see a fur clad Mongolian to turn up on my screen when, all of a sudden... GUESS WHO I SEE?




My jaw dropped like :O cos I was SO not expecting anything like that. So yeah. Somehow I found P2. Woot. *copies and pastes*

This morning I woke up at 9 something (three hours earlier than usual) because my room was unbearably hot, and discovered that I had missed Monday morning Kara! WOE. Then someone left and so I at least got to do the chess event with my Kara peeps. Yay. I played more WoW until I got yelled at by mum. I pacified her by agreeing to go out and buy groceries but the key wouldn't fit in the car because I think it melted out of shape. So after 10 minutes of being in the oven car, trying frustratedly but futilely to start it... I gave up, and so no groceries were bought.

I spent the rest of today playing Diablo II with my sister (I'm turning her into a gamer!)... until my room overheated from having 2 computers operating in the same room. Then I watched a lot of TV in the air conditioned living room.

I realised today that the great thing about being subscribed to too many Yahoo mailing lists is that your inbox always seems full, even though it's really empty. But I think I'm finally going to unsubscribe from VJB. The constant "you've got mail" sound is too depressing when, upon checking, you realise you don't really have anything worth checking for. And on that emo note, I'm going to bed. :-)

Happy New Year everyone.


Sep. 22nd, 2007 02:01 pm
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A while back, [ profile] thrace_ linked me to a youtube video of Lucy Lawless and Jeri Ryan getting it on together.

This is the video:

Do you see my problem? IT DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE. I even tried Youtube's archives *tears my hair out*

Can anyone please please please find me a copy of this somewhere for me? I think it was a photo shoot for TV Guide or something, but I'm not sure.

*cries pitifully*
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O.O  There's so much Janeway/Seven subtext in Dark Frontier.  But like NO T/7 at all.  Almost negative T/7.  *sigh* 

I love Seven.  I love how she quirks her eyebrow/ocular implant.

*head explodes from sheer hotness*

That is all I have to say tonight.


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The first words Seven ever said to B'Elanna: "You have neglected to remove the autonomous regeneration sequencers."

So romantic! :D
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For the record, I would just like to say that I'm disgusted with Livejournal.

[Edit: Don't go to the "Warriors For Innocence" site that's linked on the CNET page... People are reporting spyware/malware after visiting with a clean machine.]

If I didn't already have 4 years worth of LJ entries and a ton of LJ friends, I would pack up and move somewhere else. As it stands, I'm seriously considering not renewing my paid account when it ends next month.

Now, I'm off to download ljArchive so that I can use it to back up all my entries. With the way things are heading, who knows what Livejournal won't delete the next time an homophobic right-wing extremist group complains to them? Gah.


In other disappointing news, I've discovered that the ebay seller who was selling the Star Trek uniforms won't be getting anymore in, since the entire line has been discontinued. This means I won't be prancing into your lives dressed in sexy command red (yes, the poll I posted earlier had Red winning over Gold with 10 votes to 0 ) any time soon, since the only female Voyager uniforms they have are size M or L, which is too big for me. :( :( :(

*cries with disappointment*


May. 30th, 2007 04:45 pm
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Q: What happens when Lucy Lawless and Seven of Nine is merged into one jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, eye-popping, brain-exploding entity?

A:  Lish go kaboom.






*dies* )


May. 28th, 2007 08:38 pm
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B.Y.O.B. = Bring Your Own Battleth

*so amused*


May. 28th, 2007 03:36 am
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Random thingies (mostly about Star Trek Voyager because that's what I've been watching for the last 4 hours):

- B'Elanna is all kinds of hot when she's sweaty, horny and trapped in a cave like in Blood Fever.

- I so wish Seven of Nine had been in Tom's place in that episode. SO WISH.

- Tom Paris really isn't as bad as he's made out to be in the fics.

- Janeway is really growing on me. I can see myself starting to like J/7 again. Which is kinda scary.

- Missy Good really does write about food way too much. She makes me hungry.

- The Borg remind me of zombies. So now I am terrified of the Borg as well. Resistance is futile. O.O
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I saw Spiderman 3 today. Very, very awesome. Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell FTW.


And I've downloaded Season 1 of Star Trek Voyager and am happily working my way through that.

Lish is a happy geek today.


*goes to conquer more of Rome*
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I've been trying to write an Ivy/Rachel scene in my head using Sapphic Metre, but I'm having trouble joining together the Ivy part to the Rachel part. Here's what I have so far, anyway.


I'm doomed to darkness, blood-sated but love-starved.
Salt filled circles won't save you from my hunger.
The dark flood rises, ancient and primal as
The spilling of blood.

Warm breath on my neck, your leg between my thighs -
I see in black reflection myself ensnared.
Deceive my senses, ignite in me a need
Infinitely lost.

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A couple of my friends recommended Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series to me a while back. So I went out and bought all four books... and proceeded to devour them in three and a half days. Damn good books. I recommend them to everyone on my flist.

The main character, Rachel Morgan, lives with a living (as opposed to undead) vampire, Ivy Tamwood, who is also her friend and business partner. There is SO MUCH SUBTEXT ZOMG. The kind of subtext that borders on maintext. In fact, as of the latest book, it's kind of teetering over a precipice, about to fall into the Chasm of Maintexty Goodness.

Y'all should go read them and join my community. :D

Ivy and Rachel Are Love
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My Fragments of Sappho Challenge-a-thon Fuffy fic is due in less than three weeks. I have two paragraphs. I really should be writing more. The problem is that I rewatched Graduation Day Part 1 today and realised that I'm actually more of a Buffy/Angel shipper. I ship Buffy/Faith on principle (and because Faith is so hot), but argh, the Buffy/Angel OTP is so convincing. It's really hard to get rid of Angel in any Fuffy story set in season three. Meh. We won't even go into Riley in season four. *spits*

Hmm. My internet connection is rather unstable at the moment. This is very scary. My internet has worked consistently ever since I started playing World of Warcraft. I don't know what I would do now if it suddenly decided to die for a week. -.- Probably go insane. But hey, at least the Internet gremlins have great timing. What better time for the internet connection to go screwy than on WoW maintenance night? ;)

A book!

Jul. 24th, 2006 11:38 pm
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Dude! I was in the Rowden White (recreational) Library today, happily browsing around... and guess what I saw?

A book!


And, not only was it a book, but the author was someone named Rachel Gibson. O.O I mean, damn, Rachel Gibson is only the woman I've been thinking about all month! Granted, she doesn't actually exist, but the name! The name!! *flails* And it was in bright bold letters on the cover of a book called "Sex, Lies and Internet Dating". How apt.

Class officially starts in about 11 hours. I should be going to sleep soon. But first!

A meme! )


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