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Yay game night was a success.  [ profile] junet_, [ profile] tangledtale, [ profile] warrior_cat and Miriam (I forget her LJ name since she so rarely uses it) came over for table top gaming funs.  We played Small World.  Other games had been planned but sadly we didn't get onto them because taking over the world, albeit a small one, took rather a long time.  I had a lot of fun mocking Jackie's Diplomatic Orcs and running around with my Seafaring Elves.  The Spirited Rats and the Dragon Master Amazons were the two other highlight combinations of the evening.

Jeanette won of course - that was pretty clear from the beginning.  But I snuck in with a close second place after everyone underestimated me with my forgotten dwarves and down-trodden halflings.  Muahahaha.

I also managed to fit in grocery shopping, a 27km bike ride, and some frenzied house cleaning today so I feel rather accomplished.  Holidays are almost over though, which is rather depressing.  Back to work on Monday for another long slog.  *sigh*  Well, to look on the bright side, at least Term 3 is only 9 weeks long.  And then it's the home stretch from there.
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Yesterday I watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with Rianna.  There were parts that I loved and parts that I was a bit "meh" about.  I have complicated feelings about it.  But mostly, it made me very, very nostalgic about the Lord of the Rings movies.  The night before, I finished reading the books for the first time.  It's terrible that it's taken me this long to get through them (I started them in 2010 after reading The Silmarillion) but I got stuck for a good while on the first third of Book 1.  I'm very glad I read them before watching The Hobbit because I think it made me appreciate the movie more. For example, the scene with Galadriel and Gandalf in Rivendell, and the light behind them was this soft pink golden dawn - I wondered how much that was because it looked pretty, or whether someone had actually wanted to portray Galadriel as being of the morning ("And I shall not be dark, but beautiful and terrible as the Morning").  Probably the latter, I guess.  But I might not have noticed, if I hadn't just read The Return of the King with its night-imagery descriptions of Arwen.

Anyway, here's a cute thing that happened: there was an ad before the movie for New Zealand which had me all squeeing because it mentioned NZ as being the land of "warrior princesses" and I was like OMG XENA REFERENCE.  Hah. Rianna rolled her eyes, of course.

Today I'm sitting around drinking tea and waiting for the Lord of the Rings: Online to finish downloading on Steam. Reading the books has made me all fangirly enough about LOTR that I will risk my soul on another MMO.  I don't think there's any danger of becoming unhealthily addicted though - those days are behind me, and it's unlikely I'll get super into it without my guildies.  Still, are there any out there on my Flist who is interested in playing with me?  It's free-to-play so you wouldn't have to pay anything.  I will probably be joining the server Elendilmir because it's apparently the unofficial Oceanic server.

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Uggghhhh.  I am updating my CV for the first time in four years and trying to figure out what stuff isn't relevant anymore.  Pretty sure where I went to primary school isn't relevant, but what about scholarships I got in high school and uni?

I hate doing this stuff.  But I'm forcing myself to do it early Saturday morning so it's out of the way and I can enjoy the rest of my weekend in peace.

Currently I am reading "Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro.  Anyone read that?  There is a lot of foreshadowing.  I am also watching Arrested Development, which is fun.  I managed to sneak in one episode last night before I fell asleep at approximately 9:30pm.  Yep, my life is pretty tragic at the moment.

I am determined to do some gaming this weekend.  I haven't played any games (other than board games - yay WoW monopoly!) for two months now.  I feel like a legitimate adult.  It's awful.  So... gaming!  Help me decide which of these games I should play next.  I bought them during various Steam sales and just haven't had a chance to play any of them yet:

[Poll #1873396]

And no, Ingrid, "World of Warcraft" is not an option!
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I bought a guitar!  I'm so happy to have a real guitar.  And real guitar equipment.  Like a strap, and a capo and actual picks.  I don't have to use a plastic paper clip anymore.  :D  The new guitar (a full sized Yamaha acoustic steel string) sounds 239847128374234 times better than my old one (a banged up 3/4 sized Valencia with fraying strings).  It makes me very happy.  I am currently learning how to play a couple of Missy Higgins songs.  And a Backstreet Boys song.  Don't judge me. 

I bought the guitar from a Retravision in Springvale - a guy acquaintance from high school went with me.  We had a drink and reminisced about World of Warcraft afterwards.  (And no, [ profile] wickedkiwi, I'm still not coming back.)

Another highlight today was playing Left 4 Dead 2 with Lyan.  I haven't played a shooter in about ten years, but it was super fun.  I forgot how fun shooters are when you have someone to play with. 

I wish I had another Sunday in which to practice guitar and play games, but alas, the weekend is over again. :-/

A Good Day

Apr. 10th, 2012 12:19 am
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Today I...

- Played Skyrim
- Read Chapters 29 and 30 of TBSOL
- Almost rejoined WoW but was cockblocked by Blizz who had suspended/locked my account for no reason. Silly Blizz.
- Watched two episodes of My Little Pony with Ingrid on YouTube and was greatly entertained when she searched for My Little Pony fan fiction and found pony BDSM and backed away horrified.
- Subscribed to Felicia Day's new YouTube channel Geek & Sundry. Watched the Table Top episode with Wil Wheaton - loved it. I so want to gather some friends and play geeky table top games now.
- Booked mah tickets for The Avengers movie which is being released here on April the 25th, weeks earlier than in the US. WE GET SOMETHING EARLY FOR ONCE YAY.

So excited about The Avengers. I'm already pre-shipping Captain America and Thor. I think they'll hit it off.

CA: "Hey, god of Thunder, I bet your hammer can't dent my shield."
T: "Scrawny little man, my hammer will make you WEEP."
Passionate gay sexin ensues.
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Still totally loving TOR.  I got to play with [ profile] dracmtt a few times this weekend which was fun.  My Sith Marauder is level 25 now and has just acquired her first speeder (for WoW players, read mount).  I also got the Force Choke ability last level which is all kinds of awesome.  Nothing more satisfying than telekinetically lifting a mob that looks like it weighs 200kg and squeezing the life out of it.  <3

This is me and [ profile] dracmtt.  His lightsaber seems bigger (and thicker) than mine.

And this is a more recent picture of me with new lightsabers and a cape.

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It currently hurts to type with my right thumb because Kitteh mauled it accidentally yesterday while we were playing in the garden.  The night before last, I was playing some TOR before bed when I heard a soft little meow that sounded different to Kitteh's usual meows.  I went out into the corridor to investigate.  It was dark and I didn't bother to switch on a light because I could triangulate Kitteh's location from her meows.  I bent down to pat her about the same time Rianna opened her door and switched on the light.  As soon as she did so, she let out a bloodcurdling scream, ran back inside her room and shut the door. I looked down.  There was a HUGE RAT right in my face next to where I was patting Kitteh. It was still alive so I took it outside using the dustpan and set it free in the front yard under a tree.  That was the sixth rodent that Kitteh has brought us since I came back from Europe.

I'm enjoying my Year 12 class a lot this year.  I've only had them three times but so far they've been really responsive and switched on.  I've been putting in a lot of extra effort for this class because they were my lovely Year 11s from last year and I want to prepare them as best I can.  Every single one of them did the holiday homework, which is pretty damn amazing.  I'm not connecting as well with my new Year 11s yet, but it's early days still.  Respect and rapport takes a while to develop and only happens after some growing pains, I've found.  They'll grow to love English Language too.  *plots*

In other news, I has a spaceship!  I renewed my Star Wars: The Old Republic account after all (though I had been planning not to) and played a lot over the weekend.  Lish, my Sith Warrior (marauder), is now level 18 and Gro, my Bounty Hunter (mercenary), is level 16.  Once I got over the unintuitive different to WoW controls and UI, I discovered a lot of gameplay elements that are superior to WoW.  I still miss WoW a lot sometimes (mostly my guildies... except [ profile] chewy3479) and certain WoW zones (does Elwynn Forest feel like home to anyone else?), but TOR has successfully sucked me into its universe and is refusing to let go.  I love the fact that you can roleplay your character.  I love having a companion with a backstory and a personality.  I love being able to get a spaceship.  :-D

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I feel like I've accomplished many things today.

First of all, I successfully had breakfast at a breakfasty time during which Rianna and I discussed how Kitteh is a smart cat because she can open doors.  Slidey doors are easy, but she can also open doors with handles.  One time, she actually jumped from the laundry sink to pull down the handle of the laundry door so that the door would open, TRUE STORY.  That conversation turned into a comparison of Kitteh and velociraptors.  They have remarkably a lot in common, as shown in the following diagram:

I also read some more of A Feast for Crows (Song of Fire and Ice, Book 4). There's nothing quite like reading in bed on a rainy day.  I have very conflicted feelings about Cercei Lannister.  She's evil, obviously, but I liked her character (in the first 3 books at least) because she was interesting.  Now she's just predictably paranoid.  Still kind of rooting for her though.  I can't help it.  She's hot, and I'm shallow.

In Red Dead Redemption today, I saved a rancher's daughter but accidentally shot my horse.  I was sad about the horse until I found a palomino which I'm naming Argo.  I'm really enjoying the game.  Midnight rides across the desert by moonlight, oh yeah.  <3 

After that, I loaded up my workout playlist with Gro-inspired songs and went for a jog on the treadmill.  Normally I would've had more than enough after thirty minutes, but today I felt like I could go on forever. So I ran for thirty one minutes, what uuuup.

In conclusion, I am thoroughly enjoying my holidays.  How's everyone going?

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Today feels ~full of possibility~.  So full of possibility that it even has ~tilde wings~. 

This morning, [ profile] selina_ taught me how to play Carcassonne which is a ridiculously fun board game involving strategy and ruthlessness. Anything that involves making castles and conquering kingdoms is totally my type of game. There is a free online version of the game, so if anybody wants to play with me...  *hopeful look*

Red Dead Redemption also arrived, so later I will be cowboying it up in the Wild West.  Unf.

I was sad to hear that Brazil beat Norway rather resoundingly in their recent World Cup game.  Norway wouldn't have lost if Gro had been their captain, I'm sure.  (She used to play soccer, too.)

Here, have a picture of Gro:

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So I finally finished playing Dragon Age II.

Sadly, I have to say that it was nowhere near as epic as Dragon Age: Origins.  DA:O made me want to play it over and over.  I can't see myself playing this one again, even once.  Most of the changes from DA:O were downgrades, in my view.  Fewer unique armor and weapons, less control of dialogue options, bad camera control, simpler talent trees, less interaction with NPCs, REPETITIVE ZONES THAT KEPT BEING RECYCLED ZOMG.  Meh.  I miss DA:O (and Morrigan).  Isabela was pretty hot though.

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Dragon Age II!  I finally have it.  Took like two hours to make my character because I wanted to make her look like Cara Mason.  The character creation thing isn't powerful enough to really make her look like Cara, but it's close.  Ish.  If I squint and use my imagination a lot.  >.>

My first impressions of the game:
- The menu/inventory/journal/interface is all different!  I liked the old style better.
- Combat is fun.  I love playing a rogue with all the slashing and jumping around.
- The new dialogue system bugs me, because they don't say the things I think they're going to say.

So today was mostly taken up by cleaning my room,  writing a letter to Gro that I'll probably never send, going out to get my pre-ordered signature edition of Dragon Age II, and playing with Kitteh.  Didn't get around to watching Jurassic Park or anything else that was on my list.  I did watch Robocop last night, though.  I loved the movie when I first saw it (I think I was maybe 9), but it kind of sucked upon rewatching.  Oh well.

Oh, I also bought two books while I was out today, at the Angus & Robertsons closing down sale.  A Dragonlance book and a little book called "Love Monkey" which I'm going to give to my one true love when I find her. 
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- I played Final Fantasy XIII all evening. It's such a pretty game.

- I managed to time my arrival at school today to coincide with hot!boss's arrival and parked next to her. Win!

- I'm really loving my job at the moment, for some reason. Even report writing has not fazed me.

Mmm brains

Oct. 24th, 2010 11:53 pm
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What I really feel like doing is writing some long rambly post about my emotions, but I'm pretty sure that nobody wants to read about that.  So instead, I will write about my weird stomach chemistry.

I'm hungry.  It's been a few hours since dinner, so it's understandable.  But I'm hungry for meat.  It's like, my stomach won't accept anything else as food.  I just ate an apple, and some dried fruit, and biscuits, and a mug of hot tea, and then a whole bowl of vegetable soup.  But everything I eat just seems to make me hungrier and hungrier.  My theory is that my stomach produces too much stomach acid or bile or something and needs the protein and fat found in meat so that it has something to break down.  But there is no meat in the house.  So anything I eat just makes me more hungry.  Man, I would kill for a nice thick steak right about now.  I wonder if this is how zombies feel about brains.

I was going to play all these games this weekend, and I did play a bit of WoW, but mostly I've been addicted to one game this last week, and it has been Game Dev Story for the iPhone/iPod touch.  It is so addictive and very, very fun.  Basically it's a simulation game, but you play as a video game developer.  I'm not usually one to actually spend money on game apps, but this one was worth every cent.
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Finally finished Final Fantasy X... five years after I started it. Total time spent: 150 hours. :O The ending actually made me a little teary, but I'm a wuss like that.

The next two games on my to-finish list are:
1) Assassin's Creed
2) Mass Effect

Hopefully it doesn't take another five years.


Mar. 8th, 2010 11:56 pm
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Been feeling kind of flat lately.  Meh.

So it turns out that the epic storm that happened on Saturday with giant golf-ball sized hail stones totally did dent my car.  There are at least THREE visible dents on the roof.  Kind of pissed off about that.

In other news, I bought a new TV and Mass Effect and am currently saving the galaxy.  I'm about 8 hours in and have already had alien lesbian sex with some blue chick.

Not looking forward to work tomorrow.

That is all.


Nov. 10th, 2009 08:40 pm
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Found out that Morrigan is not a love option for the ladies in Dragon Age: Origins.  DAMN YOU HETEROSEXUAL STORYLINE. 


Random bits

Nov. 9th, 2009 12:49 am
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Last week was a pretty good week.  Probably because there were only 3 working days in it.  I had another chat with Teh Boss, and it looks like they're going to offer me an on-going position next year.  On-going is good - I must be doing something right.

The next two weeks are going to be this horrible mess of exam correction and report writing.  If I survive, I'm totally buying Dragon Age: Origins the very next day as a reward.

Last night I went to see Swan Lake with Mum at the Regent theatre.

Today I beat scenario 4 of the Greek campaign in Age of Empires: Mythologies (DS).  Each scenario is getting harder and harder.  Very rewarding when you finally win though.  I like it.

Damnit, I just got bitten on the butt by a mosquito.
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It's that time of year again that I love.  Early November - spring in full bloom with a hint of summer in the air.  And on a particularly hot day, as you're padding barefoot down the corridor, you can almost imagine that it's the Christmas holidays already.  The angst-filled dramas of October fade into the heady days of November (or at least, that's how it's always been), and it's hard to feel sad when the sun shines so brightly.

I haven't blogged in several days, and there's been some Important News that I should mention:

1) Last Friday, I finally had that chat with Teh Boss, and I was told that they're definitely offering me a position next year.  Included is probably either a Year 11 or Year 12 English Language class.  If it's Year 12, it's likely to only be a small class of about 12 students, which makes the idea of teaching Year 12 less daunting.  I probably won't be getting any History, but that's okay, I guess.  If I don't feel particularly happy about the news, at least I feel relieved: relieved to know what direction my life is heading in, and relieved to not have to be applying for jobs.

2) My parents bought a small apartment in Glen Waverley under my name.  Mum wanted me to jointly invest with her, but I told her that I didn't want the pressure of a mortgage just yet.

3) I levelled Lish to 80 a couple of days ago.  Finally!  As per usual, as soon I hit 80, I lost all motivation to keep playing.  Doh.  I really need to get her geared up though.

Cut for length )

Oh!  Speaking of chicks.  The little eggs in the little nest in our little tree finally hatched.  There are little birdies in it now.  I guess it's a good thing Stormy isn't around to eat them.  Here's a picture of the eggs from when they were still unhatched:

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Yarra Valley Grammar called today to let me know the induction and handover days are Wednesday and Thursday next week.  I really need to go clothes shopping before then.  Guh.  Thinking about it makes me nervous and fidgety so I will stop.

Today I went to the Melbourne Queer Film Festival with Jackie, Julz and Loki.  We saw To Faro (aka Mein Freund aus Faro), which was kind of like Boys Don't Cry but about 100 times less depressing (although still not upbeat).  Anyway.  I saw lesbians!  A whole cinema full of them!  I got within 20 metres of Fed Square and my gaydar was pinging like a... pinball machine.  On crack.   Man, I get so happy when I see lesbians.  I know, it's pathetic.  I really should go out more.  Don't judge me.

In other news, my Voyager uniform arrived in the mail the other day.  The jacket has shoulder pads, lolz.  But at least it isn't spandex.  The Star Trek thermos also arrived, but it's too pretty to use, so now it's sitting in a place of prominence on my bookshelf.  I'm still waiting for the pips and communicator to arrive before I post pictures, although I fear I might actually break my LJ with geekery if I do.

Oh, speaking of geekery... I bought Titan Quest the other day on a random whim, and it's totally cool!  It's exactly like Diablo II, except with a Greek mythology theme which is totally fine with me, because I love Greek mythology and Diablo II was one of the best games evar so I don't mind playing a totally unoriginal, derivative game that's basically a homage to it.  Yay!  Btw, I named my character "Xena".  :-D
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So, the relatives aren't too bad. The aunt that's here at the moment is my dad's eldest sister. I'd met her once or twice before in China. She doesn't speak English at all so I've had to stretch my Shanghainese to communicate. From what I've seen, my dad's siblings are fairly intelligent, rational, considerate people... and completely unlike him. I think he's the defective one. Srsly.

I went for a really long walk today after dinner. Walking always makes me emo, unfortunately, because it's boring and repetitive and the trail is too full of memories, and my mind is far to free to wander. So I came home in a bit of a funky mood. Playing WoW didn't help much. Actually, it helped a little until mum came in and made another comment about how I should do a course in Chinese over the summer. She does this every single holidays, and then we have a fight about it. I wouldn't get so defensive about it if it wasn't a part of the continual expression of disappointment over my career choices. I honestly thought she'd gotten over it. But no.

I'm up to Season 6, episode 24 of Voyager. What will I do when I run out? I suppose there's always TNG... or maybe Battlestar Galactica. But there's nothing like Voyager when it comes to comfort TV.

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