A Good Day

Apr. 10th, 2012 12:19 am
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Today I...

- Played Skyrim
- Read Chapters 29 and 30 of TBSOL
- Almost rejoined WoW but was cockblocked by Blizz who had suspended/locked my account for no reason. Silly Blizz.
- Watched two episodes of My Little Pony with Ingrid on YouTube and was greatly entertained when she searched for My Little Pony fan fiction and found pony BDSM and backed away horrified.
- Subscribed to Felicia Day's new YouTube channel Geek & Sundry. Watched the Table Top episode with Wil Wheaton - loved it. I so want to gather some friends and play geeky table top games now.
- Booked mah tickets for The Avengers movie which is being released here on April the 25th, weeks earlier than in the US. WE GET SOMETHING EARLY FOR ONCE YAY.

So excited about The Avengers. I'm already pre-shipping Captain America and Thor. I think they'll hit it off.

CA: "Hey, god of Thunder, I bet your hammer can't dent my shield."
T: "Scrawny little man, my hammer will make you WEEP."
Passionate gay sexin ensues.
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I feel like I've accomplished many things today.

First of all, I successfully had breakfast at a breakfasty time during which Rianna and I discussed how Kitteh is a smart cat because she can open doors.  Slidey doors are easy, but she can also open doors with handles.  One time, she actually jumped from the laundry sink to pull down the handle of the laundry door so that the door would open, TRUE STORY.  That conversation turned into a comparison of Kitteh and velociraptors.  They have remarkably a lot in common, as shown in the following diagram:

I also read some more of A Feast for Crows (Song of Fire and Ice, Book 4). There's nothing quite like reading in bed on a rainy day.  I have very conflicted feelings about Cercei Lannister.  She's evil, obviously, but I liked her character (in the first 3 books at least) because she was interesting.  Now she's just predictably paranoid.  Still kind of rooting for her though.  I can't help it.  She's hot, and I'm shallow.

In Red Dead Redemption today, I saved a rancher's daughter but accidentally shot my horse.  I was sad about the horse until I found a palomino which I'm naming Argo.  I'm really enjoying the game.  Midnight rides across the desert by moonlight, oh yeah.  <3 

After that, I loaded up my workout playlist with Gro-inspired songs and went for a jog on the treadmill.  Normally I would've had more than enough after thirty minutes, but today I felt like I could go on forever. So I ran for thirty one minutes, what uuuup.

In conclusion, I am thoroughly enjoying my holidays.  How's everyone going?

I, Geek

Jan. 12th, 2011 12:31 am
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I just came back from watching Tron: Legacy in 3D with [livejournal.com profile] junet_.  It was a pretty disappointing movie.  I greatly enjoyed the red bean slushy thing I got beforehand though.

I'm still watching lots of Star Trek TNG and Glee.  Last night I watched I, Borg (episode 5x23) and The Inner Light (episode 5x25), which were two of the best episodes of Star Trek I've ever watched.  That's even including Voyager, which I was crazy about back in the day.  Cried like a baby at the end of both those episodes.  Or maybe I'm just being hormonal.

In gaming news, I've been replaying Dragon Age: Origins in preparation for Dragon Age II which I've already preordered.  The goal is to play through the game again, this time as a mage, and romance the pants off Morrigan now that I have a mod that lets me romance and bed women even though my main character is female.  Also found this awesome mod that gives you Legend of the Seeker clothes.  Hell yes to dressing up all the girls as Mord'Sith.

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This post encapsulates how I feel about essay and SAC marking so well:

And then I was eaten by a grue

Very amusing reading. Thanks to Lyan for the rec.
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It's been a pretty busy couple of days for me, socially. There was Lucia's birthday drinks on Saturday night - I didn't get home until fairly late, and then had to get up at 5:40 for my guild's Naxx raid on Sunday morning. We owned Naxx, and then I had to rush out again to attend Xin's birthday lunch. Xin was... Xin. Still extremely hot, girly and loud. Still surprises me with random Xena comments that seems geekily out of place with the rest of her Super Femme Alpha Female persona. It might have been awkward and boring with all her corporate lawyer friends, but luckily [livejournal.com profile] tangledtale was there to appreciate my Barney Stinson quotes, Soviet Russia jokes, WoW ramblings and other general nerdery.

On the way to the city, I met Mrs. Chan at the train station. Mrs. Chan was my Year 11 and 12 Chinese teacher. She still looked exactly the same after 6 years. I don't know how she does it. Must be the Asian genes or something. It must be awkward to bump into past students all the time, as I'm sure she must, living in the Waverley area. That's never happened to me yet, thankfully. But one day, one day, the awkwardness will be mine.

Also, OMG. I just found out about the Supernova Pop Culture Expo which was apparently THIS WEEKEND. And I missed it. Melbourne flist people - WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME OF THIS? But it is not too late. Apparently, there is still the Sydney one in June. And omg guys, do you know who is going to that? FELICIA DAY OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGG!!!1 I... kind of want to book a ticket to Sydney for the weekend of June 18th. Who wants to come?
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I just realised that it's a tactical disadvantage to have a brightly lit transporter room, because it means your away team's eyes would need extra time to adjust to a dark environment. Especially if you're stealth-beaming onto another ship.
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I have created a Facebook page for Moko Kitteh. Yes, I am a huge geek who has too much time on my hands - time which would be better spent trying to get laid. I know.

Here it is. Right now everything including the photo album is viewable to everyone, but I'll be friends-locking most things eventually, so please to be friending Moko. Or she will has a sad.


Dec. 29th, 2009 11:53 am
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I have played almost 24 hours of WoW, on and off, with a couple of breaks in between. It's been good.  There were some hilarious moments around 6am when everything seems either particularly funny or depressing.   Mostly funny.  Like when I accidentally mt'ed "I think you know every single lesbian in the world" to a group of random strangers instead of Ingrid. Or when an uppity little gnome mage in our party got 1-shotted by a giant charging rhino 20 times his size and it was like, omgwtfbbqpwned.  ...You had to be there.

[livejournal.com profile] thrace_ is currently in the process of losing her soul on a 10 day trial of WoW.  Much fun was had today, riding on Thrynn's mechano-hog.  My mammoth, whilst large and hairy, was not as popular.

Breakfast today was The Last of the Frozen Fries.  I'm so glad mum is coming home today.  I miss food.  Not that my father doesn't cook - it's just that his food tends to be too rich.  All meat and rice.  All I want is carbohydrates other than rice or rice porridge at this point. A nice slice of bread.  Maybe a light salad.  Some roast chicken.  Damn, I've made myself hungry again.

I'm sleepy as hell 'cos I haven't slept.  Gotta stay awake to pick mum and Rianna up in an hour or so.  Guhhhn.


Dec. 7th, 2009 12:46 am
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Omg.  I just watched The Descent and now I'm too scared to play Dragon Age because, in the game, I'm currently stuck in the Deep Roads (i.e. underground - tight spaces - monsters!). 

In other Dragon Age news, it's been almost an entire month since I bought it, and the game tells me I'm only about 31% completed.  Still many hours of fun ahead of me.  :-D

One more week of work left.  Tomorrow, I have to attend the Middle School Presentation Night so I'll be at work until 9pm.  FML.
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Today I discovered Star Trek Pong.


Nov. 10th, 2009 08:40 pm
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Found out that Morrigan is not a love option for the ladies in Dragon Age: Origins.  DAMN YOU HETEROSEXUAL STORYLINE. 

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It's that time of year again that I love.  Early November - spring in full bloom with a hint of summer in the air.  And on a particularly hot day, as you're padding barefoot down the corridor, you can almost imagine that it's the Christmas holidays already.  The angst-filled dramas of October fade into the heady days of November (or at least, that's how it's always been), and it's hard to feel sad when the sun shines so brightly.

I haven't blogged in several days, and there's been some Important News that I should mention:

1) Last Friday, I finally had that chat with Teh Boss, and I was told that they're definitely offering me a position next year.  Included is probably either a Year 11 or Year 12 English Language class.  If it's Year 12, it's likely to only be a small class of about 12 students, which makes the idea of teaching Year 12 less daunting.  I probably won't be getting any History, but that's okay, I guess.  If I don't feel particularly happy about the news, at least I feel relieved: relieved to know what direction my life is heading in, and relieved to not have to be applying for jobs.

2) My parents bought a small apartment in Glen Waverley under my name.  Mum wanted me to jointly invest with her, but I told her that I didn't want the pressure of a mortgage just yet.

3) I levelled Lish to 80 a couple of days ago.  Finally!  As per usual, as soon I hit 80, I lost all motivation to keep playing.  Doh.  I really need to get her geared up though.

Cut for length )

Oh!  Speaking of chicks.  The little eggs in the little nest in our little tree finally hatched.  There are little birdies in it now.  I guess it's a good thing Stormy isn't around to eat them.  Here's a picture of the eggs from when they were still unhatched:

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I'm feeling a little adrift today. I had an easy day at work and came home reasonably early, but didn't really feel like doing anything. I signed onto WoW, but ended up just idling out.

So I decided to do some online shopping since the Australian Dollar is total win against the USD at the moment, and because spending money on incredibly geeky toys always makes me happier. I got very excited (again) over Starfleet issue titanium sporks and lightsaber duels. I convinced Rianna to get me a Tribble for my birthday. I'm ordering a few other things too, like a green laser pointer I've had my eye on for years. The shipping from the US is outrageous, but... I want! Also, I just got $1500 from my tax return. :D

Kim Harrison announcing (again) that Ivy/Rachel probably isn't going to happen was depressing. Damn Kim Harrison. I already bought White Witch, Black Curse but I can't bring myself to read it because I know that Ivy/Rachel is just going to wither away and DIE HORRIBLY.

I am listening to Canadian radio (EZ Rock) online to tune in on Lisa Ray's radio interview. The music kind of sucks.
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These videos almost single-handedly made my day. They are so full of win. SO FULL OF IT.

Power Rangers opening theme, Xena-style:


There's also the Captain Planet/Xena opening theme: here.

But the BEST ONE OF ALL, which totally did my head in when I watched it because it was like "omgwtf universes COLLIDING" was: Xena opening credits - BUFFY STYLE!
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Awwwwwww!  I was watching RSPCA Animal Rescue and there were these totally adorable trapped ducklings.  And as the rescue guy was releasing them, he said "Live long and prosper, little ones".  Lol, Star Trek reference!  And ducklings!  It's too cute.

The reason I'm suddenly watching TV is because I watched Home and Away (an Australian soap opera) today just for the lesbian kiss, to see if they would actually show it (and they did!) That would make it the second time I've seen a lesbian kiss on that show.  And I wasn't even looking out for it the first time.  This is entirely weird because I've tuned in all of two times this year, once by accident, and both times there were girls randomly kissing.  I think I just attract teh ghei, even on TV.

Speaking of teh ghei... here, have a picture of me in my new leather jacket. )

So while I was reading that article about teh ghei on Home and Away (hey that rhymed), I saw this ad from Centrelink: Centrelink recognises same-sex relationships from 1 July 2009.  They have this rather cute .gif ad promoting it, involving toothbrushes.  That's pretty cool.

Tomorrow (technically today because it's already 5am+), I have to go into YVG for my "induction".  The word "induction" always makes me think of cults and sacrifical virgins.  Anyway.  Wish me luck.

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Yarra Valley Grammar called today to let me know the induction and handover days are Wednesday and Thursday next week.  I really need to go clothes shopping before then.  Guh.  Thinking about it makes me nervous and fidgety so I will stop.

Today I went to the Melbourne Queer Film Festival with Jackie, Julz and Loki.  We saw To Faro (aka Mein Freund aus Faro), which was kind of like Boys Don't Cry but about 100 times less depressing (although still not upbeat).  Anyway.  I saw lesbians!  A whole cinema full of them!  I got within 20 metres of Fed Square and my gaydar was pinging like a... pinball machine.  On crack.   Man, I get so happy when I see lesbians.  I know, it's pathetic.  I really should go out more.  Don't judge me.

In other news, my Voyager uniform arrived in the mail the other day.  The jacket has shoulder pads, lolz.  But at least it isn't spandex.  The Star Trek thermos also arrived, but it's too pretty to use, so now it's sitting in a place of prominence on my bookshelf.  I'm still waiting for the pips and communicator to arrive before I post pictures, although I fear I might actually break my LJ with geekery if I do.

Oh, speaking of geekery... I bought Titan Quest the other day on a random whim, and it's totally cool!  It's exactly like Diablo II, except with a Greek mythology theme which is totally fine with me, because I love Greek mythology and Diablo II was one of the best games evar so I don't mind playing a totally unoriginal, derivative game that's basically a homage to it.  Yay!  Btw, I named my character "Xena".  :-D
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Do you guys remember this poll? Two years ago, you all voted overwhelmingly (12-0) for me to buy the Voyager uniform in command red instead of gold. But unfortunately the whole thing ended up being moot because I couldn't find one in my size. They were all L, or XL, or XXXL. It broke my Trekkie heart.

But oh happy day! Last week I found a German Sci-Fi memorabilia store that stocks heaps of Star Trek stuff, and wonder of wonders, it turns out they have both the (red) jacket and the grey/blue turtleneck undershirt in EXTRA SMALL. It's been almost two years, but I have finally suceeded in my mission! Almost. I haven't paid yet, and I won't have complete peace of mind until it's here and I'm sure it fits, but... so close, omg. I'm just glad the site was in German, which I can sometimes half understand, instead of say, Chinese. Is it sad that I find (written) German more comprehensible than Chinese? Anyway! I'm also getting:

YES, YOUR EYES DO NOT DECEIVE YOU. IT'S A STAR TREK THERMOS (that says "Borg Encounter"). I don't even drink coffee and I'm excited.

...I think this is the part where the T/7 shippers on my flist scream "OH MY GOD SHE'S TURNING INTO JANEWAY" and run screaming for the hills.

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The relatives are leaving on Wednesday so today we went out for dinner to a really nice Chinese restaurant on Toorak Rd - I think it was called Pacific Seafood B.B.Q. House. On the way there they started reminiscing about the Cultural Revolution again, which is always interesting to listen to. My aunt was talking about how she'd just graduated and gotten her first job in 1966 when all the crap started, and how she used to earn 63 yuan a month, of which she'd give 60 yuan to her parents to support the family (my grandpa had died when they were really young), and how she didn't even have enough money for lunch everyday. She said she remembered that year's New Year particularly well because they were so poor that they could only buy some eggs to make Tea Eggs for New Year's dinner, but then they accidentally burnt the eggs and they ended up eating burnt eggs for the New Year. Egg fail. They talked about how Deng Xiao Ping's son tried to commit suicide by jumping off a building but ended up becoming a paraplegic, and they cursed Mao for a while. Then we got to the restaurant and we ordered a $380 lobster. Biggest mother of a lobster I've ever seen. Man, it was huge. When they brought it up, the three tables next to us all turned to look at it, lol. I'd post a picture, but I won't torture [livejournal.com profile] jailbaitjello anymore. ;-)

On the drive back home, my aunt was talking a bit about her travels. She's been to Egypt and India and all over Europe and Russia and parts of Asia and the USA and now Australia. She's even been to Scandinavia, at which point I became truly envious and started pining for my fjords. I don't know how she got from 63 yuan a month to travelling the world, but it's pretty awesome. It made me wonder again how all my dad's siblings can be such cool people and why he has to be such failure.


My skins from DecalGirl arrived in the afternoon which was very exciting. Now my Xbox 360 is black and matches my computer and PS2. And my Nintendo DS is plaid and matches my scarf/boots/sandals/car/anythingred. Both are very shiney and pretty. Check it out:

*strokes them*
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