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I like how Wiel and Johansson are both too intimidated by Gro's amazing abs to even put up a defense here.  You can see Wiel just sort of shrinking back in terror or awe, maybe both.  Even the Boobgrab, a time-honoured defensive tactic in women's handball, is powerless against the sheer might of Gro's abs.

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I sent Gro Hammerseng a Kangaroo in April last year.  In case you forgot, here it is again.  This photo was taken at the Post Office right before I sent it out:

Today I was scrolling through some pages at the Gro Hammerseng Fan Forum, wondering if she'd had her baby yet, when I came across this:

IT'S GRO WITH MY KANGAROO, GUIZE.  MY KANGAROO.  I can die happy now.  o.o

Anyway, my mind was already exploding from seeing the pics, and then I read this comment from someone else on the fan forums: "oh look it's that kangaroo that was written about in the article!"  And I was like OMGWHUT MY KANGAROO MADE THE PAPER?  And then I died again. In the end, it was only a small comment at the end of an article:

"Torsdag fikk hun fanpost fra Australia. En liten kenguru dukket opp fra pappesken."

which translates to:

"Thursday she received fan mail from Australia. A small kangaroo emerged from the cardboard box."

But wow.  The kangaroo made it.  :-D

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So, I've been sorting my Gro Hammerseng photos into certain themes. (Don't judge me.) A while back, I posted a collection of photos that celebrated Gro Hammerseng's abdominal glory. Today's picspam can't quite match that, and it doesn't truly reflect the pure pwnage she can dish out on court, but I find it... inspirational.

The Gro Hammerseng Workout Picspam! )

More Gro Picspams to come:
A) The You Need Three People To Take Down Gro Hammerseng And Even Then You Still Might Fail Picspam
B) The Gro Hammerseng & Katja Nyberg Nostalgia Picspam
C) The I Don't Know Why Gro Is In The Army But Hey It's Hot Picspam
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Today feels ~full of possibility~.  So full of possibility that it even has ~tilde wings~. 

This morning, [ profile] selina_ taught me how to play Carcassonne which is a ridiculously fun board game involving strategy and ruthlessness. Anything that involves making castles and conquering kingdoms is totally my type of game. There is a free online version of the game, so if anybody wants to play with me...  *hopeful look*

Red Dead Redemption also arrived, so later I will be cowboying it up in the Wild West.  Unf.

I was sad to hear that Brazil beat Norway rather resoundingly in their recent World Cup game.  Norway wouldn't have lost if Gro had been their captain, I'm sure.  (She used to play soccer, too.)

Here, have a picture of Gro:

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How do you let go of a dream? Grain by grain, drip by drip, morning after morning, until the day comes when you write her name on the foggy glass from habit rather than from that original, impulsive need. It is still a comfort.

I'm not the type to let go easily. The truth is that if I've ever loved you once, there will always be a part of me that loves you still. But if the old songs still haunt me, at least I know not to listen to them too much.

I've been happier lately. Somewhere along the way, I started looking again and I found a hundred little hopes. Some of them might even survive for longer than a day.


P.S. It's 2:08 am and the rapture hasn't happened. I guess Jesus must have skipped Australia.

P.P.S. Speaking of hopes, here's one that just got dashed: Gro will not be competing in the Handball World Championships this year. She's taking another break from the National Team. :( OH UNIVERSE, YOU ARE SO CRUEL TO ME.
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Here is a post about things that make me happy.

Happy #1: Gro Hammerseng
Larvik won the Champions League! I got up at 3:15am to watch the live stream from the European Handball Federation website and almost died of stress when Larvik was losing 25-23 in the last minute AND THEN THE LIVE STREAM FROZE.  Turned out Larvik lost the second semifinal 25-24, but because they had won the first semi last week by 2 points, they still win overall! I'm so proud of my future wife, Gro. Even more so when I went and rewatched the final minute today and it turned out that she scored the last goal in the last few seconds which allowed Larvik to win by 1. It was a thing of beauty to hear the Norwegian commentators going crazy, yelling what I imagine was "GRO HAMMERSENG! SHE'S DONE IT. GRO HAMMERSENG HAS SCORED!"  It was like reliving the Olympics semi final when Gro single-handedly snatched victory from the the South Koreans in the very last second of the match by scoring right on the siren.  *sigh*  IloveyouGropleasemarryme.

Minor Gro picspam )

Happy #2: Eurovision
Eurovision has come and gone for another year. I am disappointed that Azerbaijan won this year, but w/e, none of them were really that good. I have several new Eurovision songs that I can listen to, and even if they're crap, at least they make me happy.  My favorites this year were: Iceland, Switzerland and Hungary.  I was very disappointed by the lack of hot European girls. Too many boy bands, especially boys with ugly mohawks and/or stubble.  I hate stubble.  Also, more countries need to sing in their own language.

Happy #3: Nordic Festivals
Ann emailed me today and alerted me to the fact that there will be a Nordic Festival this weekend in Warburton.  My love of Viking and all things Nordic compells me to go, even though Warburton is like 30 minutes past the end of the Lilydale/Belgrave train line, aka The Sticks. 

Happy #4: Inspiration
I started reading Game of Thrones on Saturday and somehow it made me want to work on my Viking story.  I jotted down a few ideas.  Basically, I realised that I needed a villain of some sort. Also, I can't decide if I want to keep it purely historical or just change the names of everything and make it more fantasy-based.  Thinking about these things make me happy because I can pretend that the story is in-progress as opposed to gathering-dust-in-my-harddrive.
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Continuing my streak of uber productivity, today I:

1. Got a haircut
2. Finally wrote a letter, put it in a kangaroo, and mailed it to Gro.
3. Beat [ profile] chewy3479 at Words With Friends (again) despite his 111 point SQUIRTER

And it's only 4pm.

This is the kangaroo I sent to Gro:

It wasn't the original kangaroo that I carried during my Eurotrip because I decided it wasn't good enough for Gro.  And besides, I lost the joey that it came with somewhere in Berlin. So this one is a larger, fluffier, more expensive one from Australian Geographic.

I wonder if she'll ever write back...

Anyway, back to reality. In the continuing saga of my online adventures with Reasonablyhotasian girl, she has given me her Facebook nickname, but I can't find her. What's wrong with my stalking skills?  I fear they have rusted beyond repair.  :-/
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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I missed the internet live chat with Gro last night.  FML FML FML FML FML X 12093847918743592837495827435^FOREVER.

She totes talked with her fans for ages.  And people were asking all sorts of stupid questions.  And then someone asked where she'd like to go for a summer vacation and she said AUSTRALIA again and omg if I had been there I would have typed OMG GRO COME TO AUSTRALIA WILL YOU COME TO MELBOURNE AND MARRY ME?

...Maybe it's a good thing I missed the live chat after all.

/hangs head
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This morning I dreamt about 3 things:

1) Gro Hammerseng
2) Shooting at a shooting range, and meeting a guy there who was possessed by the Devil, who I almost had a gun duel with, Old West style, but he backed off.
3) Kitteh falling into our fish pond and almost drowning, and I kept trying to compress her little fluffy chest to try and pump the water out but she still looked kind of stunned and unresponsive, so I googled "How to give a cat CPR".

I know the last one is probably inspired by my anxiety about leaving Kitteh in Dad's care for four days when I go to Queensland tomorrow. Who knows if he'll feed her properly, or make sure her water mug is filled, or bring her in at the right time? :-/

The second dream about shooting is likely from the Star Trek episode "A Fistful of Datas", which was an episode set in the holodeck Old West.

The dream about Gro is obviously because yesterday I watched the downloaded Semi-Final and Final of the Women's EHF Euro 2010. Gro won the award for Player of the Match in both of them. WHAT. UP.

I'm kind of unexcited about going to Queensland. I originally envisioned it as a small family holiday with Mum and Rianna - low stress, low key, just the three of us. But we're now going with Mum's friend and her family, including two 16 year old boys. I deal with enough immature teenage boys in my work life; I don't need them on holiday with me too. -.- Really, I'd rather just continue being at home watching Star Trek, replaying Dragon Age, and hanging out with Kitteh.

In other news, my face has finally stopped peeling from the sunburn I got at Midsumma, but now my shoulders have started. Dead skin falling off is gross.
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Dude, I totally dreamt I married Gro Hammerseng!  But then I had to deal with her burly Viking ex-husband or something, who kept trying to kill me.  And then he turned into [ profile] therussianbride who was trying to kill me with a leaky submarine.  I was in the passenger seat and the hatch was open and she threatened to drive the submarine into the deepest chasm in teh wurld and the pressure would explode our heads.  And then we almost drowned because of the water flooding into the open hatch, but I managed to wrest the controls from her and it turned into a car and the car crashed and she turned back into the burly Viking ex-husband.  And then we got out of the car to wrestle to the death (not my idea; it was his),  and somehow I fractured his spine and he thought he was going to die and repented and tried to drive the car to some hospital to donate his kidneys.  But then Gro came and told him that his spinal injury wasn't fatal and he was going to live and there was this big Viking family reunion moment.  But sadly, in a tragic turn of events, that night he met a Viking street gang who killed him.  The end.
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This weekend has been lost to gaming and TV marathons. Yesterday I watched a lot of Bones and played WoW.  Patch 4.0.1 is interesting, but kind of frustrating too.  Regemming and respeccing and reforging seems all so pointless when Cataclysm is probably going to change everything.  Mostly I pvped until getting pwnt in the butt by the Horde got too painful.

I also spent some time shopping online.  I really want a lightsaber and an iPhone 4.  I'm not sure which one to get first.

Today I played some more WoW and then opened a bottle of beer and watched some handball, specifically the Larvik vs Randers game, which can be watched here.  Larvik (Gro's team) demolished the very hot Danish team easily with a 33-19 win.  I squeed a lot at the end when they were celebrating and Gro was hugging her team mates and looking really happy.  I'm hoping to catch the next game in the Champions League live next Saturday.  If anybody is interested, you can stream it live here.  I still need to send that kangaroo to Larvik.

And then I finally attacked the massive pile of mail that I've mostly been ignoring since I got back from my trip.  It was a pile full of headaches: bills, a letter from Centrelink saying I need to pay them back $900 because apparently they don't believe that I was studying for two months in 2009, and something about my car needing to be serviced again even though I'd just serviced it.  Ugh.  No wonder I spend the rest of my time immersed in fantasy and escapism.

Speaking of fantasy, on Saturday morning I dreamt of post-apocalyptic Germany and then this morning I dreamt I was Cleopatra.  What does it all mean?

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Well, I'm back in Munich after Norway and Berlin. Sadly Kya and I didn't get to meet due to the universe not lining up right.

Speaking of the universe. Omg, what a sense of humour it has. It's almost enough to make me believe in a capricious omnipotent deity with a penchant for ironic humour.

Get this: I wait in Oslo airport at the arrivals gate for almost two hours on the day that I estimate that the National Norwegian handball team would be passing through on their way home from the GF World Cup in Copenhagen. There's even a flight from Copenhagen listed on the arrivals board. I do not meet the handball team. Who do I meet instead? A Norwegian FOOTBALL team. Srsly guize. I ate lunch with them, sort of. I was camped the cafe outside the arrivals gate and the football team was all there eating lunch as well.

The other semi-famous person I met that wasn´t Gro was this Norwegian guy who came out of the arrivals gate with like 10 medals around his neck. He had a very proud grandmother waiting at the arrivals gate waving 3 Norwegian flags and the front page of the newspaper that had his picture on it. I had no idea who he was but I had a very nice chat with his grandma, who gave me one of the Norwegian flags. I gave her a kangaroo in return. She was so overjoyed she insisted on hugging and kissing me. I later googled him and found out that he was Ole Harald L. Kvesetih, the winner of the World Logging Championships (lulz).

So. Instead of meeting the handball team, I met the football team. And instead of giving Gro a kangaroo, I gave an old Norwegian grandmother a kangaroo. Despite my disappointment in not meeting Gro, I can't help but laugh.

Time to eat a late lunch now, so more later.
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I am in Norway!

Zomg guys, I opened up the first newspaper and there was Gro in the centerfold. I switched on the TV, and within the hour, there was a sport news update on Gro.

The weather is freezing but I really love the place. I have already bought a Viking ship.
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To celebrate my miniscule chance of meeting Gro, I'm going to do a post in homage to her abs.

Abdominals of Awesomness )

Dear Gro's shirt,

Thanks for being well-fitting enough that you define Gro's gorgeous torso beautifully, but also loose enough that you often flick up in the heat of battle, thereby allowing us mere mortals a brief glimpse at perfection more awe inspiring than the omega molecule.

Much love,
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Omg I am so heartbroken.

I will be in Norway from 22-27 September.

Gro will be playing for the Norwegian National Team in the GF World Cup in DENMARK from 21-29 September.

My chances of randomly bumping into her at Oslo Airport have gone from 1/730,000 to 0.



Brb, mourning now.

[Edit: OWAIT. Another source says that the GF World Cup finishes on the 26th! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? There's a good chance Gro will be flying back to Oslo on the 27th. GUESS WHO WILL BE IN OSLO AIRPORT, ALBEIT ONLY FOR A SHORT TIME, ON THE 27TH? YES, ME AND MY KANGAROO.]
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Gro is so fierce in this video. It's awesome.

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Guys, I am crushing so hard on Gro Hammerseng. It's ridiculous. I know I tend to rebound heavily on celebrities/fandoms whenever my real life relationships/crushes/obsessions fail, so it's probably just that.

The last couple of days I've been downloading past matches and watching them. Yesterday was the 2008 Olympics. Tomorrow will be the 2006 European Championship semi final. So obsessed. >.<

Anyway. Today, I watched this interview and the following dialogue occurred:

Interviewer: So is there like a country that you'd really like to visit that you haven't been to yet?
Gro: Any country, but I... really want go to Australia.
Interviewer: You haven't been? It's great.
Gro: No, I haven't been. And... I don't know why, but I've been... dreaming about this at night. Two or three times, the last weeks. So it's a sign.
Interviewer: It is a sign.
Gro: I have to go there.

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It's time again for my Sunday night emo post. 

I finished reading Dragons of the Hourglass Mage and two scenes got to me in particular.  The first was Flint's death, which I knew they would revisit and was somewhat prepared for, but I underestimated how damn sad it would still be and was surprised by how quickly I got teary.  The second was the last page, and the last words on that page.  I'm not gonna spoil it, but it kind of redeemed the book for me.  It definitely felt like a final goodbye to the series.  And you know how I get with goodbyes.

Next up for reading is The Silmarillion, which I know I won't get through before my trip because most nights I'm too tired to do any sort of intensive reading like that book requires.  Maybe I'll take it on the plane with me.  Maybe I'll read it by the fjords.  But no, I'll probably be too busy wooing Gro Hammerseng when I'm in Norway.

Speaking of Gro, I just watched two of the cutest videos.

<3 )

Heh, I'm not so emo anymore.


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