Feb. 21st, 2010 05:09 pm
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So I just caught up on Dollhouse.  Here are my thoughts.

Spoilers )

I haven't really made up my mind about Dollhouse.  There were moments where it shone, and moments where it completely failed to live up to its potential.  I'm sorry that it never made me fall in love with it.  Or maybe I was just expecting too much.  I don't know.  Overall, shallow being that I am, I'm mostly just sad that there won't be a weekly dose of Eliza Dushku anymore.  Actually, now that I think about it - it's not that shallow to miss that, right?  TV lacks kick-ass female leads.  It's sad to see another one disappear.  *sigh*
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I applied for my first credit card with HSBC. I feel all growed up.  In other grownup!Lish news, I bought my first piece of furniture off ebay - a $35 Ikea TV/entertainment cabinet. Going to pick it up tomorrow. This is in preparation for buying an LCD TV later in the year.

Yesterday I rewatched the last couple of episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Conor Chronicles because I totally forgot that I'd seen them before, and was OMGWTFBBQ all over again about the last episode. I really wish this show hadn't gotten cancelled. The second season was slow as anything and clearly not very memorable, but that series finale left 31298471928341847234 unanswered questions. :(

I also finished watching Merlin Season 2. Morgause was back in episode 12, and was doing totally slashy things like touching Morgana's face and holding her hand. Mmm slash.  I will probably screencap it later.

Anyway, now that I'm all caught up with Merlin and Terminator: SCC, I can move onto downloading Legend of the Leatherclad Boobs Seeker. Oh, and Dollhouse.
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I watched Mao's Last Dancer with Mum and Rianna at the cinema today.  It was excellent.  I gave it ten stars on IMDB.  A perfect blend of humour and emotional highs and lows.  Good ballet too.

I'm reading Lisa Ray's blog at the moment.  If she sounds familiar, it's because she played The Uber Hot Lesbian in I Can't Think Straight and The World Unseen.  I've had a bit of a celeb!crush on her, ever since ICTS.

I found out today that she was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma, which is a rare, incurable cancer of the bone marrow.  The news didn't really hit me, deep down, until I started reading her blog.  Pretty morbid of me, right?  But her writing is... incredible.  So beautiful, and honest, and real.  She also has the cutest cat ever.  No, srsly.   I read blogs for cat pictures.

I'm not sure where this post is going.

I've noticed this phenomenon in which time goes by faster the longer I stay up.  It sucks, because I'm still trying to delay tomorrow - the first day of Term Four.  This first week wouldn't be so dreadfully bad if it weren't for the Parent Teacher Interview night on Wednesday.  I dread checking the online booking system to see how many I've got.

Four hours before I have to get up for work.  I should sleep.

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I haven't updated this thing in a long time. I was too tired and busy during the last two weeks of term, and now it's the holidays and I'm too happily ensconced in reading and gaming to have time for LJ.

My last couple of days have been divided between reading Kushiel's Mercy, playing WoW, chatting on Skype, and taking over Europe in Medieval Total War II. And eating Doritos. And talking about chicken sex.


I'm really sad that I've finished the Kushiel series. It was one of those series of books that you don't want to finish reading, ever, because it's TOO AWESOME and you know you'll never find the like again.  But it's over.  All 9620 pages of it (yes, I counted).  Six awesome books of awesomeness.  It was truly epic.

I watched G.I. Joe on Friday and loved it. There, I've said it. DON'T JUDGE ME. Mostly the love was for Rachel Nichols and Sienna Miller (whose fight scene, by the way, was WAY TOO SHORT). And I am in love with Rachel Nichols' legs. I'm not normally a legs girl.  And I'm usually not this enamoured of a celebrity's body parts.  But oooomg her legs. They just go on forever.

Legs )

Oh Rachel!  *sighs*  When I find my hawt Scandinavian WoW-playing girlfriend, I hope she has legs like yours.

Also, I'm fairly certain that Rachel Nichols is at least bisexual.  Her first role on TV?  She was in a threesome with another woman and a guy.  Her first proper role in a movie?  It involved a make out scene with another woman.  And then she's in both Alias and The Inside as sexeh secret agents in hot power suits.  Plus, her on-screen chemistry with Sydney in Alias? HAWT.  And have you SEEN the pictures of her and Sienne Miller lately?  She clangs my gaydar bells so hard everytime I look at her, and I'm 80% sure it's not just wishful thinking.  I have two words for you, my friends: TOTES GHEI or at least totes bi

This post was brought to you by Rachel Nichols' Hawt Bisexual Legs (tm) and Melisquawke, the dominatrix chicken.
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Are you ready?




INORITE??? How ghei are those pictures?!
To quote Ingrid: "This is officially the gheiest thing I've seen today. And I looked in the mirror."  LULZ.

And as if the pictures weren't incriminating enough, there's the interview in which Sienna says that they spent Valentine's Day together... IN BED. There's been no official announcements or anything, but between their snuggly hand-holdy pictures, several subtext-laden interviews, and that whole Valentine's Day thing... c'mon Rachel, Sienna. Subtlety - you're doin' it wrong!

People who remember my Great Rachel Nichols Obsession of 2006 will know how big a deal this is for me. It's about as awesome as if Angelina Jolie were to get together with Milla Jovovich. Awesomer, perhaps, because everyone already knows Angelina is bi.

Oh man, this has just made my entire week. Srsly. My soul is full of squee. I am shipping Rachel/Sienna so hard right now. SO HARD. 

Here are some icons I made, to celebrate. )

Anyway, thanks to [ profile] thrace_ whose post first brought this to my attention, and [ profile] khase_fan09 whose journal is a very comprehensive source of squee.
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Jackie managed to drag me out of the house today, for which I'm very glad. Much better than moping around at home. :)

Despite me running quite late, Jackie still managed to out-late me so I arrived at Flinders St Station first. I bought her freakishly coloured blue orchids from the flower vendor dude while I was waiting around (though I really shouldn't reward her for her tardiness).

A really cool thing that happened while I was waiting was that this really, really hot blonde woman walked past me, and I thought "damn, she looks really hot... if only she were gay." And then! she totally walked towards another girl, whom she hugged enthusiastically, and they proceeded to hold hands and lace their fingers together. Hot Blonde Girl then brushed the hair away from the face of Other Girl, and I was like awwwwww. It kinda made my morning. Also, it's good to know my gaydar is still working perfectly. :D

Jackie and I went to the Women of Colour lunch/meeting at Loophole in Abbotsford where I (re)met a bunch of the WOC girls, and saw Juliana again for the first time in like, two years. It was cool to meet some new people, and Julz made awesome ratatouille.

Afterwards, Jackie and I had dinner at Hu Tong Dumpling Bar, which had surprisingly awesome xiao long bao. I don't think I've had such good xiao long bao, ever, outside of China. It was really good seeing Jackie again, too. We talked about linguistics, and vowels, and the vervet monkeys of East Africa right through dinner. Conversation <3.

The only bad thing about today: I had to pay $10.50 for my metcard because I no longer have a concession card. Omg wtf so expensive. I totally miss being a jobless student. >.<
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Meh.  I am emo today.  In every weekend there comes a point where a very large part of me rebels and refuses to face up to the fact that tomorrow I have to go back to work and the face the million things I need to do, back to the stress and the responsibility and the constant stream of people and emails and phone calls and students.  Then, that very large part of me kicks into procrastination mode in a desperate attempt to delay tomorrow, and I don't get anything done.  That pretty much sums up today. 

The weekend itself was good.  I had a very productive day on WoW on Saturday.  Ran three heroic instances with my guildies, won a Wintergrasp battle, quested, did a bunch of achievements... all in one morning.  I even managed to get most of my marking done.

Today I watched more Battlestar Galactica.  I was watching Episode 2.07 when, suddenly, Lucy Lawless turned up!  I was like "holy crap, I totally forgot she was in this!"  I was so surprised.  I can't believe I forgot.  I'm also slightly disturbed to find myself developing a man-crush on Apollo.  Lyan thinks he's a "whiny betch", but somehow I find that attractive in a guy.

Before you all start doubting my lesbian credentials, I totally need to link you all to this Gender-reversed Star Trek 2009 cast picspam post, featuring Yvonne Strahovski as Kirk, Jordana Brewster as Spock and Lena Headey as McCoy (hellooo, doctor).  Someone needs to film that.  Right now.  I don't quite agree with Grace Park as Sulu (she does nothing for me), but I can't think of any other Asian women who I'd prefer.  Maybe I'll volunteer.  And there's gotta be a better Scottish woman to play Scotty.  Maybe Simone Lahbib?  Can't quite see her in the part though.  They need a hotter Russian for Chekov, too.  Jennifer Connelly as Nero, however, is perfect.  *happy thoughts*  ...Ahem.

Oh and China is hosting its first ever gay pride festival in Shanghai, called Shanghai Pride.  Though I shouldn't really use the word "hosting" because it's not hosted so much as tolerated by the government.  Still, nobody's shut it down so I remain optimistic that China is becoming more progressive about teh gay.  I hope it all goes well and becomes an annual thing.

Continuing with the gay news, this week's Brunch with Bridget is with Erin Kelly!  You can watch it here.  Erin Kelly is so cute.  I don't know who's idea it was for her to wear that nightie during the interview, but it was in serious danger of falling off the entire time.

And finally, it's been brought to my attention that my hotmail accounts have been compromised and are currently sending out large amounts of spam to all my contacts.  I've run a virus check (nothing) and changed my passwords.  Hopefully that fixes it.  I'll keep looking into it, if not.  In the mean time, just ignore my emails or IM messages if they contain the words "weight loss" or "penis enlargement".

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I'm looking at AfterEllen's Hot 100 for 2009, and grinning like a fool because... srsly, lesbians have good taste.

Top 20s which I whole-heartedly agree with:
#9 Angelina Jolie (duh)
#10 Gro Hammerseng (Scandinavian, hot, athletic and gay - there is no better combination)
#14 Eliza Dushku (loved her as Faith, still loving her as Echo)
#3 Lena Headey (she is so kick-ass in Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles)
#13 Kate Winslet (recently saw her in The Reader and thought she was awesome, as always)
#1 Portia De Rossi (her sweetness just kills me)

..and damn, there are so many more in the Top 20 that I'd second, but there's no point in me just rehashing it all, when you can see the full thing at AfterEllen.

Some other thoughts:
- Lucy Lawless managed to grab the 27th spot, but... could they have chosen a more unflattering photo? Srsly. No. They should have used one of the Pleasuredome ones. Or one of Xena would do just fine.
- I'm glad Missy Higgins is on the list (at #42) but she deserves so much higher!
- Wait... is that... George Bush's daughter? Number 64, Sophia Bush? o.O
- Why is Anne Hathaway even on this list?? *glares at 83*
- OMG Yvonne Strahovski at 88! But dude, she should be in the top ten!
- Woot Michelle Obama!

People who weren't on the list who I think totally should have been on it:
- Erin Kelly
- Milla Jovovich
- Jeri Ryan
- Kate Mulgrew
- Ana Marie Cox

Did I miss anyone?
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1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

[ profile] quew gave me these three names:
Alice from Resident Evil
(I love how they're all fictional, lol)

Okay, let's see... )
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Okay, one word:  Dollhouse.

Fucking AMAZING.  I always knew it wouldn't be bad,  because, really, you cannot go wrong with the pure hotness that is Eliza Dushku plus the creative brilliance of Joss Whedon.  But this totally lived up to my impossibly high expectations, and then some.

All I can say is: "Ggggggggggggggggggnnnn".   <-- the sound of my brain turning to mush in the face of this:

Dimples, abs and leather )

So yeah.  It's taken years, and it may not be as awesome as Faith the Vampire Slayer, but Eliza Dushku finally has her own show, and Joss Whedon is at the helm.  Life is good.  I just hope that it gets picked up for more than one season, and that Fox doesn't fuck it up.
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Gah, I'm so exhausted.  Yesterday we got unexpectedly invited to one of dad's new friends' housewarming party.  Let's call him Doctor Wu (and I just realised that almost sounds like Doctor Who lulz).  Anyway.  He bought this flashy new house in Camberwell and invited all his friends, including my dad, and I didn't have an excuse not to go because it's the holidays and me and my sister are supposed to be friends with his kids.  So we ended up spending like five or six hours at their house.  Then today, the relatives came back from their little trip to Queensland so dad threw a dinner party and invited all his friends including Dr. Wu and kids.  And whenever there are little kids over at my house, everyone seems to think I'm the baby sitting service or something.  So I just spent another five or six hours babysitting all my dad's friends' kids, and because I'm the eldest daughter I have to be a good hostess and my relatives keep telling me that and giving me unwanted suggestions on how to do things omg if dad invites anymore people over I am going to KILL SOMEONE.  *deep breaths*

Also, so what if I have a knife collection?  Don't come into my room and judge me!  It's none of your business!  AND DON'T TOUCH MY KNIVES.


Anyway.  Earlier today, I met up with tangledtaleJackie, my extremely tardy best friend.  I have decided that I hate sitting under the clock at Melbourne Central.  Most uncomfortable sitting spot ever.  I got through half of Murder of Angels while waiting for her (*glare*).  Mostly I found it depressing and disturbing and sometimes a little exasperating.  But the writing is very... unique. 

Jackie and I had lunch and she bought something from this kebab place which I've forgotten the name of, but the girl serving us was SO CUTE. I called her the Moroccan chick (even though she wasn't Moroccan). She looked just like a brunette Erin Kelly.  Srsly, guys.  JUST LIKE.  She even had piercings, which is totally Anabelle.  I was slightly smitten with her but Jackie dragged me away and wouldn't even let us sit near the kebab place.  Pfft.  No wonder I'm going straight if my best friends won't even let me stalk... stare at... look at hot girls.  /sigh  Anyway, I'll probably never see her again.  /emo

In WoW news, Christmas has arrived in Azeroth!  So many achievements to do, so little time.  I love Christmas on WoW.  Not as much as I love Halloween on WoW though.

And in more somber news, tomorrow morning I'm driving my mum to the hospital because she's getting surgery for her carpal tunnel syndrome.  So yeah... bedtime for me.

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Zomg rofl, I just read the funniest imdb user synopsis regarding a Milla Jovovich role:

"The smart Kat uses her power of beautiful and sexy woman to manipulate her friends and get rid off Al."

The power of beautiful and sexy woman. She haz it.


Jun. 18th, 2008 12:56 am
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I had such a good dream this morning.  SUCH A GOOD DREAM.

Read about my epicly uber awesome dream of AWESOMENESS )
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Today... I got wet with a hot girl. Oh yes.

There's this really, REALLY good looking girl in my English tutorial called Sarah. Former lawyer, working at an Engineering firm... but she's studying to become a teacher. She has blonde curls, and wears thick rimmed glasses and generally looks very fashionable. Actually, she looks a bit like a blonde version of Xin. Anyway. Today somehow I ended up sitting next to her, and during our 15 minute break (of the 3 hour tutorial), we decided to walk over to union house and buy some lunch. Except, it suddenly started "pissing it down" (yay British slang!), with thunder and everything. And we had to run, but we got soaked anyway. And then we were stranded in Union House, so we ended up eating sushi at those little couch/table things inside Plush Fish and we had a nice chat. And then we ran back to Alice Hoy, and got even more wet because it was still raining. It was fun, though.

And that is how I got wet with a hot girl.

My love life is so exciting. Clearly.

On the way home, I randomly walked into Jeans West and ended up buying $160 worth of clothes. This is a good thing, because lately I've been freezing, for I lack good winter clothes, especially ones that are appropriate for "work".

At Melbourne Central, I bumped into Qing Lu (a girl from high school I never really had much in common with), and, for some reason, I smiled at her and we said hey, and then she ended up sitting next to me on the train and we made random, pointless conversation the entire trip back. Umyay.

When I got home, I played Singstar with Rianna and we looked through a clothing catalogue together and I was like "zomg we're doing such girly things".

And I guess that's all for today.


May. 8th, 2007 02:46 pm
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I had a run-in with a Socialist Alternative (aka left wing student organisation that operates on campus and around Australia; viewed by the general public as a tad extreme and unrealistic) member today. She held me captive for an hour and a half. It was my own fault. I went to sign their petition against the new Melbourne Model (which, incidentally, will make me pay $15,000 upfront for my Masters of Education degree which I am now considering NOT doing at Melbourne University O.O), and she started talking to me about... the world. And socialism. And stuff. You know, Socialist Alternativey stuff. She kept talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and I really suck at walking away. It all culminated in her asking for my number and me reluctantly giving her my email (because everyone knows that once Socialist Alternative has your number, you'll never be free), and also buying their magazine (only because she insisted on giving it to me and I felt bad for potentially wasting their money) and agreeing to a later meeting for discussion over coffee (only because she was hot.)

I feel like I've just been inducted into a religious cult. O.O


I so fail at saying "no".

(But she was hot.)
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WoW is offline for maintenance.

*mutter* ... *drums fingers* ... *twitch*... *nervous tic develops*

I had my third lecture with Jennifer, and I'm pleased to report significant progress! Today I was outside the lecture theatre first cos I got there early, and a few minutes later she walked over from further down the corridor, and while she was walking, she smiled at me from afar! *beams* And then /she/ was the one to say hi first and then /she/ followed me to inside the lecture theatre AND, of her own volition, she sat next to me. *happy stalker hops*

Last lecture, one of our homework tasks was to analyse a bunch of sentences in Scots Gaelic and then Mbabaram (an Australian language). The Mbabaram task was really hard. Basically, we were given 13 different sentences in the language without translation of any kind and told to pick out the one which was wrong grammatically. It sucked because the language has no fixed word order... so words can appear in any random order in the sentence, as long as the case marker on each word is right. I stared at the sentences for like 20 minutes in utter confusion. Anyway, after much frustration and brain strainage, I figured it out. And I'm glad I did because some girls were talking today, before the lecture, about how hard it was and how they couldn't do it at all, and I agreed that it was hard (but didn't add that I couldn't do it). Jennifer didn't say anything, cos she's very quiet. She hardly ever talks, in fact, which makes seduction rather difficult. Anyway, after we sat down, she asked me if I'd gotten the answer for the Mbabaram task. And I was rather pleased, and proud to be able to say yes, I did, in fact. Hee! She had the answer too, it turns out. Yay for smart, sexy girls!

I am looking forward to my first tutorial with both Jennifer and Tania (hot tutor) tomorrow morning. Yayness!


And since WoW is offline for the night (hiss), I'm going to go get some much needed sleep. :-)

*wanders off*
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Today was my first day back at uni. All my classes are looking pretty good so far. I'll do a little recap of all my subjects, but first... I have some good news!

The Continuing Adventures of Stalking A Fellow Linguistics Student

This semester I have Syntax first thing on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It's a damn good thing that there's a girl to stalk during those classes, or I'd be a lot less enthusiastic about them. Anyway, today I sauntered up to the lecture theatre a few minutes early and, to my great disappointment, found Jennifer standing in a small group with two other students. Granted, the two others were doing most of the talking, but I still didn't want to intrude - so after smiling a friendly "hey" her way (and receiving one in return), I shuffled off slightly to the side and tried to look nonchalant. Finally, one of the two chatterboxes went away to take a call on her mobile and the other followed her, leaving Jennifer all alone and defenceless against my devastating charms.

"Hey", I said, again. (I know! So suave!) And then, after a bit of silence, "Do you know what tutorial you're in?"

"Um... the Wednesday one, I think."

"12 to 1 pm?"


*inner rejoicings abound* OMG! I'm in the same tutorial as her! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?! (well, 1 to 3, obviously, since there are four classes, but anyway) Hee! *hophophop*

We talked a bit more about the subjects she's doing, what I'm doing etc, while I happily basked in her cute British-ish accent. I've been quite accent starved lately, you know. Anyway, I found out she's also doing Morphology this semester and cursed my bad luck because I'd wanted to do that one, but it had clashed with another of my subjects. Oh well.

Eventually we had to go into the lecture theatre. She was ahead of me and it was totally cute how she kinda looked back hesitantly to see if I was following, like she was prepared to stop and wait for me if I got swept away by the masses of other students going into the lecture theatre. Heh. *buffs nails* So we took our seats and then proceeded to not talk and take notes furiously for the remainder of the hour. But that's fine with me 'cos I'm nerdy and conscientious like that. At the end of the lecture, I had to rush off to my next class so I said "see you on Thursday" (there are no linguistics tutorials in the first week. damnit.) and wandered off. Then I kicked myself for wandering off too quickly 'cos I'd not asked where she was headed off to next, thereby losing the opportunity of walking with her if she'd been going the same direction. I've obviously grown rusty in the delicate art of stalking seduction.

Oh, one other thing. During the lecture, a sheet was passed around for people to write their names and the language(s) they spoke on, and I filled it in first and passed it on to Jennifer. So she knows my full name now. So we're even. Mostly. *conscience is appeased*

more )
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Dude! I met a girl today. Or rather, I finally talked to a girl that I've been randomly stalking for over a year. And by stalking I don't mean scary stalking stalking.  It's just that I couldn't help but notice her whenever I saw her at uni, that's all. We'll ignore the fact that I took a picture of the back of her head with my mobile phone last year.

I had my last exam today. It was for Phonetics. I didn't study all that much last night because I was too busy playing Baldur's Gate II and posting on LJ and just procrastinating in general. So today I got up nice and early (11am), caught the train to Parliament Station, walked to the Royal Exhibition Building (where the exam was) and looked for a park bench to sit on while I did some last minute cramming.  So I was walking past all these empty benches not wanting to sit on them because they were still too far away from where the exam was going to be when, lo and behold, I see the girl who is my designated physical incarnation of my British friend selina_Ruth, even though they look nothing alike.  Actually, they're both blonde and have sort of the same build (I think), but other than that there's practically no similarity - certainly not enough to warrant the attention that I've been paying this girl.  No similarity, that is, UNTIL NOW.  *dramatic pause ensues*

So, I sat down on the bench next to her (despite the abundance of free benches nearby), gestured to her open book and asked "Phonetics?"

"Yep" she smiled.

Then we both quietly studied next to each other for about half an hour.  The day became even more overcast, a chilly wind started blowing, and little drops of rain began falling on my notebook, causing highlighted bits to run.  At this point, I was freezing my ass off.  There seemed to be less people about.   I assumed they all went off to seek shelter from the icy cold drizzle.  Jennifer (I happen to know her name because I took note of it during a roll call last week) and I were still sitting on our little bench, studying.  After a while she closed her book and just sat there in the rain.  I finished reading my notebook from front to back, gathered up my courage, and asked with a roguish grin, "Want me to test you?" 

She paused and said, "Would you like me to test you?"


Read more )


Apr. 28th, 2006 03:18 am
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It's been exactly 3 years since I started this LJ.

*moment of silence to mark this momentous event* ...

But dude! I was just reading an entry from my paper journal that I used to write in before LJ. Does anyone remember Ms Henderson? She's that student teacher I had a big crush on back in year 9 and 10. I'd totally forgotten this particular incident...

Monday 19th August 2002

...Ms. Henderson came back today. Oh god, I'm so sad! Lol. [yes, I even lol'ed in my paper journal back in 2002] I went bright red today when she spoke to me, which was just "excuse me" 'cos I was standing in her way. Carolyn thought it was so funny.

So now I'm working up the courage to ask if she'll have sex with me... it's a dare, lmao. Erin dared me to. Am I gonna do it? "My girlfriend dared me to have sex with you. So... will you have sex with me?" Lol... I should put a "Hi" in front... Let's see how it goes tomorrow... *gulp*...

and then...

Wednesday 21st August 2002

...Interesting things happened today. First of all, I did my dare. The one involving Ms. Henderson. I said to her "I wish to engage in non-reproductive copulation with you." [I was just getting into Star Trek back then, as you can tell] It was very very awkward, and embarrassing. I'm glad I did it though. At least now I know what her reaction was, instead of having to daydream about it all day. She was startled, and puzzled, and I dunno. She was like "eh?" But after that, it seemed as if she dismissed me as just another student because she asked me what year I was in and what class I had next...

And it goes on. Anyway, I realise now that she probably didn't understand what the word copulation meant. It's just as well. Damn, I was so... tactless... and fearlessly stupid back then. :p So glad I've changed! For example, I would never poke a hot waitress. :-D

Ahem. But seriously, I would never do something like that now. Looking back, I'm infinitely grateful for Ms. Henderson's poor vocabulary. I would hate to have been the student to scare her out of a teaching career. And being much closer to a student teacher myself, these days, than a brash young year 10 student... I can see how scary it would be to have a random student say something like that, even if it was a dare. Actually, I kind of regret poking Dimentia too because, being the hot waitress that she is, she probably gets lots of that and she didn't need yet another (slightly) drunk admirer infringing on her personal space. But it was fun! Meh. I think too much.

We did 500 kicks in Karate today. Not too sore yet, but I'm sure walking tomorrow will be a bitch. Must sleep now.
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My cat is so cute... we were just playing the game where I put one of my ski gloves on and I let him attack my hand, and we were going at it - him and my hand rolling around on the ground, wrasslin' ferociously- and then he suddenly stops and scratches his ear with his foot. Hee. I love Stormy. :-)

I do not advise playing the above game with your cat to anyone, by the way. Stormy now has a bad habit of attacking my hands (and various other body parts) even when I'm not wearing ski gloves.

I met a really cool person (Kamila) from yesterday (three cheers to [ profile] warrior_cat, by the way, for getting me to join). Well, I don't really know her that well yet, but she seems like a great person. This makes me happy. Also, she's really, really hot. *grin*

In other news, I watched the last episode of season three L Word last night. Three words, dude. Three words. HOW COULD THEY???? *cries* Hell, I already knew about it. Just like I already knew about That Other Unspeakable Thing That Happened, but damn... actually /seeing/ it just SUCKS. *grumble* I officially have no reason to watch the L word anymore. But I know I will anyway.

I don't really have anything else to write about. I've been really exhausted all of today, and I can't focus on anything. I should really do more work on my next assignment, but I'm too tired to do anything but procrastinate. Hopefully if I get a full night's rest tonight I can start fresh tomorrow.

Oh, and I got my first Phonetics assignment back. H2A (A-, B+ ish). Eh, good enough. :-) I'd better get an H1 for Assignment X though.


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