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Ugh, I'm feeling so bleak today.  A nagging inner voice keeps telling me to get started on work stuff, but it all just seems at once too mountainous and yet inconsequential. 

Meanwhile, I'm trying to come to terms with something that I've always known was the likely outcome, but which I haven't yet fully accepted.  I'm wrestling with the pointlessness of going on and the pointlessness of giving up.  Both options result in pointlessness so I'm kind of at an impasse.  What I need is a distraction.

In other news, I've been watching Legend of the Seeker when I haven't been playing WoW.  I'm still madly in love with Cara but am already dreading the ending.  I think knowing that it's going to end disapointingly is putting a damper on the squee.  I also finished reading The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters.  I picked it up not expecting to really get into it, but it kind of sucked me in and dragged me along until the end, where it left me feeling vaguely unsettled, a little depressed, but mostly unsatisfied.  I don't know why I keep going back for more.  (Story of my life zomg. -.-)

Anyway, the point of this post was to actually post some pictures.  The other day, I had lunch with Jackie.  And then, like hobbits, we had second lunch at the Lindt Cafe.  I had an amazing chocolate waffle.  Pics of the city, Melbourne uni, and my amazing waffle are below the cut.

Picspammy )
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It's been a pretty busy couple of days for me, socially. There was Lucia's birthday drinks on Saturday night - I didn't get home until fairly late, and then had to get up at 5:40 for my guild's Naxx raid on Sunday morning. We owned Naxx, and then I had to rush out again to attend Xin's birthday lunch. Xin was... Xin. Still extremely hot, girly and loud. Still surprises me with random Xena comments that seems geekily out of place with the rest of her Super Femme Alpha Female persona. It might have been awkward and boring with all her corporate lawyer friends, but luckily [ profile] tangledtale was there to appreciate my Barney Stinson quotes, Soviet Russia jokes, WoW ramblings and other general nerdery.

On the way to the city, I met Mrs. Chan at the train station. Mrs. Chan was my Year 11 and 12 Chinese teacher. She still looked exactly the same after 6 years. I don't know how she does it. Must be the Asian genes or something. It must be awkward to bump into past students all the time, as I'm sure she must, living in the Waverley area. That's never happened to me yet, thankfully. But one day, one day, the awkwardness will be mine.

Also, OMG. I just found out about the Supernova Pop Culture Expo which was apparently THIS WEEKEND. And I missed it. Melbourne flist people - WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME OF THIS? But it is not too late. Apparently, there is still the Sydney one in June. And omg guys, do you know who is going to that? FELICIA DAY OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGG!!!1 I... kind of want to book a ticket to Sydney for the weekend of June 18th. Who wants to come?


Dec. 26th, 2009 04:52 am
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It's been a very low-key Christmas this year.  I didn't wake up until 2pm, and my father was out shopping.  Turns out he was buying a duck from Springvale.  Not a live one - just one to cook.  I mostly played WoW all day, with a bit of iPod Touch scrabble on the side.  I'm currently on my seventh game with Ingrid.  Score so far: Lish 6, Ingrid 0.  Now that I've bragged about it on LJ, I expect that karma will get me.

Dinner was annoying.  Dad invited three random people over for mahjong.  I don't even know who they were.  One of them kept asking me about teaching, and saying things like "Teaching must be such a wonderful job - you get so many holidays!"  Ugh.  Anyway, normally when my father invites people over, I stay quiet, zone out and eat my dinner and leave.  Usually, people approvingly remark something to the tune of "Lilian is such a quiet, demure girl!" which works to my favor, because it means I don't have to interact too much with anyone while fitting perfectly into Chinese social norms, or whatever.  And usually, Mum acts like a buffer and either does the talking for me, or is able to translate.  Today, this dude kept asking stupid questions like "So which school got the top VCE marks this year?" and "Which private school is the most expensive?" and "How much does a year at a private school cost these days?" and I'm like, internally, "How the fuck should I know?", but not really knowing how to express that politely in Chinese.  UGH FAIL.  And then they were like "Lilian, have some beer!" and I'm like "I don't fucking drink beer!" (but more demurely) and then they were like "But it's Christmas!  You have to drink beer!"  So I drank the beer, and tried to eat dinner as fast as I could so I could get the hell outta there.  And then they played mahjong and I went back to playing WoW. 

Anyway.  Then I watched some episodes of Merlin, and got to episode 2x08 and was like O.O at the new character, Morgause, and her total slashiness with Morgana.  I will probably do a picspam tomorrow.

Yesterday was good.  Dad had his little work party, and I went out with Jackie.  We had dinner at Claypot King, and then watched Avatar.  Jackie was very unimpressed.  I enjoyed it for the eyecandy.  The world of Pandora looks a lot like what I imagine Zangamarsh (a zone in WoW, for the uninitiated) would be like, if it were fully fleshed out.  I hope the people making the WoW movie take note of the effects used in Avatar and does something similar with its CGI.  It really was a very pretty movie.  The characterisation and plot in Avatar were complete fail though.  (However, I did enjoy the completely random Xena warcry that one of the aliens does, at around the one and a half hour mark.  Xenites, make sure you watch out for it.  I cracked up laughing when I heard it.)  Another highlight of the movie was Sigourney Weaver, although I had COMPLETE LESBIAN FAIL by totally not recognising who she was until the credits, at which point I was like "Ooooh that was Sigourney Weaver!" and Jackie was like -.-.

There's not much else to report, really.  I've somehow managed to mostly avoid the Christmas emoness that usually occurs.  I listened to Jewel yesterday, and that was about it for teh emo, so that was good.  Anyway.  Bedtime.
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I went to see "Whip It!" with Jackie and Rianna today.  I really liked it (and not just because I'd do about 50% of the cast).  Lots of girl power and all that.  Afterwards, we made up roller derby names for ourselves.  Jackie is "Jackie O'Nasty" (although I'm rather partial to "Smacky Jackie"), Rianna is "Sock 'em Full of Ri" and I'm "Lickya Lish".

Over the past week, I've been flying around Azeroth hitting up the candy buckets for Hallow's End, and getting the World Explorer achievement for Lish.  Much of it involved riding to the forgotten corners of the most desolate and hard to navigate landscapes in WoW.  And so, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you...

The Adventures of Lish in Azeroth #2 - The Most Depressing Zones EVAR, aka How Did I Ever Survive Questing Here Without An Epic Mount )

[Edit: OMG, I'm totally changing my roller derby name to 'Wicked Licious'.]
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Jackie managed to drag me out of the house today, for which I'm very glad. Much better than moping around at home. :)

Despite me running quite late, Jackie still managed to out-late me so I arrived at Flinders St Station first. I bought her freakishly coloured blue orchids from the flower vendor dude while I was waiting around (though I really shouldn't reward her for her tardiness).

A really cool thing that happened while I was waiting was that this really, really hot blonde woman walked past me, and I thought "damn, she looks really hot... if only she were gay." And then! she totally walked towards another girl, whom she hugged enthusiastically, and they proceeded to hold hands and lace their fingers together. Hot Blonde Girl then brushed the hair away from the face of Other Girl, and I was like awwwwww. It kinda made my morning. Also, it's good to know my gaydar is still working perfectly. :D

Jackie and I went to the Women of Colour lunch/meeting at Loophole in Abbotsford where I (re)met a bunch of the WOC girls, and saw Juliana again for the first time in like, two years. It was cool to meet some new people, and Julz made awesome ratatouille.

Afterwards, Jackie and I had dinner at Hu Tong Dumpling Bar, which had surprisingly awesome xiao long bao. I don't think I've had such good xiao long bao, ever, outside of China. It was really good seeing Jackie again, too. We talked about linguistics, and vowels, and the vervet monkeys of East Africa right through dinner. Conversation <3.

The only bad thing about today: I had to pay $10.50 for my metcard because I no longer have a concession card. Omg wtf so expensive. I totally miss being a jobless student. >.<
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I met up with [ profile] augustuscaesar for the first time yesterday which was really fun. We looked at cute kittens and puppies and had lunch (if flaccid chips can even be described as lunch *g* ) and wandered through the geek!stores like JB Hi-Fi, Borders and EB Games.  Then I very nearly got us lost while driving to Clayton station but managed to get us there in time. Hopefully she wasn't too apalled by my driving and lack of any sense of direction. *grin* Anyway, our first-meeting-IRL was not at all scary or awkward or disappointing, so yay. I had a really great time. :)

Last night, I accidentally stayed up till 3am talking to Jackie on the phone about the most random things. Eventually it descended into complete depravity and we had to hang up before it got any worse. I was also fishing in WoW during the 3 hours I talked to Jackie, and I finally managed to fish up a Lightening Eel, so I can now tick off "Stormchops" from the list of things I have to cook for "The Outland Gourmet" achievement.

Today was not awesome. I've felt pretty out of it for most of the day, and have achieved absolutely nothing. No more going to bed at 4am, Lish, srsly. It's 9pm now and I've only just finished doing my laundry. Such fail.

Oh, I was late picking my sister up from Chinese school today so I treated her to McDonalds. Tried to get her to eat her chips with vinegar but she was quite horrified by the idea and refused to do so. *g*

Zooomg, I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. :( And I still need to watch Bowling For Columbine because I'm starting a unit on documentaries with my Year 10s. Gah!
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Yarra Valley Grammar called today to let me know the induction and handover days are Wednesday and Thursday next week.  I really need to go clothes shopping before then.  Guh.  Thinking about it makes me nervous and fidgety so I will stop.

Today I went to the Melbourne Queer Film Festival with Jackie, Julz and Loki.  We saw To Faro (aka Mein Freund aus Faro), which was kind of like Boys Don't Cry but about 100 times less depressing (although still not upbeat).  Anyway.  I saw lesbians!  A whole cinema full of them!  I got within 20 metres of Fed Square and my gaydar was pinging like a... pinball machine.  On crack.   Man, I get so happy when I see lesbians.  I know, it's pathetic.  I really should go out more.  Don't judge me.

In other news, my Voyager uniform arrived in the mail the other day.  The jacket has shoulder pads, lolz.  But at least it isn't spandex.  The Star Trek thermos also arrived, but it's too pretty to use, so now it's sitting in a place of prominence on my bookshelf.  I'm still waiting for the pips and communicator to arrive before I post pictures, although I fear I might actually break my LJ with geekery if I do.

Oh, speaking of geekery... I bought Titan Quest the other day on a random whim, and it's totally cool!  It's exactly like Diablo II, except with a Greek mythology theme which is totally fine with me, because I love Greek mythology and Diablo II was one of the best games evar so I don't mind playing a totally unoriginal, derivative game that's basically a homage to it.  Yay!  Btw, I named my character "Xena".  :-D


Mar. 16th, 2009 11:03 pm
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The interview went pretty well, I think. 'Pretty well' as in, I'm not mildly traumatised and overanalysing every little question in my head, as I am wont to do after these sorts of things.

Uni today was a complete waste of time. We spent 1.5 hours attending a lecture on how to use SuperSearch, which just about every subject in my undergrad, as well as last year's MTeach has already gone over TO DEATH. We ended up spending only about 10 minutes on actual ESL stuff. The other 20 minutes were lost to our lecturer bumbling about and being disorganised and airheady. So frustrating!

Afterwards, I met up with Jackie because she wanted me for my car (to drive her home). We had dinner at Nandos and discussed fascintating things such as the female internalisation of the male gaze, whether Xin is Really That Tall, and whether holding hands or sitting on laps is the worse form of PDA.

So, my flist, I bring to you another poll...

[Poll #1366366]

Oh! I almost forgot. I met a totally cute girl today. Or woman. I'm not really sure how old she is. Anyway, her name is Catherine. Or possibly Katherine. Or maybe even Kathryn. She sat next to me for 2 minutes during the useless SuperSearch lecture before moving elsewhere because she couldn't see. But we exchanged names. And meaningful eye contact! With smiles! I think. Maybe. >.> She remembered me from the last time we met. But, she's not in my class. So, I'll probably never see her again. *sigh*
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I just had the most awesome dinner with tangledtaleJackie and Xin.  So good.  I haven't laughed this much in months.  There's something about our combined company that makes us regress to twelve year olds and we spend half the time in fits of mirth laughing about god knows what.  We probably scared off several tables of people with our giggling.

We had dinner at Box Hill (at "the seedy dumpling place") and then drove to Glen Waverley for hot chocolate/dessert (at Moccha Joe's).  Xin drank a lot of tea.  We talked about her overachieving trilingual doctor boyfriend who's also a ski instructor, and runs for 6km every day, and helps out endangered animals in South America on the side.  Oh, and he got an award for gynaecology (let's not forget that one), and is descended from Scottish nobility.  Man, this guy has so many skillz he sounds like a male version of Xena.  Anyway, I'm just glad she finally broke up with Johnnythatbastard.  *stabs*  We also talked about Birkin bags.  And salaries.  And having kids.  And quilting.  And not tagging each other in Facebook memes.  And spontaneously going to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (though we probably won't). 

Highlights of today:
- Jackie opening her door in a towel.  (Lulz)
- Listening to bad Spanish hip-hop/pop in the car with Jackie.
- Xin telling us of how her mother said that my parents would be happy that she and Johnny broke up, because now my parents can set me up with Johnny - to which I was just like... ROFLMAO. Because everyone knows how much I despise Johnny. It was hilarious.
- Taking a picture next to Pikachu.
- The word "predatory".
- Lots of giggling.  Srsly heaps of lulz.
- The Water-Pouring Incident.
- The really good chocolate cake we had for dessert.
- Hanging out with really hot (platonic) girlfriends.
- Hugs.


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Gah, I'm so exhausted.  Yesterday we got unexpectedly invited to one of dad's new friends' housewarming party.  Let's call him Doctor Wu (and I just realised that almost sounds like Doctor Who lulz).  Anyway.  He bought this flashy new house in Camberwell and invited all his friends, including my dad, and I didn't have an excuse not to go because it's the holidays and me and my sister are supposed to be friends with his kids.  So we ended up spending like five or six hours at their house.  Then today, the relatives came back from their little trip to Queensland so dad threw a dinner party and invited all his friends including Dr. Wu and kids.  And whenever there are little kids over at my house, everyone seems to think I'm the baby sitting service or something.  So I just spent another five or six hours babysitting all my dad's friends' kids, and because I'm the eldest daughter I have to be a good hostess and my relatives keep telling me that and giving me unwanted suggestions on how to do things omg if dad invites anymore people over I am going to KILL SOMEONE.  *deep breaths*

Also, so what if I have a knife collection?  Don't come into my room and judge me!  It's none of your business!  AND DON'T TOUCH MY KNIVES.


Anyway.  Earlier today, I met up with tangledtaleJackie, my extremely tardy best friend.  I have decided that I hate sitting under the clock at Melbourne Central.  Most uncomfortable sitting spot ever.  I got through half of Murder of Angels while waiting for her (*glare*).  Mostly I found it depressing and disturbing and sometimes a little exasperating.  But the writing is very... unique. 

Jackie and I had lunch and she bought something from this kebab place which I've forgotten the name of, but the girl serving us was SO CUTE. I called her the Moroccan chick (even though she wasn't Moroccan). She looked just like a brunette Erin Kelly.  Srsly, guys.  JUST LIKE.  She even had piercings, which is totally Anabelle.  I was slightly smitten with her but Jackie dragged me away and wouldn't even let us sit near the kebab place.  Pfft.  No wonder I'm going straight if my best friends won't even let me stalk... stare at... look at hot girls.  /sigh  Anyway, I'll probably never see her again.  /emo

In WoW news, Christmas has arrived in Azeroth!  So many achievements to do, so little time.  I love Christmas on WoW.  Not as much as I love Halloween on WoW though.

And in more somber news, tomorrow morning I'm driving my mum to the hospital because she's getting surgery for her carpal tunnel syndrome.  So yeah... bedtime for me.

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Yesterday was good.  Things that were good about yesterday:

1) I managed to finish an assignment in under 4 hours, which I have never in my life done before.  And I got all my assignments in before 5pm.
2) On the tram, I was sitting across from these two girls and my gaydar pinged.  And I was right!  Because a minute later one of them put their head on the other's shoulder.  Aww.
3)  I hopped into EB Games at Melbourne Central and picked up my Collector's Edition WotLK.  It was impressively big.  The salesgirl may have flirted a little bit.
4) I was reading mX on the trainride home when suddenly someone sat down across from me and kicked me.  A full on kick in the shins that actually HURT.  I looked up and saw my best friend [ profile] tangledtale.  <3  We talked until she had to get off at her stop.  It was nice seeing her again, even if MY SHIN HAS A BRUISE NOW.
5) I came home and stroked my WotLK.  And I rocked it.  And crooned to it.  And then I opened it.  And then I took pictures of it.  Pretty pretty pictures:

So yesterday was good.  But today?  Not so much.

Epic rant of doom )

More dreams

Nov. 4th, 2008 11:33 am
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My dreams this morning were a jumble of military operations, bombs, pink formal dresses and angst. Basically, I was wearing this pink dress that [ profile] tangledtale and my mum had picked out for me, running around waging guerilla war on... something. Tanks were blown up. People were killed. I was dodging and hiding and weaving in and out of bamboo forests like in a Zhang Yimou movie. At some point I found out that [ profile] wickedkiwi had contracted a deadly disease and was dying, and I got really angsty. And then the ultimate betrayal: I found out that [ profile] tangledtale had not bought the pink formal dress (which I had grown quite fond of) for me, but for herself! :O


Sep. 7th, 2008 01:08 am
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Lish says:
jackie says:
lrn2tlk nrml
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So, it's been an eventful week for me. I turned 21 on Thursday and I'm completely serious when I say that it was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVAH. Like srsly.

On Wednesday morning, I was woken up at 7:45 by the rain drumming on my window. The sound registered in my mind, and I thought to myself "Oh fuck it. Now mum's not going to let me drive to the airport alone." Lo and behold, 5 minutes later, mum comes in and says "I've talked with your father and we've decided... you're not driving to the airport alone in this weather." -.- I'd spent all week convincing my parents that I was capable of driving to the airport by myself - I /have/ been driving for 2 years now - to pick ceilyn_rmJulia up (I didn't want anyone to be there because it was going to be a Big Emotional Moment and I knew I was going to cry like a baby). But no, mum was paranoid that I would crash the car and die on the eve of my 21st, so it was decided that dad would sit next to me while I drove. The drive was uneventful. I'd made a mix tape the night before so I entertained myself with that on the way there. Lots of Missy Higgins and Europop. :-)

Click for more narrative, and 2 pictures )

So that was Wednesday.  It was pretty awesome.  My friends made it a wonderful day, and I love them for it.  :-)

More to come, later...


May. 11th, 2007 12:22 am
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I decided to place shortcuts of my two history assignments on my desktop so I can work on them more easily. I was very amused to rename my History of Sexualities assignment on Xena as Assignment X. :-D

Whoosh is proving to be invaluable to writing this essay. I <3 Whoosh. In fact, I worship Whoosh. In fact, Whoosh can have my first born if it continues to be this helpful.

Yay for the Xenaverse. :-)


Also, I love [ profile] tangledtale because she agreed to come with me to Xin's 21st birthday party. I feel uncomfortable going alone to large parties that have lots and lots of people where I don't know anybody other than the party-thrower but I could hardly not go to Xin's 21st birthday. BUT YAY PROBLEM SOLVED. I love you Jackie! You're the bestest best friend ever. *huggles*
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The Pride March on Sunday was quite interesting and yummy (mmm gelati, mmm corn). Upon arrival, Jackie and I were approached by several Chinese people who we think were either tourists or newly arrived migrants. The conversation went something like this:

Random Chinese People: Hi, do you speak Chinese?
Us: Uh, a little bit?
RCP: Can you tell us what this parade is for? *smiles, gestures to colourful marching people*
Us: Erm...
RCP: *still smiling, watches as a half naked man dances past*
Us: Uh... *trying to figure out how to say "gay" in Chinese*
RCP: Is it a National Festival? *smilesmile*
Us: Uh, no...
RCP: *smiles some more*
Us: Um... we're sorry, we don't know how to explain it... *runs off giggling*

We walked past groups of people lined up under banners and ready to march. Briefly, we wondered if we should try to join one of them. I for one thought that we should have joined "Melbourne Leather Men", but alas, it was not to be. We ended up as one of the cheering onlookers next to a very amusing man who cheered loudly and enthusiastically for everything and everyone that went by. Several choice phrases:


It was very amusing.

Anyway, here are some pictures that I took. I resized them a little to make it easier for those on my flist with less well endowed connections. :-D

Warning: At least one picture contains manboobies.

12 pics )

After the arduous march, Jackie and I treated ourselves to overpriced rainbow gelati. And then I bought a rather phallic looking corn-on-a-stick. I would have taken a picture of it, but my camera ran out of batteries.

At one point, we were approached by two polite but creepy religious guys who gave us pamphlets and asked a few probing questions. *shudder* Luckily for them, they didn't say anything stupid like "homosexuality is evil and you're going to hell" outright, because I would have beat them with my corn-on-a-stick.

I tried to find a hot lesbian dressed up as Xena who I could fall for. It would be perfect - we'd have a whirlwind romance, get married, and have many babies. Sadly, she was nowhere to be seen.

Jackie kept count of how many times I went "Ooooh! Hot lesbian!". We think it was about 7 or 8 times that I did it unwittingly, passionately and eyes-light-up-ly. The other times were all just lukewarm.

The world needs more hot lesbians damnit.
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Tomorrow is the Midsumma pride march! I'm going with [ profile] tangledtale. It shall be our first pride march. *excited squee*

If any of my fellow flist Melbournites are going, let me know... I'll keep an eye out for you, and perhaps wave my little rainbow flag your way. :-D


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