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I booked two sets of plane tickets this month.

This weekend I'm going to Adelaide. Julia has decided to spend an exorbitant amount of money to fly over from NZ for a weekend and catch the last show of Wicked, so I will go there and keep her company. This is very exciting because I haven't seen her since she flew here for my 21st over three years ago.

I also recently booked the plane tickets for my trip to America this September. I'll be flying in to Boston on the evening of the 17th of September and leaving from Los Angeles on the 5th of October. I'll have to book some domestic flights to get me from Boston to Baltimore and then to LA, but I'll do that closer to the trip.

Tentative dates:
Boston: 17th - 25th Sep
Baltimore: 25th Sep - 2nd Oct
LA: 2nd/3rd - 5th Oct

People I'm definitely planning to see:
Boston: [ profile] dangerosa and [ profile] thrace_
Baltimore: [ profile] red_said and [ profile] gizzmogeek
LA: [ profile] pebblin

If any other flisters will be in the vicinity of those three places, I'd love to maybe catch up with you too.
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Had a rough day, but it was made better by chatting with [ profile] pebblin and later on voicechat with ceilyn_rmJulia. I'm having one of those days where everything just feels very pointless, and I can't motivate myself to do anything. It really doesn't help that it's been raining every day for a MONTH.

But this picspam of Riley and Codex has made me very happy for the moment: "One's into pullups and bondage. The other's into violins and passivity. Sweet." (I SO need to catch up on The Guild.)

Tomorrow's going to be hard too, but at least there'll be something at the end. I'm almost wishing for work to pick up some more because all this time is a curse at the moment.
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Life. Life has been pwning me with swift kicks up the arse in rapid succession. My job started last week and I've had almost no time to myself. Very exhausted. Then I had a car accident on the way home from work on Friday. It was scary, emotionally draining and left me with a sore neck from the whiplash. I had to spend half the weekend organising insurance and car fixing (goodbye first paycheck). And THEN, our house had a weird, random blackout last night which somehow killed my modem and so I have no ADSL for the foreseeable future until Telstra sends me another one. So. Much. Fail.

On the plus side, in an attempt to escape from it all, I renewed my WoW account. Haven't had a chance to play yet, and I doubt I'll have much time next week, but just knowing it's there if I need it is very soothing. Like drugs.

I called Julia on Friday night after my accident and we had a good talk. I've missed talking to her. We chatted about various types of emotional stormclouds, and FMLs and the number of LJ entry tags for "Julia", which after this entry, will be 70. That makes her #1 in entry tags, along with "angst" (ignoring memes and quizzes).

Work? Work is exhausting, but okay. My colleagues are all very helpful and nice. A little chatty though. Must be something about English teachers. One of my Year 8 classes is going wonderfully. The other is possibly the loudest, noisiest, most ADHD-afflicted class I've ever encountered. I'm looking forward to doing some creative stuff with my movie subject elective - first up is movie posters and screenwriting. My Year 10 English class has turned out to be the hardest one to teach, mainly because I have an extra guest sitting in: the Year 10 coordinator. He's technically there for the two hearing-impaired boys in my class, but I can't help but feel like he's WATCHING MY EVERY MOVE. o.o It wouldn't be bad if he were just a teaching aide, but dude, he's the Year 10 coordinator! Anyway. Very stressful.

I should stop procrastinating and go plan tomorrow's lessons now...
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I'm bored. I'm also PMSing. Not the best of combinations.

Today I almost broke my New Year's resolution whilst atop my exercise ball. Dangerous things, those exercise balls.

The days are creeping along. Too slowly and too quickly. It's February already and nothing much has changed. The holidays are almost gone though, and starting school in a week or so should mix things up a little over here. I've had a couple of rather stressful dreams in anticipation of it. The other day I dreamt that I was teaching a class and I couldn't read/pronounce the names of the roll. I ended up playing Simon Says with my students. Very, very stressful dream, that one.

This morning I dreamt that I was at a conference table type thing with a bunch of women, and Erin, Julia and Lyan were all there. Yes, all my exes. Erin was sitting to my left, Julia was sitting to the right of the woman who was to the right of me, and Lyan was across from me (if I believed in dreams having meaning, I'd wonder what that meant, heh). Actually, there were two Erins, and I couldn't tell which one was the real one, and I felt really bad/panicked because I felt that I should've been able to tell the real Erin from the fake Erin. And there was this robot incinerator thing we had to dismantle before it blew up. I was too slow destroying it and it exploded, and everyone died and I was left standing alone in the smoke. Rather dramatic, now that I think about it.

I'm constantly hungry these days, for some reason. Trying not to eat every single minute of the day though, because I really wanna get my ab dimples back. They're still there under all that fat. I know it!

For reasons completely unrelated to ab dimples... recently, I've been feeling a bit like a fraud. A failure. The things that I used to be proud of, that made me feel special, that I thought made up for all the other crap things in my life, I've kinda lost them. And I realise now that maybe they weren't that special after all, and I was just grasping at straws. What brought this on? Today, it was because I found a bunch of old classmates on Facebook. There's nothing quite like high school memories to make you feel like a nerdy loner again eh? But it's more than that. It's.. looking at people and seeing how they've changed, and how they're more than they were. And then looking at yourself, and realising that you're less than you were.

Wow, that was depressing.

In happier news, I'm really enjoying playing SingStar with Rianna. I love my sister. It's so nice to have someone to play with. Unfortunately she's started school again (Year 8!) and so she can't do my bidding keep me company 24/7 anymore. Today I helped her with her maths, science and art homework. It was fun. :)
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This is a little belated, seeing as it's Wednesday already.  But last week was pretty awesome, and I haz things to post.  :-)

Last Thursday (my actual birthday)

I was woken up by the annoying buzzing sound of my phone vibrating on the table.  It was a text message!  Waking me up at the ungodly hour of 10am!  HOW DARE IT?  And then I read the text and it was from Ingrid and all was forgiven.  :-)  So I hopped online to say hello and "zomg you woke me up".  Once at the computer, I found many emails/LJ comments/Facebook comments from people wishing me happy birthday.  That was really nice to wake up to.  :-)  I had a total geek-out moment when I saw the email from therussianbrideDaria.  There was a PDF file attached, and this is what it said:

This is to register the Star designated as 228169 with Magnitude 11, type A0, located at the coordinates: RA 17H 35m 59s, and Declination -43° 24m 31s, to be known and named:

ZOMG I HAZ A STAR!!!1  Definitely wins the prize for the geekiest present ever.  I love it. :-)

Mum cooked breakfast for me and Julia before leaving for work.  Yay mum.  :-)

Then Julia and I hopped on webcam for a while, and took pictures of us with the mac camera thingy.

Here be pics )


Friday morning, we did an instance.  I can't exactly remember which instance it was, exactly.  Oh wait!  I remember.  It was Shattered Halls, because that was the instance of the day.  We successfully completed it with 2 rather nice pups (I made that word up.  pups =  Pick Up People.  :D)  Anyway. 

I had an emo moment on Friday.  Remember how I wrote that we had forgotten how to hug?  On Friday morning we randomly hugged at some point, and we just fell into the right position, and Julia was like "Aww, we found it!".  And I kinda cried, because I'm a sap like that.

Read more )

I don't wanna end on a sad note, though, so I will tell you something less depressing.  So, dude, I started watching Chuck the day before yesterday.  And ZOMG.  Sarah is soooooooooooooooooooo hot.  SO HOT.  And so much better than Bionic Woman!  SO HOT OMG.

That is all.  :-)

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So, it's been an eventful week for me. I turned 21 on Thursday and I'm completely serious when I say that it was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVAH. Like srsly.

On Wednesday morning, I was woken up at 7:45 by the rain drumming on my window. The sound registered in my mind, and I thought to myself "Oh fuck it. Now mum's not going to let me drive to the airport alone." Lo and behold, 5 minutes later, mum comes in and says "I've talked with your father and we've decided... you're not driving to the airport alone in this weather." -.- I'd spent all week convincing my parents that I was capable of driving to the airport by myself - I /have/ been driving for 2 years now - to pick ceilyn_rmJulia up (I didn't want anyone to be there because it was going to be a Big Emotional Moment and I knew I was going to cry like a baby). But no, mum was paranoid that I would crash the car and die on the eve of my 21st, so it was decided that dad would sit next to me while I drove. The drive was uneventful. I'd made a mix tape the night before so I entertained myself with that on the way there. Lots of Missy Higgins and Europop. :-)

Click for more narrative, and 2 pictures )

So that was Wednesday.  It was pretty awesome.  My friends made it a wonderful day, and I love them for it.  :-)

More to come, later...
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My bed is empty
My sheets smell faintly of you
Tears swell in absence
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Coming home to an empty room is the most depressing thing in the world. :(
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It's another all nighter for me. Half the night is gone and I haven't yet started on my 3000 word CMC assignment. :-/

This one isn't quite as daunting as the Semantics one though, and I'm sure it'll be okay once I actually settle down to do it. I've got the structure in my head already. And it's about gender identity, the internet and Xena. Practically my life story... so how hard can it be? :p

Life has been generally okay. It's hard to be depressed during this time of the year. I love spring so much. The sunshine, the light breeze, the flowers, the prospect of a long, free summer around the corner. Heightened dopamine levels. Today I was walking home from the train station after handing in my Semantics assignment, and I walked past this garden with a whole bunch of rose bushes and it smelled so nice. It was just one of those moments. :)

The flies were totally crazy today though. SO MANY FLIES. On the train, a whole group of people boarded at one station - I think they were a tourist group - and a whole swarm of flies followed them in. I could see them buzzing around after the doors closed. There were like... 15 of them, in 1 carriage. And while I was walking home I gathered a rather large swarm myself. Managed to get inside the house without letting them in though. I've never seen so many flies. o.o

So, I discovered the funniest thing ever through today. World of Datecraft. I've created a profile and put up a picture. I don't expect anything will come up of it, except maybe that I'll get 238367 messages from random men, because the gender ratio on that site is like 1000 males: 1 female. Still, the whole concept amuses me terribly. The search engine came up with 2 pages of profiles of women who were seeking women - about 12 in total. Don't know how many of those are actually real women though. There was this one Norwegian girl who looked totally hot. And anyone who knows me knows I'm all about the Scandinavian. Anyway, I left a message. We'll see how that goes. :D

Julia is coming to Melbourne in a week! O.O My mind still boggles about that. *boggles* I'm really glad she's coming. :) I can't believe it's been two and a half years since we broke up. Things were really rocky and awkward for a while but over the last few weeks things have improved and we are communicating well again, I think. And she's beating me in Scrabble, again. WoW heals all wounds. :-D

Anyway, that is all for now. I really must go work on my assignment. Urgh.
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I should be doing my Semantics essay but in my procrastination I somehow ended up on a Chinese poetry site. So I'm reading poems with fascinating titles such as "Many People Come to Visit and Bring Wine After I Fell Off My Horse, Drunk."

I found this Chinese/English dictionary online, which is really cool, because it lets you look up Chinese characters by drawing them. How freaking awesome is that? I wish I had something like that back in my Chinese school/VCE days.

So, I've been listening to Damien Rice - 9 Crimes way too much. Last night in my nightmare about having a party in which all my high school classmates came to my house and I had no idea how to entertain them all, someone handed me a microphone and made me sing "9 Crimes" in front of everyone. It was quite traumatizing. Like srsly.

I wish my essays would magically write themselves. This semester has been so full of fail. I don't think I've handed a single essay in on time. It's all very odd for me, because usually I'm like the most conscientious student evah. Well, I used to be.

Zomg Julia is pwning me in Scrabulous! -.-
Good to know that some things never change though. :-)


Must. Get. Essays. Done. OMG.


Nov. 8th, 2007 09:08 pm
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Julia is coming to Australia for my birthday!!!

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I just emailed the lecturer for History of Sexualities about whether I can do my research assignment on Xena. *crosses fingers*

Also found this email I sent to [ profile] ceilyn_rm a long time ago in my sent folder:

Awake Iam...coherentandabletotype iha\\amenot.


awill youwriteyoulater

Ahh, Lilian. You amuse me.

And now for an highly amusing meme, gacked from [ profile] froggimus_rex:

Put your whole playlist on shuffle. Take the first 20 songs and add in my pants onto the end of the song title. )


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