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Mar. 26th, 2007 11:27 pm
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I have been told by [ profile] wickedkiwi that I should update.

So here I am.

The last couple of weeks have left me too exhausted to write much. I even broke my New Year's Resolution of writing every day in my paper journal a few times simply because I fell asleep before I could remember to write in it.

I skipped karate today to read [ profile] tbsol_v2. I love TBSOL. It makes me happy and full of squee.

All my classes are going okay. Karate is going okay. Street Latin Dancing is going okay. My night job as a streetwalker is going oka... um nevermind.

My favorite subject is still Making China Modern, even though it depresses me completely and causes there to be much rage in me against Western Imperialism. I've never felt particularly Chinese or Australian. I've never felt comfortable in either culture. And I've always held quite a large amount of disdain for nationalism or patriotism and those people who paint themselves blue and drape the Australian flag over themselves and go to sporting events screaming "Aussie Aussie Aussie, OI OI OI!" I never understood it, even. So it is slightly... unexpected... and somewhat alarming, that I find myself feeling increasingly - dare I use the word - patriotic about China the more I learn about it, and the more I learn about how screwed up it was/is.

The other day while watching a movie in the lecture I felt tears come to my eyes.

Very alarming indeed.


*invades Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam and Japan*

*goes to bed*
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Well, I just got home from karate and I am pleased to announce that I am "mostly over" Amélie. As in, seeing her smile doesn't make my heart skip a beat anymore and I no longer melt into a big gooey puddle every time she looks into my eyes (I only melt into a little puddle now... one not quite so gooey).

Straight girls fail.

I need a new crush to keep my life interesting. Any volunteers?
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Yesterday and today were the Clubs and Societies days which meant I got to sit/stand behind a little stall and pimp Karate to anybody that had the misfortune to walk into the mayhem that was North Court. We (that is Mark, the treasurer, and I) were squashed in between the Horse Riding club on the left and the Kung Fu club to the right. The Rugby club was across from us, and as the day dragged on, a stray ball would occasionally come flying our way as bored Rugby players tried to alleviate the monotony.

There were a lot less people around today and, at one point, I had to resort to standing outside the entrance to Union House to hand out flyers while repeatedly tossing out the hopeful phrase "Free Karate Lessons?" to anybody who walked past. The lengths people will go to to try and avoid eye contact with you when you're trying to sell something to them is truly amazing. At around this point, I saw Sern, so I headed over to him to try and convince him to join the Karate club. With fear in his eyes, he backed away, claiming to be a shy pacifist, and high tailed it out of there.

Well after that disappointing experience, I decided to try a different strategy. My Super Ninja Skills were put to the test as I stealthily ninja'd several thumbtacks from the women's changing room notice board in order to put up promotional posters in the Sports Centre. I am pleased to announce that this mission was successful.

Further adventures )

In other news:

- I am considering joining the DanceSport club this year despite never having had an interest in dancing and posessing no coordination at all when it comes to rhythm. Seriously, when I dance, I basically jump around while flailing my arms. So yes... this should be interesting (if I decide to go ahead with it).

- Uni starts officially on Monday. I'm actually looking forward to my classes. But then, I always do... and yet most of them always end up disappointing me in some way. I mean really! No feminists in my Violence and Gender class? No lesbians in my History of Sexuality class?? An extreme right wing conservative lecturing my Russian Revolutions class??? *throws up hands* Anyway, here's my impossible wish-list for this semester:

Viking Studies A 126-068: A tall, beautiful Scandinavian girl to crush on. Named Brunnhilda.
Grammar of English 175-021: Jennifer in the same class.
The Crusades 131-237: Knights-in-armor cosplay; analysis of movies and video games set in this period (after sampling, of course).
Making China Modern 131-062: Chinese food?

- Q. How many Lishesques does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Apparently more than one, because while trying to change the light bulb today I pulled out the glass part of the bulb and left the metal screwy bit stuck inside the lamp, thereby possibly ruining the lamp. Much failure.
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For some strange reason, I don't feel like playing WoW today. This is very, very strange.

I was supposed to go to Karate tonight but I'm lazy and decided not to go even though I'd packed my bags and washed my gi and everything.

So now I have several hours of free time.

I've been listening to BassHunter rather a lot. It's highly addictive. *bops*

And because I have nothing better to do, I'm going to include a list of some Key Swedish Phrases I know:

hej (hello)
jag heter Lish (my name is Lish)
jag är en ninja-flata (I am a raging dyke)
jag älskar dig (I love you)
jag behöver gå på toaletten (I need to go to the toilet)
du är en häxa (you're a witch)
får är bra (sheep is good)
tjej är bättre (girl is better)
du är vacker (you are beautiful)
vill du ha lite ananas? (want some pineapple?)
klimakteriekossa (menopausal cow)
godnatt (goodnight)


Oct. 25th, 2006 11:59 pm
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I'm so utterly exhausted. :)

As you can see by the irrepressible smiley, however, I seem to be in a good mood. This is because of two very satisfying things.

1) I completed the Karate grading tonight easily, and am now an orange belt. :-)

2) I wrote an essay that I'm mostly pleased with, which I had fun researching, and which I submitted late because I spent too much time researching and so didn't start writing early enough, and... I just received a reply email from my tutor saying I wouldn't be penalised. Hee! Here's to hoping for an H1!

I still need to find two research articles for Second Language Learning and Teaching tomorrow, which I can't do. I'm just too tired. I need to sleep.

Also, tomorrow is my sister's birthday. She's turning 12. *wipes a tear* They grow up so fast. I remember a not too distant time when I could pick her up and carry her around. Now she's almost taller than me! O.O Well, that isn't really a feat of any magnitude. BUT STILL! Little sisters are supposed to stay little!


Bonne nuit!

p.s - blood elves are so cool zomg!
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It's 5:30 am and I just finished playing WoW for the night. I realised two minutes ago that I have Short Sticks training tomorrow (today) in a couple of hours. I think I'll skip it. 3 hours sleep is simply not enough. *g* Yes, I am a slacker.

And now, for an early morning meme. Gacked from [ profile] xena_and_gabby

I got 81/143 )


Sep. 17th, 2006 02:42 am
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My wrists are kinda sore from playing WoW continuously. Actually, it might not be WoW. It might have had something to do with the push ups on our /wrists/ (palms facing up, knuckles against the ground - ouch) the other night in Karate. This is no huge deal. Unfortunately though, in 5 hours, I have a weapons training class. In other words, training with Filipino short sticks. In other words, lots and lots of wrist movement.

I can sense CHAOS ahead. Chaos and pain. And, quite possibly, carpel tunnel syndrome.

You may bow

Sep. 6th, 2006 11:14 pm
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I just came back from the Karate Annual General Meeting. We had elections today for the seven new committee members, followed by pizza and beer. Fun times. Guess who's the new public relations officer of Melbourne Uni Karate Club? *buffs nails* :-D

Also, I got my Syntax assignment back. H1 baby. *struts* Higher'n Jennifer too. *g*

Okay, I've finished bragging. :-D

Time to play WoW.
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So, I'm at uni, and there's one more hour before karate starts.

I've checked my emails and my LJ flist, and read my blogs and comics, and done most of my Linguistics readings...

I'm so desperate to play World of Warcraft that I'm on the verge of telling my sister who's at home and on msn to open WoW and check my auctions for me.

So here's a question for people who've learnt or tried learning a second language.

Does your first language mostly hinder or help the learning of a second langage? If they're similar to each other, do you get confused, or does the simliarity help? If they're very different, does the alien-ness of the second language make it harder, or is it the same as learning any second language?

With regards to simliarities, I'm particularly interested in:

Native English speakers with French as their L2, and vice versa.
Native English speakers with German as their L2, and vice versa.

Comments are appreciated!
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Today, as days go, had much to be desired. Refer to angsty poem above. I'm probably PMSing though, so don't take it too seriously.

Guh. My entire abdomen is LUMP OF PAIN. Yesterday, our main sensei was away, so two of the older senseis took over. They spent a few minutes reminiscing about the good old days when they used to break planks, and decided that it would be good for us young grasshoppers to learn some tradition. So instead of the not quite gentle, but at least not downright masochistic "yoga related" warm ups we usually do, we got a nice lesson on how to do 7 different types of sit ups. Multiplied by 50 each. And then a bunch of push ups, which actually weren't as bad as the usual fingertip ones. (Yoga my ass.) And that was just the warm ups. I was fine last night, but waking up today was pain. All in all though, I quite enjoyed last night's karate. We finally stopped doing sparring and I got to learn most of the next kata. It's tomorrow's karate I'm dreading. *grin*

I wish Karate was on Tuesday nights when WoW is offline. I hate missing three nights of WoW in a row. *sigh* Actually, it's kinda funny. I was looking at my LJ calendar and noticed that for this month, all my updates are on the left side of the calendar. As in, my updates are all on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In other words, I spend all my Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays playing WoW. :-D

Anyway. Maybe WoW will be up tomorrow morning before uni....

*goes to bed*
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I'm going to get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from playing the free, downloadable equivalent of Dance Dance Revolution on my keyboard for many hours at a time.

Why pay scores of dollar coins at the arcade when you can do it free, in the privacy of your own home, sitting down and moving only three fingers? (Okay, that sounded dirty, and I totally didn't mean it for it to sound dirty. I swear.) You can even connect a dance pad to the computer if you've got one, and use that... but I rather like the sitting down and moving only your fingers option. :D


So... I have five and a half hours before my next essay is due. I really should stop procrastinating.


Oh, I think I forgot to mention this amidst all my internet troubles and exam period stressing outness. I got my yellow belt in Karate the other week. *beams proudly* Here's a part of a group pic that was taken right after the grading.

Look, there's me! )

I also got a haircut on the weekend, so I no longer look quite like the long haired lass in that picture.


Um. Right. Essay.


May. 30th, 2006 01:30 am
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Part of my evening was spent sweaty and hot, rolling around on the floor with 2 guys and 2 girls. No, I did not attend an orgy (get your minds outta the gutter :p) It was karate. An impromptu session of wrestling, actually. Today's warm up also included 4 rounds of light contact sparring including twenty push ups on your fingertips in between each round. And that was just the warm up. We had half (more like one third) of the gradings afterwards, with 5 black belts overseeing it. Very scary. And there were so many white belts that we had to do our katas in groups of two or three, and my group was so crap! Omg. It was so nerve wracking that I started off doing the wrong kata, which was a bad start, and totally embarrassing. But then we had to do it again and again and again and again because the guy kept punching too high, and the other girl didn't keep her shoulders straight. I think we ended up doing it like ten times. And after each time they would point out what was wrong, but they never addressed it directly to me... only the other guy and the girl, so I never knew if I was doing it right or wrong. And after each time they would shake their heads and mutter at each other and go "okay, one last time" as if if we didn't get it perfect the next time we would fail! Argh. But we didn't. And at the end, one of the black belts said to me that I did everything correctly but I just needed to punch harder, so I needn't have really worried at all, really. >.o Psychological torture, I tell you.

And now I'm exhausted and very sore, so off to bed it is. *splat*

*sits up*

By the way, my internet is really screwed at the moment, and I don't have the time to fix it. So, people who I chat to semi-regularly, don't feel ignored... it's just that chatting is almost impossible at the moment because I get disconnected every couple of minutes. Grrr.

Oh, one other thing. Did anybody else read in the paper that they might have found Boadicea's bones under a McDonalds in Britain? Pretty cool huh?
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Today was the end of semester for me. My last two classes were Old English and Phonetics, which happened to be my favorite ones. Kinda sad that they're ending, cos they were such good subjects - best ones I've taken so far in uni. I also had my last Karate lesson before the gradings next week. Meep, so nervous. Anyway, here are some pictures that a guy on the Karate committee took two weeks ago:

My gi makes me look fat *scowl* )
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Tonight's Karate goodness: pressure points! I now know how to twist someone's arm and then hit a pressure point in their neck/shoulder. It's quite excruciatingly painful. I know this because the guy who was doing it on me didn't hold back the first time. :p

Tonight's Karate badness: Hand stands. I can't do a hand stand yet, so I had to do a half hand stand with my feet up against the wall and my arms holding me up for several minutes. I am very sore now.

I was pretty reluctant to go to Karate today because I was already sore from it yesterday and I'm so tired. But I'm glad I went. I love the concentration required. It lets me forget about the world for two hours, and afterwards, although I feel tired, I also feel healthier... both physically and mentally.

Hmm. I feel like practising piano now (I'm trying to learn how to play Jewel - Foolish Games), but my dad's sleeping and the piano is right outside is room. Hmph.


Apr. 11th, 2006 12:00 am
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Omg. I am so tired. >.o

Yesterday I drove Rianna and my aunt (who was visiting from Singapore) all the way to Arthur's Seat and back because Rianna wanted to go horse riding. On the way back there was an accident and we got stuck in a traffic jam for ages. By the time I got home, I was ready to go to bed (at like 6pm) Guh. I never knew driving could be so tiring. Also, horse riding has made walking today very painful. My groin hurts.

I spent much of last night scanning the 200+ pages of a library book that was due today. Not the type of scanning that automatically turns it in a document. The type of scanning that requires me to save each page as an image. *twitch* I thought I could have the book for a month but apparently 3 people after me had holds on it because it was so damn popular and so the library reduced it to a 7 day loan... and I needed it for my essay but I didn't want to photocopy it all because that would have cost like $20, so yeah. *tired* But hey, I have a highly sought after Russian Rev book completely in my puter. Yay. I still have to rotate all the images in Photoshop or something though, because asides from smileys, I really can't read things sideways. Not so much yay. :( <-- see, sideways.

Karate today was painful. We had a different guy take us through the warm up and he made us do sooooo many push ups. If arms could weep, mine would be weeping right now. Along with my groin. Yes, my arms and groin are weeping. Also my ego. My ego is weeping too. All the other monday/wednesday night newbies know the fifth kata and we haven't been learning that in the day lessons and I only go to 1 night lesson so I'm like miles behind all the other night time newbies and I do it all out of sync. Gah. Must... kick... ass... *twitch, falls over*

Must... sleep...

Ooo, Xin just signed online. *distracted*
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Last night at karate I was paired up with the girl that was my partner for the fighting sticks on Sunday. I can't quite remember her name. We were practising a movement that required me grabbing her arm/wrist and twisting it around. While doing this, I couldn't help but see healed scars on her wrist and arms. They were pretty deep and very obvious, and she probably saw that I saw. I didn't say anything, and did my best to ignore them. The image kept creeping randomly into my mind today. There was a time when seeing blood and a knife on TV was unbearable. I'm much better now but... it was just a little unsettling to see those scars yesterday.

So, there's this girl who I think is interested in me. She's really pretty and nice and wonderful and I might even have had a crush on her at one point but I just don't feel anything for her beyond simple attraction. And that isn't enough for me. A lot of people don't get it but when I go into a relationship, I'm serious about it... because I've really fallen for that person, and I love them, and I want to/intend to spend the rest of my life with them. So yeah. I'm hopelessly romantic and idealistic and one might say unrealistic in many ways, but I just can't /do/ a relationship that's only a casual fling or a temporary experiment or something. I've been lucky enough to actually experience the real thing (twice, even) and although they didn't work out in the end, it wasn't through lack of trying. I can't and won't settle for anything less.

...Hot, poke-able waitresses at Dracula's don't count. Obviously.

And now, since I can barely move my left hand due to an unfortunate incident in karate, I will go and flop on my bed.

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Getting up at 7:30 (or 8:30 according to [ profile] tangledtale :p) today was so worth it! Omg, weapons training was fantastic. So fun and cool and different to anything I've ever done before. I can now do this really awesome looking twirly thing. My wrists are very sore though. 2 hours straight of continual wrist movement = ouch.

Oh, and I met the main Karate instructor dude who I've never actually met because he only goes to the night classes and so far I've only been to the day classes. I accidentally hit him rather hard in the thigh (missing the groin by inches), which was mortifying but also very amusing. Anyway. I really enjoyed today's class. I love the concentration required during sparring, and I love it when we get a rhythm going... it's just so damn harmonious and the taps of the sticks are extremely satisfying... *happy sigh*

And now for a meme, before I go and rest my wrists...

From [ profile] seftiri:

You Belong in Amsterdam

A little old fashioned, a little modern - you're the best of both worlds. And so is Amsterdam.
Whether you want to be a squatter graffiti artist or a great novelist, Amsterdam has all that you want in Europe (in one small city).
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I had a dream about snorting cocaine today, which was very strange and random because I've never done drugs before. It felt very real. Dream me was thinking "no, I shouldn't do drugs because drugs are bad and I promised [ profile] therussianbride I wouldn't..." but I did, and then I got addicted and kept wanting more. Also, I dreamt of sitting in a shallow river bed. Someone want to interpret that for me?

Most people voted for the staff in yesterday's poll, which is what I originally planned on doing. Just to clarify, though, chow bow is the name that the producers of Xena gave to Escrima, also known as Phillipino fighting sticks. They're 2 short sticks made of bamboo or some other kind of wood that you hold in both hands and whack people with, and 2 short sticks are just as easy to find as 1 long stick when it comes to self defence in the real world.

Anyway, I've decided to go to both weapons sessions because both seem really cool. :-)

PS - Happy Birthday Lucy Lawless!

Poll time!

Mar. 28th, 2006 10:31 pm
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I have a question for you all. If I had a paid account, I'd make a poll, but I don't, so you'll just have to vote by commenting. :p

Weapons training for Karate starts this Sunday. Should I:

A - Go to the chow bow sessions - yay Amazons!!!
B - Go to the staff sessions - yay classic Gabby!!!
C - Go to both - yay I will pwn you all with my weapons of doom!!! but I will have no free Sunday mornings for the rest of the year
D - Go to neither and sleep in on Sundays

Vote now. Do it. :p
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My lecturer stutters.

That is, the replacement lecturer (NOT the one that was listed in the handbook *seethes*) stutters. I'm not talking about the occasionally stuttery yet engaging speaker, or even the cute, hesitant, Tara stuttering. I'm talking "The R.. r.. r.. r.. r.. russian revolution had a profound effect on th.. th.. th.. th.. the ..the .. the.. *trails off, stares into space for long moments* the 20th century." When he stutters, his eyes glaze over and it's like he's in some sort of mini-trance for 10 seconds... or sometimes even 20. Also, he has this disturbing way of facing just one side of the room for the entire time he's talking; it's like the other half isn't even there. I couldn't concentrate at all for the entire lecture and kept drifting off and thinking of other things. At one point I had to force myself to silently repeat everything he said in my head to focus on what he was saying, but then my brain went numb from the effort of trying to hold broken sentences together while trying to understand the rather difficult course material at the same time and I stopped trying. The only time he didn't stutter was when he was reading huge slabs of information which were pasted into the powerpoint (that nobody had time to copy down). I kind of wish he'd read the whole damn lecture. *sigh* No offence to stutterers, but stuttering and lecturing do /not/ go together. He also sucks because his lecture had no structure to it at all, and it was impossible to make any effective notes. This is really bad because even when a lecturer is bad at speaking, I can usually get something out of it from just copying notes - but not if the notes are crappy too! Gah. I already know of one person who's going to transfer out of this subject, which is unfortunate because she was someone I knew from medieval European history last year, and we could have hung out. I briefly considered changing subjects, but the stuff is really interesting, and I need to do the Russian Revolution in case I want to teach it one day. Also, Russians are interesting. Speaking of which! Omg, one of the tutors? Julia Ulyannikova. So hot. So female. SO RUSSIAN! *flails dramatically*

And guess what?

Cut because this post is getting long )


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