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A must see for all cat-loving geeks:

Many thanks to [ profile] selina_ for the rec. :)
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Kitteh wants you to click )
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Kitteh knows how to open a door by pressing down on the door handle now.  First she learns how to fetch, then she knows how to open doors.  Next step: WORLD DOMINATION.

Parents are unemployed due to the new cafe owner suddenly shutting down the business with no warning.  Mum is applying for jobs every night - I've been proofreading her resume and cover letters. Money isn't really an issue yet, but I am going to start paying rent.

Work is really stressing me out at the moment.  The Year 7s are starting Archaeology, the Year 11s are about to start English Across Time (yay Old English!) and the Year 12s are about to start Spoken Language.  I am literally two pages ahead of all of them at the moment.  I've also got several stacks of essays and homework to correct.  And I need to write an exam paper that needs to be printed by next week.  And when all of that is done, there are exams to mark, followed by having to write 93 individualised student reports.  Last year around this time I was working 13 or 14 hour days every day.  Ugh, do not want.

I really hate this time of the year.  Thankfully, Eurovision is coming up soon.  EUROVISION.  Hot European girls in skimpy outfits, hilarious accents, an (over)abundance of billowing capes and flags, political intrigue, and the very best of Europop.   <3

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Moko Kahlan Kitteh has totally learnt how to fetch!  My sister and I invented this game called "Catch Cara", where we throw Cara (the toy kiwi) across the bed to each other and try to keep Kitteh, who is on the bed, from getting it.  Kitteh is becoming very good at leaping into the air to incercept the pass.  Occasionally, we randomly throw Cara across the room and Kitteh will run after it and then bring Cara back to us in her mouth.  She "fetches" Cara back nine times out of ten now.  Kitteh so smart.

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I will tell you the story of Kitteh's dramatic rescue, since everyone is asking me about it.

So today, on the third day of Kitteh's disappearance, I got pretty desperate and went knocking on the neighbours' doors. At one of our neighbours, we knocked on the door but the owners weren't home. We knocked again just to be sure and heard a whole bunch of meows that sounded a lot like Kitteh. And my sister and I were like, "OMG, IS THAT YOU KITTEH??" and Kitteh was meowing frantically back on the other side. And we were like "OMG WE HAVE TO OPEN THIS DOOR!!" And I srsly was about to bash down the door when I realised that it was actually unlocked. So I opened the door and Kitteh came dashing out and ran all the way back to our house as fast as she could. Oh, Kitteh.

Anyway, our theory is that the neighbours have been away all this time and Kitteh managed to get herself trapped in their house. When she came home, she was extra needy and wouldn't stop meowing for ages and kept running around like crazy. Traumatised Kitteh is traumatised. 72 HOURS. ALL ALONE. TRAPPED. Poor little cat. *hugs her*
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Moko Kitteh has not come home yet. I'm getting increasingly worried. Just went out with a torch and some Missing Kitteh posters and searched in a 100m radius around our house, spamming the neighbourhood with yells of "KITTEH??" No Kitteh anywhere. :(

Ughhh I hate this feeling. This anxious feeling of waiting and not being able to do anything and not knowing what's happened. It happened twice with Stormy, and the second time it never went away. :(


Apr. 30th, 2010 07:12 pm
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You know how you wake up in the middle of the night sometimes, and you feel all hot, thirsty and headachey, and your sinuses feel weird like you're coming down with something? That was me at 4am this morning. And 4:30. And 5:00. And when my alarm rang at 5:30, I felt woozy and barely rested. Taught four classes with my throat still sore from Tuesday night, and did Yard Duty out in the cold. Gonna crawl into bed now and hope that I don't wake up with a full-blown flu.

Also, I accidentally closed the door on Kitteh today. I AM SUCH A BAD PERSON. :(

In other news, Pauline Hanson has spectacular timing. Bless her for deciding not to sell her house to Muslims or Asians just as I launch into the topics of political correctness and discriminatory language with my Year 12s. And please do keep using jargon, K-Rudd - you make an excellent case study.

Oh, and before I go, I seriously need to rec this Legend of the Seeker fic by [ profile] thrace_ and [ profile] pirateygoodness: Within my heart there is another heart. Best story I've read all year. Other than that novel with the horses. It brought much joy to an otherwise bleak and blurry day.
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The ANZAC Day long weekend is over again. It's always a weird time of the year for me, but this one has been okay.

The Ulduar raid did not go ahead as planned yesterday, mostly due to a lack of people. But we ran Zul'Aman which I've been wanting to do since it first came out. My memories of ZA have always been primarily in greyscale, due to spending most of my time inside it dead. Glad that's no longer the case. :D

I have also succeeded in my nefarious plans to get [ profile] dangerosa and [ profile] thrace_ to hang out together. *evil laughter*

Moko Kitteh just did the cutest thing. She was meowing at the laundry door wanting to be let out, so I finally let her out into the garden, and she just kept on meowing and looking back at me like she wanted me to go out there with her. I could not resist the meows so I went out and she ran around back and forth trying to get me to chase her. She's like a puppy, almost. But cuter. :D

I wish all schools could be like this.
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She got desexed today. She is still all woozy from the general anaesthetic, and the cone around her neck is making her so depressed. Her eyes are all big and dark and sad, and she hasn't made a single sound since I came home. All she does is brood. MOKO IS SO EMO.

Omg. And just then, she tried to eat this one biscuit off the carpet and COULDN'T EVEN REACH because of the cone. She tried to pick it up with her mouth, but the cone shoved it away. And then she tried again, and again, and finally got it. IT IS THE MOST PATHETIC AND SAD THING EVAR.

:( x 23987182734234
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It's been a good break. I played a lot of WoW. A lot. Like, averaging 8 hours per day. I don't regret it though. It was good times.

I have renamed my kitteh Kahlan. We still occasionally forget and call her Moko. Hell, we still sometimes forget and call her Stormy. She is going to be one very confused cat.

Tomorrow I start work again. It's a curriculum day, although we don't really get any time to plan. It'll be meetings all day - not even about the curriculum, but about school goals and professional learning plans and other pointless things that have no direct impact on our teaching. Blah. Term 2 is going to be long and hard, and I'm not looking forward to it. There are parent teacher interviews coming up in the first weeks, and towards the end there will be report writing. Plus, the sun sets at around 6pm these days, and rises at about 6:20am, so I'll be going to and coming home from work in the dark on most days, which I absolutely hate. Still, it can't be as bad as last year, right?


Kitteh <3

Apr. 7th, 2010 03:48 am
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A purring cat is not a cure for loneliness.  But it's a damn good distraction.  I like how Moko tickles me awake with purrs and whiskers on my face in the morning. 
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I have created a Facebook page for Moko Kitteh. Yes, I am a huge geek who has too much time on my hands - time which would be better spent trying to get laid. I know.

Here it is. Right now everything including the photo album is viewable to everyone, but I'll be friends-locking most things eventually, so please to be friending Moko. Or she will has a sad.


Feb. 22nd, 2010 02:14 am
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Going on camp in about 4.5 hours.  I should be asleep.

I had a minor emo crash today.  Like, if life were the equivalent of driving down a long road in a little car, then my little car totally crashed into a wall today, and the wall had "emo" spray painted across it.  Not a huge crash.  Just a minor collision that took out my headlights.

I've decided to name the cat Morrigan.  We're calling her Moko though.  MOKO KITTEEHH.  Actually, most of the time we just call her Kitteh.  Total fail.  It's like that time I was in Westfall with Ingrid and Thrace, and we saw some Level 15 noob called "Namefail".


Feb. 18th, 2010 08:47 am
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(The cat typed the subject line)
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[Poll #1525393]
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I'm just calling her "teh kitteh" for now until I decide on a name for her. Her previous owner called her "OJ" or "Olivia Junior", but I'm not sure yet whether to keep that name or rename her.

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I'm very seriously considering adopting a kitten from my colleague's friend's mother.  I'm going to ring up tomorrow to see if they still need a home for her.  If all goes well, expect numerous picspams and polls to decide on a name.  (NO INGRID, I am not naming her Claitchen.)

In other news - wtf Blizz, maintainence on a Saturday night?  NOT HAPPY.  At least I got the Love Fool achievement today. 

Also!  Oh hai universe, you have a CRUEL sense of humour and it is the bastard lovechild of Karma and Irony.  /cryptic


Jul. 7th, 2009 05:12 pm
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Hwaet!  My sister and I were having lunch, and we were reading the German text on our Maggi bottle of soy sauce.  I don't know why there's German on it, but there is.  Anyway, today we noticed the word "Hackfleisch" in the ingredients section, and I was like "hey, that sounds like a great name for my kitteh!"  It conjured up images of a cute little cat hacking up a furball.  In fact, it sounds just like it.

And then we google translated it.

"It means... minced."
"Oh right, it must literally mean something like... hacked flesh."
"Ohh.  Gross! ... And why is there minced meat in our soy sauce?"

But now that I think about it, it's the perfect name for a hunter pet.  HACKER OF YOUR FLESH.  Now I just need to change the word into something like "mincer of meat" instead of "minced meat".  Any German-speaking friends who can halps?  :)

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Zomg I'm still completely undecided as to what to name my new kitteh.  Here are the ones I'm considering after getting a whole bunch of suggestions from you guys:

[Poll #1426193]
Interesting linguistic fact about 'Hel':  It is derived from the proto-Indo-European *kel- meaning "conceal", and is distantly related to words like hole, hollow, hall and cell.  The Norse goddess Hel is the daughter of Loki and resides in a place also called 'Hel', similar to the Greek Hades.   She has parallels to the Indian goddess Kali in both name and function.  Problem is, Hel/Kali are described as dark or black goddesses, and my cat is very much bright and shiny.  So it doesn't exactly fit.  And Hel is like the place you end up if you don't go to Valhalla, which contradicts the name of my character, Valkyrja (valkyrie - the women who take you to Valhalla, not Hel).  Then again, Hel is like a diminutive of Helena, which is Huntress's name in the DC comics, so it would be kinda cool.   AND OMG I AM OVERTHINKING ALL OF THIS.

I suck at naming things.  >.< 


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