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It's the kind of night where I'm walking home at 9pm and the sun is still out - in fact, it's setting on distant horizon - and I'm just grateful to be here where I am. The streets are still buzzing with people, and I'm glad to be here in this dirty, grimy city where things just feel alive.

I've just been to a Guardian (as in the news company) Book Club event where Jeanette Winterson and Helen Macdonald were speaking about their books and about life, loss, identity and all the big questions in general. It's still amazing to me that, two days ago, I was in Mallorca, on the beach, indulging in all the physical sensations of sun and wind and sea. And tonight I was in Islington Town Hall indulging in being intellectually awoken after a day of feeling mostly intellectually dead (aka teaching at YHS). Yes, I'm exhausted, but damn if this isn't cool.

Also, I got a selfie with Jeanette Winterson.

So now, this year, I have seen/met my sporting hero (Gro Hammerseng), literary hero (Jeanette Winterson) and alltimehero4lyf (Lucy Lawless aka Xena).

I didn't really set out to meet Jeanette Winterson. This event just came up so I bought a ticket. Just like how a similar event with Sarah Waters is coming up next Monday and I decided to go to that. London life is random and kind of amazing like that.

So tonight I am happy. I hope you guys are happy too, out there wherever you are.
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Okay I need to rant about my new housemate.

She has the most UNCOMFORTABLE chair ever in my room. It's her chair. But it's in my room. And today I brought up a second hand computer chair to use instead because the uncomfortable one (white, plastic, slanted backwards, too high for my short legs, weird metal legs that I keep stubbing my toes on, etc.) is giving me back pain. I asked if we could put the uncomfortable plastic chair somewhere else, for example, on the balcony where THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM. And she was like "no, it'll weather... I'd prefer if you'd keep it in your room" so I was like "okay can we keep it somewhere else in the flat because my room can't fit 2 chairs and an exercise ball". And her response was the same: "I'd prefer it if you kept it in your room." I was like "but there's plenty of space in the living room, like... around the dining table, or in this corner where it's not bothering anyone." And she was like...

wait for it...

"Well, I'd really prefer it if you kept it in your room."

Omg facepalm. Well, because I'd had a long day at work and was not ready to back down because I was ANGRY, I just moved the chair into a spare space in the living room because HELLO THERE ARE SPARE SPACES HERE and said "Can we just put it here for the moment and if it's super annoying we can find somewhere else for it" and she finally acquiesced because what was she gonna do - force the chair back into my room?

Anyway. I think it's ridiculous that this isn't even her flat - she's leasing it and we're sharing the rent - and she acts like she owns the damn place. Sure she's been here longer and her crap is in all the cupboards and she takes up 3/4 of the freezer, but YOU CAN'T KEEP YOUR DAMN CHAIR IN MY ROOM.


I suspect there will be further battles over the location of this accursed butt-rest. I will keep you updated.


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