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Learning Dutch is proving to be... difficult. But very amusing. :D

My new linguistic arch-nemisis: the Dutch R. An alveolar trill I might be able to swing, but a uvular trill, srsly?  -.-

One day, Dutch R, one day I will defeat you!
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I was pleased to learn today that English Language (the linguistics-based subject I teach) apparently has "protected status" on the new Australian National Curriculum! That means that it's protected from being axed or changed and is recognised as a subject with an outstanding curriculum that they want to keep. I am very pleased about this, obvs.

I was less pleased to learn just how much the Study Design is changing next year though. The whole Year 12 course and much of the Year 11 course will need to be rejigged. New assessment tasks, new schedules, new work sheets, new lesson plans. *sigh* So much more work. Do. Not. Want. >.<

At least the content changes are good. I was excited to hear that they (VCAA) want us to teach more theories and big picture stuff, like linguistic relativism and linguistic determinism, and cultural context, and the link between language and identity, and endangered languages. I already do most of these things unofficially anyway, so it's nice to see it affirmed in the official documents.

One of the main reasons I like teaching English Language is because I get a chance to change kids' attitudes to language. I guess you could call me a language activist. I want students to see that language is identity, and that we perform our identity through language. That we express our culture through language. That language influences our thoughts. I want them to feel sad when a language dies. I want them to feel outraged when Indian kids get assaulted on public transport for speaking their mother tongue too loudly. I think the new Study Design not only gives teachers scope to explore all of that, but also encourages us to do so. The linguist in me rejoices; the overworked teacher in me groans and protests weakly at the hours and hours of work that will go into implementing the new Study Design.

In other exciting though completely unrelated news... The Hub Productions is doing a Xena event in Melbourne on the 12th of November! Confirmed guests so far include: Hudson Leick (and more to be announced). I'm going. I'm so going. Who wants to come?
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I am going to roll a gnome.

And I am going to call it "Chomsky".

Gnome Chomsky.

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[1:10:33 AM] Ingrid says: I feel like grammar for you is like mental masturbation
[1:11:03 AM] Lish says: lol
[1:11:07 AM] Lish says: lmao
[1:11:14 AM] Lish says: why do you say that?
[1:11:20 AM] Lish says: cos you ask me one grammar question and I go on and on and on?
[1:11:42 AM] Ingrid says: Because I can tell you're getting a lot of pleasure from the conversation without my having to contribute anything
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I was reading the paper and it just occured to me that I really dislike the phrase "she fell pregnant to him".  The problem is the preposition to.   It has connotations of, I dunno, subjugation?  Lack of agency?  It's got the same syntax as "she fell prey to him" or "she was indebted to him".  I would much prefer the preposition with, since it's a mutual act.  But "she fell pregnant with him" is totally ambiguous.  So I don't know.  I also dislike "she fell pregnant with his child".  As if the child wasn't hers too.  And now that I think about it, I also have problems with "he got many children on her".  On?  Srsly? 


Also - another fail? This:

On the subject of whether Indepedent and Catholic schools in Victoria can fire teachers on grounds of faith:

"Church groups were pleased Mr Hulls pre-empted the parliamentary review to ensure they will have the right to discriminate on the basis of sex, sexuality, marital and parental status and gender identity. They also accepted Mr Hull's ruling that they could no longer discriminate on the grounds of race, disability, age, physical features, political beliefs or activity, or breastfeeding."

Ensure the right to discriminate? Gee thanks, Mr Attorney General.
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His-self (pronoun) - A courtier will say, "Let him do it himself," but the Cockney has it, "Let him do it his-self." Here the latter comes nearest to the truth, though both he and courtier are wrong, for the grammatical construction should be, "Let he do it his-self," or by a transposition of words, better and more energetically arranged, "Let he his-self do it." It must be allowed that the Londoner does not use this compounded pronoun in the mode before us from any sense of conviction. He has fortunately stumbled upon a part of the truth which the courtier has overleaped, [as] the nominative in the singular number is my-self, and not me-self. --Samuel Pegge's Anecdotes of the English Language, c. 1803
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1) I got my car serviced today, at Glen Waverley UltraTune. -$155.

2) I'm reading "Sexing the Cherry" by Jeanette Winterson. So far there has been no sex, or lesbians, or cherries of any sort. The writing is full of her usual philosophical vagueness, fairytale poetics and biblical allusions, which I both love and hate. Happiness is not a potato. + 1 reading skill

3) Straight girls are driving me crazy. Like, completely INSANE. +100000 frustration

4) Mum took up yoga. o.O +100 weirdness to the normal order of things

5) I'm flirting with the idea of applying for a job opening in a Catholic school in the UK. + 50 evidence that I have lost my mind (refer to point number 3).

6) I have decided Neverwinter Nights completely fails as an RPG.  Complete fail.  +100 fail.

7) I will leave you now with some Jeanette Winterson vagueness:

The Hopi, an Indian tribe, have a language as sophisticated as ours, but no tenses for past, present and future. The division does not exist. What does this say about time?

Matter, that thing the most solid and the well-known, which you are holding in your hands and which makes up your body, is now known to be mostly empty space. Empty space and points of light. What does this say about the reality of the world?

-- Jeanette Winterson

Although, actually... the Hopi do have ways of referring to time (i.e. tenses), but they're divided into two basic states instead of three.  "Objective", everything that is knowable and measurable, including the past and present; and "subjective", everything that is mental, spiritual or conjectural, including the future.  /geek
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My dad has guests over again. Loud male laughter. Smoke. Grr.

My last lecture today ran overtime and as I was leaving the lecture theatre (A1 of Old Engineering), I saw Rachel Nordlinger (my old lecturer for the very first linguistics subject I ever took) come in. Outside, I saw a whole bunch of fresh-faced undergraduates waiting to enter. They were probably "Intro to Linguistics" students. I was hit by a sudden wave of nostalgia, and I stared at them for a while, wishing I could join them.

I currently have about zero motivation for anything. Zero. I was an hour late to uni today because I just couldn't get out of bed. And once out of bed, I couldn't bring myself get ready in the usual speed I have to in order to catch my train...

In fact, I don't even have the motivation to end this post properly.

*goes away*
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Semantics is killing me.

But amid all the doom and death, there are some hilarious moments.

Right now I'm writing about how tart n. managed to go from denoting a pastry to a prostitute.

Ah, fun times.


500 words to go!

(and then another 2500 for CMC -.-)
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Q. What does a semanticist call an elevator operator?
A. A member of the vertical transportation corps.

...unless said semanticist is a subscriber to the Natural Semantic Metalanguage theory, 'cos then it would be something like:

A. Someone who spends a lot of time in a place that goes up and down and this place that goes up and down is a smaller world than the world in which it goes up and down in, and the someone is happy that it goes up and down, because their place in the world is to be the person who is in the place that goes up and down, and the place that goes up and down takes other people up and down, and the other people feel good about that because this is what they want.


To save me from linguistic-induced insanity, here's a meme I found in my LJ archives from ages ago:

Clickr for meme )

P.S. I am totally in love with Missy Higgins.  I love this song.  It's so uplifting.  :-)
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I hate Semantics.  If not doing this essay didn't mean that I would fail, I would not do it.  This is how much I am hating this essay right now.  >.<

Other news:

- Valkyrja hit 34 today.  I accidentally abandoned Ingbjörn, my pet.  I was rather distraught so I contact a GM... and he/she managed to restore him.  Yay!  Ingbjörn is saved.  :-)

- Bionic Woman is totally sucking right now.  Haven't seen Sarah Corvus in 2 episodes, and Jaime needs to be less ditzy.  And dump that stupid CIA guy.

- ZOMG.  Joss Whedon is making a new TV series starring ELIZA DUSHKU.  ZOMG.

- I am so tired.  -.-
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Damn, I'm pmsing and procrastinating so hard today. NOT a good combination. Spent most of today too pmsy to do anything. Flew into a rage when mum made me do some gardening. I was supposed to saw/chop down this dead tree in the front yard but I was so angry I pulled it out by the roots. It was pretty hot, actually. Then I almost burst into tears several times for whatever reason. I can't remember why. *sigh*


Help me out with something, guys?

If you come across the word "deceptively" used in any context from now until Thursday, could you please send me the sentence/paragraph it's in (and cite its source) please?

I need 10 examples of its usage for my stupid Semantics assignment.
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1.   I am certain I am going to do badly in Semantics this semester.  Main reason:  my tutor is Tania Strahan.   Sorry, Dr. Tania Strahan.  She's the hottest tutor I've ever had.  She's a rather brilliant linguist, not to mention tall, Scandinavian, gorgeous, and a musician (plays bass guitar or something in a band).  Oh, and she rides to uni on a bicycle in like... tight bike shorts.  Sometimes she's late and doesn't have time to change so she turns up all sweaty and flushed and... nevermind.  -.- 

I've had her for Intro to Linguistics in first year, which went somewhat okay, and also for Syntax last year, which was a disaster.  Anyway.  Dr. Tania Strahan?  Bad news for my grades.  *nods*

2.  I bought a Nintendo DS a while back.  Now I'm considering getting the new Pokemon game.  I know, sad isn't it?  And Xin, NO PIKACHU COMMENTS (nor you, Jackie).

3.  I can't be bothered doing more posts about my trip to America because I've been home a month so it feels kind of pointless and I'm too busy *coughplayingWoWcough* with uni.  But I'll upload photos up onto flickr bit by bit and one day, soon, I will linkr you to them.

4.  Some days, when I remember certain things, I feel like an arse.  Today is one of those days.

5.  My WoW server (Elune) is down for maintenance for two days.  Woe.

6.  I watched the BBC adaptation of Fingersmith on the weekend.  I liked it.  Elaine Cassidy played Maud really well.  Not to mention, she's cute.  :-D

7.  Trivia bot:  What's the past tense of the verb "to ring"?  (Hint: what's the past tense of the verb "to dive")

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I just had a dream that I was kidnapped by Czechoslovakians and sold into slavery.  I was researching their language for a linguistics assignment, so I was okay with being captured.  But as the dream went on, I got more and more stressed out because they just wouldn't speak Czech to me even though my assignment was about to be due in.  I think I eventually escaped but failed my assignment.

I suppose this is what comes of going to sleep without having done my linguistics readings.  -.-

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I have this crazy idea to make a personality test on OKcupid or something that tests what part of speech you are.

Nouns are popular, flexible and widespread.  Easily compounded.  Needs a verb to feel complete.  Enjoys the company of adjectives.

Verbs are active and a little promiscuos.   Needs a noun partner (or three) to feel complete, and also hangs out with adverbs on the side.

Adjectives are opinionated individuals who don't like each other, but enjoy exerting their influence on impressionable nouns.

Adverbs are a bunch of clingy emo misfits.  Those who don't fit into any of the other groups invariably end up here.  

Prepositions are an elitist bunch who don't welcome new members.  Some of them are subordinat0rs in disguise.

Determinatives are a small antisocial sect that hates everyone except for nouns.

Subordinat0rs will subordinate you.  Enjoys wearing leather and cracking whips.

Coordinators are of three types - "ands", "ors" and "buts".  The buts are very contrary.  The ors are indecisive.  The ands go on and on and on and on and on....


*goes back to my assignment*
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1.   Nifty quote from my Linguistics lecture (while the lecturer was demonstrating the various uses of negation): "None are less visible than those we decide not to see." 

2. Segolene Royal FTW.

3. I had a series of very strange dreams this morning set in wickedkiwiIngrid's twisted mind involving 4youreyesonlyKarine's chicken, cherubs, flashing neon signs, me being turned into an elf, and PVPing in World of Warcraft (and losing to the Horde, as always) - all of which were part of my overarching dream-quest to Read More Rayne. Ingrid, I don't think that, in my fevered and deranged state, your telling me that the next episode of Rayne was 2 scenes away from completion was good for my (already questionable) mental health. :p  I did get to read episode 6 of Rayne after I woke up though.  AND I LAUGH AT ALL YE WHO MUST WAIT ANOTHER WEEK FOR INGRID TO POST IT.  MUAHAHAHA.

4. And finally, this video just may redeem humanity (it took me entirely too long to type "humanity" just then - I kept typing humaninity...) in my eyes:

Syntax exam

Nov. 9th, 2006 03:15 pm
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Oct. 25th, 2006 11:59 pm
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I'm so utterly exhausted. :)

As you can see by the irrepressible smiley, however, I seem to be in a good mood. This is because of two very satisfying things.

1) I completed the Karate grading tonight easily, and am now an orange belt. :-)

2) I wrote an essay that I'm mostly pleased with, which I had fun researching, and which I submitted late because I spent too much time researching and so didn't start writing early enough, and... I just received a reply email from my tutor saying I wouldn't be penalised. Hee! Here's to hoping for an H1!

I still need to find two research articles for Second Language Learning and Teaching tomorrow, which I can't do. I'm just too tired. I need to sleep.

Also, tomorrow is my sister's birthday. She's turning 12. *wipes a tear* They grow up so fast. I remember a not too distant time when I could pick her up and carry her around. Now she's almost taller than me! O.O Well, that isn't really a feat of any magnitude. BUT STILL! Little sisters are supposed to stay little!


Bonne nuit!

p.s - blood elves are so cool zomg!
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Haven't slept for 24 hours.

Haven't played World of Warcraft for 32.5 hours.

Oh, the pain!

Almost fell asleep around 4am but pushed past the pain barrier and completed the assignment somewhat lucidly. Hooray!

P.S - My Syntax tutor is SO HOT. Tall. Gorgeous figure. Speaks fluent Norwegian. You can't beat Norwegian. And, she plays the bass guitar in a band. AND! She's a doctor (of linguistics). Dr Tania. How hot is that? Hawt. *nods*
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The Eskimo Poll is hereby ended.

The answer? There are two distinct Eskimo word roots for snow. One for snow in the air (qanik), and one for snow on the ground (aput)1. The rest are like the English equivalents of "snow drift" or "blizzard" or whatever. They don't count because if you counted those, English would have 30+ words for snow too.

1 From Geoffrey Pullman, The Great Eskimo Vocabulary Hoax.


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