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I like how Wiel and Johansson are both too intimidated by Gro's amazing abs to even put up a defense here.  You can see Wiel just sort of shrinking back in terror or awe, maybe both.  Even the Boobgrab, a time-honoured defensive tactic in women's handball, is powerless against the sheer might of Gro's abs.

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I am not lying. There are pictures under here. )

So that was my week in pictures, more or less. Tomorrow I start work again. Meh. The eve before work starts again is the worst. I dread it so much. When I'm actually working, it's not so bad. But Sunday nights are always hard.

At least Term 3 is only 9 weeks long, and then it's off to the USA.

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I went to the Nordic Festival in Warburton today. I took Jeanette along for company and she assisted me with directions, photos and important decisions regarding which Viking brooch/pendant/fridge magnet to buy.

Warburton is a pretty little town set against a beautiful backdrop of almost-Norwegian-like mountains. Jeanette enjoyed breathing the crisp country air, and I got excited over every Scandinavian flag I saw. I bought an exorbitantly priced Danish hot chocolate, but it tasted wonderful so it was worth it. Around midday, it became very wet and cloudy which made it all the more like Norway.

We wandered around the little tents and craft stalls that were selling Scandinavian products of various types. I wanted to buy everything. In the end I settled for a Norwegian car sticker and flag patch, a Viking longboat keyring, a handcrafted cup with runes and a horse motif thingy on it, two silver pendants and two Swedish fridge magnets.

We watched the Viking combat reenactment and got a great place under a tree. It started raining and everyone got wet but that just added to the Viking atmosphere. :D Afterwards, we went to see the Scandinavian photo and art exhibition and the Frojel Gotlandica Museum (private collection of Viking age jewellery and tools).

After lunch at the Three Sugars cafe, we went walking by the river and took many photos.

Click for Viking goodness )

And here is a YouTube video I uploaded just for you. Because nobody can ever have enough Vikings. :D

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Here is a post about things that make me happy.

Happy #1: Gro Hammerseng
Larvik won the Champions League! I got up at 3:15am to watch the live stream from the European Handball Federation website and almost died of stress when Larvik was losing 25-23 in the last minute AND THEN THE LIVE STREAM FROZE.  Turned out Larvik lost the second semifinal 25-24, but because they had won the first semi last week by 2 points, they still win overall! I'm so proud of my future wife, Gro. Even more so when I went and rewatched the final minute today and it turned out that she scored the last goal in the last few seconds which allowed Larvik to win by 1. It was a thing of beauty to hear the Norwegian commentators going crazy, yelling what I imagine was "GRO HAMMERSENG! SHE'S DONE IT. GRO HAMMERSENG HAS SCORED!"  It was like reliving the Olympics semi final when Gro single-handedly snatched victory from the the South Koreans in the very last second of the match by scoring right on the siren.  *sigh*  IloveyouGropleasemarryme.

Minor Gro picspam )

Happy #2: Eurovision
Eurovision has come and gone for another year. I am disappointed that Azerbaijan won this year, but w/e, none of them were really that good. I have several new Eurovision songs that I can listen to, and even if they're crap, at least they make me happy.  My favorites this year were: Iceland, Switzerland and Hungary.  I was very disappointed by the lack of hot European girls. Too many boy bands, especially boys with ugly mohawks and/or stubble.  I hate stubble.  Also, more countries need to sing in their own language.

Happy #3: Nordic Festivals
Ann emailed me today and alerted me to the fact that there will be a Nordic Festival this weekend in Warburton.  My love of Viking and all things Nordic compells me to go, even though Warburton is like 30 minutes past the end of the Lilydale/Belgrave train line, aka The Sticks. 

Happy #4: Inspiration
I started reading Game of Thrones on Saturday and somehow it made me want to work on my Viking story.  I jotted down a few ideas.  Basically, I realised that I needed a villain of some sort. Also, I can't decide if I want to keep it purely historical or just change the names of everything and make it more fantasy-based.  Thinking about these things make me happy because I can pretend that the story is in-progress as opposed to gathering-dust-in-my-harddrive.
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Yesterday I watched All Good Things..., the last episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I kept tearing up.  I didn't even like the series very much when I first started watching the first season, but now I find myself rather attached to all the characters.  I'll miss them.

Today I read "Goodbye to Berlin" by Christopher Isherwood and loved it.  It left me in a nostalgic, melancholy mood which I managed to combat by cleaning and rearranging my bookshelf.

"Berlin is a skeleton which aches in the cold: it is my own skeleton aching.  I feel in my bones the sharp ache of the frost in the girders of the overhead railway, in the iron-work of balconies, in the bridges, tramlines, lamp-standards, latrines.  The iron throbs and shrinks, the stone of the bricks ache dully, the plaster is numb."

A couple of pictures from last weekend )
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Okay, I have finally uploaded a selection of photos for the first 5 days of my trip. They are in this gallery. Each picture has been named and most of them have commentary. Just click on the first thumbnail and then keep clicking "Next".

Parts 2 and 3 coming in the next week or so. It only took me like 5 hours to select, upload and comment on these out of almost 4000. -.-

For those too lazy to look at the gallery, under the cut are five pictures that I feel best represent each of the five days (although so much happened in each day that it's actually quite impossible to represent a day with a single picture).

Days 1-5 )
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I'm just calling her "teh kitteh" for now until I decide on a name for her. Her previous owner called her "OJ" or "Olivia Junior", but I'm not sure yet whether to keep that name or rename her.

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Merlin 2x12 "The Fires of Idirsholas"  (And by "Idirsholas", they mean "Hawt Lesbian Lovin.")

Morgause/Morgana Picspam. 

Pictures of hot women under here. Also, spoilers. )


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Merlin 2x08 "Sins of the Father" Morgause/Morgana Picspam

Lots of pictures ahead )
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It's that time of year again that I love.  Early November - spring in full bloom with a hint of summer in the air.  And on a particularly hot day, as you're padding barefoot down the corridor, you can almost imagine that it's the Christmas holidays already.  The angst-filled dramas of October fade into the heady days of November (or at least, that's how it's always been), and it's hard to feel sad when the sun shines so brightly.

I haven't blogged in several days, and there's been some Important News that I should mention:

1) Last Friday, I finally had that chat with Teh Boss, and I was told that they're definitely offering me a position next year.  Included is probably either a Year 11 or Year 12 English Language class.  If it's Year 12, it's likely to only be a small class of about 12 students, which makes the idea of teaching Year 12 less daunting.  I probably won't be getting any History, but that's okay, I guess.  If I don't feel particularly happy about the news, at least I feel relieved: relieved to know what direction my life is heading in, and relieved to not have to be applying for jobs.

2) My parents bought a small apartment in Glen Waverley under my name.  Mum wanted me to jointly invest with her, but I told her that I didn't want the pressure of a mortgage just yet.

3) I levelled Lish to 80 a couple of days ago.  Finally!  As per usual, as soon I hit 80, I lost all motivation to keep playing.  Doh.  I really need to get her geared up though.

Cut for length )

Oh!  Speaking of chicks.  The little eggs in the little nest in our little tree finally hatched.  There are little birdies in it now.  I guess it's a good thing Stormy isn't around to eat them.  Here's a picture of the eggs from when they were still unhatched:

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I went to see "Whip It!" with Jackie and Rianna today.  I really liked it (and not just because I'd do about 50% of the cast).  Lots of girl power and all that.  Afterwards, we made up roller derby names for ourselves.  Jackie is "Jackie O'Nasty" (although I'm rather partial to "Smacky Jackie"), Rianna is "Sock 'em Full of Ri" and I'm "Lickya Lish".

Over the past week, I've been flying around Azeroth hitting up the candy buckets for Hallow's End, and getting the World Explorer achievement for Lish.  Much of it involved riding to the forgotten corners of the most desolate and hard to navigate landscapes in WoW.  And so, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you...

The Adventures of Lish in Azeroth #2 - The Most Depressing Zones EVAR, aka How Did I Ever Survive Questing Here Without An Epic Mount )

[Edit: OMG, I'm totally changing my roller derby name to 'Wicked Licious'.]
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I haven't updated this thing in a long time. I was too tired and busy during the last two weeks of term, and now it's the holidays and I'm too happily ensconced in reading and gaming to have time for LJ.

My last couple of days have been divided between reading Kushiel's Mercy, playing WoW, chatting on Skype, and taking over Europe in Medieval Total War II. And eating Doritos. And talking about chicken sex.


I'm really sad that I've finished the Kushiel series. It was one of those series of books that you don't want to finish reading, ever, because it's TOO AWESOME and you know you'll never find the like again.  But it's over.  All 9620 pages of it (yes, I counted).  Six awesome books of awesomeness.  It was truly epic.

I watched G.I. Joe on Friday and loved it. There, I've said it. DON'T JUDGE ME. Mostly the love was for Rachel Nichols and Sienna Miller (whose fight scene, by the way, was WAY TOO SHORT). And I am in love with Rachel Nichols' legs. I'm not normally a legs girl.  And I'm usually not this enamoured of a celebrity's body parts.  But oooomg her legs. They just go on forever.

Legs )

Oh Rachel!  *sighs*  When I find my hawt Scandinavian WoW-playing girlfriend, I hope she has legs like yours.

Also, I'm fairly certain that Rachel Nichols is at least bisexual.  Her first role on TV?  She was in a threesome with another woman and a guy.  Her first proper role in a movie?  It involved a make out scene with another woman.  And then she's in both Alias and The Inside as sexeh secret agents in hot power suits.  Plus, her on-screen chemistry with Sydney in Alias? HAWT.  And have you SEEN the pictures of her and Sienne Miller lately?  She clangs my gaydar bells so hard everytime I look at her, and I'm 80% sure it's not just wishful thinking.  I have two words for you, my friends: TOTES GHEI or at least totes bi

This post was brought to you by Rachel Nichols' Hawt Bisexual Legs (tm) and Melisquawke, the dominatrix chicken.

Bad sex

Sep. 9th, 2009 11:36 pm
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So, my friend Ingrid is currently working on the sex scene for her novel, and our conversations these last few days have revolved around buttsecks and lube bad sex scenes in fiction. What makes a bad sex scene bad? How does one write a good sex scene? Are the terms "love tunnel" and "lady business" ever called for?

To help answer these difficult questions, I created this graph:

The graph probably doesn't make much sense unless you've read these:
Lobster by Guillaume Lecasble
Eternity of Blood (AKA Night Travels of the Elven Vampire)

And just for fun:
The longlisted passages for the Bad Sex in Fiction award

And then there was this...
[11:42:42 PM] Ingrid says: So Paula introduced me to another term: Moss. Like the mossy mound. And also: Dew. So how's this for the TBSOL scene:
[11:43:05 PM] Ingrid says: ...her mossy mountain glistened with dew ... but less artificially sweet, less carbonated, less toxic green.]
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Are you ready?




INORITE??? How ghei are those pictures?!
To quote Ingrid: "This is officially the gheiest thing I've seen today. And I looked in the mirror."  LULZ.

And as if the pictures weren't incriminating enough, there's the interview in which Sienna says that they spent Valentine's Day together... IN BED. There's been no official announcements or anything, but between their snuggly hand-holdy pictures, several subtext-laden interviews, and that whole Valentine's Day thing... c'mon Rachel, Sienna. Subtlety - you're doin' it wrong!

People who remember my Great Rachel Nichols Obsession of 2006 will know how big a deal this is for me. It's about as awesome as if Angelina Jolie were to get together with Milla Jovovich. Awesomer, perhaps, because everyone already knows Angelina is bi.

Oh man, this has just made my entire week. Srsly. My soul is full of squee. I am shipping Rachel/Sienna so hard right now. SO HARD. 

Here are some icons I made, to celebrate. )

Anyway, thanks to [ profile] thrace_ whose post first brought this to my attention, and [ profile] khase_fan09 whose journal is a very comprehensive source of squee.
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Mah wheelz )
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Awwwwwww!  I was watching RSPCA Animal Rescue and there were these totally adorable trapped ducklings.  And as the rescue guy was releasing them, he said "Live long and prosper, little ones".  Lol, Star Trek reference!  And ducklings!  It's too cute.

The reason I'm suddenly watching TV is because I watched Home and Away (an Australian soap opera) today just for the lesbian kiss, to see if they would actually show it (and they did!) That would make it the second time I've seen a lesbian kiss on that show.  And I wasn't even looking out for it the first time.  This is entirely weird because I've tuned in all of two times this year, once by accident, and both times there were girls randomly kissing.  I think I just attract teh ghei, even on TV.

Speaking of teh ghei... here, have a picture of me in my new leather jacket. )

So while I was reading that article about teh ghei on Home and Away (hey that rhymed), I saw this ad from Centrelink: Centrelink recognises same-sex relationships from 1 July 2009.  They have this rather cute .gif ad promoting it, involving toothbrushes.  That's pretty cool.

Tomorrow (technically today because it's already 5am+), I have to go into YVG for my "induction".  The word "induction" always makes me think of cults and sacrifical virgins.  Anyway.  Wish me luck.

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1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

[ profile] quew gave me these three names:
Alice from Resident Evil
(I love how they're all fictional, lol)

Okay, let's see... )
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Okay, one word:  Dollhouse.

Fucking AMAZING.  I always knew it wouldn't be bad,  because, really, you cannot go wrong with the pure hotness that is Eliza Dushku plus the creative brilliance of Joss Whedon.  But this totally lived up to my impossibly high expectations, and then some.

All I can say is: "Ggggggggggggggggggnnnn".   <-- the sound of my brain turning to mush in the face of this:

Dimples, abs and leather )

So yeah.  It's taken years, and it may not be as awesome as Faith the Vampire Slayer, but Eliza Dushku finally has her own show, and Joss Whedon is at the helm.  Life is good.  I just hope that it gets picked up for more than one season, and that Fox doesn't fuck it up.
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Today I started off with junk food and got progressively healthier, for some reason...

2 Kinder chocolate bars (25g)
1 Mcdonalds chocolate thick shake
6 fries, stolen from Rianna
1 bite of Rianna's hamburger
1 KFC drumstick
1 bowl of sour & spicy soup
30g of stir-fried broad beans
40g of stir-fried Chinese garlic chives and pork strips
1 chopstickful of stir-fried bok choy
2 shellfish
1 bowl of rice
1 bowl of Szechuan chilli corn fish soup with beanshoots
1 bowl of (sweet) green bean soup

Food, let me show you it. )
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Happy New Year!

I am still in Singapore.  Today is our last day here before heading off to Thailand.  The last couple of days have been pretty busy.  My feet is QQing from all the walking.  Sooo much walking, omg.  Also some swimming.  (But not really  because I can't swim.)

Here is a picture of my footwear on a really nice tropical beach.  I particularly like the sign behind it.  :D

So in the last few days, I have:
- Shopped a lot
- Went to the Peranakan Museum
- Went to the Asian Civilization Museum
- Visited a Hindu temple
- Visited a mosque
- Visited Little India, Little China and Little Malay
- Gone on a night safari
- Spent a day at Sentosa Island
- Eaten papaya
- Drunk from a coconut
- Eaten a frog (yes, really)
- Attended a New Year's Eve party and watched fireworks
- Floated in a swimming pool
- Had a dream in which I was in guild chat (but like, a physical guild chat where there were rocks and waterfalls and people were actually there) and I kissed Alky on the lips but then [ profile] chewy3479  made a joke about him being a boy and Alky was like :( and then me and [ profile] quew started making out.  And then we went to the belltower of a church to have Christmas dinner with this old couple and they had a Sega and then ninjas attacked and there was a gang war between ninjas and vikings and I can't quite remember the rest but it was very complicated.  o.o

*is exhausted*

I have a billion pictures which I will post later.  Kbai for now.


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