Aug. 21st, 2010 06:08 pm
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I have voted!  I voted below the line and took great pleasure in putting a 58 next to Stephen Conroy's name.

Also, I talked to a cute girl handing out flyers for the Australian Sex Party.

On the way back to the car after voting, Rianna ripped off the banner for Family First with Steve Fielding on it (like, a 5 metre banner that was hanging along the fence).  I am a proud sister today.  We plan to use half of it as a toy for Kitteh to maul and the other half as lining for her litter. 

Afterwards, we went shopping at Chadstone and I bought new shoes and jeans for my trip.  In a fit of girliness, I also got some cool jewellery.  The important thing, though, is that Mission: Get Kangaroos was a success.
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Watching the inauguration, I laughed (out loud) at these three bits:

1) George W. Bush getting booed as he emerged.
2) Rick Warren (the reverend dude) sounding completely ridiculous and over the top. Was it just my atheist sensibilities or did he really sound that stupid?
3) The poem. And especially the. Way. It was. Being read like. This. (It wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been read right after Obama's speech, which was about 100 times more poetic.)
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Dear Americans on my flist,

PLEASE VOTE. (Unless you're voting for McCain, in which case feel free not to vote.) Srsly.

Also, if you're in California, remember to vote NO to Prop 8.


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"Oh, if you become VP.... Oh, it's Canada for meeee"

"Mrs Palin... I want to fly into your airspace!"
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So I'm sitting in a computer lab at uni procrastinating and generally being emo, and then I read this in the paper:

"Make no mistake about it. We've done it before and we'll do it again. America will once again rise from the ashes of the Bushes." -- Hillary Clinton

That just cracked me up so hard. The ashes of the Bushes. LOLOL.
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This article made me lol )

oh god no

Sep. 14th, 2008 08:05 pm
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I just read this in the paper:

Suddenly with "Walnuts" McCain and Sarah the Warrior Princess (!!!) marketing themselves as a pair of mavericks, Obama's extraordinary life story looked merely exotic, a Pacific souvenir.

I can't believe they're comparing Xena with Sarah Palin.

Please excuse me while I go choke on my own bile.

[Edit: But this makes the world okay again:
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Dear world,

Plz 2 be stopping ur bashing on China.


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So I've been following the news about the China/Tibet situation, and this is probably going to astound and/or piss off a whole bunch of people, but I do not support Tibetan independence nor do I think Western nations should continue to interfere.

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Dec. 7th, 2007 05:39 pm
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Rudd refuses to overrule ACT on gay partnership bill

SAME-SEX Australian couples may be able to have their relationship formally recognised as early as next year, after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said he would not overrule laws permitting civil unions.

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From The Age :D

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Today is Erin's birthday. So Happy Birthday Erin! in the highly unlikely case that she'll come across this post.

I had a nightmare this morning. It was disturbing. I can't remember it except there was something about the devil's handprint. And lots of blood.

After taking Rianna to Saturday school, I went grocery shopping for mum. I bought potatoes. The phrase "Happiness is not a potato" ran through my mind while I was buying the potatoes and made me smile.

Another thing made me smile today: this article. After a lifetime of being politically disillusioned, it's SO good to be able to read newspaper articles about this government and this country that don't make me feel angry or depressed. There's hope in the air. It's a good feeling. :-)

Also, this bit: "There are many other great stories in Labor's new team of leading women: 37-year-old Tanya Plibersek, the Minister for Housing and the Status of Women, 40-year-old Nicola Roxon, the Minister for Health and Ageing, and 39-year-old Senator Penny Wong, the Minister for Climate Change and Water — the first Asian-born female MP and openly gay(!!!) — are just a few." Could you imagine an openly gay Asian MP in the old Howard government?? Ha.

In conclusion: YAY.

Oh. Mum just came in. Apparently I am crappy grocery shopper. I did not buy the right kind of cookies (even though she didn't specify NOT to get these ones), and she's gonna have to go return them (return cookies? Like wtf). And she made some quip about the potatoes too. *sigh*
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Fuck yeah.


An update

Mar. 26th, 2007 11:27 pm
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I have been told by [ profile] wickedkiwi that I should update.

So here I am.

The last couple of weeks have left me too exhausted to write much. I even broke my New Year's Resolution of writing every day in my paper journal a few times simply because I fell asleep before I could remember to write in it.

I skipped karate today to read [ profile] tbsol_v2. I love TBSOL. It makes me happy and full of squee.

All my classes are going okay. Karate is going okay. Street Latin Dancing is going okay. My night job as a streetwalker is going oka... um nevermind.

My favorite subject is still Making China Modern, even though it depresses me completely and causes there to be much rage in me against Western Imperialism. I've never felt particularly Chinese or Australian. I've never felt comfortable in either culture. And I've always held quite a large amount of disdain for nationalism or patriotism and those people who paint themselves blue and drape the Australian flag over themselves and go to sporting events screaming "Aussie Aussie Aussie, OI OI OI!" I never understood it, even. So it is slightly... unexpected... and somewhat alarming, that I find myself feeling increasingly - dare I use the word - patriotic about China the more I learn about it, and the more I learn about how screwed up it was/is.

The other day while watching a movie in the lecture I felt tears come to my eyes.

Very alarming indeed.


*invades Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam and Japan*

*goes to bed*


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