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Uggghhhh.  I am updating my CV for the first time in four years and trying to figure out what stuff isn't relevant anymore.  Pretty sure where I went to primary school isn't relevant, but what about scholarships I got in high school and uni?

I hate doing this stuff.  But I'm forcing myself to do it early Saturday morning so it's out of the way and I can enjoy the rest of my weekend in peace.

Currently I am reading "Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro.  Anyone read that?  There is a lot of foreshadowing.  I am also watching Arrested Development, which is fun.  I managed to sneak in one episode last night before I fell asleep at approximately 9:30pm.  Yep, my life is pretty tragic at the moment.

I am determined to do some gaming this weekend.  I haven't played any games (other than board games - yay WoW monopoly!) for two months now.  I feel like a legitimate adult.  It's awful.  So... gaming!  Help me decide which of these games I should play next.  I bought them during various Steam sales and just haven't had a chance to play any of them yet:

[Poll #1873396]

And no, Ingrid, "World of Warcraft" is not an option!
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I know I still owe people questions from the last meme I posted but I just worked a 16 hour day which involved a House Swimming Carnival as well as Year 7 Parent Information Evening.  But I have a question for you all.

This is my dilemma: Recently I went to an English Language conference and met an English Language teacher from another school who asked for my contact details.  Today he emailed me asking if I'd like to catch up for coffee this Sunday.  Okaaay.  Do I A) go to this coffee or B) say I'm busy this weekend and that maybe we can catch up after I come back from year 7 camp, or C) just decline.

Reasons for maybe going:
- It's good to know other EL teachers for networking/resource sharing purposes.
- He seemed friendly enough.
- I should be more social.

Reasons for not going:
- He might be asking me out.  Awkward.

[Poll #1820861]
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One of my students, a very intelligent, high-achieving Year 11 girl who is not homophobic and has gay friends is utterly convinced that saying "that's gay" to mean "that sucks" is not offensive.  I have challenged her to find twenty young GLBT people who believe it's fine to use "gay" in that sense, and as part of the challenge, I'm also finding twenty young GLBT people who are offended by its use.

Help me out by answering this poll.  (Don't worry, I'll blank out/smudge your names when I show her the poll results.)  Because she's limiting me to surveying only Gen-Y people, please only vote if you were born between the mid 1970s and mid 1990s.

[Poll #1767296]

If anyone can link me to articles that convincingly argue against the negative effects of using "gay" to mean "bad", that'd be really useful too.

Rafa poll

May. 9th, 2011 07:31 pm
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Help settle this debate between me and [ profile] pebblin.

[Poll #1739519]
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I read a quote. Then I read another quote that contradicted the first one. Then I got confused. Then I made a poll.

[Poll #1726958]

To me, it feels like the first quote is the typical Western school of thought that derives from a capitalist, Christian, egocentric context (that's not to say it's necessarily bad, though), whilst the second one seems almost Confucian/Buddhist due to the focus on self-improvement. But that's probably me going too Arts degree on it. What do you think?
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I've been deep in thought about this Very Important Decision for almost three days, and I still can't decide.  Luckily for me, there is an easy solution: LJ Poll!

Take a look at these:

Picture under here )

I want to get a hoodie and a t-shirt with our guild tabard/symbol on it, but I can't decide which combination of colours/designs.  Should I get the grey hoodie or the black hoodie?  I'm leaning towards black hoodie, but that means I can't wear it when it's sunny, because it will absorb all the rays, just like my hair, and I will BURN TO DEATH.  If I get the black hoodie, I'm getting the grey shirt, but which design should I get - the ringer design, or the basic t-shirt?  I really like how the ringer t-shirt looks, but if the sleeves are too short, I know they will annoy me, so I don't know.  -.-  If I get the grey hoodie, there is no black ringer design, so I will have to get the basic t-shirt. 

[Poll #1505170]

Sorry if this entire post was totes inane.
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Emo Lish is emo today. :/

Meeting with Teh Boss went pretty well. I typed out a whole paragraph about it but deleted it because it was boring.

Battlestar Galactica is boring me, for some reason. I keep trying to watch the next episode but end up tuning out and doing something else before it even gets past the opening credits. I'm gonna take a break from it and watch some Trek.

[Poll #1433366]

Man, I can't believe it's only week 2. I'm already exhausted. *sigh*

New car

Jul. 16th, 2009 10:06 pm
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ZOMG I love my new car.

It drives like a dream. Srsly. It's like driving a brand new car, though I wouldn't really know, since I've never had a brand new car. But it feels like driving a new car. It even still smells new. It runs so smoothly. It's very, very, very maneuvrable. Corners and turns are so easy. Parking is so easy. It accelerates amazingly quickly. The heater heats up quickly. The demister demists quickly. Driving to work today, and driving home, was actually FUN. Usually it's the most tedious thing ever, but I can't wait to do it again, that's how awesome my new car is. CAR WIN.

I have some pictures I took yesterday but they are on my aunt's camera, and my aunt just left for Singapore so I can't get them off her. This is what my car looks like, except mine is more light blue-ish.

It turns out my numberplate is not WZX, but WRZ, so I'm not naming it Wesley (sorry, Tara). I'm completely unimpressed by my numberplate, especially since I hate the letter 'W'.

I am taking suggestions for names. Any and all suggestions welcome. [Poll #1430555]

Also, major spoilers for just about every single TV lesbian relationship to follow, especially LHDP )
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Zomg I'm still completely undecided as to what to name my new kitteh.  Here are the ones I'm considering after getting a whole bunch of suggestions from you guys:

[Poll #1426193]
Interesting linguistic fact about 'Hel':  It is derived from the proto-Indo-European *kel- meaning "conceal", and is distantly related to words like hole, hollow, hall and cell.  The Norse goddess Hel is the daughter of Loki and resides in a place also called 'Hel', similar to the Greek Hades.   She has parallels to the Indian goddess Kali in both name and function.  Problem is, Hel/Kali are described as dark or black goddesses, and my cat is very much bright and shiny.  So it doesn't exactly fit.  And Hel is like the place you end up if you don't go to Valhalla, which contradicts the name of my character, Valkyrja (valkyrie - the women who take you to Valhalla, not Hel).  Then again, Hel is like a diminutive of Helena, which is Huntress's name in the DC comics, so it would be kinda cool.   AND OMG I AM OVERTHINKING ALL OF THIS.

I suck at naming things.  >.< 
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So I've been indulging in an orgy of fanfic reading the last couple of days.  Veering wildly back and forth between J/7 and T/7.  Today I'm on a T/7 kick and reading old favorites from Perfect Misfits, Lisa Countryman's site and VJB.  The nostalgia is pwning me hard.  *sighs*  I need to find a new fandom or something.  It's too depressing reading stuff that was written in 2000 or even 1999 (last century zomg), knowing that some of them will never be completed, or that there'll never be a sequel, or that the heyday for this particular pairing/fandom is long past.  Blah.  So yes.  New fandom.  Any suggestions, people?

In WoW news, I totally tamed Loque'nahak today!  I've been stalking him all week.  For those of you who don't know, Loque'nahak is a rare elite cat that spawns in Sholazar Basin.  He's incredibly hard to track down because of the sheer number of people wanting to tame him or even kill him (for the achievement).  I almost died from excitement when he spawned only 20 or 30 yards away from where I was sitting.  There was a random pally nearby and I thought he was going to grab him, but I tagged him first.  By the time I found my "tame beast" button, he was almost half dead because I'd been in such a frantic hurry to tag/shoot him, lol.  Anyway, here is a pic of my new kitteh along with my friend broken_faerieNyy, who also recently tamed Gondria (another rare elite).  Mine is the less ghostly looking one.

picture under cut )

So now I have a dilemma.  Originally I was going to name my new pet "Huntress" (and then name a bird pet "Black Canary" - after the DC comic heroines :D), but this cat just doesn't look like a girl cat.  I have a billion female names but I can't think of any names that would suit a male cat other than "Stormy".  So... what should I name him?

[Poll #1425762]


Mar. 16th, 2009 11:03 pm
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The interview went pretty well, I think. 'Pretty well' as in, I'm not mildly traumatised and overanalysing every little question in my head, as I am wont to do after these sorts of things.

Uni today was a complete waste of time. We spent 1.5 hours attending a lecture on how to use SuperSearch, which just about every subject in my undergrad, as well as last year's MTeach has already gone over TO DEATH. We ended up spending only about 10 minutes on actual ESL stuff. The other 20 minutes were lost to our lecturer bumbling about and being disorganised and airheady. So frustrating!

Afterwards, I met up with Jackie because she wanted me for my car (to drive her home). We had dinner at Nandos and discussed fascintating things such as the female internalisation of the male gaze, whether Xin is Really That Tall, and whether holding hands or sitting on laps is the worse form of PDA.

So, my flist, I bring to you another poll...

[Poll #1366366]

Oh! I almost forgot. I met a totally cute girl today. Or woman. I'm not really sure how old she is. Anyway, her name is Catherine. Or possibly Katherine. Or maybe even Kathryn. She sat next to me for 2 minutes during the useless SuperSearch lecture before moving elsewhere because she couldn't see. But we exchanged names. And meaningful eye contact! With smiles! I think. Maybe. >.> She remembered me from the last time we met. But, she's not in my class. So, I'll probably never see her again. *sigh*
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This poll from the official star trek site just amused the hell out of me, so I'll recreate it on my LJ.

[Poll #1365850]
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[Poll #1256715]


Apr. 24th, 2008 11:10 pm
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I have to choose my elective subject for next semester, and I'm having trouble deciding between:

A) Foundations of Mathematics Teaching

B) Australian Indigenous Education

"A" will qualify me to teach maths to a Year 9 level, which is probably good for my career.  But it'd be a lot of work.  And I'm not sure if I even want to be qualified to teach maths in case I get given a whole bunch of maths classes to teach.  On the other hand, I think I would enjoy teaching low level maths on some level.  But like I said... a lot of work.

"B" seems interesting enough, and the assessment is easier.  But I'm not sure if I want to move into rural areas to teach, no matter how much dough the government offers, so I'm not sure how professionally useful this particular elective is going to be.  Also, I have the feeling that this subject might be one of those ones that I've already covered in-depth in my Arts degree, and this'll just skip the surface of it and make me go -.-.  But like I said... easy assessment. 

Anyway, I can't decide.  Choose for me.

[Poll #1176303]
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So I found a "LICENSED REAL XENA ORIGINAL CHAKRAM" on Ebay going for about $280 USD. This is the cheapest I've seen it at (and trust me, I've been keeping an eye on chakram prices for years). Plus, the USD's current strife makes now a rather good time to be buying expensive things from America. But $300 is an awfully large amount of money to spend on something. And if you add on the shipping it's more like $350 AUD. I could almost buy a Wii with that. But it's so shiiiiny. I waaants it. My precious.

What should I do?

[Poll #1147411]
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Today is my dad's birthday so last night a whole bunch of guests came over for dinner at our house. I was assigned to the "children's table" (ie the coffee table in front of the couch) along with my sister and 2 other little kids, which is kinda humiliating (because there were 2 other young people my age who sat with the adults) but very preferable because there's nothing more boring than being trapped at the adult's table with them all speaking Chinese and talking about stocks.

The good thing about eating at the "children's table" was that we could watch TV at the same time. The bad thing was that America's Next Top Model was on, and my sister and the two other little girls were like "Ooooooooo" and I was like *groan*. The highlight was when they were shooting in Thailand and the models were posing atop elephants, and this one girl was like: "I looove Elephants. They're so majestic! Like dinosaurs. Cos they're in the dinosaur family, you know." .................. O.o .............. Excuse me while I AHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Another amusing moment from last night was when one of the little girls came into my room and her eyes were very round as she looked around at the swords and my Xena calendar, and she was like: ".... are you a tomboy?" Heh.

In other news, [ profile] quew seems to have returned to LJ for the time being, so welcome back!

Last night, my new xenite friend [ profile] gravity_star and I were talking about how people seem to fancy Gabrielle over Xena. So here's a poll.

[Poll #1129131]


Nov. 12th, 2007 06:24 am
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[Poll #1086773]
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In my infinite procrastination, I've gone and signed myself up for NaNoWriMo. So this November I will be writing a novel.

I've actually wanted to do this ever since I heard about it back in year 11, but seeing as November has always been Exam Month of Much Doom and Stress here in Australia, I never signed up. Anyway, November is still my exam month but it's my last year in my undergraduate degree and this is as good a time as any to do it. I'll have even less time when I start working, I figure.

Sooooo.... yeah. Novel. 1667 words a day should be totally doable, right? Right.

Now I just have to decide what the hell I'm going to write about...

[Poll #1069329]


Oct. 5th, 2007 05:22 am
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[5:09:55 AM] Lish says: If you were cursed/blessed with immortality, what would you do with your life?
[5:10:24 AM] Ingrid says: I'd play more WoW cause I wouldn't feel as guilty about wasting my time
[5:10:29 AM] Lish says: ...........................

[Poll #1066039]
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I was reading an article about the Borg on Wikipedia (because I read Wikipedia articles all the time when I'm procrastinating - I learn an awful lot doing that), and I came across this sentence:

Borg nanoprobes are injected into the bloodstream of a victim by a number of tubules (usually two) that spring forth from the top of the hand (or some other extremity) of a Borg drone.

Some other extremity? Like... a foot? o.O

A tentacle maybe?


But anyway, onto business. Comrades, I have an important decision to make... and I've decided that YOU will help me make it.

Recently, I've developed an obsession to acquire a Starfleet uniform. Complete with pips, insignia and underwear. I really, really want Starfleet underwear. But I digress. Anyway, I found some Star Trek costumes on Ebay, and this leaves me with a huge dilemma: do I get it in red or gold? Red looks better on me than yellow. And "command red" does have a certain sexiness to it. On the other hand, red just reminds me of Janeway or Paris (or god forbid, Chakotay)... and getting my uniform in gold would allow me to dress up as B'Elanna Torres. Could be fun if I ever got a girlfriend and she dressed up as Seven. *waggles eyebrows* ...then again, I do look better in red... and command is sexier than engineering or ops...

[Poll #993991]


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