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Ugghhh I have to lesson plan for tomorrow but here are all the things I would rather do:

1) Check Tumblr
2) Play stupidly addictive phone games like Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes
3) Browse Steam sales
4) Research types of guitars to buy
5) Practice guitar
6) Buy the Zombies, Run! app and go for a run
7) Finish reading The Picture of Dorian Gray
8) Finish reading Beowulf in Old English while also listening to the audio book
9) Watch Bones Season 7
10) Finish watching the entire series of Battlestar Galactica
11) Submit my poetry to various publications using Duotrope
12) Try to finish writing my Viking story that I started for NaNo 2007
13) Cuddle Kitteh
14) Play Diablo 3 with my new Finnish friend
15) Complete L.A. Noire
16) Start playing Star Wars KOTOR which I just bought for $2
17) Reorganise all my iPhone apps

Uggghhh, lesson planning. But let's face it, I'll probably spend my evening procrastinating by bouncing between 1, 2 and 13. Before I know it, it'll be 10pm and bedtime but I'll still not have done my lesson planning and end up staying up until 1:30 am doing preparation, by which time I'll have gotten my second wind and be like "screw it, I'll already be sleep deprived if I go to bed now. Might as well stay up EVEN LATER". And this is how Lish fucked herself over for another Monday morning.


Also. I really need to make myself some Missy Higgins icons for LJ. That's 18.

[Edit: Totes completed my lesson planning BEFORE dinner and then crossed off some things from my list.  Yay :)]


Apr. 8th, 2010 12:01 pm
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Oh god staying home today was a mistake.  HALPS THE PROCRASTINATION MONSTER IS EATING ME.


Who am I kidding?  It's already eaten me and I am now stewing helplessly in its digestive juices.
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This morning I busted out with my Uber Essay Marking Mode and forced myself to get through a stack of Year 9 essays in about 2 hours.  I managed to do this using my iPod touch timer - 5 minutes per essay, max.  My reward?  I got to play WoW.  Sadly, I am still horribly behind in the list of things I need to do.  So I've made this deal with myself:  If I can finish all the things I'm behind on, I don't have to go into work tomorrow.

These are the things I have to do:
Do Year 9 Progress reports  [ x ]
Mark Year 7 Humanities assignments   [ x ]
Mark Year 11 homework     [   ]
Do Year 11 Progress reports   [   ]
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Thank god I only have to teach two classes tomorrow because I AM SO NOT READY.

I am going to blame WoW and [ profile] thrace_.  Mostly [ profile] thrace_.

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To-Do List:


Mark Year 10 Mockingbird creative tasks  [ x ]
Mark Year 10 Literature poetry folios [ x ]
Mark Year 9 poetry folios [   ]
Mark Year 8.1 essays [ x ]
Mark Year 8.2 essays [ x ]
Mark Year 9 exams [ x ]
Mark Year 10 exams [ x ]
Mark Year 10 Literature exams [ x ]

Write Year 9 Tutorial reports [ x ]
Write 8.2 reports  [ x ]
Write 8.1 reports  [ x ]
Write Year 9 reports [ x ]
Write Year 10 reports [ x ]
Write Year 10 Lit reports [ x ]


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Things I haven't yet done at 1:28 am on a Monday:
- Mark exam papers for movie subject
- Write reports for movie subject
- Prepare material for two classes tomorrow

Kill me now.


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I'm procrastinating hardcore, so I will talk about WoW.

Today I ran heroic Halls of Lightening and heroic Violet Hold.  I managed to get myself two more epics.  A staff which dropped from heroic VH, and then I bought myself a belt with my saved up emblems.  I also finally reached Champion status in the Argent Tournament.  Getting really sick of the dailies though.

I finally got the Explorer title, after months of flying/riding around Azeroth hitting up all the places I didn't explore during my questing days, which were usually the most far away, annoying, hard to find places.  I think the next title I'll aim for is Chef.  I really want "Salty" but some of the fishing achievements are nigh impossible.

On the productivity front... I've done half a report.  Yes, half.  I still need to do another 33.5 reports, and mark about 20 exam papers.

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So I've been working on this stupid assignment since Sunday night. That's 27 hours, not including sleep. I've written 750 words.

Speed: 2.16 words/min.

Estimated time of completion at this rate: 45 hours.

Essay is due in: 3 hours 48 minutes.

Annoyance with self: ∞
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You know what's hard?  Writing a literature review when one of the key sources you're basing your review on is an article your lecturer/tutor wrote earlier this year.  -.-  Even worse?  He's on my CV as a referee.  And I happen to really like him.  Makes it really hard to bullshit.  It really does.

This is almost worse than the time I had to bullshit my way through a Beowulf essay when I knew the guy marking my essay was one of the pre-eminent scholars of Old English/Beowulf in the world.  And the tutorial had only six people in it, so it wasn't like I could just hand the crap essay in and hide my feelings of mediocrity in the comforting blankets of anonymity.

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1900 words stand between me and the end of the MTeach.  Yes, it's taken me a whole four days to write 100 words.  Technically 71 words, but I'm rounding it up.  This is pathetic.  In fact, pathetic doesn't even begin to describe it.

Five hours sleep last night.  This morning I had a dream that was vividly sad.  Damn you, subconscious.

No word from Camberwell High today.  Epic fail.

Rianna has gone on school camp this week so I don't have her sometimes annoying but usually welcome presence to distract help me procrastinate.  I seem to be managing well on my own, though.  The house is very quiet without her here.

Today's xkcd reminds me of [ profile] selina_.

And that is all.
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4000 words are all that's keeping me from the end of the MTeach. 

I attempted to pull an all-nighter last night but failed.  There was a big storm, and one of my favorite things is to go to sleep with thunder rumbling in my ears and rain pounding on my windows.  So around 3am I gave up the fight and blissfully passed out on my bed.  Set my alarm for 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30.  I eventually got up 4 hours later than intended from my nap-turned-coma.

This morning my flist is bursting with excited screencaps of WotLK, and I am cursing the world.  I cannot convey to you how much I want to go pick up my pre-ordered Collector's Edition and install it and just... play.  But I can't.  *twitch*

I am drinking tea.


Nov. 11th, 2008 02:09 am
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Procrastination highlights of today:
- Playing this very addictive Flash game.
- Emailing Ann
- Reading discussions on whether souls exist
- Talking to Julia for two hours on voicechat

Today's tally
Word count: 0
Procrastination: 14 hours


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I just read the funniest article on AfterEllen - 11 Unintentionally Scary Lesbian TV Moments.  Number 8 is so very true, lol.  And number 1 made me want to watch Bad Girls again really badly.  Mmm Helen Stewart... *dreamy look*

In other news, I've been keeping abreast of the US election while at the same time getting my daily dose of lesbian-in-a-powersuit through The Rachel Maddow Show.  Fun fun.

Yesterday I finished reading Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden.  For those of you who don't know, it's a 1980s teen romance book depicting a lesbian relationship with a happy ending (shock horror!).  I thought it was okay.  Sweet, but a little out-dated.  The characters were a little bland, too.  They could have been anyone (which is probably what Nancy Garden was aiming for, I guess).  But whatev.  Alix and Valerie is way better.  :D

And finally, I've developed a minor crush on Bridget McManus after watching several episodes of Brunch with Bridget.  I just watched Episode 23 (Brunch with Spashley) and zomg I'd forgotten how cute Spencer/Ashley is.  I really need to download Season 2 of South of Nowhere.

I'm looking forward to life after the MTeach.  Here is my list of things to do so far:
- Play badminton with [ profile] junet_
- Go to a gay club with [ profile] junet_ where I will proceed to not drink alcohol, refuse to dance, and be too shy to go up to women for the entire evening
- Pick up Wrath of the Lich King and overdose on WoW
- Buy an Xbox 360 and Rock Band
- Watch South of Nowhere, Bad Girls, Chuck, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and anything else I've been too busy to follow
- Sleep, eat, etc.
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Haven't gotten to sleep yet. Haven't finished my essay either. Basically I've been procrastinating all night.

At one point I randomly decided to stalk Tania (hot Norwegian Linguistics lecturer/tutor) again... because stalking people is fun. Anyway, I managed to find her blog about her adventures in Iceland, which makes for fascinating reading. She talks about Iceland and Linguistics a lot, which are two of my favorite things. Anyway, I was thoroughly enjoying living vicariously through her blog... and then I got to this bit and rofled:

Had my lecture on Australian English on Monday morning and got a round of applause - yay! The students reminded me of La Trobe and Monash students, very lovely and definitely willing to ask and answer questions.

Hmmmmmm. No mention of her wonderful Melbourne uni students. Hahahaha.

...she probably hated us. /:)
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Apr. 6th, 2008 08:32 pm
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I am procrastinating on my essay that was due on Friday by writing about how stressed I am.

Tomorrow another 6 week intensive subject starts up (as if I didn't have enough already!) which will mean I don't get home on Mondays until well past 7pm.  Hooray.

Also, May 23rd.  The fast approaching day of doom.  Pretty much all my subjects have a major assessment due on that day.  And then the following week sees the beginning of my 3 weeks of teaching everyday.

So. Damned. Stressed.



Oh, one other thing.  Despite all the doom and gloom, I did manage to find the time to watch the new Gladiators tonight.  So very lame, but instant 9 year old feeling.  Ahhh.
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Unwilling lines race
This eternal essay hell
The clock creeps along


[1:56:20 PM] Ingrid says: that's like ... 11 words that could've gone into your essay


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Q. What does a semanticist call an elevator operator?
A. A member of the vertical transportation corps.

...unless said semanticist is a subscriber to the Natural Semantic Metalanguage theory, 'cos then it would be something like:

A. Someone who spends a lot of time in a place that goes up and down and this place that goes up and down is a smaller world than the world in which it goes up and down in, and the someone is happy that it goes up and down, because their place in the world is to be the person who is in the place that goes up and down, and the place that goes up and down takes other people up and down, and the other people feel good about that because this is what they want.


To save me from linguistic-induced insanity, here's a meme I found in my LJ archives from ages ago:

Clickr for meme )

P.S. I am totally in love with Missy Higgins.  I love this song.  It's so uplifting.  :-)
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I should be doing my Semantics essay but in my procrastination I somehow ended up on a Chinese poetry site. So I'm reading poems with fascinating titles such as "Many People Come to Visit and Bring Wine After I Fell Off My Horse, Drunk."

I found this Chinese/English dictionary online, which is really cool, because it lets you look up Chinese characters by drawing them. How freaking awesome is that? I wish I had something like that back in my Chinese school/VCE days.

So, I've been listening to Damien Rice - 9 Crimes way too much. Last night in my nightmare about having a party in which all my high school classmates came to my house and I had no idea how to entertain them all, someone handed me a microphone and made me sing "9 Crimes" in front of everyone. It was quite traumatizing. Like srsly.

I wish my essays would magically write themselves. This semester has been so full of fail. I don't think I've handed a single essay in on time. It's all very odd for me, because usually I'm like the most conscientious student evah. Well, I used to be.

Zomg Julia is pwning me in Scrabulous! -.-
Good to know that some things never change though. :-)


Must. Get. Essays. Done. OMG.


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