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I spent way too long on Tumblr yesterday because I couldn't deal with my the world's issues, and Tumblr is like rainbow crack that makes everything better. 

Today turned out to be a wonderful day.  All (two) of my English Language classes went really well.  My smart Year 11 class enjoyed the lesson on Beowulf and Old English; I'm so happy.  And I didn't have to see my Year 7s all day - BAM, instant win. 

Then I read two articles in the newspaper that made me feel like the world was okay:
1) To know us is to let us love 
2) Missing for eight years, pet cat turns up 

I'm still holding out the hope that Stormy will come home one day.  When he's done travelling Finland. *nods*

The last and best thing about today was that I came home to find a package from [ profile] red_said.  There's nothing quite like getting real mail.  <3
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This is what I got up to today:

I drew it on my Nintendo DS using a program called "Colors!", which is a nifty little program, kind of like a (very simple) Photoshop for the DS.  The advantage is that you get to use the stylus and it's touch sensitive.  (By the way, you can also download it for the iPhone and iPod Touch.)

The cool thing about this program is that it also records the strokes you use and you can play it back to see the entire drawing process in fast forward.  You can export it into an .avi file too, and play it on your computer.  So then I used Ulead VideoStudio 11 to give it a soundtrack and uploaded it to YouTube.  You can watch it here: 

In other news. Today was Chinese New Year Eve so Chin's parents invited us all to their place for dinner. Chin is my estranged former childhood best friend who I no longer have anything in common with and who I find extremely awkward to talk to these days. You know, the childhood best friend who your parents are forever comparing you to because they're smarter and more successful and taller than you. Mum no longer compares our successes because Chin has moved out with her Australian boyfriend which is like... no. But as expected, Mum made me wear high heels today. -.-

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Wee update

May. 12th, 2008 10:59 pm
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I'm eating chestnuts and remembering how Stormy used to be crazy about them. They were like catnip or something. Stupid cat.

I am incredibly stressed out this week. I can't tell you how much. I'm so over this 18 week semester thing. Semesters should be 12 weeks long damnit.

Also, I should apologise for my utter failure at replying to comments lately. Please do keep commenting though. Even if I don't reply, I still read and appreciate them a lot.

In other news, I wish I lived in Finland.
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I maded more lolcats )

So yesterday I finally went to get the cervical cancer vaccine and it's made me sleepy like whoa. All I've felt like doing lately is sleeping. Mmmm sleep.

I also finally got Kim Harrison's fifth book, "For A Few Demons More", but the cover doesn't match my other four, and this makes me unhappy. VERY UNHAPPY. *scowl* That's the last time I order something from Angus & Robinson's. Borders all the way, baby. Giant multi-national corporations that eat up little local stores for breakfast FTW. Kinda like the Borg, actually. Sure they'll assimilate you, but at least they'll have matching book covers. I can see the Borg being that anal. Srsly.

Oh hai

Feb. 1st, 2008 07:46 pm
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Today is a momentous day! Stormy has made his debut as a Lolcat.

Please to be voting for him (you can do this by clicking on the pics under the link and giving cheezburgers).

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K bai.
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Today I am like a pizza. The flavour is Emo Supreme. With extra cheese.

The backyard renovations are almost done. They've just gotta put the deck in now. I liked the old backyard better. The one that actually had trees. Now it's all tiles and concrete. I'll post some before and after pictures when they're done.

I have half a chakram buried under those tiles. It's probably all rotted away by now, though. So... correction, I have a rotted away chakram under all those tiles.

Have you ever wondered why flies fly into your kitchen, and then spend the rest of their lives bashing themselves against the window to fly out again?

I had a dream this morning that I found Erin in WoW. Her username was something really boring like ekmbuehler or something. I remember being surprised that out of all the servers there were, she had ended up on my one.

Today is the one year anniversary of Stormy's disappearance. Stupid cat. :-(

Here are some pics to celebrate his undying cuteness.

Stupid cat )

I miss him. A lot. :(


Nov. 13th, 2007 06:39 am
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Jan. 26th, 2007 11:50 pm
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Life is pretty simple right now, and yet oh so complicated too.

Simple in the way that it's summer and I have no responsibilities beyond getting up every day. No school, no work, no girlfriend...

Complicated in the way that... well, I'm not going to say, because I've already said it all in a private entry.

Mum and Rianna have come back from their holiday and I'm finally getting some vegetables back into my diet. My dad fails at cooking dishes that aren't at least 10% fat. We had corn today for lunch. Mmmm corn.


See, the trouble with leading the simple life is that I don't have much to blog about apart from the corn I had for lunch. Recap of my day: I woke up, I hung out the washing, I helped clean the kitchen, I played WoW a little, I chatted with [ profile] wickedkiwi, I had dinner, I watched many episodes of Angel with Rianna... and that's about it.

Mum threw out Stormy's bed (cardboard box + hand-made cushion with patterned fish on it) today. It was sad. :(

The Midsumma Pride March was last Sunday but I felt too closeted (and lazy) to go out this year, even though Mum was safely in China and Dad doesn't keep track of my whereabouts at all. Speaking of closets, I took down my dozen plus Xena posters which have decorated the wardrobe doors and walls of my room for almost a decade. This is a rather drastic move. My walls look naked without them. This doesn't mean I love Xena any less. It just means that I'm increasingly less comfortable with people walking into my room and judging me by what they see.

The two events in the above paragraph - not attending Midsumma and taking down Xena posters - may look rather innocuous by themselves, but put together they are a little worrying. Could it be that I, Lishesque, the great seducer of women, is turning straight? o.O Unfathomable! I would be worried, but seeing as I still have no interest in men emotionally/relationship-wise whatsoever, I'm kinda not. Though, I have to admit that I am a little worried that I'm slowly inching my way back inside the closet.

Anyway, I'm not sure what I'm going to do now. This LJ entry is boring me. Don't feel much like playing WoW. Maybe I'll watch a movie.

*wanders off*

P.S. - Happy Australia Invasion Survival Whatever Day to the Australians on my flist.
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I should be sleeping, but I can't sleep. Mum recruited me to work in the cafe tomorrow, which means an 8am start. Pfft. I haven't gotten up that early since high school.

Over the last couple of days I've had a lot of dreams about Stormy coming home. It's quite torturous. Because he hasn't.

I miss that stupid cat. I miss his stinky cat breath when he yawned widely right in my face. I miss how he'd attack my hand with his claws out but gently enough that it (usually) didn't hurt. I miss the warm dent he left at the foot of my bed after sleeping there for hours curled up in a lazy ball of fluff. I miss how he liked to hide around a corner and then jump out and playfully attack my feet as I'm walking down the corridor. I miss how he'd follow me for as long as he dared when I left the house to walk to the train station and how he'd sit on the pavement looking at me while I walked away. I miss how he'd lick my tears away when I cried.


I finally checked my uni results... 10 days after they came out. The delay wasn't for any particular reason (such as dread), but because I tend to lose track of the time rather easily these days. I don't think it's WoW's fault. It's more that I don't have anything to mark the time that passes by. Anyway, my results for last semester were:

Violence and Gender in Europe 1400-1900: H1
Second Language Learning and Teaching: H2A
Language and Culture: H1
Syntax: P

That's the first P I've ever received. It looked markedly alien next to all the Hs. But I deserved it, considering I stupidly overslept that morning and only finished 1/3 of the Syntax take home exam. Heh.

In other news, I watched Loving Anabelle the other day. I enjoyed it muchly. Erin Kelly is hawt.

In other, other news, all the Christmas decorations in the World of Warcraft remind me of the Discworld MUD Hogswatch (Christmas) festivities, which make me feel a bit nostalgic. I have some good memories amongst all those lines of text. Such as kissing [ profile] quew for the first time under the mistletoe... and making a Wizard character purely for the reason of magically producing a bouquet of flowers to give to random girls whenever I wanted... and repeatedly getting thrown out of the Assassin's Guild as a result of repeatedly trying to kiss the Assassin's Guild bath attendant (an NPC). Those were good days. :-)

...And when my LJ entry descends into a pointless reminiscing of my geeky and lecherous past, I think it's time for me to go to bed. *nods*

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Stormy is missing.  This is the third night he hasn't come home.  I try not to think about it but I'm really worried.  I'm just hoping he'll turn up miraculously at my window again like last time.  *sigh*

I hate not being able to do anything but sit and wait, so I'm going to post some heartbreakingly cute pictures of him here.  Maybe the combined force of my entire flist going "awwwwwww" will be a beacon of light that will guide him back home.  Although, given all the different countries my flist friends live in, Stormy might end up in France. :-)

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Zomg. My cat is crazy. So I'm eating an apple, and I off the sticker and stick it on Stormy's neckpuff for fun. And what does he do? He licks it off, sniffs it a bit... and eats it (with an audible gulp)!

*shakes head* That cat will eat anything.

In other news, I deleted Xena, my level 27 Night Elf Druid, and recreated her as a Human Rogue, looking much sexier and, well, less purple. Until I can get a horse at level 40, I have a pet parrot named Argo. Apparently, Xena is still in her pirating "10 winters ago" days. :-)

Also, Lishesque is now a big, buff, level 50 warrior. /flex. Oooo so strong.

Finished reading Wicked last night. *kicks Toto*

That is all.


Jun. 29th, 2006 04:44 am
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I was despondently reading my Dragonlance book in bed this morning (1:50 pm) when Rianna announced that my internet wasn't working. I replied, "I wouldn't care if the internet didn't work for a /month/, just as long as Stormy came home."

Five minutes later, Stormy jumped up onto our windowsill and meowed.


Of course, the internet obstinately refused to work all morning, which amused and worried me just a tad. It's working now, though, so all is well. Let's hope it keeps working for the rest of the month.

But dude! STORMY CAME HOME!!!!!!!

We fed him lots, 'cos he's all skinny and dirty looking with dull, matted fur... poor thing. But YAY! STORMY!!!

Celebratory picture (taken last month):

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Jun. 27th, 2006 03:33 am
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I cannot even begin to express my rage with words. CANNOT EXPRESS MY RAAAAAGGGGGGEEEEE.

Gah. So close. SO CLOSE!!! Fucking ref!!!


And Stormy still hasn't come home.

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Stormy didn't come home for dinner last night.

If he doesn't turn up soon, I will WREAK VENGEANCE on the world. And cry.

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People handing out "The Epoch Times" really should not stand in the middle of the entrance to Melbourne Central during peak hours while handing out said newspaper. Many people have to divert their course rapidly to avoid colliding with them.

I'm on a bit of a high from finishing the last of my assignments this semester. As of today, I am done with the Russian Revolution 131-050. And you know what? I'm never going to do modern history ever again - it's just way too political. Next year I'll do something fun and relatively unrelated to contemporary world politics like... the Vikings. But anyway, no more assignments for almost 2 months. *twitch of joy*

Hmm. *steeples fingers* My first Phonetics exam isn't until next Thursday. What should I do in the mean time? Should I watch a movie? Play a video game? Read some fan fic? Take over the world? Sleep? Ahh, so much time, so little to do...

Dad says Stormy got attacked by and fought with a possum today. He lost. And ran away. What a pussy. (badoom chish) :D

tangledtaleJackie, RETURN MY LIBRARY CARD! Or I shall steal your first born. And feed it to my cat. So that it can grow. And defeat possums. Mail it to me if you must!

Finally, I wish to say that the internet has been working adequately for practically all of today. So very, very tentatively, I shall declare my internet unbrokened (unbrokened because it certainly isn't fixed yet).

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Damnit. I wanted to write an entire LJ entry using the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) but Livejournal doesn't support a lot of the symbols in the font so it turned out like this:

soʊ, aɪv dəsaɪdəɾ˺ ðæt aɪm goʊɪŋ t ͪu ɹaɪt ðɪs p ͪost kəmp ͪli:ɾli: ɪn IPA sɪmbəlz bik ͪɒz ɪts ʌ gɹeɪt ͪ weɪ ɒv pɹæktɪsɪŋ ænɾ pɹəkɾæstəneɪɾɪŋ æt ðə seɪm t ͪime.

(So, I've decided that I'm going to write this post completely in IPA symbols because it's a great way of practising and procrastinating at the same time.)

Oh well. It's just as well, really, because that one sentence took me forever to write. A whole post would have taken all night. :p Anyway, onto the real post...

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Possibly because Stormy, for the third day in a row, woke me up at precisely 7:30 am and refused to stop meowing loudly until I took him all the way down the freezing corridor, across the cold tiles of the kitchen floor and laundry, and let him out into the backyard. Then I went back to bed for the half hour I still had left before I had to get up to go to uni. Damn cat.

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I wrote a short poem.  It's one of those rare ones that isn't autobiographical, and the only vaguely political one that I've written.  It doesn't rhyme, it has no structure, and is generally quite unlike my usual style.  But I think it's okayish, so here it is:

A Glorious Step

On a fiercely turbulent Autumn’s day,
I saw a massacre of red and gold.
The white sky’s long promised precipitation
Drenched that old red brick wall,
Crumbling, as dreams in bloody rivulets
Nurtured the dusty soil.
The root clawed out from beneath
And gnawed upon in starvation
Finally swallowed.

© Lishesque
May 2006

In other news, Stormy followed me down the street when I left the house this morning, for a whole five houses!  Usually, he only follows me across our rather large front yard, and past two other houses.  But ever since he came home from what I suspect was a fight, with a bloody ear, he's been afraid to leave our front yard.  But today he followed me for such a long time I was almost worried he wasn't going to turn back and would get lost.  Eeee, he's so sweet.  And I'm so proud of my brave little kitty.  :-)

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My cat is so cute... we were just playing the game where I put one of my ski gloves on and I let him attack my hand, and we were going at it - him and my hand rolling around on the ground, wrasslin' ferociously- and then he suddenly stops and scratches his ear with his foot. Hee. I love Stormy. :-)

I do not advise playing the above game with your cat to anyone, by the way. Stormy now has a bad habit of attacking my hands (and various other body parts) even when I'm not wearing ski gloves.

I met a really cool person (Kamila) from yesterday (three cheers to [ profile] warrior_cat, by the way, for getting me to join). Well, I don't really know her that well yet, but she seems like a great person. This makes me happy. Also, she's really, really hot. *grin*

In other news, I watched the last episode of season three L Word last night. Three words, dude. Three words. HOW COULD THEY???? *cries* Hell, I already knew about it. Just like I already knew about That Other Unspeakable Thing That Happened, but damn... actually /seeing/ it just SUCKS. *grumble* I officially have no reason to watch the L word anymore. But I know I will anyway.

I don't really have anything else to write about. I've been really exhausted all of today, and I can't focus on anything. I should really do more work on my next assignment, but I'm too tired to do anything but procrastinate. Hopefully if I get a full night's rest tonight I can start fresh tomorrow.

Oh, and I got my first Phonetics assignment back. H2A (A-, B+ ish). Eh, good enough. :-) I'd better get an H1 for Assignment X though.


Mar. 22nd, 2006 09:07 pm
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I just came home from driving and let Stormy into my room and started reading LJ comments and... I see Stormy playing with and occasionally biting a big black eight legged thing.

"Oh how cute, he's playing with the plastic spider I brought back from Dracula's"




*runs away*

So now there's a slobbery spider carcass somewhere in my room and I don't know where it is. Let's hope I don't find it on my pillow. >.o


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