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Wow, this month has been intense.

The highlights of this month included:

- Going to NZ and meeting Lucy Lawless (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
- VCAA exam marking
- Turning 27

I haven't yet really written much about NZ on here and I don't think I'll have time to go into heaps of detail.  But here's an album of pictures for those interested.  For those who want the short version: I decided to take a day off work and go to NZ for a long weekend to see Michael Hurst's Chicago. It is, perhaps, the only trip I've ever had in which everything has gone 100% right and there was absolutely zero disappointment or disaster in anything that happened. The longer version is as follows:

Our first destination after touching down in Auckland at approximately 5:30 am on Saturday morning was a long drive to Hobbiton.  It was pretty awesome as a first stop because it's just like phraawwrr LOTR scenery! The food at the cafe was great too.  My only gripe was that Hobbiton itself was a little too packed and touristy at times.  It would have been amazing if there were fewer people and we could just take our time wander about, but there was always a rushed feel to it. 

The Wai-o-Tapu Thermal Wonderland was our second stop. It wasn't as fangirl!excitement as Hobbiton but probably better value overall because the views were stunning and, by the time we went in the afternoon, there were very few other people there.  So we got to walk the trails at our own pace and just enjoy the beautiful New Zealand landscape.  I was lucky because Robin did all the driving so I didn't even have to worry too much about finding these places.  I'd planned out our stops beforehand, printed out a bunch of maps, brought along my GPS which has maps of NZ as well as Australia, and left it to Robin to get us to our destination. 

We stayed overnight at Rotorua, ate dinner at a gorgeous cafe/restaurant called Capers Epicurean where the waitresses had rainbow flags pinned on their apron things and were incredibly friendly. The next morning, we did the Rotorua Canopy Tour which, for me, topped both Hobbiton and Wai-o-Tapu.  Zip lining across the top of hundred year old trees and all that. It was the most expensive out of the three activities though.  I think what pushed it from a great experience to an amazing experience was the friendliness of the guides. At that point, Robin and I basically decided that Kiwis are just plain nicer than Australians.

After the Canopy Tour, we stopped by a Wendy's for a mandarin orange salad which I had fond memories of from the last time I was in NZ, but it wasn't quite the same.  Then we drove back to Auckland, checked into our hotel, and got ready to see Chicago.

I can't even begin to describe how amazing Chicago was.  First of all, the venue was incredible.  It was quite a small stage with four sides to it.  We were seated right in the middle of the front row on one side.  So I basically got to see all the action (including Lucy Lawless action!) from about 1 metre away.  There was one part of the show where Lucy (who was playing Velma) was swinging around a red whip and it almost hit me.  Oh man, it would have been kind awesome if it HAD hit me.  But anyway.  During the interval I asked one of the seat-pointer-outers (ushers?) if I could take a picture of the stage, and she was like "sorry, nope".  And I figured maybe she misunderstood me and though I wanted a pic of the actual performance when I just wanted a picture of the empty stage, so I asked another guy, and he was like "Sorry nope, no pictures at all.  But if you want a picture with the performers, they'll head out to the bar after the show" and I was like O.O  *HEAD EXPLODES KABOOM*  Because up until that point, I hadn't even entertained the thought that there would be even a minuscule chance that I could meet Lucy. Robin had said a couple of times on the drive there that our quest was to get me to meet Lucy, but I was like NO. WE ARE NOT MEETING LUCY. DON'T EVEN TRY TO GET MY HOPES UP.  So yeah. That's when everything changed.

After the show, I grabbed Robin and bolted for the bar and then asked the bar wench there really intensely EXCUSEME, CANYOUTELLMEWHERETHEPERFORMERSUSUALLYCOMEOUTFROMANDWHERESHOULDIWAIT? and she as like >.> uhh.... if you just hang around, they MIGHT show up. I mean, on all the nights I've worked here, I've only seen them come out maybe twice?  And I was like OH MAN IF LUCY DOESN'T COME OUT, I AM GOING TO BE THE SADDEST PERSON IN THE WORLD.  A few minutes passed. Hope diminished. I pulled out fifty bucks and was about to buy a margarita.  Stood in line. Then some random stranger who had obviously overheard my crazy fangirl stalking discussion earlier was like whispering loudly "she's right in front of you!" and I totally didn't even register that because I guess my head was in some weird dreamy place.  But then Robin was like "Dude, SHE'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU", and I turned slightly to the right and saw that Lucy had just purchased two glasses of wine about 2m away from me. But she was talking to someone else.  So I waited until she finished talking to the other person and was like UM EXCUSE ME HI COULD I BOTHER YOU FOR A MOMENT

Actually, I typed up the conversation for Ruth when I messaged her all about this right after the event, so I'm just gonna paste that conversation here:

Conversation with LL under the cut )

I'm sure there were other bits that I've forgotten because toomanyfeels, but that was the gist of it.  Basically, my overall impression of the meeting confirmed my suspicions that Lucy is the nicest person ever who is just amazing and wonderful to her fans. I really appreciate that she took the time to actually have a conversation with me.  It never felt for a moment, while I was talking to her, that she felt bothered or bored or wanting to go do something else. 

I still sometimes feel all weird thinking "wow, I've actually met her".  It was so indescribably strange to meet her and to watch her perform live, because it all seemed so familiar.  Because I've watched so many hours of Xena. Seen so many images and screensavers and wallpapers and icons of Xena. Read and written fanfiction describing how she looks, detailing all her idiosyncratic mannerisms and body language. Since I was 8 or 9, the image of a blue-eyed, brass-clad warrior woman has been engraved in my mind. And that night, I met the woman who holds her likeness.  It was utterly, utterly surreal.  I walked out of that bar feeling like anything in the world was possible.

Monday was also pretty amazing for reasons I won't go into here, but we ended up spending the last few hours of the trip in Auckland Museum (coincidentally fitting since it was the 11th of November). And then it was an uneventful flight back home and back to work.


Oh man, work. Yesterday was basically my first day off since getting back from NZ.  The weekend after, I had to attend a Training Day at the VCAA centre in Coburg from whence I brought home 150 English Language exams.  Every moment since then has been either working at school during the day or marking at home during the evening. Despite the fact that choosing to be an Assessor this year has meant that I've lost two weeks of my life to nothing but marking, it's been a pretty good experience. I enjoyed the Training Day because it confirmed that I was doing a lot of things right and all my marks were about on par with the Chief Assessor. Reading the first 30-40 exams was even quite fun because I had some hilarious essays and interesting examples in my batch.  It started to drag a bit after the first 40 though.  I now have 13 left, so two or three hours more of solid marking tomorrow and I will be done.


Last Friday I turned 27. This year, my birthday happened to fall on Ancient Civilisations Day which was awesome because I always love dressing up for that day. My co-worker, Andrew, stitched me up by unexpectedly asking the entire Year 7 cohort to sing me Happy Birthday. So I had about 150 Ancient Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, a couple of medieval footmen in the wrong era, and a lone conquistador all singing happy birthday to me.  I don't think I'll ever get another birthday experience quite like that.  To make it even better, my class performed brilliantly when we went out onto the oval to do the military drills and formations.  The Principal, the Head of both Middle and Senior Schools, the head of Humanities and a whole bunch of other people were there to witness my class completely own all the others in terms of cohesion, discipline and celerity. Good job, kids.

Here's a picture:

I also had heaps of compliments for my costume, which I enjoyed.  It was a pretty great day.


Yesterday I had an impromptu gathering of a couple of friends who came over to watch some Xena and play Hobbit Scrabble.  But we ended up only peripherally watching Xena and instead played Munchkin (a new card game Rianna bought me) instead.  Miriam baked me a cake which I am going to go eat more of now.

Oh, and I also watched Thor 2 yesterday after wandering around Chadstone with Rianna picking up free things (Nando's, Boost, Baskins and Robbins ice cream) because it was my birthday and people give you free things. I really loved Thor 2, and I can fully understand why all of Tumblr basically loves Loki.

So that's been November this year.  Much more hectic than previous Novembers.  I think I like it that way.
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This is just a quick post to say that


Pic here )

I will post all the details later once I get some sleep.  I basically got back home at midnight last night, got to bed at 1am and got up 5 hours later for a rather hectic day at work.

It's been a day full of secret smiles though.

Once this current exam busy period is over (in late November), I am going to indulge myself in rewatching ALL the Xena episodes again. Who wants to join me?

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It's hard to come back to your own reality after residing on the edges of another. You can rail all you like at the tyranny of distance and the unyielding hand of time, but the world is as it is and no amount of yearning can change it.

But this heartache was always going to be the price for the time I had. I just didn't know it would be so strong.

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Two weeks before the trip!  12 days, really, before I head out. 

There's one weekend left and I still need to:

- Pick up euros at Travelex next Saturday
- Pick up my ticket unless they send it by mail like I asked
- Pack
- Finish final draft of Coming Out Letter
- Finish marking Year 12 exams, Year 12 SACs, Year 7 front page articles, and set my Year 11s and 12s holiday homework
- Prepare first few days of classes for next term so that I can deal with jetlag and coming home emoness without the added stress of work
- Triple check that I packed my passport because it would SUCK if I had to go back for it and missed my flight


12 days, wow.

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I am off to Adelaide for the weekend!  I AM EXCITED. Not about Adelaide, obvs.  Excited about seeing [ profile] ceilyn_rm.


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I booked two sets of plane tickets this month.

This weekend I'm going to Adelaide. Julia has decided to spend an exorbitant amount of money to fly over from NZ for a weekend and catch the last show of Wicked, so I will go there and keep her company. This is very exciting because I haven't seen her since she flew here for my 21st over three years ago.

I also recently booked the plane tickets for my trip to America this September. I'll be flying in to Boston on the evening of the 17th of September and leaving from Los Angeles on the 5th of October. I'll have to book some domestic flights to get me from Boston to Baltimore and then to LA, but I'll do that closer to the trip.

Tentative dates:
Boston: 17th - 25th Sep
Baltimore: 25th Sep - 2nd Oct
LA: 2nd/3rd - 5th Oct

People I'm definitely planning to see:
Boston: [ profile] dangerosa and [ profile] thrace_
Baltimore: [ profile] red_said and [ profile] gizzmogeek
LA: [ profile] pebblin

If any other flisters will be in the vicinity of those three places, I'd love to maybe catch up with you too.
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I'm home!





1 I willl be replying to LJ comments and emails and generally returning to the internet again after I fall into a coma-like sleep for a few hours. Yay internet!


Jan. 11th, 2009 10:51 pm
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Today we went on a day trip to Malaysia.  It involved lots of bus taking and waiting in lines.  We ended up exploring Johor Bharu and then going to this spa and massage place.  My aunt got a herbal massage, I decided to try that coconut oil aromatherapy one, and Rianna got a facial.

The thing about massages is that it leaves you with a lot of time to think, which meant I ended up thinking mostly about what I was going to write in LJ once I got home. Kind of like in this comic:

Ever wondered what the difference is between a Thai massage and a Malaysian massage?

Here is a snapshot of my thought processes during the two different types of massage at any given time:


ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ARGH ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

In conclusion:

Thai massage > Malaysian massage.
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So I'm back from Thailand and am now in Singapore again for a few days before heading back to Australia.

Thailand was pretty amazing.  It's a country that's easy to love.  Very different to Singapore. Singapore is clean, friendly, extremely multicultural, and has awesome food and awesome toilets.  It's been fun here, but the fun is like... average fun.  In Thailand, the fun is extreme and exciting and breathtaking.  A totally different flavour.

A more comprehensive post of Thailand is upcoming, but here is my very short and very fast summary of my last 6 days:

In Thailand I held a baby tiger on my lap, went jetskiing, went parasailing, saw a ladyboy show, got picked up by an elephant, wandered the ruins of Ayuthaya and experienced two hours of pure bliss, also known as Thai massage.  I got a small crush on my masseuse actually.  She had hands of magic I tell you.  HANDS OF PURE MAGIC.  It was amazing.


Kavin!  I searched high and low and finally found the Nestle tea you were talking about (at Dreamworld).  It was so good.  SO GOOD.  I did not, however, find any boat noodles.  I tried asking for them, but nobody knew what I was talking about.  Fail.  :(

Ugh, so exhausted.  One more difference between Singapore and Thailand.  Singapore is about 100% more humid.  >.<

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Damnit, I had this entry all typed out and lost it.  So annoying to be updating from the browser.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning and watched the sunrise, but since the building across from us was blocking exactly where the sun was rising, it was more like watching the sky gradually lighten.

I eventually went back to sleep and had very confusing dreams.  Very confusing.  At one point, I dreamt that Rianna told me that I was calling out in my sleep for youknowho and when I woke up, the first thing I said was "Were you... did you tell me I was... sleeptalking?"  And she was like... o.O  "Whut?"  Phew.

In my dream I had also complained that it was too hot and told her to turn on the air con, and when I woke up, the air con was on, so I guess that part was real.

I also dreamt that I was at some kind of conference and Yvonne Strahovsky was my really really  hot boss.  (I'm pretty sure that part was fake.)

Rianna is currently watching MTV Asia.  Last night we were watching the 2008 MTV Awards or something and Katy Perry won some award and they were playing "I Kissed a Girl" in the background.  But Singaporean TV kept blanking out the "girl" part, so it was constantly like "I Kissed A <short moment of silence>".  Lrn2notbehomophobic, pls.  I don't even like Katy Perry or that stupid song but... seriously. 

Okeh lah, time to go...


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Happy New Year!

I am still in Singapore.  Today is our last day here before heading off to Thailand.  The last couple of days have been pretty busy.  My feet is QQing from all the walking.  Sooo much walking, omg.  Also some swimming.  (But not really  because I can't swim.)

Here is a picture of my footwear on a really nice tropical beach.  I particularly like the sign behind it.  :D

So in the last few days, I have:
- Shopped a lot
- Went to the Peranakan Museum
- Went to the Asian Civilization Museum
- Visited a Hindu temple
- Visited a mosque
- Visited Little India, Little China and Little Malay
- Gone on a night safari
- Spent a day at Sentosa Island
- Eaten papaya
- Drunk from a coconut
- Eaten a frog (yes, really)
- Attended a New Year's Eve party and watched fireworks
- Floated in a swimming pool
- Had a dream in which I was in guild chat (but like, a physical guild chat where there were rocks and waterfalls and people were actually there) and I kissed Alky on the lips but then [ profile] chewy3479  made a joke about him being a boy and Alky was like :( and then me and [ profile] quew started making out.  And then we went to the belltower of a church to have Christmas dinner with this old couple and they had a Sega and then ninjas attacked and there was a gang war between ninjas and vikings and I can't quite remember the rest but it was very complicated.  o.o

*is exhausted*

I have a billion pictures which I will post later.  Kbai for now.
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Just a short post because I'm tired and tomorrow will be another big day of walking around in tropical weather, but I'm in withdrawal a little from WoW/LJ/internetlife so I thought I'd pop in and say oh hai.

So... Singapore. Christmas decorations are omg so pretty. I'll post pictures later. Their airport is huge. The hot/humid weather almost killed me at first but I'm getting used to it. They have double decker buses! Their trees look awesome and jungly. (Saw a vine today and felt a compulsion to try and swing from it but I didn't.) They have Starbucks and Borders and KFC and Burger King and... Video Ezy, of all places.

My aunt has a live-in maid called Nancy. She gets one day a month off as well as every Sunday morning to go to church, and she prays in her spare time. o.O

Bought ice cream from a street vendor. I had red bean ice cream. My aunt bought durian flavored ice cream, which I tried and quite liked. Rianna hated it and QQed for the next five minutes and desperately tried to rid her mouth of the taste. Lol.

I also ate one of Singapore's famed soft-shelled crabs whole. Except for the eyes. They were just too... beady. I dared my sister to eat the eyes for $100 but she declined.

Also, ironically, on our first day in Singapore, we watched Australia. It was interesting though, because the audience laughed in places where an Australian audience probably wouldn't, and Rianna and I giggled at bits that nobody else got.

Anyway, bedtime for me. *waves*
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So I'm flying out to Singapore tomorrow (and by tomorrow, I mean later today).  I'll be there until the 2nd of January, and then Rianna and I are going to Thailand.  Coming back to Australia on the 12th.

I'll probably still update and check my email every couple of days.  (But don't leave any dodgy Skype messages because Mum will be using my Skype account to communicate with me.)

Daria, on the off-chance that you end up in Thailand, I'll be in Bangkok and free to meet up on the 8th and 9th.

That is all.


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I really should be listening to the recordings of the lectures that I skipped today. I really should. But because I'm such a procrastinat0r, I'm going to do my epic EPIX post about my trip. There will be many pictures. Because pictures are pretty.

Pictures are pretty )


Jul. 19th, 2007 07:26 pm
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I am back.

So, so tired.

Will post more later.



Jun. 25th, 2007 10:43 pm
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I'm leaving for America in the morning, so this will be my last LJ entry for a while.

If anyone desperately needs to talk to me, you can reach me at my hotmail address: lishesque(at), or if it's really, really urgent, SMS me on my mobile (it should still work... hopefully).

Take care all!


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So, the angst from a few days ago was largely (but not completely) from my stress levels going up and down.  The planned trip to America was only going to work if a whole lot of things worked out:

I would be able to go if:
1) My parents successfully sell their business.
2) Their new employers actually let them go on holiday so soon.
3) My Dad gets his visa application approved.
4) We're able to get plane tickets so late, and for a reasonable price.

In addition, I'd only be able to meet my friends if:
5) We leave early enough that the timing is right.
6) My parents actually agree to go down to Florida since that wasn't originally part of the plan.

As each one of those conditions looked like it wasn't going to work out, my stress level would peak... and then it would come crashing back.  Only to rise again at the next obstacle. It was like a nightmarish roller-coaster ride on a cosine curve.  >.<

I thought the worst was when our plane tickets accidentally got cancelled... but no, there was more to come.  Dad managed to get new ones BUT WITH THE WRONG DATES.  -.-   He'd already paid for them and he hadn't even checked the dates.  I was soooo angry with him for being so careless.  And I'd already booked the connecting flights so that would have been $800 down the drain if we couldn't fix the dates. But somehow it got fixed and it's all magically fallen into place, again.  Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself by saying that.


The alternating levels of euphoria and stress that have been flooding my system has left me slightly splatdead.  Not to mention the sleep and food deprivation as I feverishly levelled to 70 on WoW.  But fear not... I return to the land of the sane because wickedkiwiIngrid and 4youreyesonlyKarine have already left for the US and so I have nobody to make me croissants.  (If that sentence made no sense... don't worry.  I haven't gone nutty - it's a WoW thing).

Oh, and the plane ticket fiasco has made a few changes to the Run Amok Around America Like A Crazed Hamster schedule: 
1) We'll be leaving from NY instead of LA so we won't be visiting the West coast anymore.
2) A lot more time in NJ/NY, and a lot less time in the air.
3) Trip no longer resembles a crazed hamster running amok.  This is a good thing.

Bedtime.  *splat*

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Now, with the obligatory WoW post out of the way, onto other, even more exciting things [Yes, despite what you may think, there are things more exciting than WoW!]...


It's final! Dad got his visa application approved today. I subsequently dragged myself out of bed after only 4 hours sleep to book the last couple of tickets online. Then I squee'ed all over the place until I splat-died a little and calmed down.

The schedule so far:

26th June: We leave Melbourne for Shanghai. Shop. Eat. Visit relatives.
29th June: Leave Shanghai for New York.
29th June: Arrive in NY on the same day due to time differences, yay!
30th June: After staying overnight in NY, we fly off to Orlando, FL.
1st July (or thereabouts): MEETING UP WITH wickedkiwiINGRID and 4youreyesonlyKARINE ZOMG. O.O  Not meeting azotameLyan unfortunately, because the hussy has gone off and gotten herself a job at Harvard just as I'm coming down to see her. Pfft. PFFT I SAY. But she will not escape my clutches because...
5th July: Fly from Orlando to Boston, because my dad's sister lives there. And I will finally get to meet azotameLyan after all.  YAY.
6th-8th July: Still in Boston.
9th-11th July: Fly/drive down to New Jersey, where more relatives live.  Do touristy things around NJ and NY.
 12th-14th July: Leave for Las Vegas
15th July: One very short day in LA before we catch a plane back to Shanghai.
18th July: Fly back to Melbourne.

I'm all kinds of excited about this trip.  *bounces*  The last two weeks were one big stressful lump of "omgomgomg must book plane tickets but can't yet because Dad hasn't got his visa!!" but that's over now.  I'm a little peeved that "3 weeks in America" turned into "1 week in China and 2 weeks in America", because this trip is entirely too hectic.  Way too much hopping around from place to place, and not enough time to actually see any part of America properly.  But oh well.   I'm just happy that everything has fallen into place pretty much perfectly, and I'll be able to meet up with wickedkiwithe nub, 4youreyesonlyher hot french girlfriend and azotamemy lovely ex.  :D :D :D

So excited.  *squee*

[ profile] spengalaluce, if you still wanna meet up, I can try squeeze a few hours out of one of the NY/NJ days to see you.  I don't really know what we'll be doing in NY or how long we'll be there though... the second half of the trip is still a little hazy.  I'll find out the details in the days to come, I'm sure.  :-)

Anyone else who would like to meet up, please comment and I'll see if I can do something about it.  No guarantees though, since I'll only be in each place for a couple of days.




May. 15th, 2007 11:24 pm
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Just a(nother) quick update before bed:

- That cute socialist alternative girl from last week has not emailed me. This makes me very relieved. VERY relieved.

- I did some research at the Education Faculty today (after procrastinating for a week) and discovered that no, the Masters of Teaching does not cost fifteen thousand dollars upfront - it's only four thousand a year, deferred. This makes me EVEN MORE RELIEVED. And it goes to show how much stock you should put in Socialist Alternative sources. Pfft.

- Amelie texted me asking for a link to a site that she'd lost, and when I replied she texted "Thanks sweetheart". Do French people usually call each other sweetheart? O.o

- My parents sold their cafe, which is why we're going on a family trip to America. We'll be visiting relatives in New Jersey and Massachusetts, as well as seeing a bit of the West coast. I'm also trying to persuade them to make a detour to Florida because I want to stalk [ profile] azotame, [ profile] wickedkiwi's parents, and Dar.

- My favorite Star Trek: Voyager episode to date is episode 2.13, Prototype. B'Elanna is FTW.

- I've decided that I need a new online identity because Lishesque is too incriminating. *goes into hiding*

- I can't believe I'm actually going to America, and with my family too. I always thought that if I went to America, it would be because I'd finally run off with one of my numerous, good looking American girlfriends. Oh how I've changed. O.O

- Because I will travelling during my mid-year break, it is unlikely that I will return to WoW next month. This is a sad, but necessary sacrifice.

- I really want to run away to Mexico while I'm in America.

*runs away to Mexico*


May. 15th, 2007 07:55 pm
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I am going to be in America in 5 or 6 weeks. O.O

If you are going to be in Massachusetts between June 29 and July 23, hit me up. We can get married. kthxbye.


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