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I really should be sleeping. I'm going to go to sleep with this post about Cara in my head:

Top 25 Facts About Cara Mason, Mord'Sith


Apr. 19th, 2010 10:20 pm
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I'm going to watch this a few more times before bed...
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Watching Legend of the Seeker is so much like watching Xena sometimes.  I recognise the scenery, the actors, the camera shots used.  The costumes and buildings look familiar.  The music sounds familiar.  Last episode, I even recognised the type of plants used in the background.  Either I have amazing powers of observation or I have watched far too much Xena.

Not much else is happening.  Work is work.  I've been trying to come home earlier.  One of my colleagues joked today that I must be leaving early because I'm seeing someone.  HA.  How amusing.

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Wow, this episode of Legend of the Seeker is EXACTLY like the episode "Gabrielle's Hope" from Xena.  They should have killed the baby.  It's gonna turn out to be exactly like Hope.  Evil and ginger.


Feb. 21st, 2010 05:09 pm
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So I just caught up on Dollhouse.  Here are my thoughts.

Spoilers )

I haven't really made up my mind about Dollhouse.  There were moments where it shone, and moments where it completely failed to live up to its potential.  I'm sorry that it never made me fall in love with it.  Or maybe I was just expecting too much.  I don't know.  Overall, shallow being that I am, I'm mostly just sad that there won't be a weekly dose of Eliza Dushku anymore.  Actually, now that I think about it - it's not that shallow to miss that, right?  TV lacks kick-ass female leads.  It's sad to see another one disappear.  *sigh*
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I... I....


[Edit: Oh god Eliza Dushku looks so cute and gay in that checkered shirt... I CAN'T TAKE THIS.]
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Merlin 2x12 "The Fires of Idirsholas"  (And by "Idirsholas", they mean "Hawt Lesbian Lovin.")

Morgause/Morgana Picspam. 

Pictures of hot women under here. Also, spoilers. )


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I applied for my first credit card with HSBC. I feel all growed up.  In other grownup!Lish news, I bought my first piece of furniture off ebay - a $35 Ikea TV/entertainment cabinet. Going to pick it up tomorrow. This is in preparation for buying an LCD TV later in the year.

Yesterday I rewatched the last couple of episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Conor Chronicles because I totally forgot that I'd seen them before, and was OMGWTFBBQ all over again about the last episode. I really wish this show hadn't gotten cancelled. The second season was slow as anything and clearly not very memorable, but that series finale left 31298471928341847234 unanswered questions. :(

I also finished watching Merlin Season 2. Morgause was back in episode 12, and was doing totally slashy things like touching Morgana's face and holding her hand. Mmm slash.  I will probably screencap it later.

Anyway, now that I'm all caught up with Merlin and Terminator: SCC, I can move onto downloading Legend of the Leatherclad Boobs Seeker. Oh, and Dollhouse.
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Merlin 2x08 "Sins of the Father" Morgause/Morgana Picspam

Lots of pictures ahead )
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These videos almost single-handedly made my day. They are so full of win. SO FULL OF IT.

Power Rangers opening theme, Xena-style:


There's also the Captain Planet/Xena opening theme: here.

But the BEST ONE OF ALL, which totally did my head in when I watched it because it was like "omgwtf universes COLLIDING" was: Xena opening credits - BUFFY STYLE!

New car

Jul. 16th, 2009 10:06 pm
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ZOMG I love my new car.

It drives like a dream. Srsly. It's like driving a brand new car, though I wouldn't really know, since I've never had a brand new car. But it feels like driving a new car. It even still smells new. It runs so smoothly. It's very, very, very maneuvrable. Corners and turns are so easy. Parking is so easy. It accelerates amazingly quickly. The heater heats up quickly. The demister demists quickly. Driving to work today, and driving home, was actually FUN. Usually it's the most tedious thing ever, but I can't wait to do it again, that's how awesome my new car is. CAR WIN.

I have some pictures I took yesterday but they are on my aunt's camera, and my aunt just left for Singapore so I can't get them off her. This is what my car looks like, except mine is more light blue-ish.

It turns out my numberplate is not WZX, but WRZ, so I'm not naming it Wesley (sorry, Tara). I'm completely unimpressed by my numberplate, especially since I hate the letter 'W'.

I am taking suggestions for names. Any and all suggestions welcome. [Poll #1430555]

Also, major spoilers for just about every single TV lesbian relationship to follow, especially LHDP )
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Meh.  I am emo today.  In every weekend there comes a point where a very large part of me rebels and refuses to face up to the fact that tomorrow I have to go back to work and the face the million things I need to do, back to the stress and the responsibility and the constant stream of people and emails and phone calls and students.  Then, that very large part of me kicks into procrastination mode in a desperate attempt to delay tomorrow, and I don't get anything done.  That pretty much sums up today. 

The weekend itself was good.  I had a very productive day on WoW on Saturday.  Ran three heroic instances with my guildies, won a Wintergrasp battle, quested, did a bunch of achievements... all in one morning.  I even managed to get most of my marking done.

Today I watched more Battlestar Galactica.  I was watching Episode 2.07 when, suddenly, Lucy Lawless turned up!  I was like "holy crap, I totally forgot she was in this!"  I was so surprised.  I can't believe I forgot.  I'm also slightly disturbed to find myself developing a man-crush on Apollo.  Lyan thinks he's a "whiny betch", but somehow I find that attractive in a guy.

Before you all start doubting my lesbian credentials, I totally need to link you all to this Gender-reversed Star Trek 2009 cast picspam post, featuring Yvonne Strahovski as Kirk, Jordana Brewster as Spock and Lena Headey as McCoy (hellooo, doctor).  Someone needs to film that.  Right now.  I don't quite agree with Grace Park as Sulu (she does nothing for me), but I can't think of any other Asian women who I'd prefer.  Maybe I'll volunteer.  And there's gotta be a better Scottish woman to play Scotty.  Maybe Simone Lahbib?  Can't quite see her in the part though.  They need a hotter Russian for Chekov, too.  Jennifer Connelly as Nero, however, is perfect.  *happy thoughts*  ...Ahem.

Oh and China is hosting its first ever gay pride festival in Shanghai, called Shanghai Pride.  Though I shouldn't really use the word "hosting" because it's not hosted so much as tolerated by the government.  Still, nobody's shut it down so I remain optimistic that China is becoming more progressive about teh gay.  I hope it all goes well and becomes an annual thing.

Continuing with the gay news, this week's Brunch with Bridget is with Erin Kelly!  You can watch it here.  Erin Kelly is so cute.  I don't know who's idea it was for her to wear that nightie during the interview, but it was in serious danger of falling off the entire time.

And finally, it's been brought to my attention that my hotmail accounts have been compromised and are currently sending out large amounts of spam to all my contacts.  I've run a virus check (nothing) and changed my passwords.  Hopefully that fixes it.  I'll keep looking into it, if not.  In the mean time, just ignore my emails or IM messages if they contain the words "weight loss" or "penis enlargement".

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YES.  I've finished all of 8.2's reports, as well as five of 8.1's.  I should be able to finish the rest by Thursday morning (which is the deadline).

Tomorrow is going to suck.  Mondays always suck.  At least 8.2 is away on camp, but I'm 99.99% sure that instead of a free period, I'll be given an in-lieu class.  It's going to be a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of day, because I was too tired on Friday afternoon to prepare anything, so I don't have much of tomorrow planned out and ready.  Hopefully the photocopier won't be packed, but it's Monday morning so I'm thinking it will.  This is what I get for knocking off work early for once.  There are some days when I love my job, and some days when I think "this profession sucks!".  Lately it's been skewing towards the latter.  Part PMS, and part report writing stress, I'm thinking. 

On Saturday, I played WoW.  I managed to find a cool PUG and we ran 10 man Naxx.  I even went on Vent with them, though I didn't talk much.  We cleared all four quarters in about three hours, and I got epix shoulders and a cloak.  Yay.  Valky is finally getting geared.  Lish is still woefully stuck at 71 though.  It's just too much effort to quest these days.

Today I watched numerous episodes of Battlestar Galactica.  I'll never love it as much as Trek, and all Baltar scenes still bore the frak heck out of me, but I'm starting to get into it a bit.  All the mysticism, mythology and religious stuff bore me though.  I'm used to the pure science of Star Trek.  Out of the characters, so far I'm loving Lee, Starbuck, Roslin and Adama.  I like Caprica!Boomer but dislike Galactica!Boomer.  I loathe Baltar, and Tigh just reminds me of John McCain, lulz.  Anyway, I'm up to the first episode of Season 2 and I can't watch anymore because I need to get ready for tomorrow.  Damn cliffhangers.

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So today was awesome. Slept in until 8. I didn't do any work at all. Played WoW all day. Ran Kara with the guild and got the achievement for it. We went on Vent and joked around like 16 year old boys, and teased [ profile] junet_ about her boss, Tasty Helen. I've missed guiltchat so much. I wish I had a job that let me work from home, or maybe a night job, so I could be around when the rest of the guild is. Alas, it's back to work tomorrow.

I downloaded a couple of episodes of Merlin, which I watched as soon as they finished. Arthur is a bit of a prat, but I'm loving it. I've never been a m/m slasher (except for a mild, passing interest in Federer/Nadal last summer), but I can totally see Arthur/Merlin happening. They're so cute. On a side note, it's totally weird to see Former Bionic Woman as Evil Sorceress Nimueh, or whatever her name is. Morgana has been a bit of a disappointment - hardly any character development, and there are no nearby hot female characters to pair her up with. Gwen is just hopeless. Tyrant Giles is fun to watch, though.

Tomorrow I'm taking a bunch of Year 9s into the city. Hopefully it isn't too exhausting.


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