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First day back at uni was boring and a tad annoying. Nothing more to report on that end.

On the way home, I stopped by at Coles Express in Melbourne Central and got flirted at by a check-out boy. He was like "do you like this Enrique Iglesias song?" And then he started telling me about how he has a cousin who does Enrique Iglesias impersonations. Lol. Why don't check-out girls ever do this? Woe.

Also, I saw a tiny article in mX today about how some Swedish researchers were claiming that World of Warcraft was "more addictive than cocaine". That also made me lol.
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So, I got my new uni email address today.


Postgrad students always seemed so far removed from my world. They were the late twenties people who knew what they were doing with their lives and had experienced stuff, and travelled, and tutored, and had moved out of their parents' house.

And now I have a pgrad email.


All feelings of unpreparedness, nervousness and O.Oness aside though, I'm starting to feel a tiny little bit excited about my course. I looked through my subjects for this semester and they seem kinda interesting. And I think it'll be good for me to get out and do stuff and be busy. I remember back when I used to be a total workaholic back in high school. And I realise that although I've been a complete playaholic these last couple of years, I'm not really any happier. So, I might as well return to being a workaholic right? Since if my emotional well-being is going to be the same either way, I may as well become rich and successful and all that. *nods* Da.
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Holy shit! Lol. I finally got around to checking my final grades for this semester. They were out yesterday but I wasn't too keen on seeing them, since I was sure that I'd gotten crappy marks, considering that I'd handed pretty much every single assignment in late this semester.


Old English Poetry - H2A (this was even with that horrible Beowulf essay handed in 1 week late with no extension o.O)
Viking Studies: Sagas and Society - H2A (a little annoying that it wasn't H1 cos that's what I got for it last semester but oh well)
Semantics - H1 (Amazing, considering that I missed over 60% of the classes, how little reading I did for this, and how badly my final essay was written)
Computer Mediated Communication - H1 (Again amazing because my final essay was complete bull crap randomly pulled out of my ass after a week of very little sleep... and about 50% of it was just me talking about Xena lol)

So there we go. I've passed my degree! I never really expected to fail, but I was still a bit edgy and paranoid that somehow I would fail one of my subjects by handing it in too late or something. But no... two high distinctions and two distinctions. Hooray! :)

Now I can go burn all my Semantics and CMC notes. :D
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Zomg phat lewtz! Yesterday I finally got the epic PvP boots I'd been saving up for. Today, the Headless Horseman's Helm dropped for me. This brings my total number of epix up to 6. Next, I need to get new gauntlets, because my current ones don't match with my new sexy black boots. :-D I promise to take some screencaps later when I have time. I love Halloween on WoW.

Now, the important events of real life...

Monday was my last Viking Studies class. We had a class party. People brought Viking food and bottles of mead and dressed up. One guy came as a bare chested Viking complete with horns, a red cape and fur. And a huge spear. He "raided" another class for an extra table and chairs because we had too many people and not enough seats. I think pretty much everyone was there. It was sad, though, because it was the last class of Viking Studies ever. Stupid Melbourne Model. :( It's so wrong that a subject with this much vitality that so many people love and are passionate about can get cancelled just like that.

Tuesday was my last linguistics class. It didn't hit me until some time afterwards, but this is A Big Deal. Linguistics has been a constant part of my life for the last three years -- more constant than a lot of other things. I've learnt so many things from this course... it really has changed the way I view the world. And it's taught me so much about identity and cultural differences and people in general. I've become really fond of the department too... the lecturers are the awesomest people, and they have this weird, dorky sense of humour that only other linguists/linguistics students get. I think I'll miss that.

Also, Tania is hot. Hottest tutor ever. I'll miss her too. :D

Tomorrow is my last class EVER for my Arts Degree. It won't be my last day at uni though, since I'm going back next year to do the Master of Teaching. It's kinda scary, actually. I don't wanna move on from my bludgey Arts degree that only requires me to go out 3 days a week. I fear it has ruined me for a life of actual work. Oye.

I started watching Gilmore Girls today. I want a daughter like Rory. The show is not very relaxing though. Their hectic lives stress me out. :-)

Now, I must go and translate some Old English.... FOR THE VERY LAST TIME.

K bai.

P.S. [ profile] wickedkiwi is awesome.
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- My Semantics assignment is due: Need to work on that.
- Resident Evil: Extinction comes out. No time to see it.
- Bionic Woman episode 2 airs: No time to watch it.
- Is my last day to work on my Vikings assignment: *STRESS*
- I need to buy another World of Warcraft gamecard.

The world is all wrong when one must forgo hawt womenz for semantics and stress. ALL WRONG. -.-

My friend Jean mentioned reading a bunch of books by an author, Jane Fletcher, in her most recent email to me. I remember Jane Fletcher. I read Lorimal's Chalice, or something a long time ago online and enjoyed it. So I looked her up and apparently she has a whole bunch of books published now. Maybe I'll buy them. If I can find them in the godforsaken Land of No Books that Australia is. Or maybe I'll have to end up ordering them from Amazon, and pay their exorbitant shipping fees. -.- Anyway, I found out on her site that Jane Fletcher's partner of 20 years died last year. Things like that make me so sad. :(

Yesterday I fell asleep at 5:30pm and missed dinner again. I need to stop doing that. I think all the lack of sleep from last week is finally catching up though. *yawn*

I must leave you now. But remember: These silverfish have become adapted to life under concrete.


Oct. 7th, 2007 06:58 pm
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Today - Finish Beowulf. Listen to Semantics lecture. Translate Old English. Translate Old Norse. Sleep if possible.
Monday - Go to uni. Hand in Beowulf. Come home. 6pm - 12am - Work on Vikings. Sleep 7 hours.
Tuesday - Go to uni. Read Semantics on train. Come home. 7pm - 12am - Work on Vikings. Sleep 8 hours.
Wednesday - Finish Vikings if possible. Work on Semantics assignment. Must finish it. No sleep.
Thursday - Go to class. Hand in Semantics. Hand in Vikings if possible. Splatdie.


Aug. 20th, 2007 12:23 pm
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My Old Norse Professor, Katrina, collapsed in pain ten minutes into our Vikings lecture.  o.o  We called the ambulance and despite the Royal Women's Hospital being just five minutes (walking distance - it's right next to the uni) away, they took /30 minutes/ to arrive.  They then spent another 15 minutes inside with her - it seemed to take forever- before they took her to hospital.  We are now awaiting news.  I hope she's okay.  o.o

[Edit: Just got word that she's fine. Yay.]
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I think the main themes of Old English poetry (i.e. decline, fall, ruin, death and DOOM) are summarised quite well by the Second Law of Thermodynamics:  If left to their own devices, all forms of organisation always decrease in time.

Destroyed so this dwelling place the creator of man,
until the ancient works of giants stood empty,
devoid of the revelry of their inhabitants.
Where has gone the horse?  Where the warrior?  Where the giver of treasure?
Where has gone the feast-seats?  Where are the joys of the hall?
Alas the bright goblet!  Alas the mailed warrior!
Alas the prince's glory.  How the time has passed away,
grown dark under the helm of night,
as if it had never been.

So bleak and yet so beautiful.

In other news, I have been up to my eyeballs in homework and readings. If I'd known how thick my Semantics course reader was going to be, I would have transferred out of the damn subject.  Unfortunately the Semantics reader was not available until this week - probably as part of a clever plot to keep as many students as possible until it was TOO LATE - so I didn't realise just what I had let myself in for until now.  -.-   /wrists

Another thing that's occupying my time is the damn Old English and Old Norse translations.  While relatively fun (compared to the horribly dry and extraordinarily wordy Semantics readings) they're infinitely time consuming.  *sigh*  And as stated before, OE poetry is just so damn bleak.  It makes me all kinds of moody on a Monday, which is never a good thing.

And then, of course, there's WoW.  Ah, World of Warcraft, how you completely consume me.  I blame [ profile] wickedkiwi for she is the Evil Siren of WoW Doom.  I've been doing a lot of instances lately... and a lot of PvP... and a lot of farming... and a lot of gold-making...  and, well, just a lot of WoW in general.  It's quite life-sucking-uppy.  I even had a dream last night that I was a rogue solo'ing an instance, and finally, after many trials, I got to the end and the last boss was... a cat.  Possibly a kitten.  I was amused.  Then I proceeded to kill it.

Oh, and I finished reading the last Harry Potter. 

That is all.


Jul. 30th, 2007 11:31 pm
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Such a tiring day.  I was up all night (until 3:30am) translating Old English poetry, then got up at 6:30 am to go to uni.  It was a pretty good day though.  I love Old English and I love Old Norse, and all my subjects today were lectures and tutorials for those two subjects.  So today was very interesting.  :-)

Right now, we're translating an Old English poem from the Exeter codex called The Wanderer.  It's so awesome.  I love it.  The translating can get a wee bit monotonous, but the poem itself is beautiful - especially when you pull apart the Old English and look at it properly.  It just isn't the same in Modern English (for those who don't know, Old English is about as intelligible to Modern English speakers as say... German - unless you happen to know German, that is.)  Nevertheless, I'll stick some of my translation up here.  Just keep in mind that the Old English version is about 100 times better.  :P

Behold, the first emo poem of the English language )

In more depressing news... has anyone else heard that they're RAZING the ERC library?  Apparently the books will be moved to closed storage site in Bundoora (of all places) where nobody can access them (unless they put in a special request).  Some of them aren't even going to be catalogued.  Some might even be pulped.  O.O  Many of the books will be early medieval primary sources, such as the Old Norse sagas.  Our lecturer has already told us that we'd better do all our research for our assignments before September because the books will be gone after that.  It's stuff like that that really brings it home.  Never mind that there will be no Old Norse classes next year - you won't even be able to find a copy of the sagas by the time they're through removing all the books.  I can't believe what they're doing to this university.  -.-  

And there are Xena DVDs in the ERC!  HOW DARE THEY GET RID OF IT?  *wails*
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Today was the last lecture for Making China Modern 131-062. I'm really sad to see it end, actually, which is a first for me. Even though all my classes are pretty damn interesting (Vikings, History of Sexuality, Medieval Europe: Plague, War & Heresy etc) - more so than the average subject - they've always been just another class in the end. Making China Modern was more than that.

At the end of the lecture today, the whole lecture theatre applauded Antonia Finanne (the lecturer), which was really nice. People rarely do that. So I guess I wasn't the only who found this subject to be pretty damn special.


May. 8th, 2007 02:46 pm
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I had a run-in with a Socialist Alternative (aka left wing student organisation that operates on campus and around Australia; viewed by the general public as a tad extreme and unrealistic) member today. She held me captive for an hour and a half. It was my own fault. I went to sign their petition against the new Melbourne Model (which, incidentally, will make me pay $15,000 upfront for my Masters of Education degree which I am now considering NOT doing at Melbourne University O.O), and she started talking to me about... the world. And socialism. And stuff. You know, Socialist Alternativey stuff. She kept talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and I really suck at walking away. It all culminated in her asking for my number and me reluctantly giving her my email (because everyone knows that once Socialist Alternative has your number, you'll never be free), and also buying their magazine (only because she insisted on giving it to me and I felt bad for potentially wasting their money) and agreeing to a later meeting for discussion over coffee (only because she was hot.)

I feel like I've just been inducted into a religious cult. O.O


I so fail at saying "no".

(But she was hot.)
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Yesterday and today were the Clubs and Societies days which meant I got to sit/stand behind a little stall and pimp Karate to anybody that had the misfortune to walk into the mayhem that was North Court. We (that is Mark, the treasurer, and I) were squashed in between the Horse Riding club on the left and the Kung Fu club to the right. The Rugby club was across from us, and as the day dragged on, a stray ball would occasionally come flying our way as bored Rugby players tried to alleviate the monotony.

There were a lot less people around today and, at one point, I had to resort to standing outside the entrance to Union House to hand out flyers while repeatedly tossing out the hopeful phrase "Free Karate Lessons?" to anybody who walked past. The lengths people will go to to try and avoid eye contact with you when you're trying to sell something to them is truly amazing. At around this point, I saw Sern, so I headed over to him to try and convince him to join the Karate club. With fear in his eyes, he backed away, claiming to be a shy pacifist, and high tailed it out of there.

Well after that disappointing experience, I decided to try a different strategy. My Super Ninja Skills were put to the test as I stealthily ninja'd several thumbtacks from the women's changing room notice board in order to put up promotional posters in the Sports Centre. I am pleased to announce that this mission was successful.

Further adventures )

In other news:

- I am considering joining the DanceSport club this year despite never having had an interest in dancing and posessing no coordination at all when it comes to rhythm. Seriously, when I dance, I basically jump around while flailing my arms. So yes... this should be interesting (if I decide to go ahead with it).

- Uni starts officially on Monday. I'm actually looking forward to my classes. But then, I always do... and yet most of them always end up disappointing me in some way. I mean really! No feminists in my Violence and Gender class? No lesbians in my History of Sexuality class?? An extreme right wing conservative lecturing my Russian Revolutions class??? *throws up hands* Anyway, here's my impossible wish-list for this semester:

Viking Studies A 126-068: A tall, beautiful Scandinavian girl to crush on. Named Brunnhilda.
Grammar of English 175-021: Jennifer in the same class.
The Crusades 131-237: Knights-in-armor cosplay; analysis of movies and video games set in this period (after sampling, of course).
Making China Modern 131-062: Chinese food?

- Q. How many Lishesques does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Apparently more than one, because while trying to change the light bulb today I pulled out the glass part of the bulb and left the metal screwy bit stuck inside the lamp, thereby possibly ruining the lamp. Much failure.
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There is nothing more frustrating and stressful than trying to change around your shitty timetable and repeatedly getting the message: "Sorry, that class is already full."

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Yesterday I mentioned WoW in my History tutorial because the topic was challenges, duelling, honour and faction fighting. I'd expected at least /one/ of them to know what I was talking about, but all I got were blank stares and an American girl who started ranting about how all her male friends get drunk and play Halo for hours and how she just doesn't get it. And then the topic changed to drunkenness and violence, leaving me to quietly lament the lack of fellow geeks around me.

So I was diligently doing my Syntax assignment in the basement of Union House this afternoon when something strange and wonderful happened! I heard some voices behind me say "As a Barbarian I have plus fifteen!", followed by "Basically, what you have to do is use a sea-trap to drive out the Kraken", and finally,"We centaur are a proud and mighty race! You want us to perform for you?"

Ahh, it's good to know that geeks do exist at the University of Melbourne. I think it must just be the Arts faculty that lacks them. *sigh*
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So, I'm at uni, and there's one more hour before karate starts.

I've checked my emails and my LJ flist, and read my blogs and comics, and done most of my Linguistics readings...

I'm so desperate to play World of Warcraft that I'm on the verge of telling my sister who's at home and on msn to open WoW and check my auctions for me.

So here's a question for people who've learnt or tried learning a second language.

Does your first language mostly hinder or help the learning of a second langage? If they're similar to each other, do you get confused, or does the simliarity help? If they're very different, does the alien-ness of the second language make it harder, or is it the same as learning any second language?

With regards to simliarities, I'm particularly interested in:

Native English speakers with French as their L2, and vice versa.
Native English speakers with German as their L2, and vice versa.

Comments are appreciated!
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My Language and Culture tutor looks EXACTLY like House. It's kind of freaky. I'd love to take a picture of him and post it here to show people exactly how freakishly alike they look. Unfortunately he talks in a monotone that makes me want to zone out. I would have preferred having Celeste, the hot young female Spanish tutor. *le sigh*

I totally put my foot in my mouth today with Jennifer. We were coming out of the Syntax lecture and she was about to head off to Morphology and she said something like "I hope they have the air conditioning switched *mumblesomething* there." And me, thinking she'd said "on", because it was fairly warm today, asked "you're hot?" She didn't quite catch me and said "huh?", so I (dorkily) repeated, "'re hot?", and she was like "uh..." , and by this time I was like "stupidstupidstupidstupid". And then I realised she'd said "switched off" rather than "switched on", and I was like "ooh, you're cold!" and then rambled about the weather for a bit. Heh. I'm such a dork.


WoW is offline for maintenance. *kicks at the dirt* I hate Tuesdays.

Random things happening:
- Dad has gone to China for two weeks.
- Rianna's learning the flute now.
- Stormy is puffy and cute looking as ever.
- Youth Allowance + Scholarship is awesome. Yay for free moneys.
- WoW is actually good for my wallet because now I don't wanna play the other games that I was going to buy, such as Civilization 4, Guitar Hero, Civcity: Rome etc.
- I watched Been There Done That today for like the sixth bazillion time and I still love it to death. Xena rocks. :-)

Any Xena fans on my flist should take a look at this very cute Xena music video: I Think She Likes Me

I'm bored, and I don't wanna do work...


the end.

Want. WoW.

Aug. 8th, 2006 10:19 pm
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*whimper* My first time on WoW in over 24 hours and I only get 3 minutes before the server goes offline!

I got to Syntax early today and was sitting on the ground in the corridor outside doing some reading when Jennifer appeared, and so I got up and sauntered over to where she was standing on the opposite side, and ended up hitting my head on a fire extinguisher near her. That was so impressive.

I spent most of the afternoon doing Syntax homework. It's hard. :/

I want to play WoW. *whine*

OH! And I can't believe the people in my history/gender studies tutorial said Xena was femme! XENA IS SO NOT FEMME! What the hell? They obviously haven't seen anything of the show apart from stupid ads that focus solely on the size of her BREASTPLATE! GAH! *fumes*

Femme indeed.


I want WoW. Now.

[Edit: There's absolutely nothing wrong about being femme. I'm often attracted to femme girls. The point is, if they're going to use Xena as an example, they should at least DO THEIR RESEARCH instead of simply judging by appearances (their argument was that she had long hair, wore a "large metal bikini" and a skirt). *mutters darkly about ignorant heathens, smites them with a lightening bolt*]

[Edit 2: I'm well aware that "femme" is a socially constructed concept. The point is that Xena is not /their/ version of "femme".]
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Today was my first day back at uni. All my classes are looking pretty good so far. I'll do a little recap of all my subjects, but first... I have some good news!

The Continuing Adventures of Stalking A Fellow Linguistics Student

This semester I have Syntax first thing on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It's a damn good thing that there's a girl to stalk during those classes, or I'd be a lot less enthusiastic about them. Anyway, today I sauntered up to the lecture theatre a few minutes early and, to my great disappointment, found Jennifer standing in a small group with two other students. Granted, the two others were doing most of the talking, but I still didn't want to intrude - so after smiling a friendly "hey" her way (and receiving one in return), I shuffled off slightly to the side and tried to look nonchalant. Finally, one of the two chatterboxes went away to take a call on her mobile and the other followed her, leaving Jennifer all alone and defenceless against my devastating charms.

"Hey", I said, again. (I know! So suave!) And then, after a bit of silence, "Do you know what tutorial you're in?"

"Um... the Wednesday one, I think."

"12 to 1 pm?"


*inner rejoicings abound* OMG! I'm in the same tutorial as her! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?! (well, 1 to 3, obviously, since there are four classes, but anyway) Hee! *hophophop*

We talked a bit more about the subjects she's doing, what I'm doing etc, while I happily basked in her cute British-ish accent. I've been quite accent starved lately, you know. Anyway, I found out she's also doing Morphology this semester and cursed my bad luck because I'd wanted to do that one, but it had clashed with another of my subjects. Oh well.

Eventually we had to go into the lecture theatre. She was ahead of me and it was totally cute how she kinda looked back hesitantly to see if I was following, like she was prepared to stop and wait for me if I got swept away by the masses of other students going into the lecture theatre. Heh. *buffs nails* So we took our seats and then proceeded to not talk and take notes furiously for the remainder of the hour. But that's fine with me 'cos I'm nerdy and conscientious like that. At the end of the lecture, I had to rush off to my next class so I said "see you on Thursday" (there are no linguistics tutorials in the first week. damnit.) and wandered off. Then I kicked myself for wandering off too quickly 'cos I'd not asked where she was headed off to next, thereby losing the opportunity of walking with her if she'd been going the same direction. I've obviously grown rusty in the delicate art of stalking seduction.

Oh, one other thing. During the lecture, a sheet was passed around for people to write their names and the language(s) they spoke on, and I filled it in first and passed it on to Jennifer. So she knows my full name now. So we're even. Mostly. *conscience is appeased*

more )
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My timetable this semester was so screwed up. So very screwed up. All four of the subjects I originally picked clashed. Old English B ended up clashing with Syntax. It was terribly hard to decide between the two, especially since Old English A had been my favorite subject last semester. Syntax won out in the end, for several good reasons:

1.) It starts at 10 in the morning and not 9:30, which means I can hitch a ride with mum in the mornings and not have to get up an hour earlier.
2.) Syntax = a chance to keep stalking hot girl and
3.) It's a core subject for linguistics that I want/need to do and I won't risk having it clash next year.

Anyway, instead of Old English Poetry B, which I'm going to do next year (hopefully), I picked Computer Mediated Communications as my Linguistics elective and ARGH, that ended up clashing with my history subject, which I wasn't about to give up. So I had no choice but to leave CMC for next year as well and pick Language and Culture (the ONLY linguistics subject that didn't clash), which is an interesting enough subject, but I've had the lecturer before and I can't stand her lectures. But oh well. On the up side, cute girl might be doing Language and Culture as well, from what I remember. Anyway. Finally, to rub salt in the wound, the one subject that I absolutely MUST do this semester (2nd Language Learning and Teaching), because it isn't offered next year, has its lectures on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at EXACTLY the two times that I have Karate during the day. GAH!!!! So for the rest of the semester, I won't be able to go to the daytime Karate sessions. Which means I'll have to make extra trips on Monday and Wednesday to go to the night time ones. GRRRRRRR.

Fucking timetable.

Now, for some randomness:

- Did you know that Melbourne is in the same timezone as Vladivostok?

- I've had dreams of Rachel Nichols for like 4 days in a row. Wow. (SCORE!!!)

- Hmm. I bought some Ribena yesterday for the first time in years. Mmmm Ribena. Rhymes with Xena.

- Watching Season 1 of Hercules is rather painful. I'd never realised how damn cheesy the show was in the beginning. Also, Xena, as portrayed on Hercules is SO out of character. For one, she would /never/ deliberately injure her own horse even if it was part of her Evil Plan to Seduce Iolaus and Kill Hercules. Hmph. Also, where the hell is Ares? So far in first season, is only appearance is as a bubbling pool of tomato juice trying to pass itself off as blood and a giant hulking box-ish robotic-like demon-Ares with two red LED lights for eyes. o.o

- Saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2 the other day. I enjoyed it thoroughly, but I think I still like the first one better.

- Uni starts on Monday. Luckily for me, I don't have class on Mondays (hee).

- My dear friend [ profile] selina_ is in Kenya. I miss her.

- Myspace sucks because it keeps sending me email announcements informing me that a particular friend has updated their journal, and when I click their stupid link, it takes me to a page that goes something like "Sorry, you can't see this page because so and so hasn't friended you. You are the weakest link. J00 Suxx0r. Goodbye!"

- I was PMSing when I wrote my last entry. I think I still am.

- In my angst, I downloaded like 800 mb worth of ABBA songs. Isn't that scary? In any case, it's rather amusing to listen to Waterloo in French, Fernando in Spanish, and Ring Ring in German. Not to mention the many other random Swedish songs. :-D

- And on that very odd note, I'm going to bed.


Jul. 18th, 2006 12:57 am
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I'm sad. :(

I miss people.

Tomorrow I'm going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 2 with my sister.

My results from last semester were pretty good: H1, H1, H2A, H2A.

Uni starts again next week. Likely subjects: Gender and Violence in Europe 1400-1900, Old English Poetry, Second Language Learning and Teaching, Syntax. The first and the last are still pending, but barring any major timetable clashes, I'll be doing those instead of Age of Stalin (too depressing) and Computer Mediated Communications (need to do Syntax so I can meet Jennifer again :D).

I bought Galactic Civilizations II. It's nowhere as good as Civilization III, and the graphics suck major ass. But I guess it'll do.

The quick crossword in the Age was easier to do than the crossword in MX. O.o

By the way, this is my new ANGST icon.


The end.


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