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So I've been working on this stupid assignment since Sunday night. That's 27 hours, not including sleep. I've written 750 words.

Speed: 2.16 words/min.

Estimated time of completion at this rate: 45 hours.

Essay is due in: 3 hours 48 minutes.

Annoyance with self: ∞
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You know what's hard?  Writing a literature review when one of the key sources you're basing your review on is an article your lecturer/tutor wrote earlier this year.  -.-  Even worse?  He's on my CV as a referee.  And I happen to really like him.  Makes it really hard to bullshit.  It really does.

This is almost worse than the time I had to bullshit my way through a Beowulf essay when I knew the guy marking my essay was one of the pre-eminent scholars of Old English/Beowulf in the world.  And the tutorial had only six people in it, so it wasn't like I could just hand the crap essay in and hide my feelings of mediocrity in the comforting blankets of anonymity.

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4000 words are all that's keeping me from the end of the MTeach. 

I attempted to pull an all-nighter last night but failed.  There was a big storm, and one of my favorite things is to go to sleep with thunder rumbling in my ears and rain pounding on my windows.  So around 3am I gave up the fight and blissfully passed out on my bed.  Set my alarm for 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30.  I eventually got up 4 hours later than intended from my nap-turned-coma.

This morning my flist is bursting with excited screencaps of WotLK, and I am cursing the world.  I cannot convey to you how much I want to go pick up my pre-ordered Collector's Edition and install it and just... play.  But I can't.  *twitch*

I am drinking tea.
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500 words to go until the end of my Arts degree.


I love Xena. She is the source of my inspiration. The muse for my babbling. The one topic I can link to any theory and write 3000 topics on without having done any research. YAY XENA.

Omg I can't wait to sleep!

And play WoW!




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It's another all nighter for me. Half the night is gone and I haven't yet started on my 3000 word CMC assignment. :-/

This one isn't quite as daunting as the Semantics one though, and I'm sure it'll be okay once I actually settle down to do it. I've got the structure in my head already. And it's about gender identity, the internet and Xena. Practically my life story... so how hard can it be? :p

Life has been generally okay. It's hard to be depressed during this time of the year. I love spring so much. The sunshine, the light breeze, the flowers, the prospect of a long, free summer around the corner. Heightened dopamine levels. Today I was walking home from the train station after handing in my Semantics assignment, and I walked past this garden with a whole bunch of rose bushes and it smelled so nice. It was just one of those moments. :)

The flies were totally crazy today though. SO MANY FLIES. On the train, a whole group of people boarded at one station - I think they were a tourist group - and a whole swarm of flies followed them in. I could see them buzzing around after the doors closed. There were like... 15 of them, in 1 carriage. And while I was walking home I gathered a rather large swarm myself. Managed to get inside the house without letting them in though. I've never seen so many flies. o.o

So, I discovered the funniest thing ever through today. World of Datecraft. I've created a profile and put up a picture. I don't expect anything will come up of it, except maybe that I'll get 238367 messages from random men, because the gender ratio on that site is like 1000 males: 1 female. Still, the whole concept amuses me terribly. The search engine came up with 2 pages of profiles of women who were seeking women - about 12 in total. Don't know how many of those are actually real women though. There was this one Norwegian girl who looked totally hot. And anyone who knows me knows I'm all about the Scandinavian. Anyway, I left a message. We'll see how that goes. :D

Julia is coming to Melbourne in a week! O.O My mind still boggles about that. *boggles* I'm really glad she's coming. :) I can't believe it's been two and a half years since we broke up. Things were really rocky and awkward for a while but over the last few weeks things have improved and we are communicating well again, I think. And she's beating me in Scrabble, again. WoW heals all wounds. :-D

Anyway, that is all for now. I really must go work on my assignment. Urgh.
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Semantics is killing me.

But amid all the doom and death, there are some hilarious moments.

Right now I'm writing about how tart n. managed to go from denoting a pastry to a prostitute.

Ah, fun times.


500 words to go!

(and then another 2500 for CMC -.-)
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Unwilling lines race
This eternal essay hell
The clock creeps along


[1:56:20 PM] Ingrid says: that's like ... 11 words that could've gone into your essay


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I should be doing my Semantics essay but in my procrastination I somehow ended up on a Chinese poetry site. So I'm reading poems with fascinating titles such as "Many People Come to Visit and Bring Wine After I Fell Off My Horse, Drunk."

I found this Chinese/English dictionary online, which is really cool, because it lets you look up Chinese characters by drawing them. How freaking awesome is that? I wish I had something like that back in my Chinese school/VCE days.

So, I've been listening to Damien Rice - 9 Crimes way too much. Last night in my nightmare about having a party in which all my high school classmates came to my house and I had no idea how to entertain them all, someone handed me a microphone and made me sing "9 Crimes" in front of everyone. It was quite traumatizing. Like srsly.

I wish my essays would magically write themselves. This semester has been so full of fail. I don't think I've handed a single essay in on time. It's all very odd for me, because usually I'm like the most conscientious student evah. Well, I used to be.

Zomg Julia is pwning me in Scrabulous! -.-
Good to know that some things never change though. :-)


Must. Get. Essays. Done. OMG.
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I didn't hand in my Semantics assignment on Friday because I didn't do it. I'm going to try for Monday.

Yesterday I spent 3 hours fishing. And by fishing, I mean, of course, fishing in World of Warcraft. It's the most pointless activity in the world, but also quite soothing. My fishing skill has since increased to 350.

Today I am reading Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson. I've changed my mind about her. I think she's a brilliant writer - in this book at least. This book is so sad though. Heartbreakingly so. I'm afraid to keep reading it because I know it's going to DEPRESS ME LIKE ZOMG. But I will anyway. :-)
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I so hungry.  SO HUNGRY.  But Dad and Guest is in the kitchen smoking again so I can't go and get food.  -.-

I'm currently reading Jeanette Winterson's Written on the Body.  I don't know what to make of it yet.  I love the way she phrases certain things.  Her words are beautiful.  But her themes are repetitive and her structure roundabout, and for once I would like something to have a happy ending.

There's another big fly making its slow death-flight around my room annoyingly.  I don't know what it is about my room that keeps letting flies in.  I usually have my door closed.  It probably flew in here to escape the smoke.  -.-

Anyway, I should go to uni to hand in my rather late Beowulf essay. 
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At the train station on the way to uni today there were these two girls and their boyfriends.  The girls were both wearing ugg boots and really short shorts.  One of the girls was totally crazy and kept screaming at our platform (they were on the opposite platform) to give them pizza.  'Cos someone on our platform had pizza.  And then the crazy girl in ugg boots jumped off the platform, ran across the tracks, climbed up onto our platform and started screaming at the person with pizza to give her their pizza.  But then the train pulled up and the person with the pizza quickly boarded the train to get away.  It was a very bizarre and disturbing episode.

I finally finished my Beowulf essay.  Only 2 more essays to write and then I'm done for the year. 

Earlier tonight, I spent 20 minutes walking around the city listening to 9 Crimes by Damien Rice, and the world felt quiet.  I tried to write on the train home, but suddenly Vikings seemed like the most unimportant topic in the world, and I couldn't. 

Then I came home and I didn't know what to do with myself.  So I printed out the application for Graduate Access Melbourne or whatever.  Cross your fingers that I get $5000 next year.  Next year scares me, but tomorrow scares me even more.

Tomorrow is a public holiday, so Rianna will be home.  I think I'll take her to the cinemas.  We still need to watch Resident Evil 3.  I shall splurge and buy us lots of popcorn and unhealthy food to eat while watching zombies take over the world.

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So I'm skimming over this article, and my eyes fall upon the line:

"and he survives the amputation of his buttocks to die"


In other news, I totally feel like working on my NaNoWriMo again, except that I have about 3 hours to write this stupid essay so I can't.  -.-

In other other news, I have decided to pull myself together and not be emo.  I will be like Peter from Heroes.  Emo!hair one season, NO MORE EMO!HAIR the next.  No more.

How is everyone?

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- My Semantics assignment is due: Need to work on that.
- Resident Evil: Extinction comes out. No time to see it.
- Bionic Woman episode 2 airs: No time to watch it.
- Is my last day to work on my Vikings assignment: *STRESS*
- I need to buy another World of Warcraft gamecard.

The world is all wrong when one must forgo hawt womenz for semantics and stress. ALL WRONG. -.-

My friend Jean mentioned reading a bunch of books by an author, Jane Fletcher, in her most recent email to me. I remember Jane Fletcher. I read Lorimal's Chalice, or something a long time ago online and enjoyed it. So I looked her up and apparently she has a whole bunch of books published now. Maybe I'll buy them. If I can find them in the godforsaken Land of No Books that Australia is. Or maybe I'll have to end up ordering them from Amazon, and pay their exorbitant shipping fees. -.- Anyway, I found out on her site that Jane Fletcher's partner of 20 years died last year. Things like that make me so sad. :(

Yesterday I fell asleep at 5:30pm and missed dinner again. I need to stop doing that. I think all the lack of sleep from last week is finally catching up though. *yawn*

I must leave you now. But remember: These silverfish have become adapted to life under concrete.
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When I do assignments, I like to listen to one or two songs on repeat instead of having my music player on shuffle because variation in songs distract me. I amuse myself by choosing music related to whatever assignment I happen to be doing.

In first year, when I was doing my Russian Revolution research assignment, I listened to the Soviet National Anthem on repeat for 18 hours (it still has the highest play-count out of all my songs, and it's not because I'm a communist :p). Last week when I was stuck on Beowulf, I listened to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack (Tolkein wrote a book about Beowulf) and then "The Ring" from the season six Xena soundtrack. Today, I am doing my Semantics assignment, which happens to be about the preposition "under". So I'm listening to a bunch of songs with "under" in the song title.



zomg must get off LJ and do my assignments!

*explodes from stress*
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Words cannot express the amount of stress I am in right now.

My computer just died.  Like.  DIED.  Windows will start but it freezes up about 20 seconds after doing so.  I have no way to get to my Beowulf essay.  It's already 2 days late.  And now everything I've written is inaccessable.  O.O  Also, my computer is not working.

I am currently on my sister's laptop freaking out.


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"Recently poetics has more frequently been combined with audience, performance, and the growth of literacy, factors which can go beyond the Germanic context in the sense given above, but contemporary exercises in the spirit of Heusler, involving comparative reconstruction of a presumably antecedent pattern and the (circular) demonstration of devolution to extant works, have also been attempted, especially for parts of Beowulf."


Jesus, this guy is worse than my Semantics readings.



*goes insane with stress and frustration*
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Damn, I'm pmsing and procrastinating so hard today. NOT a good combination. Spent most of today too pmsy to do anything. Flew into a rage when mum made me do some gardening. I was supposed to saw/chop down this dead tree in the front yard but I was so angry I pulled it out by the roots. It was pretty hot, actually. Then I almost burst into tears several times for whatever reason. I can't remember why. *sigh*


Help me out with something, guys?

If you come across the word "deceptively" used in any context from now until Thursday, could you please send me the sentence/paragraph it's in (and cite its source) please?

I need 10 examples of its usage for my stupid Semantics assignment.
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So. During my adventures in the nightmarish land that goes by the name of A Concise (ha!) Dictionary of Old Icelandic, I've come across a few more amusing Old Norse words which I thought I might find useful one day. I will record them here for your amusement.

arg-hola, noun (f). harlot
I rather like this one. If you hear it being said to you, it could mean someone stubbed his/her toe while saying hello to you in Spanish.... or a Viking just called you a whore.

ars, noun (m). posterior
I'm glad to see that this sacred word has remained unchanged through the centuries.

koss-mildr, adjective. fond of kissing
Oh, I can just see the Viking personals: Strong hairy Viking male with big longship seeks beautiful, buxom Viking female who is koss-mildr. I enjoy ale, sharpening my sword, and long walks on the beach (on the way to raiding England).

vápn-bitinn, past participle. dead by the sword
"weapon bitten" - I love how descriptive they are in putting their words together.

æ, interjection. ah! o! oh! (denoting pain)
The Viking equivalent of "ow". Useful to know if you are in the process of being vápn-bitinn.

hlaut-viðr, noun (m). rod immersed in sacrificial blood
How delightful.

hugat, adverb. frankly, sincerely
You could totally write Vikings letters with this sort of knowledge! Just imagine the communication problems we could overcome! o.o Dear Viking, please don't raid my home and steal my womenfolk. Yours hugat, Lish.

bað-kona, noun (f). female bathing attendant
See how badass the Vikings were? They had female bathing attendants when the Anglo-Saxons didn't even have baths.

The Vikings were indeed highly advanced in technology regarding their personal hygiene. You know those little windows often found in bathrooms that are wonderfully convenient for airing out... the air in the bathroom? Well! THE VIKINGS HAD THOSE TOO:
baðstofu-gluggr, noun (m). window opening in the roof of a bathroom.
(I love how it sounds like "Bath stuff glugger")

It's actually pretty amazing how similar Old Norse is to Modern Icelandic. I feel like I could almost hold a conversation with Björk. :D
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I have this crazy idea to make a personality test on OKcupid or something that tests what part of speech you are.

Nouns are popular, flexible and widespread.  Easily compounded.  Needs a verb to feel complete.  Enjoys the company of adjectives.

Verbs are active and a little promiscuos.   Needs a noun partner (or three) to feel complete, and also hangs out with adverbs on the side.

Adjectives are opinionated individuals who don't like each other, but enjoy exerting their influence on impressionable nouns.

Adverbs are a bunch of clingy emo misfits.  Those who don't fit into any of the other groups invariably end up here.  

Prepositions are an elitist bunch who don't welcome new members.  Some of them are subordinat0rs in disguise.

Determinatives are a small antisocial sect that hates everyone except for nouns.

Subordinat0rs will subordinate you.  Enjoys wearing leather and cracking whips.

Coordinators are of three types - "ands", "ors" and "buts".  The buts are very contrary.  The ors are indecisive.  The ands go on and on and on and on and on....


*goes back to my assignment*
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After dinner today I took a nap and slept for about 4 hours because I was too tired to do any work. During this time I had a rather stressful dream about being a terrorist and needing to blow up a particular town or something by a deadline, but I kept getting distracted. Lyan was in it as my Fellow Plotter of Doom. There were also some 7 or 8 other people who joined our cause. I think it was partly inspired by Robin Hood, which I've been watching on Sundays (7:30pm ABC). We were definitely hiding out in a Robin Hood-esque cabin. It was pretty weird.

Anyway, I never got to carry out my nefarious plans because my alarm clock woke me up at 10:45 pm and I've been up doing this stupid assignment (read: procrastinating) ever since.

Grammar of English + 5:20 am = *headdesk* ... Zzzzzzzzz

God I hate this assignment.

*stabs it with a spork*


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