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It's that time in the school holidays when I can't help but start counting down the days before work starts again. :/ So let me tell you about what I've been doing.

Recently, I spent two days reading through thirteen years of paper journal entries (oh god the emo, so much emo) in an attempt to figure out my brain and patterns of behaviour. I like to think I've come away from it wiser, and maybe I have. Time will tell.

Last night I tried to watch the USA vs. France semifinal but only lasted until 3:30am at which point I started falling asleep intermittently. Even close ups of Hope Solo could not keep me awake. Clearly, I fail at lesbianism.

This afternoon has been spent reading The Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson, which is a 13th century compilation of Scandinavian literature from which we get most of our information on Norse mythology. I'm only up to the bit about the Primeval Cow because I'm a nerd and spent too long underlining bits of the 35 page long introduction. Also, I bet you didn't know that, according to the Vikings, the clouds are made up of a giant's BRAINS. So typical. I love it. Many thanks to [ profile] quew who technically gave me the book since I bought it with her gift card.

I've been trying to get back into WoW. But I honestly think my WoW playing days are behind me. I can't even muster up the enthusiasm to level Lish to 85 even though I'm ALMOST THERE. Guess I'll try again tomorrow. One effect of reading through thirteen years of my life has been that I've been thinking a lot about what makes up the value of a life: what makes one year better than another, and what makes life worthwhile. There are years like 2003 during which so many things happened - I grabbed life by both hands, or life grabbed me (lots of grabbing, either way) - and I met people who I'd count as some of the most important people in my life. And then there are years like 2009 which... well, the only redeeming feature of 2009 is that I read some great books. I remember the Prince in the final chapters of The Leopard where he's tallying up his life, counting all the moments that were actually worth something and finding that the pile is actually rather small. I want to find/create as many of those moments as possible, so that I don't look back on my life and find big swathes of pointlessness. Anyway, my point in all of this is that all this introspection and "I want to grab life by the tittehs" sentiment isn't conducive to playing WoW.

Did you know there's a tumblr for ridiculous pictures of Celine Dion? Me neither.


May. 29th, 2011 03:11 pm
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What is Hnefatafl? Is it...

A) A sneeze
B) A dubious variant of the falafel
C) An Icelandic volcano near Eyjafjallajokull
D) Viking chess

The correct answer is...  )
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I went to the Nordic Festival in Warburton today. I took Jeanette along for company and she assisted me with directions, photos and important decisions regarding which Viking brooch/pendant/fridge magnet to buy.

Warburton is a pretty little town set against a beautiful backdrop of almost-Norwegian-like mountains. Jeanette enjoyed breathing the crisp country air, and I got excited over every Scandinavian flag I saw. I bought an exorbitantly priced Danish hot chocolate, but it tasted wonderful so it was worth it. Around midday, it became very wet and cloudy which made it all the more like Norway.

We wandered around the little tents and craft stalls that were selling Scandinavian products of various types. I wanted to buy everything. In the end I settled for a Norwegian car sticker and flag patch, a Viking longboat keyring, a handcrafted cup with runes and a horse motif thingy on it, two silver pendants and two Swedish fridge magnets.

We watched the Viking combat reenactment and got a great place under a tree. It started raining and everyone got wet but that just added to the Viking atmosphere. :D Afterwards, we went to see the Scandinavian photo and art exhibition and the Frojel Gotlandica Museum (private collection of Viking age jewellery and tools).

After lunch at the Three Sugars cafe, we went walking by the river and took many photos.

Click for Viking goodness )

And here is a YouTube video I uploaded just for you. Because nobody can ever have enough Vikings. :D

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Here is a post about things that make me happy.

Happy #1: Gro Hammerseng
Larvik won the Champions League! I got up at 3:15am to watch the live stream from the European Handball Federation website and almost died of stress when Larvik was losing 25-23 in the last minute AND THEN THE LIVE STREAM FROZE.  Turned out Larvik lost the second semifinal 25-24, but because they had won the first semi last week by 2 points, they still win overall! I'm so proud of my future wife, Gro. Even more so when I went and rewatched the final minute today and it turned out that she scored the last goal in the last few seconds which allowed Larvik to win by 1. It was a thing of beauty to hear the Norwegian commentators going crazy, yelling what I imagine was "GRO HAMMERSENG! SHE'S DONE IT. GRO HAMMERSENG HAS SCORED!"  It was like reliving the Olympics semi final when Gro single-handedly snatched victory from the the South Koreans in the very last second of the match by scoring right on the siren.  *sigh*  IloveyouGropleasemarryme.

Minor Gro picspam )

Happy #2: Eurovision
Eurovision has come and gone for another year. I am disappointed that Azerbaijan won this year, but w/e, none of them were really that good. I have several new Eurovision songs that I can listen to, and even if they're crap, at least they make me happy.  My favorites this year were: Iceland, Switzerland and Hungary.  I was very disappointed by the lack of hot European girls. Too many boy bands, especially boys with ugly mohawks and/or stubble.  I hate stubble.  Also, more countries need to sing in their own language.

Happy #3: Nordic Festivals
Ann emailed me today and alerted me to the fact that there will be a Nordic Festival this weekend in Warburton.  My love of Viking and all things Nordic compells me to go, even though Warburton is like 30 minutes past the end of the Lilydale/Belgrave train line, aka The Sticks. 

Happy #4: Inspiration
I started reading Game of Thrones on Saturday and somehow it made me want to work on my Viking story.  I jotted down a few ideas.  Basically, I realised that I needed a villain of some sort. Also, I can't decide if I want to keep it purely historical or just change the names of everything and make it more fantasy-based.  Thinking about these things make me happy because I can pretend that the story is in-progress as opposed to gathering-dust-in-my-harddrive.
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I rewatched the original The Karate Kid today.  We showed it to the students for this year's Year 7/8 project on 'Conflict, Resilience and Resolution'.  The Year 7/8 project is this thing we do at the end of the year that's based on inquiry learning.  It basically goes for about a week, and kids pick a topic to research that fits the overall theme.  It's usually pretty interesting, and I quite enjoy it once the stress of report writing time is over.  Anyway, I loved the movie.  The last time I saw it, I was 9, and I'd forgotten most of it.  It's way better than the new one.  After the movie, I spent the rest of the day filing away this year's stuff.


Last night I stayed up way too late re-outlining the NaNo I started in 2007.  I'm quite excited that I'm actually writing again.  My quest is to write 3000 words before the end of November.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

HB arrives at work around the same time every day.  Today I tried to time my arrival to match hers and succeeded.  Right after I parked, she pulled up and parked two spaces away.  Then we walked to the staffroom again together.  She gave me her latte because they made it wrong and it had normal milk in it instead of soy.  <3

(Disclaimer: Btw, I am not seriously interested in HB or anything.  It's just fun to mess around with the idea of it.)
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If you've ever seriously wondered about whether elves really existed, and whether Vikings had sex with them, then you're in luck:

"I think it would make the world a better place if more people had sex with elves" (Probably NSWF)

I especially love the symbolism with the geysers.
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Wow.  I just watched the most epic tennis match ever.  Hell, it wasn't even just epic.  It was legendary

Nadal versus Verdasco.  Five hours and fourteen minutes of pure awesomeness.

Didn't get to sleep until early this morning because it was so hot, so I've been feeling pretty lethargic all day.  Woke up at 12:48pm today from the feeling of sweat trickling down my stomach.  This afternoon our power went out for about fifteen minutes and we were like "oh crap".  But it came back.  Phew.  I feel so sorry for all those houses out there that haven't had power for days. 

These kinds of days aren't good for anything except being flopped on the couch watching TV.  I think I've watched more TV in the last week than I have the entire previous year.  I've also been reading this historical/fantasy book that I randomly picked up at the library.  The King's Peace.  It has Vikings in it, which makes me happy, even if they keep portraying the Vikings as raping, pillaging barbarians.  Poor Vikings - they can never get a break can they?  Pfft.
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Zomg phat lewtz! Yesterday I finally got the epic PvP boots I'd been saving up for. Today, the Headless Horseman's Helm dropped for me. This brings my total number of epix up to 6. Next, I need to get new gauntlets, because my current ones don't match with my new sexy black boots. :-D I promise to take some screencaps later when I have time. I love Halloween on WoW.

Now, the important events of real life...

Monday was my last Viking Studies class. We had a class party. People brought Viking food and bottles of mead and dressed up. One guy came as a bare chested Viking complete with horns, a red cape and fur. And a huge spear. He "raided" another class for an extra table and chairs because we had too many people and not enough seats. I think pretty much everyone was there. It was sad, though, because it was the last class of Viking Studies ever. Stupid Melbourne Model. :( It's so wrong that a subject with this much vitality that so many people love and are passionate about can get cancelled just like that.

Tuesday was my last linguistics class. It didn't hit me until some time afterwards, but this is A Big Deal. Linguistics has been a constant part of my life for the last three years -- more constant than a lot of other things. I've learnt so many things from this course... it really has changed the way I view the world. And it's taught me so much about identity and cultural differences and people in general. I've become really fond of the department too... the lecturers are the awesomest people, and they have this weird, dorky sense of humour that only other linguists/linguistics students get. I think I'll miss that.

Also, Tania is hot. Hottest tutor ever. I'll miss her too. :D

Tomorrow is my last class EVER for my Arts Degree. It won't be my last day at uni though, since I'm going back next year to do the Master of Teaching. It's kinda scary, actually. I don't wanna move on from my bludgey Arts degree that only requires me to go out 3 days a week. I fear it has ruined me for a life of actual work. Oye.

I started watching Gilmore Girls today. I want a daughter like Rory. The show is not very relaxing though. Their hectic lives stress me out. :-)

Now, I must go and translate some Old English.... FOR THE VERY LAST TIME.

K bai.

P.S. [ profile] wickedkiwi is awesome.
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My dad's having another dinner party. It is loud. So I have turned my music up. Loud emo music.

Why am I emo? I am emo about my doomed, tragic love for Barbara Streisand. It's making me sexually frustrated too, apparently.


In other news, Valkyrja is level 29 now. I bought her a nice blue bow for 20g yesterday. I felt like splurging a bit on her. I should PvP with her now that I've gotten her some nice(r) gear. But the urge to level her up to 30 is overwhelming. FEIGN DEATH FOR THE WIN.

I need to read Njals saga for my Vikings 'exam' on Monday. I also need to do my Old English Translation of the martyrdom of King Edmund (Vikings shoot him full of arrows, then cut off his head, or something - rather like Xena in FIN, actually, come to think of it... not that FIN ever happened...). I shall go do that now.

K bai.
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I was going to do a post about how I dreamt I was trekking through a rainforest in Paraguay with [ profile] chilipeppasbaby, who turned out to be my date, and then playing a Nintendo DS racing game with her in which we were the actual cars and had to avoid potholes in the ground, and then haggling with some South American ice cream vendor about the price of his exorbitantly priced ice cream ($200), and then we decided to take a nap somewhere because of the sweltering heat, and then I turned into a Viking in my sleep, and got captured by some people who put me in a prison in the turret of a castle, and they sent guards to kill me, but I killed the guards, but then they sent a pair of invincible guards who I couldn't kill with swords, so I jumped out of the tower and on the beach there were a whole bunch of Viking longships come to rescue me... and then there was swimming involved, and something about someone's mother.... but I won't go into too much detail. The weirdness of it all might make your head explode.

P.S. I am posting with my new Xena icon. Stole the idea from [ profile] delurker. Woot.
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So the results of my last poll are as follows:

Fantasy wins by a narrow margin as the genre of choice.
Most of you prefer that I write brain fluff instead of deep meaningful thingies.
Every single one of you want there to be lesbians in my novel.
The majority don't want kittens.
The majority do want Vikings.
And finally, most of you think I can actually do it. Heh. Poor deluded fools ... How very heartening!

Here's what I've actually decided to do (which may still be subject to change):

It will be historically based. Not sure if my version of history will have magic and gods in it yet, though.
It will mostly be brain fluff, but I will try for deep meaningful thingies if I am able.
There will be love between women. I have yet to decide how that'll work though - as in whether it'll be the OTP driving the plot or be maddeningly tantalizing subtext. Leaning towards the latter at the moment.
There will be no kittens.
There will be Vikings. One of the main characters will be a Viking shield maiden. I can say nothing about the other, because her origins are supposed to be A BIG SEKRIT. That is all I can tell you at the moment.

Currently I'm swinging between being excited about November 1 and wondering whether I was utterly crazy to sign up. I have a few ideas about what to write, but I don't know how far they'll take me...

Time to play WoW!

*rushes off*


Oct. 11th, 2007 08:54 pm
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More happy in war
Than in bridal banquet seat
The shield maiden rides
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I have not been replying to comments very consistently. I am sorry.

Yesterday I spent 5200g buying my epic flying mount. Lish is completely broke now. Soon, she will have to resort to begging in the streets for croissants. Oh wait... she already does that. :D

I got a chocolate frog in my Vikings tute today. I think that was the highlight of my day. -.- Also, I decided not to do my final research assignment on the extinction of the Picts. Instead, I'm going to do it on whether Viking warrior women existed or not, and how much power women had in medieval Scandinavia. I have an overwhelming urge to watch the Ring Trilogy in season 6 Xena, but somehow I don't think that has any relevance for my assignment.

Oh ja... [ profile] therussianbride has returned from her holiday, so... welcome back. :)


Aug. 20th, 2007 12:23 pm
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My Old Norse Professor, Katrina, collapsed in pain ten minutes into our Vikings lecture.  o.o  We called the ambulance and despite the Royal Women's Hospital being just five minutes (walking distance - it's right next to the uni) away, they took /30 minutes/ to arrive.  They then spent another 15 minutes inside with her - it seemed to take forever- before they took her to hospital.  We are now awaiting news.  I hope she's okay.  o.o

[Edit: Just got word that she's fine. Yay.]
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So. During my adventures in the nightmarish land that goes by the name of A Concise (ha!) Dictionary of Old Icelandic, I've come across a few more amusing Old Norse words which I thought I might find useful one day. I will record them here for your amusement.

arg-hola, noun (f). harlot
I rather like this one. If you hear it being said to you, it could mean someone stubbed his/her toe while saying hello to you in Spanish.... or a Viking just called you a whore.

ars, noun (m). posterior
I'm glad to see that this sacred word has remained unchanged through the centuries.

koss-mildr, adjective. fond of kissing
Oh, I can just see the Viking personals: Strong hairy Viking male with big longship seeks beautiful, buxom Viking female who is koss-mildr. I enjoy ale, sharpening my sword, and long walks on the beach (on the way to raiding England).

vápn-bitinn, past participle. dead by the sword
"weapon bitten" - I love how descriptive they are in putting their words together.

æ, interjection. ah! o! oh! (denoting pain)
The Viking equivalent of "ow". Useful to know if you are in the process of being vápn-bitinn.

hlaut-viðr, noun (m). rod immersed in sacrificial blood
How delightful.

hugat, adverb. frankly, sincerely
You could totally write Vikings letters with this sort of knowledge! Just imagine the communication problems we could overcome! o.o Dear Viking, please don't raid my home and steal my womenfolk. Yours hugat, Lish.

bað-kona, noun (f). female bathing attendant
See how badass the Vikings were? They had female bathing attendants when the Anglo-Saxons didn't even have baths.

The Vikings were indeed highly advanced in technology regarding their personal hygiene. You know those little windows often found in bathrooms that are wonderfully convenient for airing out... the air in the bathroom? Well! THE VIKINGS HAD THOSE TOO:
baðstofu-gluggr, noun (m). window opening in the roof of a bathroom.
(I love how it sounds like "Bath stuff glugger")

It's actually pretty amazing how similar Old Norse is to Modern Icelandic. I feel like I could almost hold a conversation with Björk. :D


May. 17th, 2007 12:29 am
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You all know how I'm doing Viking Studies ja? Well, it's getting axed next year, along with most of the Classics department, Creative Arts and the removal of Gender Studies as a major (grr!).

Our university sucks, and our Dean of Arts is a moron! And here is a newspaper article to prove it.

Axed Viking will harm Melbourne )

Stupid Melbourne Model. *kicks it*
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Good things about today:

- I received a postcard from Copenhagen today, sent by a beautiful woman whom I love and adore. This makes me very happy. :-)

- I had a surprisingly good conversation with a Chinese guy (a nephew of some guy who is a friend of dad's). I named him Jack, because he was in need of an English name. He was going to name himself Johnny, but I was like NO! He wanted a name that started with J so I named him Jack. Anyway, Jack was very cool to talk to. We talked about history and politics and revolution and religion and freedom and wealth distribution and gender inequality and homophobia (which he is surprisingly very cool about... I haven't met many Chinese guys like that) and how much John Howard and George Bush sucks. I think my parents were amused that I talked to him for so long, because I usually hide in my room when there are guests over.

- I skipped Karate again and sat in the Rowden White (recreational library) reading A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian for two hours. That was fun. Although a little saddening too. I never knew that Soviet Russia confiscated the entire harvest from Ukraine during one year, deliberately creating a famine which killed like 20 million people in order to break the spirit of the Ukrainians. Seems like sad history is everywhere once you open your eyes to it. But anyway. Focus on the happy. Well written book = happy.

- [ profile] wickedkiwi wrote that she is going to post Chapter 17 of [ profile] tbsol_v2 next week. (Right? Right??) :-D TBSOL makes me squee. Loudly.

- It's raining. I don't generally like rain, but Melbourne needs it so badly. :-)

Bad things about today:

- I found out from my Vikings Studies lecturer that ours will be the last class of Viking Studies at The University of Melbourne ever. Growing Esteem is going to kill pretty much all of the smaller, more obscure subjects when it comes into effect next year. I really hate what's happening to the university right now. Apparently the Classics department is being dismantled. The Gender Studies department will also be axed. (!!!!) O.O History and Philosophy of Science is going to be split between the Anthropology department and something else. And the History department is being trimmed down so that, as of next year, first year History students will only have four subjects to choose from. Four. The History Department at Melbourne is ranked 7th in the world. I seriously doubt that this will be the case after next year. This is all part of the university turning into an elitist job factory that funnels students along in their degree in the fastest, most economical way possible (i.e. reducing the number of subjects so that the ones that remain will be super-classes which have large student numbers of 500 or more taught by one lecturer and lots of tutors. This is obviously much cheaper than having a wide range of subjects, each with their individual lecturer and tutors) rather than giving them a broad, liberal education. *sigh*

Then there's Voluntary Student Unionism. I feel like a bit of a hypocrite to rant about it when I myself haven't paid the membership fee this year, but I think, because of that, I'm feeling the change even more keenly. The student computing centre, once free, now costs non members $5 per half hour to use. The recreational library no longer lets me borrow anything, and has a roped off area which I can't access (segregation much? O.O). Judging by the sudden sparseness of the student ads on the Union House noticeboards, I'm guessing that only student union members can put ads up there anymore. Sure I can access all of this by paying $400 a year, but it doesn't feel right to wrangle the money off my parents when it's no longer compulsory... and I'm not rich enough that I particularly want to pay for it myself for nice but non-essential services. What I'm getting at is that in the end, it's always going to be the less wealthy or privileged students who are going to look at their budget and forgo the luxury of being a member. And so the uni becomes a place of class segregation where the ones who are willing and able to pay get the full range of services, and the one's who can't pay or won't pay aren't allowed to even GO into certain areas of the university.

The entire experience of higher education in Melbourne is changing. I feel sorry for the ones who will only know the new system.

Hmm, that turned out to be quite the rant.

Shit, I haven't done any homework.

Oh well.

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I smell duck cooking. Mmmm.

Some Old Norse for your amusement:

ek elska þú I love you

féau­­ðnu-maðr adj. a man lucky with his sheep

bjór-reifr adj. cheerful from beer-drinking

svín-beygja v. to make one stoop like a pig

kumpánn n. (1) fellow, companion; (2) the male organ

There. Now, if you ever meet a Viking, you can say "penis" to him.


Feb. 28th, 2007 09:53 pm
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I LIED. There is a Scandinavian girl in my Viking Studies class! Her name is Astrid and she is very buxom. Not that tall though. And she has a terrible Australian accent. *sigh*

Also, I read about some guy called Ulaf the Unwashed. What an awesome name.

Zomg the Rowden White Library at Melbourne Uni has all of Kim Harrison's books! I was trying to find Dates From Hell so I could read the short story about Ivy, but I couldn't find it. I had to bypass the fantasy/sci fi area and venture into the Romance section. It was so embarrassing. O.O I could feel peoples' eyes on me! I couldn't find the darn book though. The pink love heart stickers got to be too much for me, so I fled.

I bumped into [ profile] tangledtale in the Library, too. I accompanied her to the tram station (because she was a nub and wouldn't stay) with my heavy bag of d00m because I <3 her.

The end.

P.S. "Not I" in Old Norse is: Ekki ek.


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