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I am not lying. There are pictures under here. )

So that was my week in pictures, more or less. Tomorrow I start work again. Meh. The eve before work starts again is the worst. I dread it so much. When I'm actually working, it's not so bad. But Sunday nights are always hard.

At least Term 3 is only 9 weeks long, and then it's off to the USA.

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This weekend has been lost to gaming and TV marathons. Yesterday I watched a lot of Bones and played WoW.  Patch 4.0.1 is interesting, but kind of frustrating too.  Regemming and respeccing and reforging seems all so pointless when Cataclysm is probably going to change everything.  Mostly I pvped until getting pwnt in the butt by the Horde got too painful.

I also spent some time shopping online.  I really want a lightsaber and an iPhone 4.  I'm not sure which one to get first.

Today I played some more WoW and then opened a bottle of beer and watched some handball, specifically the Larvik vs Randers game, which can be watched here.  Larvik (Gro's team) demolished the very hot Danish team easily with a 33-19 win.  I squeed a lot at the end when they were celebrating and Gro was hugging her team mates and looking really happy.  I'm hoping to catch the next game in the Champions League live next Saturday.  If anybody is interested, you can stream it live here.  I still need to send that kangaroo to Larvik.

And then I finally attacked the massive pile of mail that I've mostly been ignoring since I got back from my trip.  It was a pile full of headaches: bills, a letter from Centrelink saying I need to pay them back $900 because apparently they don't believe that I was studying for two months in 2009, and something about my car needing to be serviced again even though I'd just serviced it.  Ugh.  No wonder I spend the rest of my time immersed in fantasy and escapism.

Speaking of fantasy, on Saturday morning I dreamt of post-apocalyptic Germany and then this morning I dreamt I was Cleopatra.  What does it all mean?

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Today we ran our most successful ICC raid yet, and [ profile] thrace_ wasn't here to experience it. 

Lol forever )

Contrary to Thrace's ill wishes, nobody got eaten by a blood beast.  We had basically no wipes until Rotface, and even got Putricide down to 15%.  We also won the Dreamwalker fight for the first time.

After ICC, I went to Chadstone to pick up my sister and to buy some new clothes.  Ended up spending $500 on clothes in less than two hours.  I only go clothes shopping like twice a year though, so it's necessary.  However, I'm still looking for a pair of leather gloves the same colour as my boots.  Mord'Sith red.

Speaking of Mord'Sith, I am SO IN LOVE WITH CARA OMG.

I also spent five hours this evening planning my Eurotrip 2010 with Daria.  It's all taking shape now and is very exciting.  I will say this:  there are fjords and cloudberries involved.  Oh yes.
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It was a productive day on WoW today.

Things I did:
1. Commandeered an SCC raid
2. Fished up the lurker below on two toons
3. Befriended a gnome
4. Did all the Children's Week quests except one
5. Returned the Warsong Gulch flag 45 times with the help of an insane horde called Tootalie
6. Had general PvP fun with [ profile] thrace_
7. Successfully two manned another Heroic Magister's Terrace
8. Hit exalted with the Kalu'ak
9. Finished the Hemet Nesingwary achievement
10. Achieved [Disgracin The Basin]

Things I didn't do:
Go to work.
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The ANZAC Day long weekend is over again. It's always a weird time of the year for me, but this one has been okay.

The Ulduar raid did not go ahead as planned yesterday, mostly due to a lack of people. But we ran Zul'Aman which I've been wanting to do since it first came out. My memories of ZA have always been primarily in greyscale, due to spending most of my time inside it dead. Glad that's no longer the case. :D

I have also succeeded in my nefarious plans to get [ profile] dangerosa and [ profile] thrace_ to hang out together. *evil laughter*

Moko Kitteh just did the cutest thing. She was meowing at the laundry door wanting to be let out, so I finally let her out into the garden, and she just kept on meowing and looking back at me like she wanted me to go out there with her. I could not resist the meows so I went out and she ran around back and forth trying to get me to chase her. She's like a puppy, almost. But cuter. :D

I wish all schools could be like this.
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It's been a pretty busy couple of days for me, socially. There was Lucia's birthday drinks on Saturday night - I didn't get home until fairly late, and then had to get up at 5:40 for my guild's Naxx raid on Sunday morning. We owned Naxx, and then I had to rush out again to attend Xin's birthday lunch. Xin was... Xin. Still extremely hot, girly and loud. Still surprises me with random Xena comments that seems geekily out of place with the rest of her Super Femme Alpha Female persona. It might have been awkward and boring with all her corporate lawyer friends, but luckily [ profile] tangledtale was there to appreciate my Barney Stinson quotes, Soviet Russia jokes, WoW ramblings and other general nerdery.

On the way to the city, I met Mrs. Chan at the train station. Mrs. Chan was my Year 11 and 12 Chinese teacher. She still looked exactly the same after 6 years. I don't know how she does it. Must be the Asian genes or something. It must be awkward to bump into past students all the time, as I'm sure she must, living in the Waverley area. That's never happened to me yet, thankfully. But one day, one day, the awkwardness will be mine.

Also, OMG. I just found out about the Supernova Pop Culture Expo which was apparently THIS WEEKEND. And I missed it. Melbourne flist people - WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME OF THIS? But it is not too late. Apparently, there is still the Sydney one in June. And omg guys, do you know who is going to that? FELICIA DAY OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGG!!!1 I... kind of want to book a ticket to Sydney for the weekend of June 18th. Who wants to come?
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So we ran two wings in our first scheduled raid of Naxx: Arachnid Quarter and Plague Quarter.

Just in case anyone was curious about stats from our first run:

Arachnid Quarter
Anub'Rekhan - Kills: 1, Wipes: 0, Best Time: 3:57
Grand Widow Faerlina - Kills: 1, Wipes: 0, Best Time: 2:57
Maexxna - Kills: 1, Wipes: 1, Best Time: 3:50

Plague Quarter
Noth the Plaguebringer - Kills: 1, Wipes: 0, Best Kill: 4:25
Heigan the Unclean - Kills: 1, Wipes: 2, Best Kill: 14:54 (lol)
Loatheb - Kills: 1, Wipes: 0, Best Kill: 5:23

Only three wipes for the whole raid (well, what we've done so far) is pretty damn good, considering we used to wipe four or five times on a single boss in Kara. Heigan gave us a bit of trouble but we managed to down him with two tanks, two healers and a warlock still standing. Warlock DPS FTW!

Here is us, right before we wiped on Maexxna (because we were too busy taking photos instead of standing in the right spot, lulz):

x-posted to [ profile] akashans
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So I have made it to the school holidays. Some things that have happened:

- I survived Term 1! Came home yesterday and slept like a log for 12 hours. Mmm sleep.
- I asked Kylie on Facebook if she'd like to catch up for lunch next week. She said yes. I'm a little nervous.
- I had a really, really nice burger today.
- I played a lot of WoW.
- [ profile] thrace_ finally beat me in a duel after we went to the woods below Dalaran for some srs ninja training.

Tomorrow, I need to do my washing and then I can do WHATEVER I WANT for the rest of the day. Things on the agenda:
1) WoW
2) Reading in the sun with my kitten playing around my ankles as I sit in the backyard
3) Playing Mass Effect on my new 32" LCD TV
4) Watching Legend of the Seeker, Chuck or How I Met Your Mother
5) More WoW

God, I love the holidays.
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I'm very seriously considering adopting a kitten from my colleague's friend's mother.  I'm going to ring up tomorrow to see if they still need a home for her.  If all goes well, expect numerous picspams and polls to decide on a name.  (NO INGRID, I am not naming her Claitchen.)

In other news - wtf Blizz, maintainence on a Saturday night?  NOT HAPPY.  At least I got the Love Fool achievement today. 

Also!  Oh hai universe, you have a CRUEL sense of humour and it is the bastard lovechild of Karma and Irony.  /cryptic
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Thank god I only have to teach two classes tomorrow because I AM SO NOT READY.

I am going to blame WoW and [ profile] thrace_.  Mostly [ profile] thrace_.

Wtf, self

Jan. 28th, 2010 01:42 am
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Played almost 7 hours of WoW today, after getting back home from work.  Stayed up far too late.  Am going to hate myself with a fiery passion when I wake up.

Meeting the Year 7s for the first time tomorrow.  Remember, Lish:  don't smile, look angry, and cultivate a steely, mysterious look.  Also, don't say "cool".

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Today was the last day of the holidays for me.  I went out to lunch with Jackie and Xin at Chadstone.  Then I came home and played WoW with [ profile] wickedkiwi and [ profile] thrace_.  It was a good day.

I'm about to go to sleep, and when I wake up again, I will have officially Started Work Again.  This depresses me greatly.  I've vowed to maintain a better work/life balance this year, but it's easy to say when I don't have 1981724 essays to mark, lessons to plan for, parents to call, meetings to go to, blah blah blah whatever. Yet.

Here is a ridiculous WoW poem to balance out my recent spate of emo entries:

Heartstruck by a Death Knight Dwarf

Your hair is like the leaves of Azshara
Your ample cleavage is large and amorphous
Like a voidwalker
When you orgasm, you sound like a murloc
You chip away at my defences
Like damage over time
Draining my soul slowly
You have mortal struck my heart
And no bandage will heal me now
Let me be your portal to pleasure
My sword is stronger and harder than Frostmourne
All of general chat will hear you scream my name
And trade channel too
I will bring you home, again and again,
Like a hearthstone.

© Lish

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WoW Item Creator
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Cut for pathetic, geeky singleness )
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The days are passing too quickly. I don't want to go back to work. It stresses me out that I have only two and a half weeks left of break. I think about all the stuff I still have to do in preparation for next year and it seems like I barely have enough time to do it all, even if I started now. Ugh. I really should make a to-do-list, but I don't even want to think about it yet.

Today I watched a random episode of Xena (Hooves and Harlots) with [ profile] dangerosa and [ profile] ceilyn_rm over Skype, and it was awesome. I will seriously never stop loving that show. Watching Xena is like... going to your favorite bar and ordering your favorite drink with your favorite people. It's familiar, comforting, makes you feel unexplicably happy, and gives you a bit of a buzz. That is, if I drank. Which I don't. Xena is my alcohol.

On WoW, I've been playing my little Level 27 warlock with [ profile] thrace_. I've decided that playing a spellcaster just isn't as satisfying as a melee class. Sometimes, all I wanna do is whack the mob, but I can't. There isn't even the satisfying FWOOSH of a mage's fireball. Dots just... aren't the same. I respecced to Destruction today and I think I'll feel better once I get some AOE happening. But still. After four years of playing a warrior, sometimes I just want to charge in and beat the crap out of whatever it is. And playing a warlock is hard. With a hunter it's just like /pewpewpew, afk. With a warrior it's /charge, /autostrike and/or /bladestorm, afk. With a lock? Oh man - should I immolate, or should I just skip to searing pain? Should I drain soul? Or should I drain life? OH GOD WHAT DO I DO? And by the time you figure it out, the damn mob is dead. That said, I'm looking forward to some more PvP action with [ profile] thrace_. Our warlock/pally combo is going to be OP x 1000000.
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I've been deep in thought about this Very Important Decision for almost three days, and I still can't decide.  Luckily for me, there is an easy solution: LJ Poll!

Take a look at these:

Picture under here )

I want to get a hoodie and a t-shirt with our guild tabard/symbol on it, but I can't decide which combination of colours/designs.  Should I get the grey hoodie or the black hoodie?  I'm leaning towards black hoodie, but that means I can't wear it when it's sunny, because it will absorb all the rays, just like my hair, and I will BURN TO DEATH.  If I get the black hoodie, I'm getting the grey shirt, but which design should I get - the ringer design, or the basic t-shirt?  I really like how the ringer t-shirt looks, but if the sleeves are too short, I know they will annoy me, so I don't know.  -.-  If I get the grey hoodie, there is no black ringer design, so I will have to get the basic t-shirt. 

[Poll #1505170]

Sorry if this entire post was totes inane.


Dec. 29th, 2009 11:53 am
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I have played almost 24 hours of WoW, on and off, with a couple of breaks in between. It's been good.  There were some hilarious moments around 6am when everything seems either particularly funny or depressing.   Mostly funny.  Like when I accidentally mt'ed "I think you know every single lesbian in the world" to a group of random strangers instead of Ingrid. Or when an uppity little gnome mage in our party got 1-shotted by a giant charging rhino 20 times his size and it was like, omgwtfbbqpwned.  ...You had to be there.

[ profile] thrace_ is currently in the process of losing her soul on a 10 day trial of WoW.  Much fun was had today, riding on Thrynn's mechano-hog.  My mammoth, whilst large and hairy, was not as popular.

Breakfast today was The Last of the Frozen Fries.  I'm so glad mum is coming home today.  I miss food.  Not that my father doesn't cook - it's just that his food tends to be too rich.  All meat and rice.  All I want is carbohydrates other than rice or rice porridge at this point. A nice slice of bread.  Maybe a light salad.  Some roast chicken.  Damn, I've made myself hungry again.

I'm sleepy as hell 'cos I haven't slept.  Gotta stay awake to pick mum and Rianna up in an hour or so.  Guhhhn.


Dec. 26th, 2009 04:52 am
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It's been a very low-key Christmas this year.  I didn't wake up until 2pm, and my father was out shopping.  Turns out he was buying a duck from Springvale.  Not a live one - just one to cook.  I mostly played WoW all day, with a bit of iPod Touch scrabble on the side.  I'm currently on my seventh game with Ingrid.  Score so far: Lish 6, Ingrid 0.  Now that I've bragged about it on LJ, I expect that karma will get me.

Dinner was annoying.  Dad invited three random people over for mahjong.  I don't even know who they were.  One of them kept asking me about teaching, and saying things like "Teaching must be such a wonderful job - you get so many holidays!"  Ugh.  Anyway, normally when my father invites people over, I stay quiet, zone out and eat my dinner and leave.  Usually, people approvingly remark something to the tune of "Lilian is such a quiet, demure girl!" which works to my favor, because it means I don't have to interact too much with anyone while fitting perfectly into Chinese social norms, or whatever.  And usually, Mum acts like a buffer and either does the talking for me, or is able to translate.  Today, this dude kept asking stupid questions like "So which school got the top VCE marks this year?" and "Which private school is the most expensive?" and "How much does a year at a private school cost these days?" and I'm like, internally, "How the fuck should I know?", but not really knowing how to express that politely in Chinese.  UGH FAIL.  And then they were like "Lilian, have some beer!" and I'm like "I don't fucking drink beer!" (but more demurely) and then they were like "But it's Christmas!  You have to drink beer!"  So I drank the beer, and tried to eat dinner as fast as I could so I could get the hell outta there.  And then they played mahjong and I went back to playing WoW. 

Anyway.  Then I watched some episodes of Merlin, and got to episode 2x08 and was like O.O at the new character, Morgause, and her total slashiness with Morgana.  I will probably do a picspam tomorrow.

Yesterday was good.  Dad had his little work party, and I went out with Jackie.  We had dinner at Claypot King, and then watched Avatar.  Jackie was very unimpressed.  I enjoyed it for the eyecandy.  The world of Pandora looks a lot like what I imagine Zangamarsh (a zone in WoW, for the uninitiated) would be like, if it were fully fleshed out.  I hope the people making the WoW movie take note of the effects used in Avatar and does something similar with its CGI.  It really was a very pretty movie.  The characterisation and plot in Avatar were complete fail though.  (However, I did enjoy the completely random Xena warcry that one of the aliens does, at around the one and a half hour mark.  Xenites, make sure you watch out for it.  I cracked up laughing when I heard it.)  Another highlight of the movie was Sigourney Weaver, although I had COMPLETE LESBIAN FAIL by totally not recognising who she was until the credits, at which point I was like "Ooooh that was Sigourney Weaver!" and Jackie was like -.-.

There's not much else to report, really.  I've somehow managed to mostly avoid the Christmas emoness that usually occurs.  I listened to Jewel yesterday, and that was about it for teh emo, so that was good.  Anyway.  Bedtime.
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The last couple of days have been soul soothing. I'm slowly learning how to rest again.  Sleeping late and waking late. Having time to feel.  Unhurried conversation. Getting back in touch with all of the things I missed.

I started playing WoW again. In the last two days, I've indulged in an orgy of pugging. I like the new random dungeon/grouping system. Today, I asked 12 random people whether they were Swedish lesbians. I got two affirmatives and one phone number, lulz.

And for those who need a laugh in their day:  Book Porn
(Thanks to [ profile] delurker for linking this!)
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I went to see "Whip It!" with Jackie and Rianna today.  I really liked it (and not just because I'd do about 50% of the cast).  Lots of girl power and all that.  Afterwards, we made up roller derby names for ourselves.  Jackie is "Jackie O'Nasty" (although I'm rather partial to "Smacky Jackie"), Rianna is "Sock 'em Full of Ri" and I'm "Lickya Lish".

Over the past week, I've been flying around Azeroth hitting up the candy buckets for Hallow's End, and getting the World Explorer achievement for Lish.  Much of it involved riding to the forgotten corners of the most desolate and hard to navigate landscapes in WoW.  And so, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you...

The Adventures of Lish in Azeroth #2 - The Most Depressing Zones EVAR, aka How Did I Ever Survive Questing Here Without An Epic Mount )

[Edit: OMG, I'm totally changing my roller derby name to 'Wicked Licious'.]


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