On old age

Dec. 10th, 2011 10:12 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] selina_: also, look at LL, she's 43, she's still hot. i'm using her like a buffer for acceptable ages of sexiness.
[livejournal.com profile] selina_: i'm not old until i'm older than the last day LL was hawt.


Oct. 14th, 2011 06:15 am
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[6:14:05 AM] Lish: multiple layers of processing
[6:14:07 AM] Lish: lulz
[6:14:16 AM] Emma: its like cake
[6:14:18 AM] Emma: but with more lesbians

A hetero

Oct. 13th, 2011 02:06 pm
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[2:00:40 PM] Lish: you're such a lesbian
[2:01:46 PM] Ingrid: Maybe. I am thinking I'm going to identify as hetero from now on. A hetero who really digs women and likes to sleep with/marry them.
[2:02:19 PM] Lish: i can totes see that
[2:02:22 PM] Lish: if i squint
[2:02:25 PM] Lish: and like
[2:02:26 PM] Lish: smoke 30kg of weed first
[2:02:37 PM] Lish: and possibly wear 3d glasses
[2:02:39 PM] Lish: i can see you as a hetero
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[6:33:59 PM] Ingrid: Yeah you're gonna be losing sleep for the foreseeable future, I'm afraid. It's like LDR101. Eventually in your sleepy-madness you'll finally lose your mind, and go "FUCK THIS SHIT I AM MOVING TO EUROPE" and then you do.
[6:34:07 PM] Ingrid: NOT that I know anything about that


Aug. 2nd, 2011 05:34 pm
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[5:11:04 PM] Ingrid: It's really tiny though. Like I felt bad for it cause it struggled so hard to screw things
[5:11:36 PM] Lish: roflmao
[5:11:47 PM] Lish: are we still talking about powertools or are we talking about your penis?
[5:11:54 PM] Ingrid: I am laughing so hard right now
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[1:12:15 AM] Ingrid says: I never comment on blog posts .. so this is a big deal for me
[1:12:19 AM] Lish says: yes
[1:12:31 AM] Lish says: you are putting yourself OUT THERE
[1:13:50 AM] Ingrid says: I spurted all my deeper feelings into that comment box
[1:14:08 AM] Ingrid says: So we'll be BFFs in no time
[1:14:17 AM] Lish says: i'm sure she'll appreciate that you spurted into her box
[1:14:20 AM] Ingrid says: roflmao
[1:14:25 AM] Lish says: lmao
[1:14:31 AM] Lish says: i didn't even realise what i typed
[1:14:39 AM] Ingrid says: hahahahaha
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Today we ran our most successful ICC raid yet, and [livejournal.com profile] thrace_ wasn't here to experience it. 

Lol forever )

Contrary to Thrace's ill wishes, nobody got eaten by a blood beast.  We had basically no wipes until Rotface, and even got Putricide down to 15%.  We also won the Dreamwalker fight for the first time.

After ICC, I went to Chadstone to pick up my sister and to buy some new clothes.  Ended up spending $500 on clothes in less than two hours.  I only go clothes shopping like twice a year though, so it's necessary.  However, I'm still looking for a pair of leather gloves the same colour as my boots.  Mord'Sith red.

Speaking of Mord'Sith, I am SO IN LOVE WITH CARA OMG.

I also spent five hours this evening planning my Eurotrip 2010 with Daria.  It's all taking shape now and is very exciting.  I will say this:  there are fjords and cloudberries involved.  Oh yes.
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[1:10:33 AM] Ingrid says: I feel like grammar for you is like mental masturbation
[1:11:03 AM] Lish says: lol
[1:11:07 AM] Lish says: lmao
[1:11:14 AM] Lish says: why do you say that?
[1:11:20 AM] Lish says: cos you ask me one grammar question and I go on and on and on?
[1:11:42 AM] Ingrid says: Because I can tell you're getting a lot of pleasure from the conversation without my having to contribute anything


Mar. 29th, 2010 10:12 pm
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[9:53:46 PM] Ingrid says: I think we all need to embrace the fat latino uber nerd inside us all
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[9:57:31 PM] Ingrid says: I googled 'skinny tall half black guy' to determine what Alk might look like and I got: http://bit.ly/15WJNU
[9:59:22 PM] Lish says: ahahaha
[9:59:24 PM] Lish says: OMG
[9:59:25 PM] Lish says: ALKY IS OBAMA
[9:59:30 PM] Ingrid says: THE SEKRIT IS OUT
[9:59:34 PM] Lish says: roflmao
[9:59:38 PM] Lish says: no wonder he hasn't been around lately


Aug. 9th, 2009 05:05 pm
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[5:02:21 PM] K says: i have a theory
[5:02:28 PM] Lish says: yes?
[5:02:37 PM] K says: maybe you would be happier if you gave your car a female name
[5:02:43 PM] Lish says: lol
[5:02:44 PM] Lish says: like?
[5:02:55 PM] K says: that way, every morning you can ride her, and get her engine started
[5:03:01 PM] K says: and then do so again on your way back home

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[8:38:12 PM] Ingrid says: I've always had this thing for elves... like, I see them and I spazz out totally. I think I have an elf fetish.

1.5 hours later...

[10:10:54 PM] Ingrid says: Fake elf ears are like fake boobs

And finally...

[10:28:52 PM] Ingrid says: I think writers are like garbage collectors ... we gather all those forgotten moments that other people cast aside
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Me: Would you rather live in Kentucky or Arkansas?
Rianna: Arkansas. Wait, what do they speak in Kentucky?
Me: ...
Rianna: Oh, American.
Me: ...
Rianna: Oh, English!
Me: -.-
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Lish says (10:43 AM): i sometimes wonder if... all the dreams we dream are real
Lish says (10:44 AM): and we're just a dream too
Ruth says (10:44 AM): i wonder this allll the time, if it's on some level real. maybe thoughts and dreams aren't boxed into the same linear time as reality
Lish says (10:45 AM): ...but then again, that would make all the weird sex dreams really weird
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[8:20:15 PM] Daria says: gosh, the world is close to an end, I think, I talk about marriage and kids and you like Lindsay Lohan...


Sep. 7th, 2008 01:08 am
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Lish says:
jackie says:
lrn2tlk nrml


Sep. 3rd, 2008 11:23 pm
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[11:17:38 PM] ruthlette says: you make my reading list UNMANAGEABLE
[11:18:00 PM] ruthlette says: i was halfway through a dostoevsky and now i can't put down written on the body


Sep. 1st, 2008 09:08 pm
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[9:07:56 PM] Ingrid says: You need to quote me on your LJ next time I say something witty. Cause I think your friends all think I'm a moron
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[1:43:08 AM] Lish says: when i hear delta
[1:43:12 AM] Lish says: i think of a female gladiator
[1:43:21 AM] Lish says: you know that tv show?
[1:43:23 AM] Lish says: gladiators?
[1:43:27 AM] Ingrid says: I think "Delta Delta Delta can I helpcha helpcha helpcha"
[1:43:33 AM] Lish says: ....wtf
[1:43:38 AM] Lish says: that doesn't even rhyme
[1:43:38 AM] Ingrid says: I saw American Gladiators when i was little
[1:43:42 AM] Lish says: and helpcha isn't a word
[1:43:45 AM] Ingrid says: oh
[1:43:46 AM] Lish says: yeah we had Australian Gladiators
[1:43:48 AM] Ingrid says: I meant
[1:43:50 AM] Ingrid says: helpya
[1:43:53 AM] Lish says: lmao
[1:43:54 AM] Lish says: helpcha
[1:43:58 AM] Lish says: rofl
[1:44:02 AM] Lish says: LRN2SPELL
[1:44:04 AM] Ingrid says: I don't know why I said helpcha ... three times even
[1:44:06 AM] Ingrid says: lmao


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